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Open for Commissions!

Hey everyone, I'm open for commissions and helping you with designing and/or illustrating your character(s)! For more examples visit my gallery @Senpailove

Here are range of examples from my past work and prices available for you! I will take on about 5-6 people at a time.

If you are interested contact me through those listed below:

Email: plazmonkey2@gmail.com

Twitter: @Senpailove_ or @IncubusLove_

Discord: IncubusLove#7274

I draw in the range of:

  • Furries
  • Anime
  • Sonic Characters/OC's
  • Vehicles
  • Chibi
  • Mecha
  • NSFW
  • SFW
  • Monsters
  • Demons




Please support me on partreon for more content



Commissions Open!!!





Anime self portrait


And more 


Weird fetishes 


If you have questions about anything please feel free to ask.



I recently was laid off from my job due to "economic downturn," so I opened character commissions. I will eventually open animated commissions, but I currently cannot.

Anyway, I whipped up quick sheets. If you're at all interested, send me a DM here or on Twitter. See them in the images below.

Just a few notes: I will only be doing simple backgrounds for all these, like gradients, simple platform for the characters to stand on. In terms of NSFW, I will only do tasteful nudes not full-on sex or anything sexual for the time being. We can discuss any further details within DM

Thank you!



Open For Commissions!

I’m a new NSFW artist looking for work and the chance to spread my Patreon.

Listed below are my Prices and my Terms of Service.






Open For Commissions


I'm a voice over actor and would love to bring life to your next animation, video game, audio drama, etc. My voice can be described as young, energetic, kind, confident, informative, and animated. I've been involved as a contacted voice talent involved with various projects over the years, ranging from animations RIGHT HERE on New Grounds, YouTube original animated series, mobile & PC video games, visual novels, and narrations for e-learning content and non-profit organizations. I give super quick responses to inquiries, 24-48 hour turnarounds, portable home studio, and a background in singing, music and audio production.

Check out my work samples/demo reels here: https://www.stephenjpena.com/demos

For a little more background/my recording equipment: https://www.stephenjpena.com/media-2

If you'd like to get in contact with me about your specific project, you can DM me here OR you can use my direct contact form on my website: https://www.stephenjpena.com/contact-1

Looking forward to work with you!


NSFW/SFW Voice Actress Commissions

Heya, I am MagicalMysticVA, and I do voice acting for both SFW & NSFW. My commissions are pretty cheap. They're only 15 cents per word. I will voice pretty much anything you desire~

Join my Patreon to get voice work monthly-https://www.patreon.com/MagicalMysticVA

Here's a document with also my links and further info-https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yAq9At1vHUH3KS0kdc_6dlcsihVtO76Y_4dQutWFBYs




Right now opened for flat shaded icon commissions.

visit my Fiverr page for info and order placing!

NOTE: Anthro art is possible also in digital sketches, and includes a side price list for it. For additional info DM me


Anime & Illustrator For Hire

Hello, My names Mov, i'm a practicing Illustrator and i'm hoping to seek for a Job or hopefully for some Commissions : ).

I primarily focus on Anime work or Semi-realism? So hopefully if that's what you're hoping to find.

My Prices in Commissions Start from $15 to $45. (pretty cheap)

If you're likely seeking for an Illustrator, please do PM me about an offer!

My Pricing Sheet:


I WILL Draw...

  • Humans
  • Animals (Feral/Four-legged animals or aquatics. Multi-colored anthromorphic

characters aren't accepted in this, sadly. PRIMATES ARE OKAY!)

  • Fantasy/Mythical (Unicorns, Dragons, Ect.)
  • Armor
  • Fandom-based (Anime's, Pokemon, FNAF, Ect.)
  • Robotics
  • Minor Gore/Blood
  • Cute Creatures ( Example )
  • Creepy Creatures (Demons, Oni's, Ect.)

I WONT Draw...

  • NSFW (I'm a PG-13 Artist, and regarding if my age is still 17 or even 18, I don't work with Pornography.)
  • Anthromorphic (Multi-colored characters are prohibited. Only DnD Characters or Primates are okay!)
  • Fetish Work

Here are more of my work...

(Please note, some are a bit old, so i wont guarantee most are recent.)


(Watermarked for protection of my work.)

You may look through my Profile (Or my Portfolio linked in my Profile.) Of more of my work.

For Commission Instructions:

I will work on your commission once i've been payed up front, via Paypal (ONLY). 

