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Composer / Sound Designer Looking for Work (E to A rating)

My commissions opened back up for a bit.

Looking for animation/game/film/various media work to do music and/or sound design.

My commission rates are flexible to the budget and needs of the client! ψ(`∇´)ψ

I specialize in a variety of styles and genres like Rock, Electronic, J-pop, Jazz, and Orchestral music.

I particularly enjoy working on any kind of game or animation.

Some of my recent works include:

"Mime and Dash" by Derpixon (Jazz scoring)


"Hello World :] " by DevoidGazer (Trailer music)


"Knight Love" by SquidlyInky (Electronic/House/Drum and Bass)


"Seraph - Destined Deity BGM" A Vtuber on Twitch/YouTube (Fantasy/Orchestral/East Asian music)


And other various animations/films/featured music.

If you have any questions or would just like to make contact for any future projects you're welcome to get in touch on NewGrounds or through my Twitter, YouTube, Discord (Kettako#4694), or NewGrounds

I look forward to working with you and bringing professional audio to your next project!


Music Producer / Composer from Chile Open for Paid Works E/A range

Composer and Producer from Chile Open for Paid Works on Newgrounds

I'm Vanware, a composer and producer from Chile, my English may not be perfect, I have a deep understanding of music and can communicate effectively through it!

Experiences for a variety of needs, whether it's services, games, videos, or original songs. With a diverse skill set, I'm adept at working across different musical styles and thrive in meeting tight deadlines. Let's elevate your project with distinctive and captivating compositions

  • **About Me:**

- I started offering music for games in jams, specializing in Chiptune. You can listen to my creations in this [video], with the standout track "Starlight Fight" at 10:15.

- I gained experience in various styles while collaborating with Diives, and the majority of my portfolio is available on my [Newgrounds] and this video on Youtube

**Chiptune Samples:**


**Ambient Music Samples:**


**Various Samples:**


  • Videos in which I have participated

The majority of Diives' NSFW content, and these SFW ones on YouTube






**Awaiting Your Response:**

"I'll be eagerly awaiting your response if you're interested in the melodies I can create

**Jam Games with My Music:**

I'm also providing links to how the jam games turned out with my music (they're in Spanish, but not hard to understand).

1. [Skullmaster](https://blueswhisper.itch.io/skullmaster)

2. [Username](https://aetherr8.itch.io/username)

3. [Saber of Judgment](https://limonsalmonmon.itch.io/saber-of-judgment)

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in collaborating or have any questions. Looking forward to creating beautiful melodies together!


Chiptune Musician for Commission!

Hello! My name is Zane, and I make music for game developers, content creators, and music-enjoyers alike!.

I create digital-fusion/chiptune music professionally, but am capable of working with most other genres as well. Electronic is my wheelhouse though!

Shoot me a message if you are in need of a musician for your project! I'm always around!


Here are some examples:

Client Work:


"Another Bag of Chips" (8bit - 16bit):

"A Bag of Chips" (8bit):



Opened for collabs

Hello, dear friends!

I’m X-Man and I’m a composer who loves making music. This activity brings me pleasure. I do trance, ambient, techno, classical, cinematic and chiptune music, as well as solo arrangements.

If you are my listener and you have a desire to cooperate with me, then I don't mind. You can contact me through my Discord. My Discord tag is listed in my Newgrounds profile.

All the best to you. =D


INEXPENSIVE MUSIC*: I can create professional music for your videogame/Or just music in general.


We can discuss pricing if you reach out to me with your project details. I'm up for different pricing structures, could create the music for a cheap rate if you let me keep ownership rights to the music or could agree on a higher price point if you'd like to buy the music outright from me. Whatever your budget is I'm sure we can work out an arrangement that suits everyone.


I'm most well suited at creating shorter soundtracks for RPG games but would be up to attempt music for other game types as well. I also enjoy creating singles and remixes so if you'd like a commission or something I may be down for that as well. Being a synthesizer player I am most aligned to making something electronic sounding but am also capable of playing a multitude of instruments at various skill levels and always up for a challenge.

