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Chiptune Musician for Commission!

Hello! My name is Zane, and I make music for game developers, content creators, and music-enjoyers alike!.

I create digital-fusion/chiptune music professionally, but am capable of working with most other genres as well. Electronic is my wheelhouse though!

Shoot me a message if you are in need of a musician for your project! I'm always around!


Here are some examples:

Client Work:


"Another Bag of Chips" (8bit - 16bit):

"A Bag of Chips" (8bit):



I Will Make Music For Your Video Game


If you are looking for chiptunes, or full orchestral music for your video game, I am available for hire. Here are examples of my work below:



My rates are negotiable depending on the budget and workload.


Open for Commissions!

Hi! I'm Theepicosity and I specialize in making bitpop and chiptune electronic music! If you would like to learn more about my music, you can visit my Newgrounds page, or take a listen to the demo song I've given below.

Free-use Music: You can use any of my music in any project for free, as long as you credit me! The only exception is music that is made in commissions or collabs, which may be under different terms.

Commissions: I am open for music commissions!

  • If it's for a non-commercial work then I will do it for free, though I will ask that you give some generous deadlines- depending on the timing and complexity of the project, it may take me a while.
  • If it's for a commercial work, I would like to ask for some amount of commission money/revenue share, depending on how extensive the project is. The exact amount is negotiable, of course- send me a message, and we can talk about it!
  • If it's for an upcoming or ongoing game jam, send me a message about the details of the event so that I can see if I can make it or not, and plan accordingly. I'll try to work very closely with you!

Library of Music for anyone that needs it.

Looking for music for your projects?

Making videos, animations and games?

Looking for just the right sound for just the right occasion?

Look no further than CIEIRMusic.

I have a library full of music, for anyone that needs it.

You can either download from the ones I uploaded here or you can buy directly from my bandcamp here.

I specialize in Synthesizer, some occasional orchestral work and chiptune.

And the best part is, it's royalty free. Meaning if you're buying you only pay for the song/album. No further payments after and how you use it is up to you so long as you let everyone know where you got it from in the credits.


Open for Commission!

About Me:

Hi everyone, I'm NoStereo!

I'm proficient in Chillout // Breakbeat // Orchestral // Chiptune // Dubstep and More + Fusions.

I strive to give all of my music emotional impact instead of raw energetics. A lot of my music has been said to sound like it belongs in a JRPG or numerous Indie titles so if that is what you are looking for you found me! :)

Commercial Projects:

I'm mainly looking to participate in larger commercial projects requiring a full soundtrack, but I'm always happy to produce a single. Depending on the length of the music and the scope of the project I'll charge in the area of $25 - $75 per song. However please contact me and we can make specific arrangements.


If you are making a non-commercial game or animation, wanting a collaboration, or participating in a gamejam, I do not charge for that, contact me to get things started or feel free to use any music in my discography (make sure to credit please).


Are you ooking for cheap pixelart stuffs?

*Due to lacks of money to pay off debt, I've decided to open commission or else I ain't gonna survive this year.*

I will draw almost any stuff from sfw to nsfw but please note that I'll only draw in pixel as I lack the skill to do digital :skull:

I also can compose a chiptune track for a game or smth with a small price (maybe around 5 - 10 idk)

You guys can choose how much you guys want to pay me (at least the original prices please) but please also note that the harder the request, the higher the price, which I will listed below.

for art, I can go with either Icon, profile pic, your fursonal or personal blah blah, maybe animation sprites for game etc.

for chiptune, except dubstep and its sub genre, I think I can handle most of the rest.


Resolution (pixel):

you X choose - depend

8x8 - why

16x16 - just uhh, 1$ or I'll just give out for free....

32x32 - 2$

64x64 - 5$

125x125 - 25$

256x256 - what, why do you need an icon that big???

Colors used:

Monochrome (2c) - depend on how complex the request are, from +1 to +5$

Casual gameboy (4c) - +3$ because it's hard to mix but at least better than 2 colors

Optimal (8c) - +2$ since it's easier to breath

Extra detail (16c) - +1$ probably doesn't need that much colors but aight

What (32c+) - ok uhhh, I don't think I'm gonna charge more to this thing since you let me choose whatever I want

I have no ideas if I should charge the background or not.....


