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Hello there! I am maidfrills, but you can call me Frills! I am curently open for commission work and would love to find new jobs! If Interested along with my rates is a form you can fill out, here:


Public Commission Queue:


Or you can contact me at heartapron@gmail.com

I look forward to working with you! <3




COMMISSIONS OPEN!! - 5 slots per round


(I don't even know if this name is good for this type of layout but I'll stay with this one :v)

Take a look!



As I'm planning on going into full-time study (for animation) from next year, I have reopened commissions in order to help pay off some of the tuition fees.

Feel free to message me if you are interested in purchasing a commission, or would like more information on what I offer.





More examples of my art can be found on my Newgrounds page.


Hello there. The name is Stew, and I'm a freelance artist currently open to any inquiries be sought after for NSFW art. You can check out my gallery here.

If you're interested in commissioning me, please send an email: Stewcommissions@gmail.com, with a subject title of "COMMISSION". Please provide visual references for your commission after confirmed to draw your idea.

Payments are only done through paypal, as I will provide an invoice after completing an approved rough sketch. Pricing is as follows:


I'm also open for Black and White Sketches on Ko-fi. You can order up to two if you prefer ($12 / /4 cups each, but two characters can be ordered for a total of $24/8 cups of Ko-fi). If interested, please check out my ko-fi page. Please read the directions mentioned on my page before ordering a sketch :)




I also accept NSFW Commissions.


Here are more examples of my work:


15 EURO/USD for 2 models

18 EURO/USD for 3 models(max)

Payment is 100% up front.

Payment is done through paypal funds via invoice or via KO-FI

All commissions come with full background

of your choosing or if you prefer mine with light theme of your choosing i.e. day/night.

You will be provided with a work in progress(w.i.p.) sample midway through the commission.

Almost all ideas/pairings are acceptable explicit or not with a few exceptions.

You have all rights to the finished picture commissioned and will be watermark free.

Commissions usually take 1 to 2 days depending on workload and commission complexity.

Commission acceptance depends on the availability of model(s).

Check my social links to browse examples of my works and commissions:







Send me a message if you want a commission and we'll discuss it. I will send the payment information once I've accepted and everything has been settled. Please read the information below thoroughly before sending me a note. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Commission Prices: 

B/W Sketch

  • $10 minimum for 1 character
  • +$5 per each additional character (Up to 6 additional characters)
  • +$8 for background (Nothing crazy though)
  • +$5 for hentai
  • +$5 for Lineart
  • -40% for Bust/Half body (Limited to 3 characters)

Basic Color

  • $20 minimum for 1 character
  • +$10 per each addtional character (Up to 6 additional characters)
  • +$15 for background (Nothing crazy though (They're annoying))
  • +$10 for hentai
  • -40% for Bust/Half body (Limited to 3 characters)

Full Color Shading

  • $30 minimum for 1 character
  • +$15 per each addtional character (Up to 6 additional characters)
  • +$20 for background (Nothing crazy though (I hate backgrounds but I'll try))
  • +$15 for hentai
  • -40% for Bust/Half body (Limited to 3 characters)

Comic Pages

  • Base Price: $75
  • Hentai fee: +$15
  • Base Body Cap: 12
  • Every body after 12 will cost an additional $8
  • Max body Cap: 24
  • Panel cap: 8

Important information:

All information below you must be aware of and by commissioning me agree to:

  • Prices may increase depending on the complexity of the commission (Though I won't charge extra after I've accepted the initial cost)
  • You must be over the age of 18 if you wish for a NSFW drawing of any sort.
  • I can take anonymous Commissions if desired
  • I can also take private Commissions
  • No refunds
  • Although if I find myself unable to finish the picture for whatever reason, I will refund the money
  • If you aren't happy with the final result, I still won't refund.
  • No redoing a piece
  • Though I will fix details I may have messed up on if it was part of the what we agreed on for the commission.
  • Once I've received payment, you cannot cancel the commission.
  • I will not begin work on the commission until I've received payment
  • I will not accept sob stories as a reason to start early
  • I may post the commission to any sites I see fit.
  • Though as stated above, private Commissions are exempt from this
  • You may not resell the commission for any reason
  • Anything sexual or fetish related (whether the characters are nude or not) qualify for the hentai price.



