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Newgrounds Wiki: Staff

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Tom Fulp - Founder & Guy in Charge

Tom created Newgrounds in 1995 as a hobby during high school and made everything here up until 1999, when The Portal became a showcase of community creations and ultimately defined the NG's purpose.

Feel free to contact Tom with general comments, questions and suggestions about the site; he sits in front of a computer all day every day and is interested in feedback. In fact this is Tom right now, writing in the third person. I'm also working on Nightmare Cops!

Fun Facts:

  • Tom co-founded the Behemoth, makers of Alien Hominid & Castle Crashers.
  • If Tom had nothing else to do in his life he would spend all day on NG.


Josh Tuttle - Senior Programmer

A longtime NG fan and contributor, Josh was officially lifted in 2008 from the NG community to undertake a wide variety of snazzy and helpful developer features... and maybe undertake a few bottles of Scotch, as well!

PsychoGoldfish developed the Newgrounds API and now also works on core site features, both front end and back.

He still tries to pimp out new games, but his love affair with Molson often prevents him from doing so.

Fun Facts:

  • PG is originally from Canada but doesn't care for maple syrup.
  • PG thinks Europe's "The Final Countdown" is the greatest song ever written.
  • PsychoGoldfish drinks like one.


James Holloway - Senior Programmer

Jim joined the team in 2002, after having been NG's #1 UK fan since day one. Following the Internet crash, Jim picked up where our original programmer Ross left off, first coding the Audio Portal and then optimizing the site's other features for continued growth.

Jim works closely with Josh to program all of NG's database and dynamic features and breathe life into all the weird ideas people have for the site.

Fun Facts:

  • Jim made the music on the front page of Cat Dynamics (www.newgrounds.com/cat)
  • Jim takes harder beatings on XBL than anyone... but will never give up. EVER.


Jeff Bandelin - Artist

Jeff graduated from Kutztown University in 2000 with a degree in Communication Design, basically relegating him to jack-of-all-trade status. After winning NG's Opie & Anthony cartoon contest, Jeff joined Newgrounds in 2006 and now primarily works as a staff artist and animator.

After redesigning the NG tank logo, Jeff developed an animated series based on the world in which the tank and its driver exist. Tankmen was the result, and while Jeff gets plenty of mail pleading with him to stop animating dick jokes, he'll never stop. Ever.

You can see Jeff Bandelin's artwork splashed around most of the site, and he is most known for the popular Tank Men series and a game about The Room that he made with Tom. Jeff and Tom are currently working on Nightmare Cops.

Fun Facts:

  • Jeff hates paying rent, dried seaweed and 11 year olds.
  • Jeff doesn't like Final Fantasy games.
  • Jeff believes that he will probably die in a WAWA.

Everything Else - YOU!

In addition to the staff, many fans have helped contribute a great deal to the site over the years, in areas such as games, movies, music and literature. All of your help has been greatly appreciated!