Instruments I have and am most comfortable with: Synthesizer (QY70, Minilogue, Microkorg and Volca Sample), Guitar (Acoustic and Electric), Ukulele and Harmonica.


I'm known for creating the soundtrack for the indie video game Alien Squatter under the musician name Bag of Dragonite. This OST was actually featured on the Bandcamp Homepage during it's initial launch which helped lead to a lot of Alien Squatter's success as an indie title (At least that's what I tell myself). I also created all of the SFX used in that game.

Here's the Alien Squatter OST track list for your listening pleasure:

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I've since honed my skills finer as a musician. I now go under a new musician name, Doffu. I'll show off a few newer piece that I'm most proud of:

Thank you for your time.


Ghost Production/Video Game Music Producer

I am open to becoming a ghost producer for dubstep artists. I am also open to producing music for video games or game trailers. I can also producer background music for Youtube videos. i have 4 years of experience in music production.

Included in ghost production: a WAV file of the finished product, and the project template.

Message me if your interested!


Open for music commission!

Hi~! I am MIssionary (or just call me "Mi", I have some other artist name), I've been writing music for visual novel games and music rhythm games. Currently I'd like to collaborate with more content creator!

I try to write almost every genre (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Metal, EDM, Trap, Dubstep, House, Trance, Techno, Drum and Bass, Cinematic), but if I have to pick one, I like to write music with piano in it.

I usually charge Free~USD$300 per minute of music, depends on how high quality or how difficult the music is. Free commission is very rare, only happen if I really like the project.

The followings are some composition I've written, I am picking one or two per year. Personally I'd prefer you to listen to my newer music first lol.

Works: (old the newest)


Dynamix - Music Rhythm Game

名無しの宣教師 / Nameless Missionary



Bacchikoi! - BL Visual Novel

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIjYIsv3Bjk

BGM: https://soundcloud.com/mimineko/le-muguet


炽焰战记 - RPG Maker Game

BGM: https://soundcloud.com/missionary_music/u85djrntocsh


毕加索的猫 (Picasso's Cat) - BL Visual Novel

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13Qxc5S22S0

BGM: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1011923


Full Service - BL Visual Novel

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaGCVkBBsH0

BGM: https://soundcloud.com/mimineko/elephant-pop

CYBERATH - Z2O Music Album




Camp Buddy - BL Visual Novel

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgHHeeAxTb4

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJEZi3I4gjY


Arcaea - Music Rhythm Game

不浄な白い鳥 (Impure Bird)





Im not popular and me and my friend draw but im down to draw by myself for people

Im a good art guy and i dont have many followers and, I want to collab with somebody

Also u do not have to pay me at all im a free boi B)

i also make old school type music that can be for games or some animation of some sort

really i just want to collab but heres art i made by myself

if link does not work copy and paste it and search i guess idk.

anyways i prob wont get asked for a collab but............ye im here to collab with! Dear god please this would be my dream


Electronic musician offering free music

Are you a game developer? Filmmaker? Animator? None of the above?

Do you need electronic music for your project?

All my music is CC-BY and you can use it for free.

All you have to do is give me credit, and let me know you're using it so I can help promote your project.

You get free music, and I get free exposure :)

Here are three of my songs to give you an idea of my sound:

Retro video game style:


Dark and creepy, almost like a hip-hop beat:


Need Music or SFX?

Hi, I'm a musician. I've been producing since 2017! I can make almost any genre you need and I'm always happy to experiment if need be. I'm also very good at tinkering with sounds and waves.

Price is negotiable depending on the project, but I won't charge an arm and a leg. And sometimes I might not even charge you depending on the project scale.

So if you need me to make music or sound design, message me!

Other contacts

IG: @eyyfalon_

E-mail: ffreed101@gmail.com


HostfulChaos is Open for Commissions

Hello all I am HostfulChaos a composer and arrangement artist !!!

I do mostly video game and experimental music !!!

You can find my music here.

My prices are as follows !!!

$20 for an arrangement of a preexisting song !!!

$40 for an original composition !!!