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Commissions or collaborations on music/sound design or graphics/animations? Send me a PM. I'll work with your budget.

  • Dimension Lord

I'm Alex! I can provide you

  • 2D Animation | $6.66/second, or $100/15 seconds
  • Music | $1/second, or $60/1 minute
  • Video Editing | $10/5 minutes

You can find my work on Newgrounds and YouTube.

Please DM me here or on Twitter if you are interested! Thank you for your time!


Hi, I'm Joey and I'm an artist/ animator!

I'm here to help you with your next creative project!

You can find my work at:

http://joeymorganart.com or http://youtube.com/mongooseminion

To get in contact with me, send me a message on Newgrounds or email me at MongooseMinion@live.com!

Thank you!

Here are a few works I have helped create:


Hi there! I'm an animator / artist. I also do quite a bit of voice acting. I'd simply like anyone interested in having creative work (sans music; I'm far too underqualified to even dabble in such) to reach out to me and let me know what they need. It doesn't necessarily have to be for pay, but if it's too much of a foreseeable undertaking for me to help with something, I probably will start discussing prices; please talk to me about it, though! I'm harmless and just want to have creative experiences in the time period between now and when I die!

Need a background artist for a cartoon? Let me know! I've done that!


Need an animator to inbetween your cartoon or possibly add little touches or clean things up a bit? I might just do it! I've done that! (pardon the titty-ladies as I finish this by the way)



Need some artwork cleaned up in general? I might give you a hand! I've done that!


Also if you need anything written, I like coming up with ideas; why not bounce off of another human being with similar interests to stir up that kind of creative energy? It can be mutually beneficial to us.

TL;DR: If you want me to help you with something, DM me; at the very least we could have an interesting conversation and potentially exchange pleasantries in such a manner as to bridge a few of the gaps in our creative endeavors and I don't see anything wrong with that!

Let me know,

  • Shellfish

...Apparently you can't just put a hyphen on Newgrounds without it turning into a bulletin point so how about that?


Hello Everyone!

Im a hobbyist animator and love to create cartoony characters and posting them online.

I mainly post my work on Giphy and Tiktok and will post a couple of links below where you can see some examples of my work.

I would love to work on a vareity of projects particularly 2D Games,



If you'd like to discuss how we can work together then please get in contact with me !

Email: contact@whitaswhit.com




I'm open for commissions on about everything, I learn very quickly so if there's a thing I'm not totally familiar about I can research and improve at while I'm hired

  • For music:

I started in percussion specializing in mallets but I excel in Jazz guitar, I can handle myself in about any genre and stringed or percussion instrument and I'd work on either instrument parts of a song (improvisation was my highest quality in jazz) or an entire song for a higher price, the price also being affected by length.

  • For Programming:

I'm a c++ writer with some experience and certification in cyber security and a little experience in Java and Flash; Commissions for coding might be higher because there's a lot more effort for me to handle with programming and some complexities take a lot of work for me to solve.

  • For writing

I'll charge with negotiation, I'm better at dialogue and poetry more than other stuff but I'm sure I could write to your content.

  • For voice acting

I'm about up for anything, I'm pretty good at impressions and mimicry and have a pretty large vocal range, but my microphone is a weirdly setup iRig mic

  • But my pride and what I believe I'm best at is my art and animation

I'm a painter, luthier, and animator. My pricing is negotiable with animations and paintings since I'm new to that scene with not many paintings under my belt, but my luthier work is most likely my most expensive. For guitars or string instruments you and I can discuss the design and electronics/features and I'll give you a good price, after payment is when I start working on it.

Everything's going to be listed to better detail in separate categories on my carrd.co

Thanks for reading


Hello! My name is Brie and this is my way of trying to make ends meet, meet new people, get involved in the community, and of course enjoy new adventures and endeavors.

I can do anything from web/graphic design to animation to audio engineering, story board, etc. I can do it all besides programming actionscript 3.0 but I do know how to code in HTML5 and CSS


Adobe Animate CC/Adobe Flash Professional 8 (Animations & Graphics)




I currently use Adobe Animate CC 2020 and FL Studio 20 (and Bandlab for fun)


When it comes to the animation we can discuss wage in person, same thing goes for individual pictures or graphics.

Typically I wont charge an expensive price I usually gauge it out to the pixel size, how much time was spent,

how much details or layers are in the specific project etc.

Songs I make personally for your project will be $5.00USD initiation and then $2 for every song made.

Ex. you buy 2 songs its $9 ($5 initiation, $2 Song) It's better to buy the songs ina bundle then individually.


I have some music and art here on my newgrounds page.iu_96873_7761466.jpg

I have a lot of music on my bandlab page


This an example of my website I'm developing. Everything here I created from scratch


A personal song I made on FL STUDIO


Thank you so much for your consideration and time in reading this. Have a wonderful day.

-Dirty Brie


i am a good animator and available for work



I'm Jonathan Huygens - the creative mind behind Jormuwag├╝llandr and Cloud Cuckoo Land.

I will gladly help you when in need of an illustration, animation or other creative services!

In short I'm looking for challenges. you can check out some of my work here on NG.

I've got too many things going on to work exclusively for free so only serious requests please.

PM me for prices and details. :)


Hi! I am Threshersaurus Rex. I wish to collaborate with anyone who needs to do something. You just need some patience and time for me to do them. I can animate in 2D to 3D, can do voice acting, could write stuff, and do some sweet artwork. I do however have some restrictions. For 1, keep the age rating at E-T since my content is like that. Another thing is you have to be patient because I have other things to do. Keep in mind that my animation skills are work in progress that I keep improving but you can help me with that and even though my art work is good(depending on your view), I still improve. I fix and patch my work but I can help you with any project as long as It follows some of my restrictions. If you want to collaborate or do art with me, then message me. This is absolutely free as I don't need the money. You just need to credit me and have fun.