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My commissions opened back up for a bit.

Looking for animation/game/film/various media work to do music and/or sound design.

My commission rates are flexible to the budget and needs of the client! ψ(`∇´)ψ

I specialize in a variety of styles and genres like Rock, Electronic, J-pop, Jazz, and Orchestral music.

I particularly enjoy working on any kind of game or animation.

Some of my recent works include:

"Mime and Dash" by Derpixon (Jazz scoring)


"Hello World :] " by DevoidGazer (Trailer music)


"Knight Love" by SquidlyInky (Electronic/House/Drum and Bass)


"Seraph - Destined Deity BGM" A Vtuber on Twitch/YouTube (Fantasy/Orchestral/East Asian music)


And other various animations/films/featured music.

If you have any questions or would just like to make contact for any future projects you're welcome to get in touch on NewGrounds or through my Twitter, YouTube, Discord (Kettako#4694), or NewGrounds

I look forward to working with you and bringing professional audio to your next project!




I might be a little busy for larger projects but feel free to PM me or send me an email to: thapredatormusic@hotmail.com with details.

Send me a PM for the price list.

You can check my Portfolio: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS7v2z1_U3ghFp5c-dEOyF4YBNM-kjGU9

Also feel free to ask me anything related to music!



Simple video game tunes (I work best with the SEGA Genesis sound chip), melodic trap beats and maybe some random electronic music. I might be willing to do voice acting here and there, as I have some voice editing tools.

If you would like to grab something I've already made because you're in a hurry, all I ask is that you throw me down on your submission credits for a small percentage of ad revenue.


ㅤㅤSo...what kind of custom menus we offer? Please take a moment to skim through this playlist (Extreme loudness difference warning!). Please note that we intend to show you overall concept and theme in each item, and the sound quality (mixing/mastering) in some of them are not on par with our current capability.

ㅤㅤIn summary, our main forte lies within melodic and atmospheric stuff, mostly in a form of non-mainstream electronic music genres (DnB, Trance, Ambient, etc.), plus piano solo. We can also do fake (in a sense of heavily layered) 8-bit stuff too, along with metal works and things that refuses to be in any genre.

ㅤㅤMore details (about pricing, product licenses, and contact info) in this post.


Hello all!

I am offering my services as a score composer for your next animation/video game. I've been making music for quite some time now; here are a few instrumental examples of my work:

I specialize in melody, and am willing to blend to whatever style you need for your work.

Starting rate at $25 USD/minute of finished music.

Contact me via PM or email at alittlbox@gmail.com

Payment through PayPal only.

I hope to work with you soon.




Are you a game dev, animator, or creator that needs music for your project?

Here's an example of some of my work, I made all the music for these animations:

If you're interested, check out my fiverr page



Hey! I am open for music commissions for you to use in your project, animation or game.

My main genres are Industrial/Techno/House/Synthwave and Cheshcore ("Madness Combat" styled music), but I am quite flexible and can also make Orchestral/Ambient tracks.

Details and prices can be discussed depending on project scope and type. If you're lucky, I might be willing to do a song for free! Shoot me a message!

Here are some examples of my previous work:





Check out some of my (instrumental) work here

https://friendhell.bandcamp.com/album/project-work (more recent)

https://friendhell.bandcamp.com/album/friend-funk-2 (somewhat old)

I also make music where I sing and stuff, like this https://friendhell.bandcamp.com/album/66cool

If you like any of this, feel free to DM me about getting me to work on your project. If I like it enough, I will work on it for nothing more than exposure! I don't mind as long as it isn't too much and I am excited to work on the project.


I am self-taught and have over ten years of experience in writing and mixing music. My specializations are in orchestral, electronic and ambient genres but am flexible. I like to work with my clients, sharing demos and ideas. There is nothing more important for me than to fine tune and get your vision exactly right. Below is a sampling of my past work:

Pricing is $40 per single song up to three tracks, or $20 per minute of audio if working on four or more songs. Unfortunately I do not work for free, but I may lower my rates if I find your project interesting so don’t be afraid to reach out!

I only accept payments through PayPal. Unless otherwise agreed on I retain the rights to publish anything I write for you, including on iTunes and Spotify. For singular songs I take payment up front, but for an entire soundtrack this isn't feasible and we can work out how much is paid up front.

