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My commissions opened back up for a bit.

Looking for animation/game/film/various media work to do music and/or sound design.

My commission rates are flexible to the budget and needs of the client! ψ(`∇´)ψ

I specialize in a variety of styles and genres like Rock, Electronic, J-pop, Jazz, and Orchestral music.

I particularly enjoy working on any kind of game or animation.

Some of my recent works include:

"Mime and Dash" by Derpixon (Jazz scoring)


"Hello World :] " by DevoidGazer (Trailer music)


"Knight Love" by SquidlyInky (Electronic/House/Drum and Bass)


"Seraph - Destined Deity BGM" A Vtuber on Twitch/YouTube (Fantasy/Orchestral/East Asian music)


And other various animations/films/featured music.

If you have any questions or would just like to make contact for any future projects you're welcome to get in touch on NewGrounds or through my Twitter, YouTube, Discord (Kettako#4694), or NewGrounds

I look forward to working with you and bringing professional audio to your next project!


Hello, I'm Codefreq. I compose music of a variety of different styles.

Here’s a demo reel I created, full of excerpts from various pieces I wrote from the beginning of 2020 through to mid-May 2021:

More info on my website:


I have been composing music for almost two decades, since I was a small child.

I consistently make music that sounds like it could fit a movie or video game.

Most music I create has some kind of scenario or image behind it while I am writing, so my writing style changes based on the imagery.

I have a lot of virtual tools at my disposal for making music of different styles, including orchestral, electronic, and guitar instruments, as well as multiple drums and other percussion to make music that complements the imagery behind it.

I can compose on a tight schedule.

If you're looking for quickly composed and distinctive music specifically tailored to fit your movie or game, please feel free to PM me and we can discuss the details.

Looking forward to working with you. :)


I'm opening up for commissions!

If you interested, please send me a message.


If you have any questions, let me know.


Ayo, I'm down to do some stupid stuff if you want? I focus mainly on comedy peices but I'm always down to try new roles.

Check out some of the toons I'm in on my page, and message me if you'd want something done ?

I'm also always happy to give feedback and help flesh out an idea, if you'd want a second opinion.

Thank you.



Back on commissions. check info below and then feel free to contact me if you need fullbody art, character design help and/or backgrounds.

PM me or send an e-mail to Bresendii@gmail.com.





Hi, I'm Joey and I'm an artist/ animator!

I'm here to help you with your next creative project!

You can find my work at:

http://joeymorganart.com or http://youtube.com/mongooseminion

To get in contact with me, send me a message on Newgrounds or email me at MongooseMinion@live.com!

Thank you!

Here are a few works I have helped create:


I am illustrator freelance and visual development.

Example style drawing childrenbook here : https://joaedaniel.wixsite.com/portafolio

more examples here: https://www.instagram.com/drlcreativo/?hl=es-la

Process commission:

-If you are interested, send a note or an email.

- Depending on the complexity of the work, the price can be negotiated.

- For work followed you can also negotiate the price.

- The final works will have my signature of author (artistic signature in some corner that does not disturb the visual of the work). The final work will be property of the client for the use that he wants to give it, but still the work may have it for personal purposes in your portfolio.

- All works are digital and will be sent via email, there is no risk of losing the original art.

- Payment is always advanced.

- All payments are using "paypal"


The price the artwork may increase if it will be done for commercial purposes...









Get your own custom 2.5 x 3.5 inch sketch card! I will draw anything you can think of, from fanart to an original character. Every card is one of a kind!

Order one here: https://robdemersart.storenvy.com/products/33449983-custom-sketch-card-commission

Each card is drawn with ink pens, alcohol-based markers, and paint markers. The cards are shipped within a soft card sleeve and hard toploader sleeve for protection.

I will not draw anything of a sexual nature, I will refund any commission that I do not approve of it's content.


sup, I'm snivy, I'm an artist/animator looking to work on art for games

I'm down to do artwork for your game whether that be spriting, title art, whatever, I just wanna draw for your games. I can definitely do small stuff, and am willing to help with larger projects if I find your game interesting enough and want to dedicate myself to doing art for it. I can also animate stuff for your game, but I would much prefer to draw because animation takes time and I have my own things I need to work on (not saying I won't animate for you, but just don't expect me to immediately say yes if you want me to animate something).

