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Hello there. The name is Stew, and I'm a freelance artist currently open to any inquiries be sought after for NSFW art. You can check out my gallery here.

If you're interested in commissioning me, please send an email: Stewcommissions@gmail.com, with a subject title of "COMMISSION". Please provide visual references for your commission after confirmed to draw your idea.

Payments are only done through paypal, as I will provide an invoice after completing an approved rough sketch. Pricing is as follows:


I'm also open for Black and White Sketches on Ko-fi. You can order up to two if you prefer ($12 / /4 cups each, but two characters can be ordered for a total of $24/8 cups of Ko-fi). If interested, please check out my ko-fi page. Please read the directions mentioned on my page before ordering a sketch :)



Clean Sketch - $25


Color Sketch - $35


Email melonconcarne@gmail.com if you’re interested! If you have any other ideas I'd be glad to discuss!

Extra Info:

  • NSFW is OPEN. If you’re not sure if I’ll draw something it never hurts to ask, I’m polite.
  • Add 60 % of the base price for additional characters.
  • I’ll require payment up front. After receiving payment, I'll begin working on your order. I'll send you a thumbnail to see if you wanna proceed or want changes made. If you like the thumbnail, I'll move on to finishing. I can do one or two simple alterations to make sure I'm drawing what you want.
  • I don’t draw animals very well, anthro, and similar things aside from Pokemon. You can still ask for this, but just know I’m inexperienced.
  • Simple color backgrounds are included free. If you want something more complex we can negotiate pricing.
  • I’ll draw OCs or Fan Art. *Please have a visual reference for OCs*

I also have a handy-dandy Ko-Fi if you just wanna drop me a dollar, and a Patreon as a sort of recurring tip jar.

Thank you! 


All PayPal fees will be 2$ if under 100$. Over 100$ will be calculated after final totals. I can accept other methods of payment if necessary (Skrill is an option).

Lineart - $20 

You pick between either pencil lineart or a black solid lineart. It depends on what style you'd prefer as either style is clear and readable.

Flat Colors - $30

Bring your lineart to life with simple flat coloring and an obtuse background.

Shaded Colors - $50

Add depth and tone to your drawing, will be on a simple flat colored Background.

Full Coloring -$60

When your pic needs to be print ready and able to be used for many other platforms, I love making pics that have great layers of color and crisp lineart. You can request any sort of background or setting for the character to be in.This is the next stage after the Shaded Colors.

Additional figures will be 10$ each.

Large Projects

I get often pretty big projects, where commissioners want multiple drawings and stories of their characters. I want to work with you to draw what ever you had envisioned, but these things take time. These big commissions tend to take go through a few months, because I am rather slow. These projects such as Comics and Telegram Stickers also add up to over $100. I ask that you be up front about everything you need from the comic and be patient. Thank you, I would love to work with you.

Add-ons and Variations will 10$ each. - If the image requires more then one PNG file to be submitted, that will cost 10$ for each file.

Mature Themed Full Colored Art

Pretty much you'll get the same top quality as the other levels of coloring for clean artwork, just because they are usually NSFW pics, they are just more expensive. PayPal fee will be calculated after final total. 

Lineart - $30 // Flat Colors - $40 // Shaded Colors - $60 // Full Coloring -$70

Extreme Fetish (depending on Fetish)

Acceptable Fetishes: Bondage, humiliation, sub/dom play, gore, violence, stimming, pegging, electro play, and anything you might've already seen me draw in my gallery.

I DO NOT like drawing Incest, diapers, child (shota, loli, furry and non furry), birthing or unbirthing, foot, and inflation (maybe more I can’t think about now). You can ask me if I’ll draw it but minimum price starts at 150$ and will go up.

To commit to a commission send me a Notes, PMs, DMs, or what ever contact you have with me.


Digital pictures will be paid in full BEFORE picture will be started. If you must do partial payment let me know before hand. PayPal invoice is preferred but if you have experience with other payment methods (real money only), let us talk about it, I would like to learn.

