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Hello, I'm Codefreq. I compose music of a variety of different styles.

Here’s a demo reel I created, full of excerpts from various pieces I wrote from the beginning of 2020 through to mid-May 2021:

More info on my website:


I have been composing music for almost two decades, since I was a small child.

I consistently make music that sounds like it could fit a movie or video game.

Most music I create has some kind of scenario or image behind it while I am writing, so my writing style changes based on the imagery.

I have a lot of virtual tools at my disposal for making music of different styles, including orchestral, electronic, and guitar instruments, as well as multiple drums and other percussion to make music that complements the imagery behind it.

I can compose on a tight schedule.

If you're looking for quickly composed and distinctive music specifically tailored to fit your movie or game, please feel free to PM me and we can discuss the details.

Looking forward to working with you. :)



First, let's say I'm an experienced producer, have worked in 2 game OST's, and make 100 songs per year (always improving!).

I can produce in ANY genre, literally. From Bossa Nova and Classical, to EDM or Retrowave music, going through Trap and Hip Hop, Film and Trailer music, or maybe an SFX sound... I wasn't lying!

You could be either someone craving for their own custom song, or an artist who wants some help in the production process.

My prices vary a lot, depending on the amount of work that I put in. It may go from 5 to 30 dollars. I try to put quality in every song, independently of the price, though!

Hit me up with your dreams and they'll be crafted!!