You may either Comment on this thread, or PM me on this site if you like regarding your Commission request.



Please have COLORED images or even FULLBODY images (even if you're just ordering a Headshot/Bust)

of your character in hand. I don't go by descriptions, you MUST have them Pre-drawn, 

colored with enough for me to understand what said character looks like.

I hope i can work with you! <3


Open Commissions

"I only accept Paypal Only"

Please use the "send money"  in paypal.

My email: senak012ne@gmail.com

If you decide to pay for the alternates or adding characters your commission.


Thank you.

"Commission will only start once paid."

Characters Added: $10 per character

Alternates/Outfits: $5

What I will Draw:


-BigBreast girls

-Only Base Backgrounds

What I Don't Draw:

-character sheets


-Hyper Muscular/Muscular

-Complicated Backgrounds

-Furry Art

-Fat art

-Realism art/Real People/Still Life




Open for SFW and NSFW Commissions!

Hey, I have a few slots left for commissions! I'm working on a few long-term projects at the moment but I want to have more stuff to draw during my free time. Please consider commissioning me if you like what you see. :)

Ko-Fi Page!

$35 with add-ons: Character Piece

A drawing of your favorite character(s) from any piece of media! Video games, movies, tv shows, you name it. Add-ons include $17.50 per extra character (half of original price), and $10 for a specific background.

EXAMPLE 1: PaRappa The Rapper

EXAMPLE 2: Lewd dog girl

$50 with add-ons: Character Piece 2.0

A more complex/detailed option of the 'Character Piece' choice. Add-ons include $25.00 per extra character (half of original price) and $10 for a specific background.

EXAMPLE 1: NSFW furry example (two characters)

EXAMPLE 2: Hatsune Miku

Terms of Services:

These commissions are for personal use only. Commission delivery should be expected within 2 weeks depending on complexity. Full refunds only for requests I'm unable to complete. Upfront payment via PayPal only. If you are to share your commission, please credit me and link to my Ko-Fi page or any of my social media pages (@/yourrealcruise).


NSFW commissions for 18+ year olds only. I will NOT make anything even slightly lewd for anyone who isn't of age. Prices are the same for NSFW requests, but will be subject to change depending on complexity. NSFW options available for both 'Character Piece' options (view examples above and other work on my NG page). Commissions can be more graphic than the examples but I will NOT draw: taboo sex acts (vore, inflation, incest, etc.), gore, vehicles/mecha, real people or OCs based on real people, any fetish I find too extreme. However, I can be flexible with your requests so if you have any questions, please ask! Furries welcome, of course ;)

Also, unless you specifically ask me not to, I have the right to share requests on social media. Posts of commissions will remain anonymous unless you ask to be tagged. More graphic commissions will only be shared on Newgrounds. If you're in any way interested please PM me! My PMs are always open. 

Thank you :)


Open for commission and Voice Acting gigs!

I’m open for just about everything and prices can range anywhere from $20-200 really just depends on what you want but I’m very flexible on pricing given the time it will take me to complete each project. ( no weird feet NSFW or somethin doe )

I’m interested in doing voice acting for any projects as well and I can send examples if given lines and story context.


Vibracious Commissions


Ko-fi || Previous Commissions

My commissions are always open.

  • If you'd like to commission me, please send me a PM.
  • If you'd like to contact me outside of NewGrounds, my Twitter DMs are available, and you may DM me on Discord.


  • ETA: two weeks
  • PayPal, Stripe, or Ko-fi only // 50% or 100% prepayment
  • Commissioned art is for personal use ONLY
  • One character per commission
  • Prices are increased depending on complexity
  • I do not accept refunds once you approve the sketch
  • Revisions are only done during the sketch. Please make sure everything is okay before approval
  • Finished products come with transparent versions via PSD. You can open these in Photopea, a free web app. You may ask for a transparent image separately
  • Please view my full TOS here.


  • Humanoid characters only
  • Please give me clear quality references.
  • I do not draw NSFW, backgrounds, tattoos, weapons, armour, frills, or hairless characters.

Commissions Open

I have my commissions open.

Actually have 10 slot or Full body. 10 for Mid body.

The sketches are unlimited because are a bit more easy and are actually fast to do.

Examples on my Twitter if someone need, or my DA.

Info. Updating the https://t.co/ZT2lXY5KIy Mid Body, Full body and Sketches available. Just DM . https://t.co/Vdyn8Vvesi" / Twitter

Also paid can be on KoFi or Paypal via Request.