To send me a pitch or if you have any questions, either write to me here or at my email address (KetyriProductions@gmail.com). Include what your project is about and any other information you deem relevant. I look forward to hearing from you! :)


Commissions or collaborations on music/sound design or graphics/animations? Send me a PM. I'll work with your budget.

  • Dimension Lord

Hello Newgrounds!

If you're in need of a composer for your video game or movie, I'm open for commissions! Just send me a email and I'd love to work with you.

I make all kinds of music, so just ask me what you want and I will do my best! I often make Dubstep, Color Bass, Electronic, Ambient, and Orchestral music. I am totally open to breaking musical boundaries for your game, no restrictions necessary!

Here is my email: dawsonhancockcrew@gmail.com




Hello! I saw the NewGrounds Commission system and thought I might give it a try. :)

I've been working on music for five years, and I've explored a lot of musical genres, so I'm not limited to only electro stuff.

I'm available for:

  • Production ($25-$75, depending on style and difficulty of genre asked).
  • Sample Creation ($1 for 5 samples).
  • Sound Design ($1 for 5 samples/presets).
  • Mastering ($35 per song).

I can also work for your animations/games/projects if needed, all at a reasonable and cheap price! (OSTs)

If you need anything, you can message me directly through NewGrounds, or you can send me a message at Discord!



apparently i need to put more effort into presenting my commissions page. oops!

I am Theepicosity and I specialize in making bitpop/chiptune-esque music! If you would like to learn more about my music, you can visit my Newgrounds page. All of my work is available to use for any project, for free, and all I ask is that you credit me!

Commissions: I am open to doing music commissions! I can write music for free or you can pay me, though the latter would be nice. I do ask that you give generous deadlines; depending on the type of project I may be a bit slow at times. If you are interested or have any questions, send me a PM!


I know a lot of people turn to, royalty-free-music like Kevin Macleod when it comes to music for projects because you feel as if that's the only option to resort to, But I can promise you that I am one who is willing to create "ORIGINAL" composition for your work.

Don't Believe me? Here are a few tracks you can look forward for.

Plus even more stuff that I put out.

"I mainly consist on genres like Orchestra, Funk, Jazz, Techno, Chiptune, and little bit of dnb (Drum and Bass). This is just an heads up for the kinds of music your looking for."


I'm in the making of a website, which will discuss more about freelancing for projects (It will also be where I post emails and social links at.), as soon as that's finished I'll post a link where you can check my website out to view my best works, and come to your conclusion for me as your composer.

as of right now here's my contacts:


Gmail: massivemarioluigi700@gmail.com / massivemarioluigi700second@gmail.com

My NewGrounds. <--- I'm on here a lot so this would be your big shot on really getting ahold of me.

For People who don't know my expectations, there are Standards that I have for projects, I have these listed below.

  1. Unorder for me to work for you, I must see "Proof " that you actually have something going.
  2. Have a way to contact me back and forth. Examples would be "Discord" or "Twitter DM's."
  3. Must finish your project all the way through.
  4. Explain about yourself, plus other members of your dev crew. I really like to know people.

And lastly, this is obvious but understand most people just need that reminder....


"If you Had any concerns what so ever. Please explain it in a appropriate fashion, then I will talk to you, and plus it's really easy that way to understand any issues you have."

The best thing about all of this is..... No money / cash is involved, neither is cared about. But if you want to give me some (That's up to you, don't feel entitled to.) I'm going to start commissions for art soon where you'll then need to lend some cash. Patron as well but not as soon as commissions.

And yeah that's bout' it folks!

Consider me as your music composer. Don't think to hard about it I really don't mind what kinds of project you want, (as long as its nothing terribly bad and controversial.)

Also understand that I —too— have my own projects that I'm invested in as well, so I may be a little slow on things, please understand in advance.

Also College too....*sigh* yeah....

Music usually takes possibly 1 to 9 days to complete. (Music isn't easy to make.)

Can't wait to hear about you!

DISCLAIMER*** "I know this is a turn of but, I can't remake songs at the moment. Its kind of hard to do. Please understand that as well. I get this a lot from people so that's why I'm saying this."

"Another thing to, say you have a melody you have stuck in your head, that you want to make and don't how to go about it, talk to me about a melody you had in mind so we can both discuss the details. and please use this website for reference to your song, if your not confident about humming it......"