Allowed content

Mild violence

Vulgar Language

Romance is cool

Not Allowed

Extreme blood and gore


Hentai rules:

I won't do:

  • Guro, Elderly, lolicon, Death, Yaoi (In most cases), Furries (Ears and tails are okay though), Uber-Muscular, Inflation, diaper, or cuckold

I will do:

  • Bondage, Yuri, Futanari, Minor Guro/Violence, yaoi (MAYBE... Really depends... But don't count on it)
  • Preferable kinks:
  • Footjobs, and Nerdy girls
  • Any characters I draw must be over the age of 18 or will be aged up to the age of 18

Side notes:

  • My Little Pony and Equestria Girls characters are permitted (Though the Ponies will be very circumstantial)
  • Primarily I will accept Equestria Girls versions though
  • Past requesters who reached their 5 request limit may, of course, get a commission.
  • There is no limit on how many total commissions you may get.
  • You may commission up to 5 images simultaneously (They'll occupy a single slot)
  • The body cap in comics is a bit vague but to define a body for this, a head or torso automatically counts. In some instances I'll allow multiple instances to count as a single body if it's closeups of parts of a head and there's multiple on that page. An example to help you understand to body cap: Commission #161 - The Wastelands Wedgie Part 2 This image has 13 bodies in it.
  • For Specific things not mentioned, send me a note and we can discuss it


Drawing Hardware:

Huion KAMVAS GT-191 (currently)

Turcom TS-6610 (Formerly)

Payment Methods:

Paypal- I will send you the information only when I've accepted the Commission and we've already discussed all the details.



Sketches: 35$

Ink: 50$

Flat Colors: 75$

Fully detailed: 90$

Backgrounds are an extra 5$

Extra characters are also 5$

Also tips are very helpful too, so if your feeling kind then please give a tip 

any amount, hell, even $1 is enough. 



I've made a new commission form that's easier to use and comes with example images. I've also restructured the commission tiers to be less confusing and also introduced more cheaper options if all you want to spend is $5.

Click here to view the Commission Form

If you want to look at the old google spreadsheet I used for whatever reason, that can be found below. It's very long-winded, hence why I don't use it anymore.

Old Google Spreadsheet.




Currently working on Hyperstacks OST, I might be a little busy for larger projects but feel free to PM me or send me an email to: thapredatormusic@hotmail.com with details.

Send me a PM for the price list.

You can check my Portfolio: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS7v2z1_U3ghFp5c-dEOyF4YBNM-kjGU9

Also feel free to ask me anything related to music!








......I can't think of anything else to put


All PayPal fees will be 2$ if under 100$. Over 100$ will be calculated after final totals. I can accept other methods of payment if necessary (Skrill is an option).

Lineart - $20 

You pick between either pencil lineart or a black solid lineart. It depends on what style you'd prefer as either style is clear and readable.

Flat Colors - $30

Bring your lineart to life with simple flat coloring and an obtuse background.

Shaded Colors - $50

Add depth and tone to your drawing, will be on a simple flat colored Background.

Full Coloring -$60

When your pic needs to be print ready and able to be used for many other platforms, I love making pics that have great layers of color and crisp lineart. You can request any sort of background or setting for the character to be in.This is the next stage after the Shaded Colors.

Additional figures will be 10$ each.

Large Projects

I get often pretty big projects, where commissioners want multiple drawings and stories of their characters. I want to work with you to draw what ever you had envisioned, but these things take time. These big commissions tend to take go through a few months, because I am rather slow. These projects such as Comics and Telegram Stickers also add up to over $100. I ask that you be up front about everything you need from the comic and be patient. Thank you, I would love to work with you.

Add-ons and Variations will 10$ each. - If the image requires more then one PNG file to be submitted, that will cost 10$ for each file.

Mature Themed Full Colored Art

Pretty much you'll get the same top quality as the other levels of coloring for clean artwork, just because they are usually NSFW pics, they are just more expensive. PayPal fee will be calculated after final total. 

Lineart - $30 // Flat Colors - $40 // Shaded Colors - $60 // Full Coloring -$70

Extreme Fetish (depending on Fetish)

Acceptable Fetishes: Bondage, humiliation, sub/dom play, gore, violence, stimming, pegging, electro play, and anything you might've already seen me draw in my gallery.

I DO NOT like drawing Incest, diapers, child (shota, loli, furry and non furry), birthing or unbirthing, foot, and inflation (maybe more I can’t think about now). You can ask me if I’ll draw it but minimum price starts at 150$ and will go up.

To commit to a commission send me a Notes, PMs, DMs, or what ever contact you have with me.


Digital pictures will be paid in full BEFORE picture will be started. If you must do partial payment let me know before hand. PayPal invoice is preferred but if you have experience with other payment methods (real money only), let us talk about it, I would like to learn.

Due to past instances where people use the lower priced commissions as partial payments for a full colored pic, that is not allowed anymore. You will get charged in full for every new commission order, EVEN if it's of the same image. If you cannot afford to pay in full, be honest about it. I've had people ask for a sketch to have it end up turning into a full priced commission.