Some examples here.




Commissions available!

Hello hello! My name is Lu, and I'm open for commissions, since I'm working from home and have lots of time off!

I'm an anthro/anime artist, and I'll pretty much do anything from casual pieces to reference sheets! Please reach out to me via discord or twitter provided below since I'm ALWAYS active on both.

Twitter - @TheFancyDragoon

Discord - Tequila Shrimp #5988

My normal timeframe for pieces would be one to two weeks but they may take less time depending on real life stuff, ya know?

I'll have three slots open at any given time so I don't get overwhelmed but as pieces are finished, new slots will open up for others!

My prices and further information can be found HERE~! Otherwise they can also be found via the pinned post on Twitter! I would add the image here via this board but I dont wanna be obnoxious or anything, ahah--


Commissions are Open!

Hello everyone, this is CognitionCram, and I've FINALLY opened my art commissions!

I'm gonna start small with only a few slots open, but more slots will open in the future!


All payments will be made with Paypal and are upfront. I reserve the right to deny any commission.

Please be patient for them to be finished, I got school to finish up.


[For Hire] Will basically draw whatever

Ill basically draw anything you want but if you want to request, we can message prices and stuff but it'll generally depend on how complex or specific the drawing is and that'll judge the price :)

Nsfw stuff will probably be more but it will be done >:)

Again depending on the drawing it can take a certian amount of time and I do have to balance my college finals right now but it should be done fairly quickly.

Overall though drawing's with no colour will be the cheap stuff.

And a coloured drawing will be more expensive

Adding backgrounds and full body and whatnot will add more aswell.

But i sorta work between the £5-20 (GBP) hopefully that all cool.

Range of styles:






Full Body Commissions - $40

Hi, y'all! I'm offering full body commissions with an optional bg for $40 right now. If you're interested please DM me here, on Twitter or through e-mail: arkoirisangel@gmail.com

Below are some more recent works! Thank you!



I do too many things! Let me do them with you.

Hey there! My name is Jake, and I make stuff. Too much stuff, probably.

My most extensive backgrounds are in music and graphic design! Here are a couple examples of both...

Here's my original soundtrack for Terramino!

My alternate artwork for Edmund McMillen's Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem card game expansion!

Here's me coloring in lineart for my comic book Toe & So Long (featuring music by me)!

Here's a music video I edited for my anime rap project, Cpt. Hardluck!

Whew! That's a lot of stuff, I know. Well, guess what? Here's some more stuff!

Here's some more of my illustration work.




On the off chance anyone on Newgrounds needs a logo, here's one I made for a company called Fiberific!


That's about all Newgrounds will let me show off here, but you can find even more of my work at jacobmichaelcampbell.com.

Feel free to hit me up for any project! I'm happy to talk about any kind of work. Thanks for your tim


commissions open

iu_153254_8046015.jpgoriginally i had a post talking about my commission prices, but its a little outdated

im willing to do anything except mecha, will decide case by case

let me know what style you want it in from the art on my profile and ill get back to you with a price !


Hi anime style commissions open!


hello my commissions are open you can find all the information in this post, if you have any doubt don't hesitate to contact me (you can find this information also in my T.O.S. here https://tomoch.carrd.co/#tos )

My name is tomo, I am an artist who enjoys working on NSFW art more than anything, however I have also worked on some SFW projects. I would just like to clarify some points in this post nothing complicated.

*My commission work is for personal use, if you want something for commercial use we can discuss it too, send me a mail to (legioncorpw@gmail.com).

*I do not work with NFT.

*Payment is upfront.

*NSFW commissions are for +18 only.

More Links:

Personal Website


Other portfolios



I'm always open to discuss new work if you think I'm the right fit you know where to find me (whether you're an artist looking for a collaboration or a client).


commission Sale


Howdy, thought i'd give y'all something for Valentine's day but i was late so here's something for the entire month. A sale! Get it while i still Love You :3


Fill Out This form if interested -


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My Commission Info

Paypal + Ko-fi accepted! Read below for Terms+Conditions.


I'll need a general idea of the pose, age range of character/personality, and design! I'll also need to know what type of shading you would like, please do look through my art to get an example of what you're looking for!

=Wait time=

Approximately 5 days or under for sketch, after confirmation.

2-3 Weeks or under for full piece, no background. I'll keep you updated on my workload.


