Hello and welcome to the wonderfull world of Comissioning me !



Additional informations

  • If you are interested , Just contact me via DM on any of my social medias (link on profile)
  • Specialized in armor , machinery and other non organic stuff
  • Payment after sending the firsts sketch
  • Estimated delivery : Less than a week
  • Payment via Paypal
  • Please try to provide references

If you want something that isn't present in the sheets , don't hesitate to ask me if I can do it and how much it will cost , we will discuss the price then

Hoping to work with you soon !


Hello everyone!

I am open for music commissions! On Newgrounds I usually will peddle my Chiptunes and evolving atmospheric pieces, but I work in a variety of genre's. I also do themes, and guitar based music (Rock, Metal, all that stuff). I have been composing professionally for 5 years, so send me a message and let me know what you need! I am charging roughly around 25-75 dollars for a song (depending on what is needed.)


I am in the profession of live theater, and so because of that I have experience in sound design. For sound effects I charge around the same prices as above. It also goes without saying that I have many years of acting experience, and would be willing to perform voice overs as well for a rate we can discuss.


Hi there! Im opening the comissions season for art and sculpting!!!

Heres some terms!

For Art: Scetch 25$

Fullbody 60$

Coplete artwork with complex background 100$ or more, depends on complexity.

Artwork examples here https://www.artstation.com/ekaterina-ushakova

For sculpting: Starting price 40$, price is negotiatible, but strongly depends on size and complexity.

Sulptures here https://www.artstation.com/victoru

Lets Rock!!! iu_108145_7655986.jpg


Instead of asking for a fixed price for each comission, I do it kind of differently (so you don't have to pay a lot for a simple face shot), I ask for 10$ for each hour of work.

You give me the subject, the character and a reference image, and I'll tell you how long It will take, then afterwards I give you a sketch, if you like it, pay half of the price I'm asking and after I finish it, you pay the other half.

iu_111688_7902731.jpgThis drawing, for example, took me about 8 hours, so it would be 80$, 40 upfront and 40 when I finished it, though this was my first real comission so I wasn't really experienced at the field (and the comissioner allowed me to share this piece).

You might be thinking "Can't you lie to me about the time you're gonna take to make it?" You would be right at the fact I could lie, but you would be wrong thinking that I'm a greedy asshole, if I finish it earlier then expected, you'll pay less, and if I take longer then expected, you won't pay more.