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Hey all, I got commisions open, someone needs to pay taxes (?)

I not kinky for drawing, can be furries, mechas, ppl, backgrounds, sfw or nsfw, i dont mind, can draw anything unless it's something like Very Weird fetishes (idk like, some weird violent sexual and gory thing very messed up, you can ask of course) or illegal things, idk (pls understand…).

I got a chart here on: https://ko-fi.com/vertiras

But i'll add it here anyway,

I sell full color bust for 15, mid bodies for 20 and full bodies for 25. Can also just make them lineart and would be a lot less (5/10/15 acordingly).

I also can make animated characters, but depending on how complex is it's animation would add up some pricing to the total cost.

Adding detailed backgrounds would add 8/10/12 on the Price (The Price order is bust/mid/fullbody), and adding an extra character is 4/6/8.

Also, if what you want have a ton of details and thing, that would add up some Price; but i mean a lot, maybe what you were thinking on wasn't too detailed to be priced, idk (just ask hahah).

And for corrections, depending on what it is, would be free (changes on sketch are fine) or charged (i would definitely charge you if u want a 90º or 180º change when its almost finished or something, pls understand).

The deadline would depend on the complexity on the piece, and you Will be notified how is the progress of it.

Payments are made first, as in my ko-fi page is the same way, althought that won't mean that you paid for some blind commision you won't see until the end; You Will see samples from time to time, so you can check on how it's going. (had to clarify that part).

With nothing more to add, i hope to work for u and make you happy with my work!

Here are some recent Examples:



Hi there! Im opening the comissions season for art and sculpting!!!

Heres some terms!

For Art: Scetch 25$

Fullbody 60$

Coplete artwork with complex background 100$ or more, depends on complexity.

Artwork examples here https://www.artstation.com/ekaterina-ushakova

For sculpting: Starting price 40$, price is negotiatible, but strongly depends on size and complexity.

Sulptures here https://www.artstation.com/victoru

Lets Rock!!! iu_108145_7655986.jpg




Would you be interested in my animation services for any upcoming potential music video releases, business adverts, YouTube animations or anything else you can think of? My business is built around bringing unique and often wacky animated videos to bands for a reasonable and affordable price. I've worked with a lot of great bands over the last few years, started my own channel of more edgy comedy recently and have worked with Phil Campbell (Motorhead) for his solo single release "These Old Boots", featuring Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Mick Mars (Motley Crue) and Chris Fehn (Slipknot).

Check out the links below and let me know if you're interested, first time clients get a discount!

Portfolio -


Showreel -


Many thanks


Hot Frog

Contact hotfroganimations@gmail.com