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NSFW/SFW Voice Actress Commissions

Heya, I am MagicalMysticVA, and I do voice acting for both SFW & NSFW. My commissions are pretty cheap. They're only 15 cents per word. I will voice pretty much anything you desire~

Join my Patreon to get voice work monthly-https://www.patreon.com/MagicalMysticVA

Here's a document with also my links and further info-https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yAq9At1vHUH3KS0kdc_6dlcsihVtO76Y_4dQutWFBYs


Open For Commissions! Music/Sound/Voice

Open For Commissions! Music / Sound Design / Voice Acting


I make music projects and you can buy music from me to:

-Video Games

-Rap songs (beats)


-Sound Design (atmosphere, Foley and stuff)

-Voice Acting (Finnish and English) (also depending on the characters)


My cost varies from 35-80€ per project depending on the quality and amount.

(you can tinker with me on certain aspects)

My stuff you can check for examples:






Voice Actor looking for more projects!

Hey there! I'm a working actor looking for new projects to work on! Check out my demo:

Here are some credits:



Feel free to shoot me a DM!


Professional Voice Actor, Ready to Collab!

I am a multi-voice talent that has been working professionally since I was a child.

You can view my imdb here, but to summarize, I've been doing voicework in video games and animation for a long time. Games like Deus Ex, and Smite and animations like The Stockholm's and The Cyanide & Happiness Show!

I'd like to keep that sword sharp and lend my voice to your project!

PM me first and lemme know what you have in mind!



Looking for Voice Work

Hello friends, I'm Michael Duffin, or Sardinky!

I'm looking to follow my dream and get much deeper into some real voice work!

I'm looking to give your project a unique voice that'll make sure you've got the quality you deserve!

I am open for paid work, however I can make some exceptions for certain projects of course!

I don't have much for a resume at the moment, but I've attached my demo reel below!

I am recording in a well treated booth using an Aston Origin Condenser Microphone, and a Motu M-2 Audio Interface.

Rates can be discussed privately, here's where you can reach me:



Discord: Sardine#9115

Thanks so much for checkin' me out, hope to see ya soon!


Voice Actress / Casting Available!

My name is Anairis Quinones. I'm a non-union voice actress with 10 years of experience in anime, video games, and animations. I learned a lot from contributing to this community, and as I have some availability, I'd like to offer my services!

Equipment/Audio Production

• Equipment: Neumann TLM 103, Apollo Twin Duo MKII.

• Programs: Adobe Audition CC

I record daily from my home studio, and can be directed via Skype or Discord if requested. I have a flexible schedule and can record quickly within tight deadlines, and I always keep you updated on my progress.


I am available for commercial/paid projects mainly, but I will consider free projects on a case by case basis. Please send me details on your project, including concepts and the full amount of work needed so I can let you know!

My rates are available upon request, and I'm flexible under an existing budget so long as it's reasonable to me. Contact me about it and we can discuss it!

I will not participate in content with derogatory humor or statements. Contact me regarding 18+ projects.


I've previously assisted developers with finding cast members to their video games, and I frequently refer VAs to clients when requested. Handling a voice cast can be a hefty task on top of production, and it's a weight I'm capable of handling. It's hard to find the right voice when you're not sure what to consider in casting, and I can cut the process in half through by handling auditions privately or publicly. I have a private list of of diverse actors with different acting strengths, be it anime-style, cartoon, or realistic.

Cold Cases: Wesley Devant


You can contact me at anairisqu@gmail.com, Discord @Anairis#2852 or message me privately. I will reply most quickly to email inquiries, though.


Cartoony Voice Actor (And Cat Boy)

Hi everyone! My name is Michael Gonzalez. I'm a voice actor based in Minnesota available to voice act for your cartoons, video games, etc.! You can find my demo reels on my website michaelgonzalezva.com, or here on Newgrounds (Animation Demo: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1030372

Video Game Demo: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1030376)

You can hear my voice in the mobile game Almost a Hero as Boomer Badlad, Redroh and the Alchemist (the game amassed several million downloads on both iOS and Android)! I'm also playing two characters for an upcoming Nintendo Switch game Slice of Life (release date TBD). On Newgrounds I've played the snacky cat boy Seth in Tomb Cats "Seth Needs Snacks" (https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/794410)

I specialize in playing wild, energetic characters that scream a lot, as well as some timid, hapless ones too. I'm particularly strong at making my voice nasally that would be ideal for comical, nerdy and/or crazy cartoon characters. I'm eager to play characters that talk to each other and discover new things even I didn't know my voice can do.

