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Music Producer / Composer from Chile Open for Paid Works E/A range

Composer and Producer from Chile Open for Paid Works on Newgrounds

I'm Vanware, a composer and producer from Chile, my English may not be perfect, I have a deep understanding of music and can communicate effectively through it!

Experiences for a variety of needs, whether it's services, games, videos, or original songs. With a diverse skill set, I'm adept at working across different musical styles and thrive in meeting tight deadlines. Let's elevate your project with distinctive and captivating compositions

  • **About Me:**

- I started offering music for games in jams, specializing in Chiptune. You can listen to my creations in this [video], with the standout track "Starlight Fight" at 10:15.

- I gained experience in various styles while collaborating with Diives, and the majority of my portfolio is available on my [Newgrounds] and this video on Youtube

**Chiptune Samples:**


**Ambient Music Samples:**


**Various Samples:**


  • Videos in which I have participated

The majority of Diives' NSFW content, and these SFW ones on YouTube






**Awaiting Your Response:**

"I'll be eagerly awaiting your response if you're interested in the melodies I can create

**Jam Games with My Music:**

I'm also providing links to how the jam games turned out with my music (they're in Spanish, but not hard to understand).

1. [Skullmaster](https://blueswhisper.itch.io/skullmaster)

2. [Username](https://aetherr8.itch.io/username)

3. [Saber of Judgment](https://limonsalmonmon.itch.io/saber-of-judgment)

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in collaborating or have any questions. Looking forward to creating beautiful melodies together!


I make music for you


I am a creator of musical content of the psytrance, chip-tune, Lo-Fi, Hiphop, Symphonic Orchestral genre

Any questions about my work you can visit my profile, or send me a message to send you a demo through Newgrounds or Discord

I can create music for:

  • Video game
  • Animations (sfw/nsfw)
  • Videos for YouTube
  • Stream loops screens
  • Podcasts background
I do not charge for duration
Charge for the variety of instruments and complexity of the piece
All have mixing and mastering
It takes three days to two weeks to work Depending on what you choose

Base price: $10 + tax

Simple loops and 3 instruments


Base piece + : $20 + Tax

Complex loops and 3 instruments


Medium price: $35 + Tax

Simple loops and 5 to 6 instruments


Median price + : 50 + Tax

Complex loops and 6 to 7 instruments

With personalized audios and/or voices that you send me (Copyright free of course)


A totally personalized song: $60

No instrument limits and I mix your voice or audio that you send me in my style or your choice

Here the only limit is your imagination


....free commission:

1 instrument

Random loop


Sounds by ADR3-N

Need songs, samples, instruments, and sound design on a budget? You're in the right place.

I do:

  • Music production sample packs
  • Custom samples & extraction
  • Virtual instruments programming
  • Mastering, FX, processing
  • Music for games and movies


$10/minute of music produced

$15 for instruments under 300 MB

$5 Instrument programming w/ samples provided

Willing to haggle!


Saudade Drums Remastered (sforzando instrument, Kontakt)


Phonky Keys - The CTK-2400 Project (sforzando instrument)


ADREANALINE sample pack - Japanese Hip-Hop & Industrial (HQ wav)



Venmo/Cashapp, to be discussed via PM

Where my bedroom producers at?



Commissions or collaborations on music/sound design or graphics/animations? Send me a PM. I'll work with your budget.

  • Dimension Lord

Ghost Producer, Music Producer here!!!

Are you a singer or rapper who cant produce by your own? Are you looking for a producer who can produce you a track? ಠ_ಠ

Yep, im a ghost producer and I can produce you music like trap beats, house and trap musics. Only things I cant produce are dubstep, DnB and hardstyle. But I can produce for you pop instrumentals, trap beats, future house, future bounce, bass house, electro house, techno, tech house, moombahton, future bass, future trap, trap, and some more.

I will soon be adding some of my demos here.

But if youre looking

You can pick me

$10 only and you can have your track made and exported in wav, flac or mp3 file. And and and, Im going to master it for free!!! And export is as stems!!! Isn't that cool, so yeah dont look back or front because your producer is here!!!


Come work with me on Music!

I can design sounds, chop and sequence drums, and digitally produce anything you want!

Need some quirky track for your video game? Hit me up!

Looking for beats to rap over? I'm your gal!

In the market for a rap collabo or in need of a feature for your future rap projects? I got what you need!


INEXPENSIVE MUSIC*: I can create professional music for your videogame/Or just music in general.


We can discuss pricing if you reach out to me with your project details. I'm up for different pricing structures, could create the music for a cheap rate if you let me keep ownership rights to the music or could agree on a higher price point if you'd like to buy the music outright from me. Whatever your budget is I'm sure we can work out an arrangement that suits everyone.


I'm most well suited at creating shorter soundtracks for RPG games but would be up to attempt music for other game types as well. I also enjoy creating singles and remixes so if you'd like a commission or something I may be down for that as well. Being a synthesizer player I am most aligned to making something electronic sounding but am also capable of playing a multitude of instruments at various skill levels and always up for a challenge.

Instruments I have and am most comfortable with: Synthesizer (QY70, Minilogue, Microkorg and Volca Sample), Guitar (Acoustic and Electric), Ukulele and Harmonica.


I'm known for creating the soundtrack for the indie video game Alien Squatter under the musician name Bag of Dragonite. This OST was actually featured on the Bandcamp Homepage during it's initial launch which helped lead to a lot of Alien Squatter's success as an indie title (At least that's what I tell myself). I also created all of the SFX used in that game.

Here's the Alien Squatter OST track list for your listening pleasure:

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I've since honed my skills finer as a musician. I now go under a new musician name, Doffu. I'll show off a few newer piece that I'm most proud of:

Thank you for your time.


Music comissions!

