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8-bit Musician for Commission!

Hello! My name is Zane, and I make music for indie developers and content creators.

If you are in need of a musician that composes professional-quality chiptune music, I'm your guy! While I specialize in chiptune, I am able to create music outside of the genre as well. Shoot me a message and we can talk about your project and discuss rates.

Here are some examples:

Chiptune Tracks:

Heavier Electronic:

Tracks With Vocals:


Open for Commission!

About Me:

Hi everyone, I'm NoStereo!

I'm proficient in Chillout // Breakbeat // Orchestral // Chiptune // Dubstep and More + Fusions.

I strive to give all of my music emotional impact instead of raw energetics. A lot of my music has been said to sound like it belongs in a JRPG or numerous Indie titles so if that is what you are looking for you found me! :)

Commercial Projects:

I'm mainly looking to participate in larger commercial projects requiring a full soundtrack, but I'm always happy to produce a single. Depending on the length of the music and the scope of the project I'll charge in the area of $25 - $75 per song. However please contact me and we can make specific arrangements.


If you are making a non-commercial game or animation, wanting a collaboration, or participating in a gamejam, I do not charge for that, contact me to get things started or feel free to use any music in my discography (make sure to credit please).


Open for Commissions!

apparently i need to put more effort into presenting my commissions page. oops!

I am Theepicosity and I specialize in making bitpop/chiptune-esque music! If you would like to learn more about my music, you can visit my Newgrounds page. All of my work is available to use for any project, for free, and all I ask is that you credit me!

Commissions: I am open to doing music commissions! I can write music for free or you can pay me, though the latter would be nice. I do ask that you give generous deadlines; depending on the type of project I may be a bit slow at times. If you are interested or have any questions, send me a PM!


Free Soundtrack (Chiptune/SNES/DS)

I've been making music for close to seven years now, and in that time I've made hundreds of tracks. One of my favorite things to write were Chiptune projects, writing little stories and character themes brought me a lot of peace in difficult times. Unfortunately, the songs had no ultimate direction and most of them ended up unfinished. I'd love to see them have use somewhere, and the direction is still ultimately up in the air, so I have an idea, and we'll see how well it works out.

If you are working on a project (Game, Webcomic, Animation, etc) that needs music (Ideally Chiptune, open to other genres) DM me with your vision and assets (A story summary, a creative direction, etc) and if I like it, I'll do the soundtrack for free. Or if you just need some examples, message me the word "Examples".

Looking forward to working with you! (^u^ )


Open for Commissions!

Hey my name is Elias and I'm a pianist and composer mainly focused on orchestral and ambient electronic music.

I'm currently working on a bunch of different projects, including videogames, custom themes, youtube and background music for streams and games, etc.

You can visit my portfolio in my Soundcloud or Bandcamp profiles (you can contact me through this platform as well)

SoundCloud Profile

Bandcamp Profile


8bit tracks

I am open for production of 8-bit music for games.

Listen to some examples here: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/97e76d63bdc62d8b28dded432aece477

And some more stuff here: https://manderby.newgrounds.com/

Rules are: I own my music. I communicate via NG message and Email.

As long as the project stays non-commercial and small, it's free. Otherwise, we can discuss about the details.


Open for chiptune commissions!

Hello creative people! I am a music producer that specializes in 8 bit style chiptune music. If you need custom chiptunes for your game, video, or anything else then you should know that I am open for commissions. Just shoot me a message here on newgrounds and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

My rate is $30 per minute of audio.

Here is a playlist of a few of the chiptunes I have already made -> https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/eb6764f7f3c4825d21599574d2dca7f5


Library of Music for anyone that needs it.

Looking for music for your projects?

Making videos, animations and games?

Looking for just the right sound for just the right occasion?

Look no further than CIEIRMusic.

I have a library full of music, for anyone that needs it.

You can either download from the ones I uploaded here or you can buy directly from my bandcamp here.

I specialize in Synthesizer, some occasional orchestral work and chiptune.

And the best part is, it's royalty free. Meaning if you're buying you only pay for the song/album. No further payments after and how you use it is up to you so long as you let everyone know where you got it from in the credits.


Open for Commissions!

Hi Newgrounds!

My name is Mike and I produce electronic music under the stage name DeBisco (which also happens to be my real surname haha). I've been making all sorts of stuff since 2005 and have recently appeared on Fracus & Darwin's label Hardcore Underground and the Beatport chart-topping compilation "Ravekick 005 - Chain Reaction" on HPTG Music. Additionally, I've produced music for several rhythm games including Rhythm Horizon and BoomBox for PC.

My rates are flexible and I am always open to negotiation. I have a fairly quick turnaround time of about 1-2 weeks max and can confidently produce just about any genre, although my favorites are definitely chiptune, trance, and happy hardcore.

You can listen to more samples of my work on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/debisco

I would absolutely love to make more music for indie games/animations so send me a message and let's get started! Looking forward to working with you soon~


Chiptune/Electronic OST for you!!!

Good morning, evening and night!

  • Im opening my music work for free as my first time collaborating, so this is your opportunity because who knows, maybe later this will not be free so you have the chance friend!, i can make soundtracks of any type, but mostly electronic and chiptune music, im open for fully instrumental music as well! (to let you know, that is in computer too) specific musical genres are not my type, you can make me do anything!.

  • You can use my music as ambience, videogame soundtrack, animations and acting, movies, i could work on an entire serie or game if you want! (But if its the case, then we´ll discuss that calmly) if youre looking for a simple track or just have a petition like a cover, or a short leitmotif i can do! youre the boss.

  • I must assume im not the best at this, but that doesnt mean i do bad works, really! i love to do music, so give it a try, i specialize in chiptune to remind you, ill be waiting for you! good night creative people!.

Buenos días, tardes o noches!

  • Estoy abriendo mi trabajo musical gratuito al ser mi primera ves colaborando, así que es tu oportunidad por que quien sabe, después podría no ser gratis así que tienes la chance mi amigo! puedo hacer soundtracks de todo tipo, pero mas que nada electrónico y chiptune, estoy abierto a música completamente instrumental también! (Para hacerte saber, eso también seria en computador) los géneros musicales específicos no son mi tipo, puedes hacerme hacer cualquier cosa!.

  • Puedes usar mi música como ambientación, soundtrack de videojuegos, animaciones y actuación, películas, puedo hacer una serie entera o videojuego si lo quisieras! (Pero si es el caso, entonces lo discutiremos con calma) si estas buscando un solo track o simplemente tienes una petición como un cover, o una melodía corta puedo hacerlo! eres quien manda.

  • Debo asumir que no soy el mejor en esto, pero no quiere decir que hago mal trabajo, enserio! me encanta hacer música, así que inténtalo, me especializo en chiptune para recordarte lo, estaré esperando por ti! buenas noches gente creativa!.

You can check my profile if you want to hear my recent works!.

Puedes checar mi perfil si quieres escuchar mis trabajos recientes!.


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