"Though I do encourage you to at least attempt to make your own track on a DAW as well if that where the case, making music is a wonderful and fun thing to do, and my product might not sound like what you had in mind."




List of what I do in no particular order:

Voice acting



Life Coaching

Send me a private message here or just go fill out this corporate approved form.


Hello, my name is Mike. I'm willing to create music for your game and or animation.

Game music : I can give you a soft and simple track to ease the player into your gameplay, I can give you some techno beats to have your player move with the game, or a hard rock/orchestral piece to guide your player into defeating a boss.

Animation music : Really dependant on what you want, a specific genre to hold as background noise, something that moves a scene, or even just random sounds for some shots. Whatever you need

Tracks will be $20 per minute long.

Scoring for animation will be $15 per hour/$10 even if I do not reach an hour.

I'm willing to communicate freely and support your project once it is released :)


Hello! I'm Project Soary, and I'm a noob that makes Noob Music.

I have a few songs posted here on NG, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Feel free to message me if you need custom music or SFX for any of your game/ animation/ commercial projects.

I'm comfortable with making most genres. Just let me know what you need, and I'll make it!

Genres that I work with the most are EDM, House, Drum & Bass, and Metal. But, I've also worked on commissions for other users here on NG for genres of music like Smooth Jazz, Funk, Synthwave, Cinematic, Orchestral, and Ambient.

My sound profile is anything scary, dark, eerie, horror, sci-fi.

We can discuss pricing via message here on NG @ProjectSoary, or DM on Twitter: Project Soary (@ProjectSoary) / Twitter

[Paypal only]


Update: since people have been pretty satisfied with what i've made them previously, i'm now open for actual commissions. All prices can be negotiated

small song (intro/outro, 50-150 seconds) $2 - $3

full song (eg. backgrounds 3-5mins) $6 - $8

song remake (no lyrics, some songs not possible) $4 - $6





-earrape trap

-drum and bass

-liquid/melodic dum and bass


-video game

-artist styles (request)

here are some songs i've made, some of which were requested

puffn youtube outro (request)

Big giant circles - Chip Zeal (juliobee remix) (JSAB)


HOME - RESONANCE (juliobee remake)

Juliobee x 3cstasy7410 - infectious


Juliobee - Run Like Darwin

Devin Martin-Killbot (juliobee synth cover)

B*tch Lasagna (Pewdiepie X PartyInBackyard) remix (Bass boost)

All songs i release can be used in gd, if you pay me you can pt in or out of having them in gd. thanks (:

(DM if interested)


I will draw SFW art.

So if you're looking for someone to make SFW art for you that's awesome*

*Sorry NSFW artists, if I do NSFW art my parents will ground me.


Will not do:


Intense Gore (Unless it's Madness Combat)


Oden X (blank)


Gross stuff

Realistic Drawings

NSFW Voice Acting

Will do:




SFW Voice Acting








As i finish school this year, i want to start as a independent sound engineer and i am looking for work.

With that, i announce that i now offer my mastering services.


All the details are in the form if you're interested !




I will produce, compose, remake or remix any song that you want me to do. Just name it and give a brief explanation about things you want to add to the music and the genre you want. Reference tracks are important for this gig, so please let me hear if you have one. Price starts at $25


  • Hip-Hop
  • EDM (Dubstep, House, etc)
  • Pop
  • Metal
  • and more...

My Works:

ps: I reject some Reol+Giga-P tracks because they're way too good and their tracks are professionally done! But hit me up anyway because I've remade some of their tracks too!

My Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/innerrim

My email: merinvidad123@gmail.com

Reminder before you order:





Q: What daw do you use?

A: Ableton Live 10 Suite

Q: Is the genre limited to EDM only?

A: well, sure if you want me to turn it into a medieval song then why not ?.


Hey everyone!

I figured I'd let you all know that I'm up for remix and cover commissions! What do I mean? Well, if you provide me with even a short loop or some small melodies you made, I can make it into full on arrangements/remixes/covers based on your description! Here are a few of my best works done by giving me some short loop to go from:

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXZbXrIgwe8

2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv3Jr19tvJ0

Here are also some examples of my general work (including remixes):

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkaIWsxKNDY

2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWC2aXumtZM

3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-IBvyX7Kzg

4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax9OTEQhfYU

5) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrPLfv9wdig

Let me know by PM if you would like to have anything remixed, we can talk out the pricing and details :)

Also, I would love to do voice acting (I have an SM57 microphone if that matters) so if you'd like I'd be willing to discuss doing a VA job for potentially free!


