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hello! im currently open for commissions on my pixel drawings! prices can be found here!


and more examples can be found on my profile. i do SFW and NSFW!

im also available for unity programming if you are looking for a developer, the latest game on my page is my best example


I make games in Unity with C#, obviously there are examples in my game submissions. I know other languages though, and I have a website which I built in HTML and CSS. My resume is also on that site.

I am on Fiverr or you can send me a DM on Newgrounds as I am here most days.


Hey guys,

I am opened for commissions and looking for some pretty cool projects to work on. I like to create fanarts, but also do OC's and redesigns. I am skilled in using Unity to create games, photoshop, and work with teams.

I do:

  • OC
  • Redesign
  • Backgrounds
  • Icons
  • Stickers
  • NSFW
  • Human/Furry

I don't do:

  • Overpainting in other artists pieces except having authorization
  • Gore/vore or any weird explicit violence fetich
  • Subjection related to gender violence
  • Homophobic/transphobic/pedophily/zoophily content


Commissions: around 25$ up to 300$ (it depends on the project so let's talk).

Tasks patch: 200$ up to 500$ (only 5 tasks at most).

Tasks patch (month): 500$ up to 1000$ per month (let's talk about the project needing).

*Please, to know more about me and my work, check out my Instagram(@mucciart_) and Tiktok(@mucciart)!

TXS! <3



I am capable in Unity C# coding I go for 30$ to code a whole game or 5$ for a singular script.

As for pixel art the rates are 15$ for a commissioned piece whether it be of an existing character or an OC as long as I am given full detail to the design or more preferably a sketch and the colors you want me to use, backgrounds are included with the character if so desired.

To do pixel animations its 35$ for animating a character fully or 5$ for background details (I.E trees, villages, mountains etc.)