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Commissions are closed

if you would like to commission me you can either email me directly at


Or DM me on twitter, @arzonaut

commission post there as well.

I'm comfortable with drawing a lot of things and in different styles, so if you're unsure of what to commission just ask. We can discuss terms and pricing more in depth.

I draw both SFW and NSFW

Will not draw

  • Scat
  • Sexualized gore
  • Real people or OCs based on real people
  • Any fetish I find too extreme, please ask!

I will do commissions based on the order they're placed. Once my slots are full, I'll notify that I'm closed until slots are open again.


If you would like to commission an animated gif/loop from me. Contact directly through email. We'll discuss terms and pricing based on the complexity of the animation.


Sketches range from 15$ up to 35$ depending on the complexity

  • Single Sketch ~ 15$
  • Clean Sketch with Detail and Shading ~ 25$
  • Sketch set ~ 35$ (4 or more characters will be discussed separately)

Simple Price Sheet


Examples of my work:




Sup! I'm Archvile and I'm open for illustration commissions! I'll draw (almost) anything! I love drawing OCs, be they totally original, furry, a fandom OC, or a character from an MMORPG. I also love to draw fanart, especially characters from fighting games, Homestuck stuff, Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, Star Wars, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Feel free to drop me a line! (18+ only please.)


Clean Sketch - $25


Color Sketch - $35


Email melonconcarne@gmail.com if you’re interested! If you have any other ideas I'd be glad to discuss!

Extra Info:

  • NSFW is OPEN. If you’re not sure if I’ll draw something it never hurts to ask, I’m polite.
  • Add 60 % of the base price for additional characters.
  • I’ll require payment up front. After receiving payment, I'll begin working on your order. I'll send you a thumbnail to see if you wanna proceed or want changes made. If you like the thumbnail, I'll move on to finishing. I can do one or two simple alterations to make sure I'm drawing what you want.
  • I don’t draw animals very well, anthro, and similar things aside from Pokemon. You can still ask for this, but just know I’m inexperienced.
  • Simple color backgrounds are included free. If you want something more complex we can negotiate pricing.
  • I’ll draw OCs or Fan Art. *Please have a visual reference for OCs*

I also have a handy-dandy Ko-Fi if you just wanna drop me a dollar, and a Patreon as a sort of recurring tip jar.

Thank you! 



Commissions are CLOSED. If you are interested in a commission, then you can email me at


or dm me on twitter 

Please include COMMISSION in the subject line with your request and some reference images.

If your request gets accepted, I will email you for conformation.



.bust 40€

.Full body 60€

(closed)LINE ART Full color

. Single character 120€

. each additional character +50€

Backgrounds can be discussed but will cost extra depending on complexity

If you would like a SFW piece, that can also be arranged ^^.

---- Payment is via PayPal

---- Payment is upfront

For examples of the different tears check out my twitter:

dadio543 Twitter

You will receive a rough sketch after your request has been accepted, and any adjustments can be made then.

After receiving payment I will continue with refining.

The final piece may be posted on newGrounds and twitter, unless you would like it to be private.


.real people




.anything too extreme for me. feel free to ask ^^


SFM artist! I mainly do NSFW but SFW is ok!

Only 4 slots!

I can:

  • MLP Anthro
  • Some fetish stuff (we will talk about it)


  • BDSM
  • Vore
  • Gore
  • Scat
  • We can talk about it

See this document here for more detailed info about payment, contact and more! (Cuz the pic doesn't have all info)




I'm open to any kind of commission, NSFW included. Here's a breakdown of what I'll charge. Feel free to look at my other works to get an idea of my style and ask any questions you may have.




I'm opening up for commissions!

If you interested, please send me a message.


If you have any questions, let me know.






Message me through NewGrounds or by email: dackdraw@gmail.com

Can't wait to see your ideas :)


If you're interested in some lewd commissions instead, click here.

Send me an email, PM, DM, discord, whatever's most convenient for you and we can discuss further!