I do not get commissions often, so I want to treat them like a nice project I can take my time on. Due to work and life, I will be honest, I have a tendency to drag out a commission waiting period. This is a habit I hate that happens every now and then. I do not want to take longer then 3 months on a piece, but if I do, I allow you to crack the whip at me. I'll do my best to keep you in touch. If you need it rushed, I can indeed rush the image but let me know ahead of time.

I don't mind learning how to copy a style you like, but if you want to commission me I would hope it's because you like the way I draw. If you're asking me to replicate an image to be on model to a pre-exsisting style, it feels a bit disrespectful to my style. I like to experiment, but I would hope you'd like to see your character done the way I would do it, and not the way someone else would.



Commissions currently OPEN.

Will update this page when otherwise.



Sketch: Around $60

Full Color: Around $120

Some important things to take note of:

  1. Price range could be more or less, depending on what you want specifically. i.e. if you want something more complex, more characters, dipping into fetishes I am less comfortable with, etc (you know the drill), that's gonna cost more. If you want something relatively easy, could be less.
  2. I require full upfront payment before I start any work. Sorry guys, but I've been burned by asshats in the internet before.
  3. If you want a specific background (like a scenery or something) that's gonna cost extra. I can't say how much exactly until I know what you want specifically.

Anyway yeah, that’s it. Email me at figgotry@gmail if any of you guys are interested.

And if you wanna support me but can’t commission me, hey, my tipjar's up. Thanks, bby ;)


As requested by several good families, putting out a Commission Price Chart


sigh, it gets resized



I recently was laid off from my job due to "economic downturn," so I opened character commissions. I will eventually open animated commissions, but I currently cannot.

Anyway, I whipped up quick sheets. If you're at all interested, send me a DM here or on Twitter. See them in the images below.

Just a few notes: I will only be doing simple backgrounds for all these, like gradients, simple platform for the characters to stand on. In terms of NSFW, I will only do tasteful nudes not full-on sex or anything sexual for the time being. We can discuss any further details within DM

Thank you!




Opening 5 Commission Slots! (0/5 filled)

Send me a PM if interested!

(note: extra characters can be added to a piece for 50% of the original price each)


Commissions open!


Fan art, pin up, comic, cartoon, ecchi, anime, manga, hentai etc.

Send description of your commission to my mail (reference pictures are appreciated). I'll tell you if I can do it and total price.

Mail: sylas.tomek@gmail.com

Sketch - 20$

Lineart - 30$ 

Full color:

1 character 60$ (Patreon discount -20$)

+1 character 40$


Simple background +20$ | Full [Very Detailed] Background +70$ or more

Special (real people etc.)

Portrait 90$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Half body 140$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Full body 180$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Price may be increase depend on individual orders or how much details of the art work!



Hey folks! I need to make some cash and what better way than to draw some character busts for $35. I call em Titty Tops!

So here’s the deal, You get a fully colored solo piece of a bust of your bae/bro/monster of choice and I draw em up either showing the goods or playing with Air Dongs/Tentacles/Hypno Eyes.

Will also be offering Pervy Pin ups which are full body commissions at $60 per character (+$20 for backgrounds)


1.) Please send an email (neo-edo-exican@hotmail.com). It must contain character reference and a brief description of what you'd like drawn.

2.) I will send an invoice along with thumbnails to help you pick the pose/angle you'd like. I will also send a pencil sketch of what the final piece will look like. This is the only place I will allow edits and adjustments on a piece before I ink and scan it in to be colored.

3.) Final version will be in .png format and emailed to you before being posted.

If you'd like to see examples I post several of the tops on my TWITTER page:



Minors/Underage, Rape, Abuse, Vore, Water sports/Scat, Gore, Asphyxiation, Incest, Infantilism, Non-Consensual

Email: neo-edo-exican[at]hotmail.com

Accept: Paypal


Commissions or collaborations on music/sound design or graphics/animations? Send me a PM. I'll work with your budget.

  • Dimension Lord

I'm Alex! I can provide you

  • 2D Animation | $6.66/second, or $100/15 seconds
  • Music | $1/second, or $60/1 minute
  • Video Editing | $10/5 minutes

You can find my work on Newgrounds and YouTube.

Please DM me here or on Twitter if you are interested! Thank you for your time!


Hi! My name is Lucy, I am an aspiring animator who's going to Massart in the fall, but since I used a majority of my money on the tuition deposit, I need to secure some funds to pay my Housing deposit for student dorms. So I'm opening up commissions! Here are my prices, with rules about what i am and am not willing to draw: iu_99403_7133682.jpg

I am usually open, having a turnaround time of a few hours to 1 or two days, depending on complexity. (Pinups are usually a couple hours of work, big scenes can vary.) If you're interested, DM me, or email me at Ghostsynthetics@gmail.com! I hope to hear from you soon! (Payment can be changed to 50% upfront, 50% after, as long as you're good for it!)


Hey my name is Fang and i'm looking for some commissions.