I am also down to work on any genre of game you're going for, whether it be a shooter, rhythm game, point and click adventure, or a metroidvania (that one would be fucking awesome I wanna do art for metroidvania-type games, but other stuff is fine too)

(ALSO, please do not ask me to work on art for nsfw games, risqué stuff is completely fine but I am NOT doin' porn games man)

My art style is cartoony and exaggerated, so if you're looking for that sort of style in your game, then you're luck.

I am willing to work completely for free because I am new to this sort of thing, but please do not abuse this information to overwork me at no cost. I cannot be paid online right now because I have no way of being paid online at the moment, but giving me full credit for my work is much appreciated.

information you must provide to me when messaging me about me working for you

  • the name of your game and/or brief description of the game (optional)
  • characters (or other things you want me to draw) in your game + references of them if possible
  • exactly what artwork you would like me to do for your game, please try to be as clear as possible as to not create any confusion. if you would like, you may alternatively give me options on what art stuff to do for your game if you don't want to force me to make specific stuff.

types of game artwork I can do for you:

  • SPRITES - I have little-to-no experience, please show me how your sprite sheets work before sending me off to work on em
  • TITLE/CUTSCENE ART - now this I can confidently say I can do, I can draw art for your titles, credits, cutscenes, whateva' ya need man. I may even consider animating a cutscene or two if you want me to, but please be aware that animation takes time, and I have my own things I need to do outside of this work
  • CHARACTER PROFILES - same as what I said above, I can make character portraits if that's what you want
  • BACKGROUNDS/SCENERY/DECORATION - not great at them but I have experience in making backgrounds, I can work on them if you would like me to, but do not expect them to be top notch lmao (I am working on getting better at backgrounds tho)
  • HUDS/UIS - texts boxes, menus, health bars, I can do that shit for ya, just tell me what you want it to look like and I'll try my best to make it look like how you imagined it (if that's what you want)
  • OBJECTS/ITEMS - I prefer character art but I'll do this stuff too. disclaimer, I am not good at drawing weapons so fair warning there lmao

some things you should know before I conclude this:

  • I use firealpaca to draw and blender to animate/model shit, I have clip studio paint and I am aware it's good, but I'm more comfortable with firealpaca at this time
  • I have only sprited once in my entire life, if you are looking for someone purely to do game sprites, I may not be your guy. I'm not saying I can't make sprites, but it will probably take longer to do so than someone with more experience in sprite art.
  • this is also my first time using the collabinator on NG, and therefore my first time looking for work so yeah hi :)
  • again, I am working for free, please don't abuse this fact and kill me with assloads of work
  • I find myself to be horrible with deadlines, so please forgive me if I am late with my work, as I have my own projects that I am working on such as art and animations. I also have school so there's that too.
  • I can do 3D stuff if you really want, I have a decent understanding of blender, as I use it to animate, but I am NOT the best at modeling/sculpting and prefer 2D art because I am more comfortable with it. this doesn't mean I will always say no to doing 3D artwork, but I would much rather do 2D art
  • this is just a personal thing but I really don't wanna work on friday night funkin mods, I'm not saying I won't, just that I may not be interested in working on fnf mod after fnf mod, I love original game ideas! (but I will also work on fangames if you want, I'm totally down for that stuff!)

that's basically it, go check out my NG page to get a better look at my current art style (I tried to upload images but they glitched out and did not want to load for me on this page, I apologize for this)

if you're interested in hiring me, feel free to shoot me a message here on newgrounds or in my twitter DMs here

if you ask me, I can even give you my discord and we can talk that way too, I personally prefer discord but do what makes you the most comfortable

again, feel free to check out my newgrounds homepage if you want to get a look at more of my art and stuff, and if you are interested in having me make art for your game, I look foreword to hearing from you

thank you, snivydoesstuff


Hi everyone! My name is Michael Gonzalez. I'm a voice actor based in Minnesota available to voice act for your cartoons, video games, etc.! You can find my demo reels on my website michaelgonzalezva.com, or here on Newgrounds (Animation Demo: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1030372

Video Game Demo: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1030376)

You can hear my voice in the mobile game Almost a Hero as Boomer Badlad, Redroh and the Alchemist (the game amassed several million downloads on both iOS and Android)! I'm also playing two characters for an upcoming Nintendo Switch game Slice of Life (release date TBD). On Newgrounds I've played the snacky cat boy Seth in Tomb Cats "Seth Needs Snacks" (https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/794410)

I specialize in playing wild, energetic characters that scream a lot, as well as some timid, hapless ones too. I'm particularly strong at making my voice nasally that would be ideal for comical, nerdy and/or crazy cartoon characters. I'm eager to play characters that talk to each other and discover new things even I didn't know my voice can do.

