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New games company looking for Unity programmers

Hi, I'm Mike. I'm part of a team of 3d animators who want to make a game. I am starting to learn Unity but will need help with a lot of the scripting. Am prepared to hear how much it would cost to help make the game in Unity. Only the first level is needed at the moment, but will hopefully lead to a successful kickstarter campaign. It will be a 3d action game a mix between Hitman, GTA and a Boss Battle game.

Please contact me via PM or via my email mmchugh270290@live.co.uk



[Female voice actress - Paid] Johann Weiss: Kill Hard (Joanna Weiss)

Hey, I'm coming from JMAA GAMES, we're just precisely looking for a female VA for our next game, Johann Weiss: KILL HARD. It is the spiritual successor of Killer 7, and it is pretty crazy, offensive, and is pretty much our middle finger to 2020.

Basically, we need a Jinx (League of Legends) soundalike that sounds more schizophrenic. A character called Joanna Weiss, a german Asatru follower who simps for Varg Vikernes, is schizophrenic to the extreme and like her brother has somehow access to firearms (in Germany).

JUST A FAIR WARNING THOUGH: The game's dialog contains offensive language, slurs, and other certain words that cannot be the family friendly kind, so if that's not your cup of tea, feel free to skip this one.

If you want to audition, send in an email to juanmtheripper[at]gmail[dot]com with the following stuff:

  1. Your name and social media or website
  2. A demo
  3. An audition
  4. Your rates (we work on a cost-per-line basis normally)

The audition lines are as follows:

"Johann, bro, I told you to stop eating that shit! You're gonna shit yourself again, you autistic r-tard! Oh well, I guess it's up to you if you want to shit yourself eating that kebab crap, you have autism after all..."

"Valhalla awaits me!"

"The gods smile on me, do you feel the same?!"

"Oh, Varg... I wish I could marry you..."

The deadline for auditions is February 1st, 2021

Happy auditioning!

P.S.: We'll pay off with Kickstarter money if the Kickstarter project that we will make becomes funded.


Project Pulse - Musician Hiring

iu_315409_9332330.webpWhat is Project Pulse?   

Project Pulse is an independent video game developed by BlueMouse, a small indie game group getting started in the world. The game is a fusion of genres that stands out with its emphasis on characterization, art style, and the unique theming of rhythm-platforming. The game focuses on diversity in music, with each of the game's districts having a different musical and visual theming.

What is the game about?

While details are still mostly in planning phases, Project Pulse Starts with your main character as They begin a new recruitment at a special operations center, whose goal is to intercept certain mysterious power sources scattered across major points in the world. As you progress, you'll adventure to various unique locales, using your provided Pulse Device to find a rhythm in the way you travel. Along the way, you will run into a cast of exciting and unique characters-- for better or worse.. Though eventually it becomes evident that not all is as it seems for our protagonist. 

What do we want from you?

Your raw, unbridled talent! The game is currently in the planning and hiring phases, with the goal currently aiming at a Kickstarter demo to provide a scope and scale for the stage we're setting.

We're currently in search of a composer / music producer with a talent for creating funk/jazz/rock music in place with the theming and composing style similar to that of character-based Nintendo, Sega, and Square Enix titles. If you believe you fit this description, then the role might be right for you! The role will be paid based on the musician's quote, though we'd be glad to help meet a middle ground that matches your wants and need as an artist!

Interested, or in need of more info? To contact us, feel free to message the studio lead here on newgrounds, on email via azurefehr@gmail.com or on discord at: Azure#0649

We hope to hear from you very soon!