I'm up for pretty much anything, so hit me up on Discord (Fang#1242) or on here if you're interested.

If you do message me on Discord, please let me know you are interested in a commission when trying to add me.

Some important notes:

*We can talk pricing if you have a super detailed character or if you want something NSFW.

*Please make sure to have at least one reference of your character! (OC or Fanart is fine).

*Payment is required first before I start on your picture.

What is included in my "Chibi" style:

*Flat colors, with minimal gradients. (Eyes are fully shaded, skin and some clothes can have a shine to it.)

*A thick black outline around the character.

*I don't draw noses in this style since it's 'chibi' but one can be drawn if you wish.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!

I have more examples on my page here, but below are some examples of my 'chibi' style.



Hello!! I am opening up my commissions and here's what I got for you. I am an artist that can draw sfw as well as nsfw. I making paintings, cartoons, comcis and can draw furries. I love to draw ocs, character design, horror, experimental painting and comics. Refer to my gallery for further info and contact me if you're interested :>

Ways of contacting me:

  • Email: bucu.onosse@gmail.com 
  • DM me on Twitter/Newgrounds
  • Contact through discord if you have my me added  

*Visual references only for characters. Style recommendations and pose references appreciated as well, so that I can get a full idea of what you want me to make!*



  • Half body: 30 USD
  • Full body: 60 USD
  • Shading included: +10 USD



  • Line art only: 60 USD
  • Line art + flat color: 90 USD
  • Line art + color and shading: 130 USD



Full render painting: $300


Additional costs apply to all categories

  • Additional character: double onto final price (ex. One sketch with 2 full body characters will be 80 USD instead of 40 USD) 

  • Background: 20 USD

TOS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L-maI52Pg6lCKP86V_ai7PV1m0jEZS8t1cMesAy3ZM8/edit


I am can do art for almost anything!

I have done art for visual novels and just normal commissions for people. I am willing to draw almost anything but not scat, vomit, or anything to grotesque. But furries and porn are very free range for me. If you have any questions about anything just message me. I'll attach my prices and some new examples of my art.

Also if you wanna just find ways to support me I have a ko-fi and a patron both under the name blazedoodler both are linked in my profile.iu_84664_6362750.jpgiu_84662_6362750.jpg



I'm opening up for commissions!

If you interested, please send me a message.


If you have any questions, let me know.



As stated above for single characters:

  • Sketches range from $12 to $15 ($10 for each extra character).

  • Flat colored drawings range from $17 to $20 ($15 for each extra character).

  • Shaded drawings range from $25 to $30 ($20 for each extra character).

  • Rendered drawings go for $40 to $50 ($35 for each extra character).

Prices are negotiable within their aforementioned ranges. Said negotiability depends on the content of the drawing and can be further discussed via email or Discord.

Make sure to specify everything you want before I start working on your request.

Don't pay me until the initial sketch of what you want is complete.

I can refuse your request.

No refunds unless I can't finish it for whatever reason.

Contact me here:


and I'll send you my Discord upon request.

I'm taking 4 at a time since I am fairly new to selling my art in an organized manner but that is likely to change later on.

After it's completed and sold, I'll probably post it somewhere like here or on some other social media unless you don't want that, in which case I won't.

If you're curious about icons, logos and so-on, that can also be discussed.

Payment will be done through the PayPal link I send you.


Do you need someone to draw your OC's?

Do you need an illustration for an event?

Do you need someone to draw you something for a t-shirt/merch?

Do you need some drawings for the main cover of your book?

Do you need someone to draw something for the cover of your new music album?

Do you need an animated icon? Or maybe a tiny animated short?


Hello! I'm Mimny and I'm an illustrator and I can do a little bit of animation


I'm searching for a PAID job as an illustrator since I need money to live and pay the bills

I work with Photoshop, Illustrator and SAI, so I can vectorize stuff, I can edit stuff, and I can draw!

I can draw almost anything! Furries, Ponies, Humans, Aliens, Mandalas, etc.

Here is my commission sheet:iu_78394_7647521.gif

And here is most of my portfolio: https://www.instagram.com/mimny123/

You can also see my artwork in here, Newgrounds

My art has a super nice quality, and my prices are affordable!

I can take 3 to 5 days to make an illustration and 3 to 7 days to make a simple animated icon (depending on my time and the complexity of the character)


Thank you! <3

//I swear to god- this is the definitive post, now I can rest


Hey there!! At the moment I have two types of commissions open!

Normal art commissions!


And Tweening commissions!

Simple animations are $10-$25 depending on what is asked

Complex are $25-$50 depending on what is asked

shading is +$5

Backgrounds: Simple $5, Complex $10

Additional characters: unmoving- $5, Moving $10

If you are interested in either type of commission send me a message!


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