If you like what you hear and would like to work with me, feel free to message me here or send emails out to michaelgonzalezva@gmail.com

Thank you for checking me out, and I look forward to working with you!


send me DM to more information








Availablen for Character commissions. Direct Message me if you are interested and we can discuss further details!


Commissions are open!!!

Cartoon art style!

Better at females than males. Can do humans and humanoids. I can attempt furries/anthro but I am new to them!

Prices vary depending on what you want!

NSFW is available for female characters only!

Message me if interested!

Website >> https://midgesaurus.wixsite.com/portfolio

Patreon >> https://www.patreon.com/Midgesaurus



I'm Yellow, nice to meet y'all. To introduce myself I would like to point out that I'm a ameteur artist, mainly in traditional and digital art. I love character design and cartoony artstyles.

I hope you guys like my art. Criticism is welcome, I'm willing to learn with you guys, in fact, this is the main reason why I revived this account.

Commissions are open! Please read bellow for prices an Inquiries:

Commission Sheet: https://twitter.com/YellowCyann/status/1439794208680734723

-Icon $15 USD

Includes: Fully colored and shaded face with a simple colored background. Will include a small signature.

-Discord Emote Pack

Includes: Fully colored and shaded face with no background. Will not include a signature. Expressions must be provided by the commissioner, I can suggest a couple but I won't come up with all of them. Remember to be clear, concise and please provide references. Prices listed bellow.

- 3 Emotes Pack = $20 USD

- 5 Emotes Pack = $35 USD

- 7 Emotes Pack = $50 USD

-Sketch $20 USD

Includes: Sketched, colorless, full body character with a grey background. Sketch color can be changed.

-Full Body Flat Color $25 USD

Includes: Full body, Flat colored drawing with a 2 colors background.

-Full Body Full Color, simple Background $30 USD

Includes: Full body, full colored and shaded drawing with a simple colored background

-Full Body Full color, Complex Background $40 USD

Includes: Full body, full colored and shaded drawing with a complex background, this includes a small scene/scenario with simple colors.

-Pin up $50 USD

Includes: Full body, full colored and shaded drawing with a simple colored background. NO SEX SCENES/MASTURBATION, PIN UP ONLY. Pose can be chosen by you or I can provice ideas. It can be clothed or nude, if you want both an extra $10 USD payment is required.

-Character Design $65 USD

I'll help you to create a character from scratch. This includes: Full body, full colored and shaded drawing with a simple colored background. Complex background can be added for an additional $10 USD.


-BE CLEAR, CONCISE AND SPECIFIC, this helps to avoid missunderstandings.

-If you don't reply withtin the next 3 days after request payment, your commission will be scrapped.

-Payment through Paypal only.

-Payment will be required in advance.

-Once inked, no changes can be done to the original sketch.

-During the sketching phase, up to 5 changes can be done.

-Colors can be change up to 5 times.

-Drawing will include a watermark with my signature.

-Photoshop file will be included only if asked.

-There will be no discounts for segmented drawings, AKA,chest, half body, face, etc.

-Any additional character will be an additional 60% from the original price for each. Does not apply on character designs.


-Furry characters

-Anime characters

-Cartoon Characters

-Robots and Kaijuus

-Pinup Drawings


-Sex scenes



-Fetish art


For more information or inquieries please DM me on Twitter @YellowCyann or Discord Yellow#3320

Thank you so much for taking your time reading this!




I'm Cartoonist & 2D Animator Freelancer with 3 Master .

My Tools:

  • Tahoma & Animation Paper

Types of Commission i can make:

  • Character Design, Color your Draw or Comic
  • Simple Motion Graphic & Pupet Animation

For contact,write me here



I'm open for commissions! Please take a look and message/email me if you're interested. :]


Hello Everyone!

