I recently was laid off from my job due to "economic downturn," so I opened character commissions. I will eventually open animated commissions, but I currently cannot.

Anyway, I whipped up quick sheets. If you're at all interested, send me a DM here or on Twitter. See them in the images below.

Just a few notes: I will only be doing simple backgrounds for all these, like gradients, simple platform for the characters to stand on. In terms of NSFW, I will only do tasteful nudes not full-on sex or anything sexual for the time being. We can discuss any further details within DM

Thank you!



Open for Regular Commissions

Regular Commission Prices


Inks 15//Flats 20//Shaded 27


Inks 22//Flats 35//Shaded 45


Inks 30//Flats 40//Shaded 60

  • Added Characters are + 90% (eg Shaded FB 2 ocs $60 + 90% = $114) Max 3 characters
  • Off-screen partial bodies cost as much is shown (Eg girl riding cowgirl POV showing only the torso, hips and legs of viewer would be $60 + $(45 x .90) = $100.50
  • Floating dicks don't cost extra up to 2 (Every additional dick after will be +$2)

Most Recent Sample

Past Samples

Will only work after payment has been made

Will not make changes on drawing once complete UNLESS

-I forgot something that was clearly stated in your ref/description

-You want to pay extra for edits or alt-versions

I am open to discuss commission types not-listed if you want a drawing

style done similar to something I already have done in my gallery

Drawing Boundaries for all commissions



Heya, I am MagicalMysticVA, and I do voice acting for both SFW & NSFW. My commissions are pretty cheap. They're only 15 cents per word. I will voice pretty much anything you desire~

Join my Patreon to get voice work monthly-https://www.patreon.com/MagicalMysticVA

Here's a document with also my links and further info-https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yAq9At1vHUH3KS0kdc_6dlcsihVtO76Y_4dQutWFBYs


Looking for a female voice actor to work with!!!

Always down for a collab. I backgrounds, character designs

Prints and stickers here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CoffeeAndCreamShop

Please support me on partreon for more content


Commission Prices 

Bust and up 

Sketch $10 | Line art $20 | Full Color $30 

Knee up

Sketch $10 | Line art $25 | Full Color $40 

Full body

Sketch $10 | Line art $30 | Full Color $60



Sketch 20 $ (Base Price)

Background +7 $ (If it is fairly simple it will be free of charge.)

For every Character added it is +50% on the base price.

Simply colored +7 $

Simple shading +7 $

Max Complexity price +15 $ Higher Complexity = Higher Price.

(Complexity price is only added if it would take longer to make than usual. Surely this should make sense.)

(Like if the character have complex clothing, or a bunch of tattoos, & etc.)

(It won't likely be applied to more simple things, like a plain skirt or a simple heart tattoo on an arm & etc. But it can still add up if there is a lot of stuff.)


Line-art 40 $ (Base Price)

Background +10 $ (If it is fairly simple it will be free of charge.)

For every Character added it is +50% on the base price.

Simply colored +10 $

Simple shading +10 $

Max Complexity price +25 $ Higher Complexity = Higher Price.


Color & Shading 60 $ (Base Price)

(You can choose if you want it with line-art or not.)

Background +20 $ (If it is fairly simple it will be free of charge.)

For every Character added it is +50% on the base price.

Max Complexity price +35 $ Higher Complexity = Higher Price.


Sketch + Line-art + Color/Shading/Lighting. + Texture. 80 $ (Base Price) Full drawing! Wallpaper quality!

(You can choose if you want it with line-art or not.)

Background +30 $ (If it is fairly simple it will be free of charge.)

For every Character added it is +50% on the base price.

Max Complexity price +50 $ Higher Complexity = Higher Price.



* Rights: Any commission I make is by contract. I retain the rights to my own work. I reserve the right to post and submit the finished commissions on any of my social media or pages. ((I can be nice, & come to other solutions, like if you have some problem with your commission being displayed publicly.) (In case requested, the commissioner’s name can also be unmentioned.))

* Costumer: You'll only become my costumer when you've paid and sent me all references, & I agreed on working for you.

* References: Please try not to overload me with information, keep it on point and concise.

* Changes: It is okay to make changes during the start, but DON'T change or add random stuff in the middle of the work-process. As I don't want to have to change major things in the middle or near completion of drawing something.

* Payment: All payments are done with PayPal in USD.

* Use: I don't allow reselling the content I make, as it is for personal use only. (If you want more than that, then we would have to discuss some other price/agreement.)

* Deadline: If you have any specific deadline please let me know.

* Refunding: If you want the money back in the middle of the process you will only get half back, simply because it took up my time. You cannot get any back when it is finished. (I want you to understand that you essentially pay for my time.)

* Not really a rule but if you join my Discord I can easily share the progress I make on the drawing.

Or you can give me your e-mail and I send everything that way.

Again, I will be posting almost everything I make, so if you do have a problem with that, tell me. If it hinges on your identity I can keep it disclosed when posting.


You can also support my work through other means. Like Patreon, Subscribestar or buy merch on Redbubble. And there are rewards there, with HQ drawings.

Thank you for considering supporting me!





Join my Discord

Have a nice day!