Hello, I am a graphic illustrator who is available to make art for you. You can contact me with your request and character/subject references through PM here on Newgrounds. If you would prefer, you can reach out to my email schreckengast.commission@gmail.com I am also on Discord at Schreck#3102.

*If you want to request something nsfw themed we can talk it over.*

Examples of my work including cost (Prices may vary depending on requested amount of detail):

Digital Illustration Colored -$50


Digital Illustration No Color -$30


(This example is a hyper detail illustration -$50) Pencil Illustration -$30


Pixel Art -$30 (A smaller pixel illustration/sprite could go for $15, icons for $5)



Hello! justGab/Vanrielart here.

I draw almost anything, although I prefer evading too much disturbing genres but I will be willing for the rest.

I mostly draw characters from videogames or manga/comics but I do OCs as well.

I'm not a very creative person but I'll always try my best of capabilities to reach the goal.

Three options with different price range:

  • A) A normal/simple art, sketchy/lineart: 5€
  • B) A more elaborated art, half body lineart, simple coloring or a simple artwork: 15€
  • C) A half/full body artwork, colored: 25€

As for the NSFW versions of each option I'd have to double the original prices (dependant of the degree of nudity).

All the artworks will be in .png format in high quality.

As for the canvas format usually it will be A3 if not in certain cases.

If you' interested or like my art or you need more information, you can contact me by sending a message on this portal or through this email matavangabriel@gmail.com .

Thank you very much!


open for commissions,


sketch $15

colored sketch $25

full color $50





non-complicated robot

most things that are sfw


complicated robots



not overly complicated

*prices for 3dbg may be subject to change*




ng dm's

payment done through paypal.



I will draw SFW art.

So if you're looking for someone to make SFW art for you that's awesome*

*Sorry NSFW artists, if I do NSFW art my parents will ground me.


Will not do:


Intense Gore (Unless it's Madness Combat)


Oden X (blank)


Gross stuff

Realistic Drawings

NSFW Voice Acting

Will do:




SFW Voice Acting







Hi I’m Zedro and I’m a nsfw artists.

here are my prices as well as some examples.

if your interested you could send a email at zedrocommissions@gmail.com. Or a DM on my Twitter. Or here on my Newgrounds. iu_109906_7366893.jpg



You can checkout my body of work on most art-sites, like Newgrounds, DevinatArt, Twitter, Instagram and even my NSFW stuff on InkBunny (link in my profile or just google Peachy Owl). 

If you want to re-post, share or generally spread around my art - feel free to do so, preferably with giving me credit (any way you feel is appropriate). And even if you're just here to watch some colorful arts - thank you. Doing this is such a privilege and you make it possible :)


hello! i found out how to do commissions on this site so i made my own commission sheet :DD

i highly recommend giving me image references so i know what i'm drawing

i accept payment via Venmo or Cashapp

if you're interested, DM me here or on other social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gizagearbox

Instagram: https://instagram.com/gizagearbox

Discord: gizaGearbox#9124

if you message me and i don't respond, i'm either working on another commission, at school, or asleep, so please be patient

i'm looking forward to be working with you all! :))




Will take commissions:

50usd - fullbody

35usd - halfbody

(paypal, no refund)

deadline - 1 week

More examples in my account

This price is for non-commercial, sfw (mild violence or erotic - ok)

There is a possibility to commission me character design or character sprites - but price will vary according to the task and complexity

If interested - message me here or dm on twitter


Commissions are Open!

iu_335850_8767234.webpiu_335851_8767234.webpiu_335852_8767234.webpHi my name is Miro, I'm an Illustrator currently trying to make a little bit of scratch doing Commissions, currently I only have 5 slots are open currently and once they're all taken they'll remain closed until a 1 or more commissions are complete!!!,

Here are my rates:


sketch commissions are $3 dollars

line art commissions are $5 dollars

flat and full color commissions are $7 dollars


sketch commissions are $ 5 dollars

line art commissions are $ 10 dollars

flat color commissions are $ 15 dollars

full color drawings are $ 20 dollars

I'm willing to draw: furry, OC's, Fantasy, Fan art, SFW and NSFW(I will charge an additional $7 dollars), basically anything not racially or ethnically offensive

If interested or if you want to discuss details Either DM me here on Newgrounds or Contact me at mirocommessions@gmail.com


Hey. I just now noticed the collaboration feature.

