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Hey my name is Elias and I'm a pianist and composer mainly focused on orchestral and ambient electronic music.

I'm currently working on a bunch of different projects, including videogames, custom themes, youtube and background music for streams and games, etc.

You can visit my portfolio in my Soundcloud or Bandcamp profiles (you can contact me through this platform as well)

SoundCloud Profile

Bandcamp Profile


Im a good art guy and i dont have many followers and, I want to collab with somebody

Also u do not have to pay me at all im a free boi B)

i also make old school type music that can be for games or some animation of some sort

really i just want to collab but heres art i made by myself

if link does not work copy and paste it and search i guess idk.

anyways i prob wont get asked for a collab but............ye im here to collab with! Dear god please this would be my dream