Im a hobbyist animator and love to create cartoony characters and posting them online.

I mainly post my work on Giphy and Tiktok and will post a couple of links below where you can see some examples of my work.

I would love to work on a vareity of projects particularly 2D Games,



If you'd like to discuss how we can work together then please get in contact with me !

Email: contact@whitaswhit.com




Being experienced in animation, character/background design as well as story creating, we are willing to help anyone that needs a boost in their concepts or extra ideas. (Bring any idea to life)


ya boy's a broke bitch. commissions are always open ♥️

DM/email me with the details at zachperard@gmail.com

payments made at: https://www.paypal.me/usahi

  • each subject adds $5 onto initial price!
  • won't draw nsfw




view bucky the bucktooth season 1 comics here





Hi everybody!!!

I'm here because you need to know this, Im an artist who wants to create your dreams, I have experience in comic, western and cartoon style of art. Huge fan of geek world and a guy who likes girls, this is a sample of my work with some rate if you trust me a comission:


Some important things to know

  • Those are prices per character
  • I don't do mechas or over detailed battle suits
  • I can send you the art line up to 3 times if you would like some changes

I'll be waiting for your requestes!


( ° w°)/ Hola.

Soy DavidyJack, un dibujante y animador en progreso, que le encanta dar vida a sus creaciones.

En esta maravillosa página de Newgrounds podrás contratar mis servicios como dibujante, todo lo que quieras pedirme (exceptuando contenido NSFW), lo dibujare con mucho gusto.

Mi portafolio: https://www.deviantart.com/davidyjack/gallery/all 



Antes de comenzar debo de aclarar que antes de cada comisión, deberás de pagar el 50% del paquete que elegiste, al finalizar el dibujo no se le entregará al menos de que pagues el otro 50% del mismo, esto se hace con el fin de dar a entender que, como toda comisión, conlleva un arduo proceso de elaboración y además consume un tiempo valioso para demás contratos.

  • Esta página se irá actualizando periódicamente, eso quiere decir que, puedo cambiar algún paquete, formato, reglas y/o descripción, ya sea quitando o agregando nuevo contenido, esto también aplica a los precios de cada comisión, mantente informado para evitar dudas e inquietudes.

Que puedo dibujar

  • Cualquier personaje que quieras, ya sea tu oc, algún fanart o algún diseño de personaje.
  • Personas.
  • Animales.
  • Criaturas Fantásticas.
  • Anime


Que no dibujo

Si no estoy de acuerdo con una comisión, tengo el derecho de rechazarlo.

  • No hago contenido NSFW.
  • No me especializo en fondos, aunque si puedo elaborarlos como algo secundario y sencillo.
  • No dibujo en tradicional, solo en digital.
  • Por el momento no dibujo realismo.



Básico:         $5

  • Tiempo de encargo 5 días en promedio.
  • Tendrás un dibujo en lineart sencillo a tu elección.
  • 1 personaje.
  • Cuerpo completo. 
  • Sin color.
  • Sin fondo (negociable_mayor precio).
  • Máximo 1 revisión.

Estándar:    $15

  • Tiempo de encargo 10 días en promedio.
  • Tendrás un dibujo con mayor detalle a tu elección.
  • 1 personaje.
  • Cuerpo completo. 
  • A blanco y negro.
  • Sin fondo (negociable_mayor precio).
  • Alta resolución.
  • Máximo 2 revisiones.

Premium:    $25

  • Tiempo de encargo 14 días en promedio.
  • Tendrás un dibujo de mayor calidad a tu elección.
  • 1 personaje.
  • Cuerpo completo. 
  • Full color.
  • Sin fondo (negociable_mayor precio).
  • Alta resolución.
  • Máximo 3 revisiones.

El pago será única y exclusivamente por PayPal. 


Aviso Importante

Al momento de contratarme das a entender que ya tienes una idea de lo que quieres.

Por favor no me apures en algún dibujo, como todos los demás tengo otras ocupaciones que atender, pero eso no quiere decir que no cumpliré con el tiempo estimado del paquete (básico, estándar, premium) 

Si te interesa mi arte no dudes en escribirme por inbox, estaré muy atento.