If you like what you hear and would like to work with me, feel free to message me here or send emails out to michaelgonzalezva@gmail.com

Thank you for checking me out, and I look forward to working with you!


Lewd British Voice Actor

Hello there. I have dabbled in lewd voice acting for a while now, and finally took it upon myself to create a demo reel. Hope you enjoy my smooth British accent. Be it animation, game, audiobook or anything else, I look forward to contributing to your project. I enjoy collaborating with people.

Currently I am open to both paid and unpaid projects. But paid projects will get priority if I need money for ramen and tea. I'm also happy to voice act for non-NSFW projects if you think my voice would be suitable.

Check out my demo reel: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/974879

I look forward to hearing from you. ♥


Open for Voice work!

Ayo, I'm down to do some stupid stuff if you want? I focus mainly on comedy peices but I'm always down to try new roles.

Check out some of the toons I'm in on my page, and message me if you'd want something done ?

I'm also always happy to give feedback and help flesh out an idea, if you'd want a second opinion.

Thank you.




Hello everyone, my name is Alberto J Garcia. I am posting this for those who are potentially hiring for voice work in animation, video games, radio podcasts, etc. I am looking for paid and unpaid work


My official Demo Reel

What I can offer

On time professional work to suit what you need, live recording, self recorded, anything that you need I will gladly supply.

A good quality audio recording in a treated environment.

Punctual delivery of said lines with no delays (unless in case of extreme emergency)\


Audient iD4 sound monitor

Nueman TLM 103

Audacity / Reaper (can use both and have both)

Treated space with extra padding around recording space

I have been on the following projects and series

Original Animated Series

  • SRS
  • Murphy & Ted
  • Recorded 4 Quality
  • Heroes For Hire
  • Choko
  • T.O.M Chronicles
  • The Mad Demon
  • Patches and Nickles
  • Screw Guys
  • Mr.Vessel
  • City of Iron

Video Games

  • Adora Project
  • ROTS
  • Diluvian Ultra
  • Sword Sisters
  • Maze 4 You
  • Enenra
  • Ravage Fist

Original Animation Shorts/ Short Films

  • Basically Sunbreak
  • Quasar
  • Puzzle n Sling : Boredom Killers
  • Mr.Vessel
  • Cultural Shock
  • Quasar
  • The Bridge Goblin
  • Resident Evil: Attack of the E Virus
  • The Flip
  • Talking Pumpkin

Audio Dramas / Non Visual

  • We Need To Talk about Stephen
  • The Beast Retirement
  • Fading Space Breathing Frontier Seasons 1-3
  • My World is Gone
  • VA Academy
  • Attention Associates

Comic dubs/Motion Comics

  • Purest Beasts (Official)
  • Huemates (Official)
  • A13 Black Fish (Official)
  • UndeadED (Official)

Fan Works

  • JJBA Abridged
  • Black Clover Abridged
  • Run With the Wind Abridged 

Video Editing Works

  • Dragon Universe

Voices I excel in

Old age


High Pitched


Southern Accent

and more!


I am willing to do things technically NSFW but not strictly pornography.

I also will not work with anyone under the age of 17.

Miscellaneous things about me

I can edit videos (Been using Vegas for about 3 years now and can edit shorter videos with a moderate amount of effects)

Have 11k+ subs on Youtube

I have 10,300+ followers on tiktok

I make very good steak


Feel free to DM me through any of these means



Discord - AlbertoJGarciaVA

Email - albertojgarciabooking@gmail.com

Twitter - https://twitter.com/AlbertJGarciaVA

Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4PQuHdBYxXQL-r1ugeukyw


Open for collaborations!

With all of this downtime from my real-life job, I was wanting to get back into some online projects! I have a few examples of my work on my profile, if you're curious. Message me! Lets make something!


Thermonica ready and LF work

Hello. My Names Thermonica

I'm a voice actress looking to do some Voice work. Willing to do SFW and NFSW depending on the context

Can do both Male and female voices

Male- Medium Tone

Male- Ogre, Big dumb mook sounding

Male- Generic demon (Think Doctor claw from inspector gadget)

Male- Surfer dude (Duuuuuude kinda sound)

Male- Reptile

Female- Young Medium pitched (Mid 20s)

Female- Mature

Female- Young energic high pitched (More kid like)

Female- Southern Woman

Female- Robot (Think Seri)

Female- Old women

Female- exaggerated Valley Girl (Like omg!)