I have my commissions open, all prices are detailed on the sheets on the post.

You can contact me directly here on Newgrounds or via email: phsmfr@gmail.com

Payment is strictly done via Paypal.

I work with NSFW and SFW stuff.

Things I won't draw:

Extreme gore

Weird fetishes and kinks

Nothing related to zoophilia or pedophilia

Really detailed backgrounds

Things I'll draw:



NSFW scenes

Fanarts and OCs


Thanks for the support!


Hi, am Jester64 before I started to draw I had a small penis, no girlfriend, and no will to live. None of these things have changed, but I still keep on drawing. >:)


  • Icon - $20
  • Sketch - $25
  • Line - $30
  • Flat Color - $40

+ $20 per extra character

+ $10 min for backgrounds, it may depend on detail

Will not draw

  • Furries (can be discussed)
  • Mecha
  • Vehicles

Payment Types

| Venmo |

Hit me up on Discord if interested: Jester64#5514

EXs of some of my work





ppaipurin is available for commission now! Thanks to my advisor, we were able to assemble this commission sheet. I do both monochrome/almost monochrome/full color artworks in the anime style.

I mostly make elves, however any other fantasy creature of choice are welcome! You may see the examples of my artwork in here, or in my Twitter (link is down below).


  • Kindly indicate if you wish for a plain-colored or transparent background!
  • Blurred Background: $10
  • Additional Characters: 50% of the requested framing.


  • I draw both SFW and NSFW
  • I will draw: Elves (optional, but is preferred), monster girls (to be discussed), mostly humanoid subjects, /ss/, your waifu
  • I will NOT draw: Mecha, overly-complicated armor, furry (kemonomimi is おK), gore, scat, extreme fetishes (do ask first, though!), futanari
  • Kindly discuss with me first if I am comfortable creating a kind of artwork you wish to request.
  • Please provide references for the pose/character/color scheme. They will be highly helpful!
  • Payment will be made through Paypal ONLY.
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit will be needed per request before the artwork will be started. Full payment will be made once the artwork is finished.
  • Revisions are free during the rough sketching phase!
  • There is a limit of only three (3) revisions once the artwork is considered finished. Any more and additional payment will be asked for depending on the detail changed (minimum of $2).
  • Commissions will be posted in the art portal as part of a portfolio for future reference.
  • All commissions must be credited to @ppaipurin. You may use the artworks as assets for a game or visual novel, as long as it is not edited or claimed that the requester had made it.


Kindly message me here, or in my Twitter, or email me at ppaipurin.art@gmail.com for commissions!


Hello! I am offering you a drawing of your own original character, your favorite character from the game/anime/TV show/etc. or may be even of yourself or your relatives

You will recieve a unique high quality digital picture. I carefully study each character before drawing. And I'll make sure to meet your expectations

Please make sure to read my Terms of Service before asking for commission

Right now I have several slots open


You can see detailed pricelist with examples here

Just e-mail me to order (completealienation@gmail.com)

Please include the following information:

  • Your PayPal e-mail
  • Drawing type (according to the pricelist)
  • Character references
  • Any additional information

I do

  • You, your friends/family
  • Your original characters
  • Fanarts
  • Humans, humanoids, fantasy creatures, furry/anthro
  • NSFW drawings
  • Various fetishes (Fetish list)
  • LGBTQA+ topics

I do for an extra fee

  • Drawing without visual reference
  • More than 3 edits
  • Some fetishes (Fetish list)
  • A large number of detailes

I don't do

  • My little pony (animal form) Anthro form is OK for me
  • Imitation of someone else's style
  • Child pornography and other illegal stuff

Feel free to write to me If you have any questions :)



Hi Everyone, just posting to let you know my commissions are open!