También puedes contactarme a través de Fiverr: 


Encontra mas de mi arte en mis redes sociales:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/la_tradicion_de_jack/?hl=es 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidyJack 

Newgrounds: https://latradiciondejack.newgrounds.com/ 


Comms are open! Check pricing below!

I need a new phone so I'm opening commissions!

You can contact me through DMs on Newgrounds or on my Twitter, @LusathTortoise

I draw rubberhose-style/cartoon-style/Cuphead-style characters, if you need more examples of my style you can check my Newgrounds and/or Twitter pages for my cartoon drawings, or ask me directly and I can show you some of my work.

I draw SFW, sorry for people looking for NSFW but I'm not used to drawing that sadly :c

I also will not draw real people or OCs based on real people.

I'll do commissions in order so please be patient, I'm a student so I'm not always available. I'll also notify when I open or close commissions.

Price sheet:



Hello, Nude illustrations of custom female bodies, I also make FANARTS.


-Head: $10 - 40% off = $6

-Boobs: $15 - 40% off =$9

-Halfbody: $25 - 40% off = $15

-Fullbody: 35 - 40% off = $21

Base colors-

-Head: $20 - 40% off = $12

-Boobs: $35 - 40% off = $21

-Halfbody: $45 - 40% off = $27

-Fullbody: $55 - 40% off = $33

Full colors-

-Head: $45 - 40% off = $27

-Boobs: $55 - 40% off = $33

-Halfbody: $70 - 40% off = $42

-Fullbody: $90 - 40% off = $54

Background scenarios are worth from $5 to $50 depending on how complex they are (a 30% discount is applied to the funds)


Only two modifications are allowed, the first one can be total, the second one only details, for more modifications are $5 extra.

U.S. dollar

I accept paypal

Si sos de Latinoamerica acepto Mercadopago y arreglamos los precios por privado, entiendo que las monedas latinoamericanas estan devastadas asi que les hare precio.

Gmail: PerverzzaComics@gmail.com







My Commissions are Open!


What I can draw:

  • Fan Art
  • Original Characters
  • People

What I can't draw:

  • NSFW
  • Demonic and occult characters, creatures, and themes
  • Mecha
  • Animals/Furry
  • Gore
  • Hateful Content


  • I have the right to decline a commission if it does not follow the exceptions above.
  • Please pay 50% downpayment first for the commission to begin. Then full payment to receive the final outfit via e-mail. PayPal only.
  • Please provide reference drawings or pictures.
  • For personal use only
  • Please do not reproduce and sell the commissioned art.

Follow me!

Instagram: www.instgram.com/chopopii

ArtStation: www.artstation.com/chopop | www.chopop.artstation.com

Behance: www.behance.net/chopopii


Im a non-binary actor looking to voice some characters. My normal voice range can suit young boys to teen girls. I can also alter my range, like many more professional actors, to sound rough or sweet. With extended use of a rough voice, however, my throat can become sore and I’ll need a few days to recover. I dont have any professional equipment, all I really have is my phone.

Pay doesnt really matter, i mostly do this for fun, but my CashApp for payment is $FurryFloofyFursuits

I look forward to working with anyone who is interested, my Twitter is @FukaseTheIdiot, or contact me here.

EDIT: forgot to mention that i will NOT do NSFW scenes, for legal reasons.

(my pronouns are they/arcade)


Hey everyone! I am a beginner Voice Over artist looking for experience in the field of voice acting! If you're looking for a unique voice for a character in an animation, a voice for a narration/presentation, or a voice for advertising, I'm your guy! I'm open do doing many different scripts, and I will do any of the work for cheap. All I'm looking for is experience in doing something that I have wanted to do for a long time. If you're interested, send me a message!




Would you be interested in my animation services for any upcoming potential music video releases, business adverts, YouTube animations or anything else you can think of? My business is built around bringing unique and often wacky animated videos to bands for a reasonable and affordable price. I've worked with a lot of great bands over the last few years, started my own channel of more edgy comedy recently and have worked with Phil Campbell (Motorhead) for his solo single release "These Old Boots", featuring Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Mick Mars (Motley Crue) and Chris Fehn (Slipknot).

Check out the links below and let me know if you're interested, first time clients get a discount!

Portfolio -


Showreel -


Many thanks


Hot Frog

Contact hotfroganimations@gmail.com



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