- MG



If you are interested, I advise you to drop by me.

You may contact me in PM directly through Newgrounds. And if you live in Russia (I think few people here who use VKontakte) you may too contact me in PM through VK.

Soundcloud, or Twitter, or Instagram direct messages will be ignored.

For example this is my discography:


Prices in PM!


Hey everyone!

If you are looking for a musician for any project (game OST, 8-bit FX, Any FX, short songs, etc) you can contact me!

About my work:

I'm 8 years of making music! , i make music such as: electronic (8-bit, 8-bit with electronic music, Happy Hardcore, Hands Up), orchestral and piano.

I'll do my best to transmit emotions and feelings in every song! :D


Here some of my work:


You can contact me and we can discuss the details via:

Email: djaliondark@gmail.com (my reply will be faster)

Twitter: Twitter

Discord: DragonSh#0458

Or send me a DM over here!

I'll be waiting for you! :D

Have an awesooooome day! ^^//


Hi! My name is Kirk Markarian and I compose electronic music albums (on Audiobulb Records and solo), as well as compose music and design SFX for video games. With 4 albums on Audiobulb, and several on my own Bandcamp, and 27 video games under my belt, I really enjoy working in this particular field of music composition. I've also composed for several films, animations, licensed music, etc. There are several pieces of music via the links below.

I create abstract electronic music - musique concrete / microsound / lowercase (animations/videos also by me).

I design all of my own sounds via various forms of synthesis or Foley recording, unless otherwise specified. I work quickly for my clients and spend the time to get to know their requirements as I compose their tracks. I stay ahead of schedule for rapid results and speedy turnover. I'm adept at balancing multiple projects.

Check out my reviews on LinkedIn!  



25 years composing and designing sound with synthesizers & computers

27 Video Games - Composition and/or Sound Design


kirkmarkarian.net@gmail.com or PM me.


Video Game Soundtracks -


Video Game Sound Design:

Marble it Up: Mayhem -  

Various other games (each track is a full set of SFX for the game) -  



Thanks for checking out my post and portfolio!


Hi guys!

Want to hear some track of me, or want that your track be mixed to reach a powerful sound?

You're in the right place!

I'm TheLeon, an Electronic music producer who wants to upgrade and grow in Newgrounds, for that, I'll help to you into your musical projects, Sound design, music, mixing, mastering and more just here!

You can contact me in GMail: theleon13official@gmail.com

to talk about a collaboration, project, track, etc.

Comission will be discussed in there too.

I'll See you there!


I'm hoping to be able to contribute to other people's projects and collaborate on original ideas as well, whether with voice acting or art or just anything fun and new. I can send samples of voice acting, story-boarding/backgrounds, music, compositing, sound design, etc. Just ask!


Hey there, I have been doing game audio for about a year now and am constantly looking for new things to do! I recently contributed to a game called Gem Blast here on NG, and before that I did some music for a small indie title called The Second Chance Strip Club. I specialize mostly in electronic music, but I can handle anything. I can also do SFX and voice. Please see my profile for more info as it will have links to my portfolio.

Pricing varies and is negotiable.


Hey there! My name is Jake, and I make stuff. Too much stuff, probably.

My most extensive backgrounds are in music and graphic design! Here are a couple examples of both...

Here's my original soundtrack for Terramino!

My alternate artwork for Edmund McMillen's Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem card game expansion!

Here's me coloring in lineart for my comic book Toe & So Long (featuring music by me)!

Here's a music video I edited for my anime rap project, Cpt. Hardluck!

Whew! That's a lot of stuff, I know. Well, guess what? Here's some more stuff!

Here's some more of my illustration work.




On the off chance anyone on Newgrounds needs a logo, here's one I made for a company called Fiberific!


That's about all Newgrounds will let me show off here, but you can find even more of my work at jacobmichaelcampbell.com.

Feel free to hit me up for any project! I'm happy to talk about any kind of work. Thanks for your tim


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