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The Name's Magus Serling, and I want to give your Cartoon that special audio magic it deserves.

The best animation can be ruined by humdrum sound design. Why forego that last bit of polish by resigning your cartoon's fate to some low sample sounddogs library when you can have a professional give it that finishing spark?

I've been in the industry for 10 years working for DreamworksTV, The Jim Henson company, Vivziepop and others bringing audio to cartoons. It's one of my favorite things, but I am certainly not limited to that!

I am a skilled Voice actor, Voice acting director, Sound Designer, Foley Artist, and Editor.

I also have experience as a post production supervisor, Director, and Writer for my own show.

The only thing I'm genuinely terrible at is drawing with my strange meathook hands and making these intro posts proving that I'm good at what I do. So I'll post a few bullet points:

  • Access to two Fully equipped Foley Stages.
  • Access to a 5.1 Mixing studio in the heart of Hollywood, complete with ensemble recording room.
  • Equipped to work remotely for voice acting and sound design.
  • 10 years of experience with Pro tools, 5 years experience with Adobe CC Suite.
  • 12 Terabytes of sound effects, Stock and personally recorded.
  • Experience recording on location with a litany of sound equipment.
  • Award Winning and Losing Sound Design Quality. including "Best Sound Design" by the Audie awards. Best Sound Design by the Audioverse Awards, and Winner of a Telly Award for Magus Elgar.

Here are some samples of my work:





I've also created my own original work that you can see right here on newgrounds.Or you can see it on my website.




My Twitter:



PM: https://magusserling.newgrounds.com/

Email: PhillipsDramatis@gmail.com

Website: kennedyphillips.org

Hope to hear from you fine, attractive people, you.


I'm Alex! I can provide you

  • 2D Animation | $6.66/second, or $100/15 seconds
  • Music | $1/second, or $60/1 minute
  • Video Editing | $10/5 minutes

You can find my work on Newgrounds and YouTube.

Please DM me here or on Twitter if you are interested! Thank you for your time!


Hello! I saw the NewGrounds Commission system and thought I might give it a try. :)

I've been working on music for five years, and I've explored a lot of musical genres, so I'm not limited to only electro stuff.

I'm available for:

  • Production ($25-$75, depending on style and difficulty of genre asked).
  • Sample Creation ($1 for 5 samples).
  • Sound Design ($1 for 5 samples/presets).
  • Mastering ($35 per song).

I can also work for your animations/games/projects if needed, all at a reasonable and cheap price! (OSTs)

If you need anything, you can message me directly through NewGrounds, or you can send me a message at Discord!