ㅤㅤSo...what kind of custom menus we offer? Please take a moment to skim through this playlist (Extreme loudness difference warning!). Please note that we intend to show you overall concept and theme in each item, and the sound quality (mixing/mastering) in some of them are not on par with our current capability.

ㅤㅤIn summary, our main forte lies within melodic and atmospheric stuff, mostly in a form of non-mainstream electronic music genres (DnB, Trance, Ambient, etc.), plus piano solo. We can also do fake (in a sense of heavily layered) 8-bit stuff too, along with metal works and things that refuses to be in any genre.

ㅤㅤMore details (about pricing, product licenses, and contact info) in this post.


Hey everyone!

Just letting ya know that I'm down to make some sweet custom music and sound effects for your projects. I specialize in a mixture of electronic and orchestral styles, focusing on music for video games. However I'm also open to trying all different genres and styles, as well as do sound work for animations, videos, and anything else you could need.

Here's a sample of a more orchestral track that I've done.

Aaand here's a more electronic sample.

Check out ALL of my current work up on my Newgrounds Audio Page or my Youtube Channel (Newer tracks are more representative of my current style/skill level)

My prices for tracks/SFX are as follows:

Song Estimates:

1:00 or below track/loop $45 CAD

1:00 - 2:30 track/loop $90 CAD

2:30 - 4:30 track/loop $180 CAD

5:00+ track/loop Discuss Length and Price

SFX Estimates:

Short Sound Effects (less than 0:10) Discuss Amount + Price

Ambient Soundscape, phrase, SFX Loop etc. $15 CAD

(all payments done through paypal)

Depending on the length and complexity of the track, it could take anywhere from 5 hours to 20 hours or more to finish. I'm open to be flexible with rates and whatnot depending on your specific project. We can also discuss the exclusivity of the commission and other details privately.

PM me here on Newgrounds or email me at hyenaedona72@gmail.com to discuss details. =}



If you are interested, I advise you to drop by me.

You may contact me in PM directly through Newgrounds. And if you live in Russia (I think few people here who use VKontakte) you may too contact me in PM through VK.

Soundcloud, or Twitter, or Instagram direct messages will be ignored.

For example this is my discography:


Prices in PM!


Hey there, I have been doing game audio for about a year now and am constantly looking for new things to do! I recently contributed to a game called Gem Blast here on NG, and before that I did some music for a small indie title called The Second Chance Strip Club. I specialize mostly in electronic music, but I can handle anything. I can also do SFX and voice. Please see my profile for more info as it will have links to my portfolio.

Pricing varies and is negotiable.


No longer free, I'm afraid. Just message me through Newgrounds and we can discuss the details. I assure you it's still pretty cheap from $3-$10 depending on a few things.


ok, time to update this. I’m open for collabs with anyone, keeping in mind that I don’t have any software except for Logic Pro which I’m still trying to learn how to use. I make my songs with a synthstrom deluge, which is super easy and extremely fast, but it has its limits.

if you like my music, I can try to make you a song for FREEEEE. Please check through what I’ve made so you know what to expect. Message me and I’ll get back to you.


Hello my name is Tyler Strausser!

If you are unfamiliar with my work search TerraSquaa on this website, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram! I created everything by myself from the characters to the music! If you would like to collaborate or just want me to help out with your next project ask me!


Ok ok ok, i know im not that famous but i still think this could be my chance.

Im accepting everything that has to do with Stories, writing, music (kinda), voice acting & the best of all Drawings! :D

If you want some of this don't worry, im still not sure about receiving money yet so yeah you could tell that this is totally FREE.

I have to warn that my content is something that takes it time and it's pacience because im still a principiant so just let me know via message on my account on Newgrounds if you want something & i'll try my best.

(I almost forgot to say that im also looking for other artists to work with, so if you want to help this little artist of me :3 just send me a message in my account)

See ya! :D


I am willing to do a lot of dubstep. My dubstep is very limited, as to the program i am using im still getting used to.