Hey! I offer music comissions for games, movies and music artists.

For more information and details, click on this link or simply comment down in this post any questions you may have.

I hope we can work together sometime! :D


Heyo, Shanlix here, and glad to announce that I'm open for commissions!

Heya so I'm Shanlix. I kinda make music since uh, 2015-2016. I began making more professional sounding music and usually I am good at making EDM. Inform me if you're interested.

Commissions: Open

1 min song: 10$

3 min song: 20-30$

5-6 min song: 50-70$

Yet the price can be more expensive depending on how much time it took me to make the song.

I can take all of my time to make some songs so, sometimes it takes days, or just it costs inspiration. So it's worth it, I'm trying to earn something for my life alright? Payment is done on PayPal. And only PayPal. If interested, consider contacting me on my Discord (Text me for the User ID) either you can join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/nwEzKnUguW

PayPal Link: https://paypal.me/vorheim1100?country.x=RO&locale.x=en_US

either paypal.me/vorheim1100

In case if you want to donate, thank you.


Need beats!?

Wanna make some beats & sounds for games.

Electronic, rnb, hip hop, chilled, ambient, grime, sound effects, vocals...

Check my profile for examples.

No charge for independent game Devs, just a credit HMU ✌️


music for your videogames!

Hi there! I am available to create music for video games. I specialize in Dark Ambient, experimental, retrowave, lo-fi, trap and hip hop music. However I can do what you ask me without major problem (unless it is something like jazz, there you would have to talk) talk to me if you are interested in making music for your video game and we will talk about the times and prices! (Remember that in my profile is my music and links from other platforms for more content)


Music for Commercial or Non Commercial use


Currently, I have over 400 minutes od carious type of music in my originally made stash. Fully copyrighted or lawfully according with needed licenses. Able to provide rights for licensing to use for something that you are working on creatively over here or outside of Newgrounds.

The music I have created fits as soundtracks, background music or general instruments. Fitting various themes, moods and styles, such as: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, ambiance, even motivational, positive and also upbeat. Featuring instruments like live guitars, synths, pianos, drums and percussion.

Here are links what I have, and you can also see my submission here on NG to vote, use, review and more:

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/Voytekpavlik

Bandcamp - https://voytekpavlik.bandcamp.com/

SoundClick - http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=982768&content=music

Spotify - http://bit.ly/vpspot

I can provide with free licenses for commercial and non commercial use, even written and signed, available for this community specifically, under specific Creative Commons license. I use CC BY 3.0 for commercial use and CC BY NC 4.0 for non commercial use.

Feel free to comment or contact me for more info.

With regards,



Available for Work


Hey, I'm a music composer looking for new projects!

I specialize in creating original music for games, animations, movies, and other media. I have a wide range of skills and experience, and I'm always up for a challenge.

Here are some of my strengths:

I can create music in a variety of genres, including electronic, funky, trap, orchestral, chiptune, jazz, breakbeat, lo-fi, and metal

  1. I'm flexible with my rates and can work within any budget.
  2. I'm a fast and efficient composer, and I always deliver high-quality work.
  3. I'm a team player and I'm always willing to collaborate with others to create the best possible product.
  4. Here are some of my most recent projects:

I'm excited to take on new challenges and create music for your next project! Please contact me to learn more about my work and to discuss your needs.

If you're interested in working with me, please get in touch via Newgrounds DM, Instagram DM, or email me at napbak@gmail.com I'd love to work with you


Composer Open for Commissions!

Hi, I'm Monochrome! I'm looking to involve myself in music composition for games, films, animations, and more. I'm a highly versatile composer with experience in many different genres, and I've scored for a wide variety of media. You can check out my demo reel and some soundtrack examples below:

Here's a link to my portfolio, where you can find examples of my original music, soundtrack work, and remixes: Portfolio

Here's some information about my commission rates: VGen

I won't accept work featuring NSFW content, AI, or NFTs (are NFTs still a thing?).

Hope to work with you!


Good Bass Music

So you want good bass music, huh? I can bassify anything with a touch of electronic music, just checkout this youtube video where I turn my cough into a banger. I'm like a mexican Virtual Riot :D



Hi! My name is Dr. Dandy! And I can make music for you!

I am an amateur music producer with around a decade of music production experience. I am relatively new to Newgrounds, so my portfolio is looking horribly thin, but rest assured that I will give you decent results in a reasonable time frame or YOUR MONEY BACK!

I have experience in the production of most genres, but am proficient in more electronic-styles like DnB, Breakcore, LoFi, Hip-Hop, etc... In terms of instruments, I play guitar, piano, and drums most confidently. Singing is possible, but not recommended.

For music production, my rates are around $10 per minute of audio depending on the actual difficulty of the production process (FREE ESTIMATES!) Watermarked snippets may be provided during production process at any time. Final product is guaranteed a high bitrate.

For sound effects, I charge about $1 per complete sound clip. Once again, watermarked snippets may be provided during the production process at any time. Final product is guaranteed a high bitrate.

IDK what you do with my audio for the most part, just let me know what its in before publishing.

You can contact me here or on my email, dr.dandyphd@gmail.com



Herllo, i avalible to do voice acting, drawing characters, make sound design, or to eat a whole pizza if you ask me to, just contact me!


Hire me to make Music!


I've been producing and mastering music for the past 6 Years. I have experience in producing a lot of EDM content, with genres similar too Future Bass, House, Techno, DnB and recently Breakcore and the similar.

I love music with passion, and I don't profit from my music, that's why I would love to expand my career in this and start working with new people and like-minded peers! If it's for a music project, a game, a video or anything alike, please contact me!

or on discord @ zehnni

Music creator for your art

I have done background music for radio spots and commercials. I have written and produced music for many vocalists and songwriters. I am open for any challenge.