I totally have no ideas how to charge this thing maybe 1$ for 4 frames idk....

nsfw? HMMMmmmm, detail in PM


I'll let you set the prices.

no, I will not compose in FL, I'm suck at FL mixing

yes, you can have the .ftm files if you want

do not commissioned me to make dubstep with chiptune software :skull:

Accept payment via PaypalMy discord tag is 8BJackie#3180, I'll update the tag whenever I change it.

thanks for reading.


Free Soundtrack (Chiptune/SNES/DS)

I've been making music for close to seven years now, and in that time I've made hundreds of tracks. One of my favorite things to write were Chiptune projects, writing little stories and character themes brought me a lot of peace in difficult times. Unfortunately, the songs had no ultimate direction and most of them ended up unfinished. I'd love to see them have use somewhere, and the direction is still ultimately up in the air, so I have an idea, and we'll see how well it works out.

If you are working on a project (Game, Webcomic, Animation, etc) that needs music (Ideally Chiptune, open to other genres) DM me with your vision and assets (A story summary, a creative direction, etc) and if I like it, I'll do the soundtrack for free. Or if you just need some examples, message me the word "Examples".

Looking forward to working with you! (^u^ )


Open for Commissions! (Music)

Yep! That's right! I opened a Ko-fi page with commisions! I can do many styles of music. There are some examples:

Press here to enter to my Ko-fi profile.


Open for Commissions!

Hey my name is Santi (alias: Elias) and I'm a pianist and composer mainly focused on orchestral and ambient electronic music.

I'm currently working on a bunch of different projects, including videogames, custom themes, youtube and background music for streams and games, etc.

You can visit my portfolio in my Soundcloud or Bandcamp profiles (you can contact me through this platform as well)



Music Commissions

So basically, I'm opening up commissions for those interested in looking for a composer. I primarily work in chiptune music using Famitracker, but lately I've been using Renoise to step my foot in for more realistic music.


$25 per song. Maximum length for a song would be around the 2min mark.


$30 per song. Maximum length for a song would be around the 2min mark.


bittersweet bytes - chiptune album made completely in famitracker. my passion project of the last two years.

Remember - Practice piano piece for learning renoise.

Saturn's Sun - Pracitce piece for learning the sound of Dance music and learning renoise.

Fresh (90s Ballad Mix) - Made for my Funkin Jam animation. Uses OpenMPT, but the same can be made in Renoise.


Thanks for reading! I hope you consider working with me! Just either shoot my DMs here on Newgrounds or send me a DM over on either Discord (recme#9710) or twitter (@recme_)


Open My Jukebox!

I am open for commissions! Hit me up with your requests. It can be any genre and atmosphere for video games, background music, or even soundtracks (No remixes, though, I am inexperienced on that front, hehe). The rate is $25 per minute. If below a minute, it can be a flat $15. No need for an UPFRONT fee, just DM away, and I'll send you a preview (half of the song). If you like what you hear, you can pay me based on the rate; if not, you can request any changes. If you reject my preview and decide to back down, I might as well upload it to Newgrounds, hahaha.

Read my Terms and Conditions while you're at it to get the gist of how you can use the music you've commissioned.

Welp, that's it! Just DM me if you're interested. See Ya!~


Open for Commissions!

Hi Newgrounds!

My name is Mike and I produce electronic music under the stage name DeBisco (which also happens to be my real surname haha). I've been making all sorts of stuff since 2005 and have recently appeared on Fracus & Darwin's label Hardcore Underground and the Beatport chart-topping compilation "Ravekick 005 - Chain Reaction" on HPTG Music. Additionally, I've produced music for several rhythm games including Rhythm Horizon and BoomBox for PC.

My rates are flexible and I am always open to negotiation. I have a fairly quick turnaround time of about 1-2 weeks max and can confidently produce just about any genre, although my favorites are definitely chiptune, trance, and happy hardcore.

You can listen to more samples of my work on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/debisco

I would absolutely love to make more music for indie games/animations so send me a message and let's get started! Looking forward to working with you soon~




Pixel Art and Chiptune Commissions Open, with payment via PayPal, VGen and Ko-Fi

In VGen, I'm only accepting sprites, but I'll accept more things after I get verified

In Ko-Fi, I'm accepting sprites, scenes, sprite sheets, tilesets, covers, original compositions etc. I'm also accepting coffee as donation





Open for Music Commissions

Hey there! I am open for music commissions - that means I can make music for YOU, for whatever purpose you want it.