Refunds are at my own discretion, or if you back out of the commission before I am done lining, so be sure of your decision for more pricey and time consuming orders, please!


Character MUST be of age for NSFW, use common sense.

No furries for NSFW, sorry buds.

=Art of real individuals=

No real people unless they are proven to consent of content made of them.

=Commercial use=

$10 fee for non-personal use/profit.

-Personal use entitles: Profile images, sharing, etc.

-Commercial use entitles: Merchandising, brand content, use in monetized content.


Commissions Available!! $5+

MORE EXAMPLES HERE examples with prices

Commissions are open!! Starting at $5

Sketches start at $5

Linework starts at $15

Flat Color starts at $20

Cell Shaded starts at $30



**Paypal,Venmo,Cashapp ACCEPTED



Wholesome Commission Art Open

Hi, I'm ghostmaya creator of webtoon series Oh My Ghost

If you're interested in commissioning, e-mail me at mayalaboisaghost@gmail.com

I'm very comfortable making wholesome anime/webtoon style art~

I'm also open to make NSFW stuff right now~

I Don't Draw Gore, Realistic, Hardcore or Extreme Fetish, and Scat~

Price Starts at $15 and up depend on complexity~



Commissions are OPEN!!

Hey, Hi, Hello!!

I'm Hammer and I'm open for commissions!

I do digital art, and comics/manga!

some guidelines to follow:

  • NO NSFW!!
  • Mild gore is allowed
  • no furry stuff (1- I can't draw them well, 2- it's not my style)

You may check the prices down below:



You can go through my account for more art examples.

Payment is through PayPal.

If you are interested, DM me here, or preferably on Twitter or on Discord at Hammer #0307


Commissions Open

Hello, I'm MugenELSalvador, freelancer anime/manga style artist.

I'm officially open to work on commissions for the people of Newgrounds

My tiers are explained here:

Character Color:

No Color (Just the lineart) = $10

Monochromatic = $15

Flat Color = $20

Shading Color = $30

Full Color = $40

Background (BG):

No BG (Flat white) = + $1

Abstract BG = + $3

Transparent BG = + $5

Scenery BG Monochromatic = + $7

Scenery BG Full = + $10

(Every extra character will cost + $10 each)

Over here I leave a little example of the work I do


The time of delivery can vary according to the complexity of the piece.


1- You can do a request for a art piece sending a PM to my Newgrounds user. I recommend you to be specific with your request: how many characters would you like me to draw, which characters you would like to have on the piece, what kind of coloring you want, what kind of background you want, if you have any preferences for color, clothing, shapes, details, objects to show up on the piece. Also you can ask any other question you may have; and I will answer them.

2- I will PM you through your Newgrounds user at the moment I accept your request, I will inform you about the full price of your piece and the estimated time of delivery according to the request. I also will link my Paypal account to the message where you can pay for the request. I will start working on your piece at the moment I receive your payment.

3- At the moment the piece is almost done I will send you through PM a full sizes preview of your piece so you can ask for a change of colors, or adding/editing details, looking to have the best result for you

4- After the changes are done, I will send you a last PM with the art piece fully finished and I'll upload it, as well, to my newgrounds art gallery; the credits for the request and the characters are completely yours. If you would like to be the uploader, I will ask you to give me the credits for the art, and leave a link to my NG user on the description.

If the piece is delivered, and you feel dissatisfied with the final result, I will provide you a full refund through Paypal.

Things I can draw:

  • OC's
  • Anthro characters
  • Reference Sheets
  • Fanart
  • Anime/manga-like scenes
  • Erotic

Things I most likely reject:

  • Under-aged sexualized/erotic characters
  • Vore
  • Inflation
  • Scat
  • Piss/watersports
  • Farts
  • Fetishes
  • Pregnancy
  • Extreme gore

Business Hours:

7:00 am - 8:00 pm (CST – Central Standard Time)

It will be a pleasure to work with you.



Hi my name is HotaruChan and I am an illustrator, I specialize in the NSFW but I can draw anything, des furry, clop and more, Follow me to see my huge gallery that I will upload here as often as possible.

I am also open to commissions (Illustration by request)

Do not hesitate to contact me.



Open for anything creative (commissions, storyboard)

Being experienced in animation, character/background design as well as story creating, we are willing to help anyone that needs a boost in their concepts or extra ideas. (Bring any idea to life)


Commissions Open!


For more information on commissions please visit my website at elliecartoonz.com


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