(Feel free to ask me questions if there is something you're unsure about.)

I can draw pretty much anything.

But there are a few things I wont draw, which is porn related stuff including gore, torture, scat, farts, diapers, children, puke, & death.


iu_78162_7577597.jpgWill do✅:




Anime self portrait


And more 

Won't do❌:

Weird fetishes 


If have questions about anything please just message me ??


Pssst!... i'm open for commissions!

(Please help me buy a new mattress... nope i'm not kidding, i need a new one *insert sad face here*)



-Full render work.

-Transparent or simple background (1-2 colors maximum).

-Downloadable full resolution file FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Any interest or doubts about commissions please send me a message! I will happily respond as soon as possible :D

Estimated delivery time: 2-3 weeks (depending on the complexity of the commission and/or work schedule)



Hello! - My name is Rogue, a veteran to the art community who is finally reopening their doors for the first time in a long while! I am new to this website, so- lets have some fun!


I am now open for art commissions of most all shapes and sizes, even wallpapers!

You can find a few of my examples on here or my homebase over on twitter : https://twitter.com/ToxicCookieJars

You can attempt to contact me on this platform though I am much easier reached on Discord @ RogueKitten#0133.

You may also E-Mail me at my business email: toxic.cookie.jars@gmail.com - This is a more solid way to contact me if you prefer.

My Process:

  • I take PayPal and CashApp ONLY.
  • I Do require payment up front.
  • I work with you throughout the process and WILL NOT move onto the line-work phase till you have approved the sketch.
  • My no list is rather small and I would prefer you contact me and just pitch the idea so that I may decide from there.
  • I WILL DO SFW AND NSFW!!!!!! Making that super clear due to past confusion.


Pricing: Pardon that this isn't the prettiest.



***Thank you for considering me!***





Yo! As the title says, I'm open for commissions!

Don't wanna over complicate the pricing, so....

Base commission: $11

Background: $7 (unless of course the commission IS the BG. Also loose pricing depending on complexity)

Extra character: $7 (sheet says $5, but that doesn't seem like enough, sry)

Most proficient with......anime artstyle (like everyone else...) with inspiration from Studio Trigger, more simplistic shading, character drawing, and dynamic-ish poses.....all that being said, I'm always super happy to challenge myself with new things in drawing, and at the very absolute least, I'll consider any work asked of me.

Will do....anything tbh. Not familiar with furry art, but I'll try it for that sweet green rectangle that controls our society. NSFW is ok, mechs are ok, gore is ok, ect

WONT DO....illegal shit. No rape, no pedophilia, ect.

DM me here, on twitter, or email me! Dm is preferred tho

I'll ask for payment up front, but I'll update ya through my process

I'd be happy to draw ya a character or something, but I would LOVE to collaborate on some kinda project or something!

Hope ya consider me, and have a good day!



Le Arcano - Open Commissions for drawing!

What can I do?

  • A drawing in anime/manga style
  • A color Headshot drawing of one character for USD 5.00
  • A color Half-Body drawing of one character for USD 10.00
  • A color Full-Body drawing of one character for USD 15.00
  • Aditional characters for USD 5,00 each
  • A sketch for the character that you want for USD 5,00 (or 5 for USD 15.00)
  • 5 Days for Delivery
  • Ultra-fast delivery (2 Days) for USD 5,00 more
  • NSFW or SFW. I dont care about drawing Furry, Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri and some other fetishes. I may not draw some nasty stuff, but who knows. Ask me first! We can have a nice conversation and maybe reach an agreement.
  • There is 10-25% discounts for my patreon members, and random drawings that i give each month. Enjoy!

Payment from PayPal or Fiverr only. Fiverr is a site specialized in commissions, you can see more about my work there and i will only get paid after the job done. Paypal is half payment before, and half after.

Check my social networks! I have more examples about what i do there.

Check my Fiverr for Commissions!

Check my Instagram for SFW drawings!

Check my Patreon for NSFW. Its only USD 1 for full content!

Have a nice day! <3 



Click here for cartoony commissions

Terms of Service (short version)

  • I accept paypal and Revolut
  • Commissions must be paid in full upfront. I start working on your commission as soon as the payment is done. 
  • I do send Wips (Work in progress) for corrections, one at the sketch phase and one at the coloring phase.If you want something corrected after you approved it in the WIPS I sent, you will be charge extra accordingly.
  • If you want to cancel your commission and I already started I’ll do a partial refund. If I haven’t started yet you will have the complete refund.
  • The time I will take to complete the commission will depend on the length of the queue.but usually it takes around 24 to 48 hours to finish the piece once I start
  • For more detailed INFO,please check out  MY FULL TERMS OF SERVICE

Will do: any humanoid creature like furries,humans,demons and any animal figures like ferals,pets and fantasy creatures.

Won’t do: some NSFW stuff (ask)

Extra charge: mecha,steampunk and robotic stuff, detailed armours, detailed scenes

Price may vary depending on complexity. 

Commission Types:



To request an illustration from me you can contact me here be dm's , on my instagram or on my mail Morrya@yahoo.com

you could also complete THIS FORM


I draw what you want. Message me and we will discuss details.