Due to past instances where people use the lower priced commissions as partial payments for a full colored pic, that is not allowed anymore. You will get charged in full for every new commission order, EVEN if it's of the same image. If you cannot afford to pay in full, be honest about it. I've had people ask for a sketch to have it end up turning into a full priced commission.

I do not get commissions often, so I want to treat them like a nice project I can take my time on. Due to work and life, I will be honest, I have a tendency to drag out a commission waiting period. This is a habit I hate that happens every now and then. I do not want to take longer then 3 months on a piece, but if I do, I allow you to crack the whip at me. I'll do my best to keep you in touch. If you need it rushed, I can indeed rush the image but let me know ahead of time.

I don't mind learning how to copy a style you like, but if you want to commission me I would hope it's because you like the way I draw. If you're asking me to replicate an image to be on model to a pre-exsisting style, it feels a bit disrespectful to my style. I like to experiment, but I would hope you'd like to see your character done the way I would do it, and not the way someone else would.


Commissions open!


Fan art, pin up, comic, cartoon, ecchi, anime, manga, hentai etc.

Send description of your commission to my mail (reference pictures are appreciated). I'll tell you if I can do it and total price.

Mail: sylas.tomek@gmail.com

Sketch - 20$

Lineart - 30$ 

Full color:

1 character 60$ (Patreon discount -20$)

+1 character 40$


Simple background +20$ | Full [Very Detailed] Background +70$ or more

Special (real people etc.)

Portrait 90$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Half body 140$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Full body 180$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Price may be increase depend on individual orders or how much details of the art work!


Please take a look and see if it interests you. insta: Aromartic_



I'm opening up for commissions!

If you interested, please send me a message.


If you have any questions, let me know.


"I only accept Paypal Only"

Please use the "send money"  in paypal.

My email: senak012ne@gmail.com

If you decide to pay for the alternates or adding characters your commission.


Thank you.

"Commission will only start once paid."

Characters Added: $10 per character

Alternates/Outfits: $5

What I will Draw:


-BigBreast girls

-Only Base Backgrounds

What I Don't Draw:

-character sheets


-Hyper Muscular/Muscular

-Complicated Backgrounds

-Furry Art

-Fat art

-Realism art/Real People/Still Life




That's right folks! Here's how it goes:

  • I'll draw whatever you want...for 5$.

Still not convinced?

  • I'll even animate a short loop of your choosing.


iu_199092_7744245.png iu_199093_7744245.pngiu_199094_7744245.jpg


Message me through NewGrounds or by email: dackdraw@gmail.com

Can't wait to see your ideas :)



I open my comission for illustration / fanart and comic page in hentaï category (futa, furry, meka, etc...)

More information: comission price list

I'm open working on collaborate project such as animation or videogame.

But I never work for free.


Looking for a female voice actor to work with!!!

Always down for a collab. I backgrounds, character designs

Prints and stickers here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CoffeeAndCreamShop

Please support me on partreon for more content


Commission Prices 

Bust and up 

Sketch $10 | Line art $20 | Full Color $30 

Knee up

Sketch $10 | Line art $25 | Full Color $40 

Full body

Sketch $10 | Line art $30 | Full Color $60


Hi I’m Zedro and I’m a nsfw artists.

here are my prices as well as some examples.

if your interested you could send a email at zedrocommissions@gmail.com. Or a DM on my Twitter. Or here on my Newgrounds. iu_109906_7366893.jpg


Hello there!

I'm open for art commissions, here are details:


(yeah I need to update the sheet since my art lvl is bigger lmao)



  • Please try to provide most informations - what exactly do you want;
  • If it is your OC - please send some references (and a little info about their personality or a little story about them if possible);
  • If you want some extra props (e.g. guns/non-alcoholic drinks/boxes/food) - for most of that I do not charge (but if it is a complex thing - I might charge extra $);
  • I can draw SFW and some of NSFW;
  • I reserve the right to post the image, you can post it on your site but please credit me;

I can draw most of stuff, I'm always up for something new, but here's a thing:


  • Too much fetish stuff (I don't know how2feet, sorry)
  • guro
  • vore
  • rape
  • kids and lolis
  • ponies
  • furries
  • really detailed robots/vechicles (like Transformers)
  • very complex backgrounds
  • the thing that I forgot to mention in this list [but I'll edit this page to keep you informed]


If you're a follower of my NSFW acc, then you know what content do I make and I must warn you that those type of commissions costs extra, depends on details and on what you actually want, there is a possibility that I won't accept the commission if the request will be 'out of well balanced taste' (to put it that way) but I'm open to discussions so don't panic.