If nothing above is what you looking for, No harm in still reaching out to me to try. Costs nothing

Not Trans. just practiced for years

4$ per line (Negotiable)

If interested or just curious can message me on Newgrounds or on discord. my Discord being on my Page. I don't bite


Commission Information

I do artwork commissions, voice acting commissions, and writing commissions ranging along all four of the age restrictions. Information is in the links on my profile or right here.


Open for VA work!

I've got some free time so I'm giving you FREE VA work!

Got a quality mic and a load of time for whatever you need!

I can do a variety of accents and characters so hit me up if you need anything!


open for Voiceacting! (no need for pay!)


ive been searching for the right person to work with in my voice acting,

i have a decent mic, and a feminine voice,

im afraid i currently dont do nsfw


i do do what a basic newgrownds site does have,

potty jokes, humor, and still a dirty mind with swearing

i am passonate and i cant wait to work with you!

please dm me if you seem interested


Open for Voice Acting Commissions!

I'm a small voice actor who knows how to get the job done! Although I don't have much to share for now but that means I can do all work for free but have my limits too. If you need someone with a slavic accent or someone who knows how to speak in English, Polish, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Why Free? You always have to start somewhere so in the future I will change it all. Although if you wish to donate for my work, here is my Ko-Fi. https://ko-fi.com/jacop

Thank you very much!


Voice Actress SFW/NSFW Available

Creator and voice of a popular soundboard online.

Available to voice anything from animations, trolling, podcasts into and outro, youtube, twitch, NSFW of any kind and more.

Can do a variety of voices.

Can speak in a southern and English/British accent.


Dicord- Glitz Kitten#0010

Email NSFW- MIllierose260@gmail.com

Email SFW- Xboxgamergirlkr@gmail.com

Whatsapp- 919-623-2583

Links in profile

Each audio is $2 a clip or TBD pay for a full project. iu_587060_9977310.jpg


Need a free voice actor?

I'm willing to voice act 100% for free, on any given role that does not have to do with sexual content. I have prior acting and voice acting experience, so if you're interested in hearing my voice please shoot me a message! I'm avaible most days! I have singing ability due to having also done musical theatre for many years, my vocal range is Tenor. I'm making this post E so that it can be found, but again, I'm willing to fullfill any role of any type that does not have to do with sexual content!

Thank you!


A Wild VA Appears

 I offer Voice Over for your Ads, animations, video games, narration or promotions. I have many years of acting experience through theatre, along with an Associates of Fine Arts. I have a sound treated home studio set up so I can deliver quality files with a quick turnaround, if needed. 

My voice range is from youthful to young professional tone. I am able to provide voiceover for young child, young female/male teen, young female adult, and creature/mascot sound effects. On top of this, I am able to perform a generic German, French and Russian accent. If you would like more examples, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Equipment and setup: 

  • Acoustic/Sound treated closet studio
  • Blue Snowball Mic
  • Audacity Audio editing software

At the moment I'm open for both paid and non-paid projects. DM for further inquiry, Voice Demos and links to my CastingCall Profile which has more.

Hope to work with you soon!


Evil Voice ready to go!

Will create an evil dark voice for your needs!

Fully mixed, additional effects! I can provide it fast and in high quality!

It's pretty cheap, pretty fast and I can't wait to create your evil character!

I do other voices too!

a calm collected voice, and refined commanding voice.

I think I can get you whatever you desire!

Go to FIVERR (click me) to see my offers and preview my work!


Open for quick jobs!


Mic: AT2035

Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo

DAW: Adobe Audition (current)

I'm available to do voice acting for any of your projects!

Check my page for a (limited) view of my range, I can record an audition take for you if you need me too.

Prices: Negotiable


I'm also open for art commissions, look at my profile to see my range,

Prices: Negotiable


Looking for high pitched voice work!

Hello! I have been looking for VA work for awhile now, nothing serious just for fun! I am just a beginner, I'm just trying to get my name out there right now. I can do high pitched voices and a few others as well. Please contact me through Newgrounds if I sound like a fit for your animation!


Junior Voice Actor Looking To Build Portfolio!

Howdy! My names Taco. Real name is Jared, but real names are dumb. Please, call me Taco. I'm looking for work of any kind in the field of voice acting. I've had a passion for orating ever since I was young, along with my love of doing silly tones and accents. Considering this, and my plain and simple interest in the field, I've been planning on taking a step into voice acting for many years. However, considering I'm not only young, inexperienced, and don't have much of a name for myself, this is a struggle. I was recommended by a friend who does tons of stuff here to try posting here, so alas, I am posting here.

