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My commissions opened back up for a bit.

Looking for animation/game/film/various media work to do music and/or sound design.

My commission rates are flexible to the budget and needs of the client! ψ(`∇´)ψ

I specialize in a variety of styles and genres like Rock, Electronic, J-pop, Jazz, and Orchestral music.

I particularly enjoy working on any kind of game or animation.

Some of my recent works include:

"Mime and Dash" by Derpixon (Jazz scoring)


"Hello World :] " by DevoidGazer (Trailer music)


"Knight Love" by SquidlyInky (Electronic/House/Drum and Bass)


"Seraph - Destined Deity BGM" A Vtuber on Twitch/YouTube (Fantasy/Orchestral/East Asian music)


And other various animations/films/featured music.

If you have any questions or would just like to make contact for any future projects you're welcome to get in touch on NewGrounds or through my Twitter, YouTube, Discord (Kettako#4694), or NewGrounds

I look forward to working with you and bringing professional audio to your next project!


Hello, I'm Codefreq. I compose music of a variety of different styles.

Here’s a demo reel I created, full of excerpts from various pieces I wrote from the beginning of 2020 through to mid-May 2021:

More info on my website:


I have been composing music for almost two decades, since I was a small child.

I consistently make music that sounds like it could fit a movie or video game.

Most music I create has some kind of scenario or image behind it while I am writing, so my writing style changes based on the imagery.

I have a lot of virtual tools at my disposal for making music of different styles, including orchestral, electronic, and guitar instruments, as well as multiple drums and other percussion to make music that complements the imagery behind it.

I can compose on a tight schedule.

If you're looking for quickly composed and distinctive music specifically tailored to fit your movie or game, please feel free to PM me and we can discuss the details.

Looking forward to working with you. :)


I am self-taught and have over ten years of experience in writing and mixing music. My specializations are in orchestral, electronic and ambient genres but am flexible. I like to work with my clients, sharing demos and ideas. There is nothing more important for me than to fine tune and get your vision exactly right. Below is a sampling of my past work:

Pricing is $40 per single song up to three tracks, or $20 per minute of audio if working on four or more songs. Unfortunately I do not work for free, but I may lower my rates if I find your project interesting so don’t be afraid to reach out!

I only accept payments through PayPal. Unless otherwise agreed on I retain the rights to publish anything I write for you, including on iTunes and Spotify. For singular songs I take payment up front, but for an entire soundtrack this isn't feasible and we can work out how much is paid up front.

To send me a pitch or if you have any questions, either write to me here or at my email address (KetyriProductions@gmail.com). Include what your project is about and any other information you deem relevant. I look forward to hearing from you! :)


Hello! justGab/Vanrielart here.

I draw almost anything, although I prefer evading too much disturbing genres but I will be willing for the rest.

I mostly draw characters from videogames or manga/comics but I do OCs as well.

I'm not a very creative person but I'll always try my best of capabilities to reach the goal.

Three options with different price range:

  • A) A normal/simple art, sketchy/lineart: 5€
  • B) A more elaborated art, half body lineart, simple coloring or a simple artwork: 15€
  • C) A half/full body artwork, colored: 25€

As for the NSFW versions of each option I'd have to double the original prices (dependant of the degree of nudity).

All the artworks will be in .png format in high quality.

As for the canvas format usually it will be A3 if not in certain cases.

If you' interested or like my art or you need more information, you can contact me by sending a message on this portal or through this email matavangabriel@gmail.com .

Thank you very much!


Hello there. I have dabbled in lewd voice acting for a while now, and finally took it upon myself to create a demo reel. Hope you enjoy my smooth British accent. Be it animation, game, audiobook or anything else, I look forward to contributing to your project. I enjoy collaborating with people.

Currently I am open to both paid and unpaid projects. But paid projects will get priority if I need money for ramen and tea. I'm also happy to voice act for non-NSFW projects if you think my voice would be suitable.

Check out my demo reel: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/974879

I look forward to hearing from you. ♥


Hey there, I have been doing game audio for about a year now and am constantly looking for new things to do! I recently contributed to a game called Gem Blast here on NG, and before that I did some music for a small indie title called The Second Chance Strip Club. I specialize mostly in electronic music, but I can handle anything. I can also do SFX and voice. Please see my profile for more info as it will have links to my portfolio.

Pricing varies and is negotiable.


I am open for production of 8-bit music. Give me a good impression of what to deliver and I try my best.

Listen to some examples here: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/97e76d63bdc62d8b28dded432aece477

And some more stuff here: https://manderby.newgrounds.com/

Rules are: I own my music. I communicate via NG message and Email.

As long as the project stays non-commercial and small, it's free. Otherwise, we can discuss about the details.


Hello Everyone!

Im a hobbyist animator and love to create cartoony characters and posting them online.

I mainly post my work on Giphy and Tiktok and will post a couple of links below where you can see some examples of my work.

I would love to work on a vareity of projects particularly 2D Games,



If you'd like to discuss how we can work together then please get in contact with me !

Email: contact@whitaswhit.com




I will beta test any game for free as long as it is mobile friendly. I would do PC also but mine is a piece of garbage. I will test for bugs, and give you advice on additional content or improvements you could make to the game. If you would like to work with me, DM me and just ask for my help


I can voice Male, Female, any character. I'll voice act for animations and games. I will not curse, say something racist or homophobic, and do Adult Only content.


Hi! My name is ruben and im looking for more experience in game making, id love to be an asset maker for any game that needs me to do so and im willing to work for free, i dont have any examples as of yet but id be willing to work as hard as possible


Hello! I'm Mashie! (Don't mind the username, it's unrelated!)

I'm a producer, singer/songwriter, rapper and voice actor that has been creating and working for up to 4 years! My productive works consist of electronic music, hip-hop, and game soundtracks with a nostalgic vibe. But I'm willing to work outside of those parameters and produce anything that I'm able to!

I work in FL Studio 20 and Audacity, and have experience in Pro Tools and audio engineering. Please contact me either here or through email for any business inquires!

Here's some links to my work:




Hey guys,

I am opened for commissions and looking for some pretty cool projects to work on. I like to create fanarts, but also do OC's and redesigns. I am skilled in using Unity to create games, photoshop, and work with teams.

I do:

  • OC
  • Redesign
  • Backgrounds
  • Icons
  • Stickers
  • NSFW
  • Human/Furry

I don't do:

  • Overpainting in other artists pieces except having authorization
  • Gore/vore or any weird explicit violence fetich
  • Subjection related to gender violence
  • Homophobic/transphobic/pedophily/zoophily content


Commissions: around 25$ up to 300$ (it depends on the project so let's talk).

Tasks patch: 200$ up to 500$ (only 5 tasks at most).

Tasks patch (month): 500$ up to 1000$ per month (let's talk about the project needing).

*Please, to know more about me and my work, check out my Instagram(@mucciart_) and Tiktok(@mucciart)!

TXS! <3