Additional details about ||UNDER SHELF GOODS||

  • I reserve the right to post the image, you can post it on your site but please credit me;
  • Do not associate NSFW commission with my SFW account, with NSFW acc only;


PayPal Invoice only. USD only.

Before starting the drawing, and after we discuss about the details, I'll make sketches/ideas that you must confirm and then I will send you an Invoice via PayPal and once paid I will begin the process. I will not start with the piece until I receive the payment. I'll keep you updated with changes & stuff.


So please, keep that in mind.

If you're interested in getting a commission, please send me a private message with the information of your commission (I prefer e-mail contact: girmorthecreepy@gmail.com but feel free to reach me in any social media) from there we'll discuss the rest of the details. Please, DO NOT send any money until your commission has been approved.

You can check out my artwork here, on Newgrounds!




Welcome! I normally go by Elitos-5 for my artist name, but just go with whatever! This post will be mainly for commission requests, or perhaps if you're a fellow artists, an art trade of the sorts! Though, I will display some most recent artworks to get an idea of what style I posses. Down below this segment, I will be listing rules that I will and will not do, just more for my own sanity and skill level.



Here's all the info I will provide, which will include my rules and prices for each requests!

General Commission Prices

Finer Sketch - $10 AUD


Flat Colours - $20 AUD


Shading - $30 AUD



For any additional characters wanted to be added to the commission, the cost will be half the base rate added onto it.

i.e - $10 for finer sketch, plus another char will make it $15 in total (AUD)

Also, wanting a full body will vary the price, but that can be discuss via contact. I will list ways to contact me down below. 

Payment will be divided into two parts. A rough sketch will done first and changes will be made according to your decision. However, if you do approve, my PayPal link will be sent via what ever method of contact you are using. The final payment will be made once the final product is done. Will allow any minor changes in between, as well provide updates on the progress!


Will's and Wont's

What I will do:

- SFW (Of course)

- Anything from the Fantasy or Scifi genre. (Can be both combined - As well include things from games or Original character etc.)

- Additional characters (Price may vary)

- Any body shots - Head, torso etc (Price may vary)

- Black and white shots, if you do not prefer colour. (Price may vary)

What I won't do:

- NSFW (Though I can do some gore!)

- Anthros (May be discussed - Though, I'm excluding lizardfolk from this list, cause I can do them!)

- Backgrounds (They will be simple coloured backgrounds, or transparent. I'm not comfortable with doing a proper background.)

- Portraits of people IRL, or OCs based of people IRL. 



Here's a few places where you can hit me up!

Newgrounds: https://elitos-5.newgrounds.com/

Discord: Worships-With-Blood [not revark]#2749

Email: revarky@gmail.com (Alt email, might change - not really checked upon)

Feel free to shoot me a DM by either contacts for any questions or request - art trades included!



Price list:

- On the shoulders - 7 dollars

- Up to the waist - 10 dollars

- On the knees - $ 11

- Full length - 12 dollars

- Background - from 3 dollars (depending on complexity)

- Additional (optional) content - from $ 2.

If that is, for example, an optional hat, jacket, etc.

- NSFW - content 5 dollars

-I warn in advance I do not draw Furry, just so that later they do not complain-

-Price goes for one character (except for the background and nsfw)

so if there are 2 or more characters, then add one more price tag.

- I hope that you will be comfortable in this regard, so goodbye and may the force of the exclusion zone come with you.

You can find examples of my recent work here:https://kartez1998.newgrounds.com/art


Hello all! I am primarily an artist, but have interests in most of the cartoon field, involving animation, storyboarding, writing, and voice acting. I'm currently offering cheap and fast drawings for $20 via PayPal.

I am willing to draw anything, Safe for Work or otherwise, excluding diapers and underage characters.