My vocal range is very wide, from brutish tones to shrill shriek's, I'd consider myself able to fulfill a wide variety of types of voices. In more vivid terms, I can accomplish a middle aged male to a young child sound with my voice.

Being that I don't have much of a portfolio, small projects that aren't really projects will have to suffice for proof that I, indeed, have a voice.

A video in which I voice a scared man, and ogre, and a "valiant knight": https://twitter.com/TacoDDR/status/1491181336849436672?t=XatbLIOBg2Zoj-pKUWyV6A&s=19

My YouTube only really has proof of my voice in the video "The Treaty of the Versailles" and "The Redditrune Experience", but if you wish to hear them (although the Treaty video was made as a joke and was made with little consideration to audio quality): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbX0GeOH1C_pGLqFCNx-MaA/featured

Not that I have proof of it, but I've been told I should do voice overs for commercials.

I use a Blue Microphones Snowball iCE for audio. It obviously isn't the peak of sound quality, but I hope it can suit your needs.

Considering I am looking to build a portfolio, I am perfectly willing to work for free, even on very large projects. A role is more than enough payment for me. I will work with any kind of project as well.

Please, message me if you wish to work with me, because I can guarantee I want to work with you!


Spaz for Hire

Hello whoever reads this, I am making a post here to let everybody know that I am available to create music for anybody's videos here or to voice act in them. Check out my page to see what I have at the moment & see what works for you. Contact me on twitter, instagram, discord, or send me a message on here if you're interested.


Roberto P. - Artist

Hola, I'm an artist looking for a writer to make cartoons and games with. Preferably comedies because my art is silly. Here's my latest art -> https://linktr.ee/mahuyoshi

I'm also interested in voice acting, I don't have a VA resume as this would be my first time doing it for someone else. I voice acted on my animations which you can find here -> https://incognitoninja.newgrounds.com/


Voice Actor Looking for Projects!

Hello everyone!

I am looking to work with other creators and offer my voice on their projects! I have started to transition towards making content and doing Voice Over more often since I have finished school with my degree. My goal is to provide my voice to memorable characters that will leave a lasting impression on the audience. Open for SFW / NSFW work!

My equipment currently includes -

  • Sound-treated recording space, with foam and industrial blankets.
  • RODE NT-1 Microphone
  • Scarlett 2i2 Interface
  • Reaper as primary DAW

I have character acting experience and also offer creature / monster imitations (perfect for horror animations or games!). Here is my most recent demo, aside from the characters, all the creature sounds here are also done by me! I would love to lend my talents to you for your next project!

If you're interested, please contact me with your name, project in question, and the role(s) you'd like me in.

Thank you!


Discord : Steele Bird - AKA Goody Ghoul#5813

Paid Inquires Email : steelebirdvo@gmail.com


commiion for voice acting

hi i guess

my voice sux so not recommendable

also no pay [FREE1!1!1!1!1!!1!1]

i currently work on 3 different shows and one of them are not even thinked about yet but yeaaa.....

I just want to be active in this dead website =)


Open for Art and Voice Comissions

Hello everyone, im open for art and voice commissions!

For art i will draw:

. Demons



Mostly everything!

Things i wont draw:



Racist Things

And Inflation.

For Voice Acting i will voice things like:



Original Characters

And Mythical Creatures including CreepyPasta

You'll Pay via pay-pal and you can pay any amount (Has to be aleast 1 or more, 0.01 is not a option and neither is getting it free).

DM If interested or talk to me on discord at Wutume Productions#8009


Open for any voice work opportunities


I'm a animation graduate with a bachelors and masters, pursuing a career in voice acting! I am open for any opportunities, as I've got my own make-shift home studio which means I can record and edit my own voice lines and send them to you, super flexible with what voice you want from me, and I'm punctual with deadlines.

You can check out my demo reel here --> James Hodgkinson Demo reel January 2021

Email: jameshodgkinson13@hotmail.com

Discord: JDHodgkinson#5337


Voice Acting Newbie

Im a non-binary actor looking to voice some characters. My normal voice range can suit young boys to teen girls. I can also alter my range, like many more professional actors, to sound rough or sweet. With extended use of a rough voice, however, my throat can become sore and I’ll need a few days to recover. I dont have any professional equipment, all I really have is my phone.

Pay doesnt really matter, i mostly do this for fun, but my CashApp for payment is $FukaseSanWaBakaDesu

I look forward to working with anyone who is interested, my Twitter is @FukaseTheIdiot, or contact me here.

EDIT: forgot to mention that i will NOT do NSFW scenes, for legal reasons.

(my pronouns are they/them or it/its)

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