I specialize in chiptune music, music inspired by the Nintendo and SNES games of yesteryear, or Sega Mega Drive/Genesis-styled rock, pop-punk, and metal. Common examples of my 8bit and 16bit, is on bandcamp for reference.

Tracks start at $40 for roughly 45 seconds to a minute and a half of instrumental music.

$50 for that same amount of music, looped, so up to three minutes.

$70 for a full length song, 3-to-5-minutes in length.

Just give me any reference(s) you think I'll need.

No vocals at this time.

Payment accepted via Paypal. Full payment up front preferred. End product given in .wav file. Mp3 file per request no extra charge. Audio submission on Newgrounds per request no extra charge. Any commission may be liable for submission on other audio streaming websites (bandcamp, Spotify, etc.) at my discretion. Further licensing pending.

Feel free to DM me any questions you may have. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you.


8bit tracks

I am open for production of 8-bit music for games.

Listen to some examples here: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/97e76d63bdc62d8b28dded432aece477

And some more stuff here: https://manderby.newgrounds.com/

Rules are: I own my music. I communicate via NG message and Email.

As long as the project stays non-commercial and small, it's free. Otherwise, we can discuss about the details.


Work with me!

I love helping people work on their passion projects, not only to have an excuse to create more art, but I just love being involved in the creative process. So hit me up if you have anything you need help with, and if I'm interested and not too busy, I'd love to help!

Art & Design

For examples of my illustration work, visit graciebell.art/art

For examples of my design work, visit graciebell.art/design

Music & Sound Design

You can hear examples of my work on my SoundCloud page but that's not the limit of what I can do, I can do pretty much any style. I can also design sound effects as well.


My go-to language is Go, but I know Javascript, Java, Python, C, C++, and a little bit of Lua.

For examples of my code, visit github.com/gracieart


music commissions open!

hey i'm joctorok, i'm a 15 year old artist/musician and im looking for paid work! im willing to work on videos, animations and games, as long as they aren't NSFW. my prices are 5$ per minute of music and i accept payment via CashApp (taking payment upfront).

im able to do:

  • vgm
  • chiptune
  • drum n bass
  • hip hop

soundcloud with most of my work

request a commission via discord (@joctorok)


Who's ready

Hello everyone it's me chaotic or chao, I finaly got cash app and I'm looking to make some money I can make you some really good chiptune EDM styled music, I have prices depending on the amount of time the song takes.

1-2 mins 5$

3-4 mins 10$

5-6 mins 15$

7-8 mins 20$

If your interested pls let me know you can dm me

I will respond asap see ya all later


Open to do music for free on projects.


Beginner level composer, just looking to get more experience and maybe work with some other beginner level artists on video/game projects.

As I'm still a beginner, I don't feel comfortable asking for money. If you're new to your craft as I am, and are looking for something original to go over a piece of work you have, and don't have the money, or just don't feel like spending the money for it, not a problem.

I use FLStudio and I can do chiptune or any kind of synth heavy tracks. I also play piano so I can do piano pieces as well. I have some pieces of work on this account if you're curious to see what kind of music I like to make. Looping tracks will always be considerably easier than full pieces, but I'm more than willing to do either if the situation calls for it.


Versatile composer looking for projects!

Hey! I'm open to commisions and would love to work on more projects. I have experience in a wide array of music styles from electronic, to metal, to hiphop, to ambient, to orchestral, to chiptune. I can also play multiple instruments including guitar, and dabble a bit into sound design too. I'm open to both games and films

You can find some of my music on my NG but I've got a larger portfolio on Soundcloud

Contact me if you want to make some good stuff together :)



Discord: Lunyan64#4785


Open to suggestions!

I can write music for a video game or animation in different genres: Breakcore, Breakbeat, Jungle, Chiptune, and other!


Open for Music Work!

Yo! I'm Dragon and I am a beginner musician looking for work and collaborations! My main strength is chiptunes, but I can work with other styles if necessary.


  • 30 seconds to ~1 minute: $7
  • Beyond 1 minute: Additional $2 per extra minute.

Payment will be done via PayPal.

If you want to hear my songs, you can go to my Newgrounds profile or check out my music Twitter!



Newgrounds DMs.

Thank you for reading!


Open for free digital music creation.

I will work on just about any music you want me too. Its 100% free, and I'm just doing this for the experience to go into different genres. You can contact me via discord... [crymanstudio]. Explain what you want, with maybe some examples, and I will do my best to create.