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Just as the posting suggests:

Pico Sim Date <3 is looking for voice actresses to voice our waifus~


Characters in need of voices:





More about the project:


The characters do already have personalities but if any of them call out to you specifically, send me a PM and let me know! It'd be great if we could communicate on Discord afterwards.

Please include which character you're interested in voicing and/or your voice range and please include your rates or commission info for your work. Please be willing to do NSFW voicing as well.

Thanks so much~



Right up at the top here.

The plan is for this to be small, and free. So only take it on if you want something fun to mess around with, and aren't in it to get paid, or earn much more than a little ad rev

Back in 2008 (it's been a minute...) I did some planning and animating for a Newgrounds themed snowboarding game.


I had a selection of characters from around the site (for each, I had received permission to use in the game).

I even drew up sprites for about 7 of them!


Each one has a basic animation for lean right, lean left. As well as a tail grab, nose grab, and one move that's unique to that character! I had more ambitious things in mind at the time. But now it's just a matter of wanting to put something simple together to share. Maybe slap some ads in it, release it for free, and keep it as a small, for-fun, fan project.

We could do it as an endless runner of sorts. Maybe with physics somewhat similar to Downhill Snowboard?

Do flips. Tricks. Collect... something. Unlock boards, and characters. Add some achievements and a highscore board. Maybe there are a few different themed hills to go down with slight re-skins?

Probably not much more than that needed.

We'll keep it small, simple, and I can send some of the assets over to work with asap!

I hope that's strikes someone's interest. Cheers!


Hey, I'm coming from JMAA GAMES, we're just precisely looking for a female VA for our next game, Johann Weiss: KILL HARD. It is the spiritual successor of Killer 7, and it is pretty crazy, offensive, and is pretty much our middle finger to 2020.

Basically, we need a Jinx (League of Legends) soundalike that sounds more schizophrenic. A character called Joanna Weiss, a german Asatru follower who simps for Varg Vikernes, is schizophrenic to the extreme and like her brother has somehow access to firearms (in Germany).

JUST A FAIR WARNING THOUGH: The game's dialog contains offensive language, slurs, and other certain words that cannot be the family friendly kind, so if that's not your cup of tea, feel free to skip this one.

If you want to audition, send in an email to juanmtheripper[at]gmail[dot]com with the following stuff:

  1. Your name and social media or website
  2. A demo
  3. An audition
  4. Your rates (we work on a cost-per-line basis normally)

The audition lines are as follows:

"Johann, bro, I told you to stop eating that shit! You're gonna shit yourself again, you autistic r-tard! Oh well, I guess it's up to you if you want to shit yourself eating that kebab crap, you have autism after all..."

"Valhalla awaits me!"

"The gods smile on me, do you feel the same?!"

"Oh, Varg... I wish I could marry you..."

The deadline for auditions is February 1st, 2021

Happy auditioning!

P.S.: We'll pay off with Kickstarter money if the Kickstarter project that we will make becomes funded.