Im a self taught illustrator who specializes in Character art and i have a good amount of practice drawing characters for your tabletop games, whether its a full illustration or a bust shot token for VTT games.

I also am fully comfortable and capable of drawing your OC's or any fanart that you are interested in having made!

My prices start are:

  • 40$ USD for a sketch
  • 50$ USD for an inked piece
  • 60$ USD for a full colour illustration

And i got a special price for Bust Shots/ Tokens.

  • They are around 50$ USD

  • Backgrounds are an additional 25$USD
  • additional characters are +50% of the tiers price

I cannot take commissions involving

  • Furry Art
  • NSFW Art (cheesecake/pinups are fine)
  • Animals (pokemon are ok)
  • Complex mechanical parts
  • Anything that possibly violates the law

Here is my most recently commissioned piece! Link

If you are interested you can either shoot me a PM here on Newgrounds, my twitter(@ruckeysquad) or email me at Ruckeysquad@gmail.com

Other Recent Art



Hello Everyone

I wanna start doing commissions or even collabs.

I'll be opening commissions and I'll be accepting up to 3 requests to start off, then maybe I'll increase that number.

If you're interested in commissioning, e-mail me at


Or visit my website for more information at


Contact me for any additional questions.

Once you've submitted your request I'll email you back for confirmation and we can start working.

I do




I also do video editing, Graphic design, and some frame by frame animation.

P.S. I also draw NSFW ;)


Hello I am a 30 year old male with a mid range voice who likes to experiment! I have my demo up in my profile also I am up to try more voices for both sfw and NSFW my prices are open for negotiation if payment is involved


open to draw mostly anything! we can discuss price and everything through message or on discord and twitter


hello people, first I will say what I can do so u don't have to read my life story. I prefer 2d animation, but I can do Claymation. I will animate anything sfw and anything that fits in my skill level. I am only a child so don't expect much, use my newest animation for refrence to my skill level (link here https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/792412) I animate from 1-15 fps and I usually just do 12 fps if you don't have a preference. It depends on the level of detail and the length. (I also go to school so I wont be working 24/7)

I have been bored over the months and am trying to practice 2d animation. the problem is I get better at animating every time I post something so I cant do a consistent series and maybe I can just show up on other peoples channels or accounts. hope to work with someone and not just type this for nothing.

I can also do art, but you can just send me an idea or something and I will do that for my own account


I just realized there's a whole page dedicated to this kind of stuff lmao

Here's my comm sheet, I might update and make it look prettier in the future, but here's how it currently looks:

Comm Sheet


-I currently accept Paypal

-If you're in doubt/want something that is not listed here, tell me and I'll see if I can do it.

What I WILL do:




-Mild Gore

-Creatures / Monsters (To a certain extent)

What I WON'T do:



-Political / Controversial topics

-Fetish stuff

-Aggression towards one person / a group of people

-SUPER detailed characters

-SUPER complex poses


Terms of service:

-Payment will be made after receiving the initial sketch, the buyer can pay the entire thing right away or pay one half and then the other when the drawing is complete

-Additional chars can double the price

-You can post the drawing anywhere as long as proper credit is given

-Do not edit, trace, or claim my work as your own

-For personal use only

-I'm allowed to post the drawing anywhere, but I'll always give you credit as the owner of the character

-No deadlines, but I'll try to finish as soon as I can

Also, if you can, please provide some references for what you want, especially if it's an OC. It's not mandatory, but it'd really help me, and I'd really appreciate it.

DM me if you're interested!


( ° w°)/ Hola.

Soy DavidyJack, un dibujante y animador en progreso, que le encanta dar vida a sus creaciones.

En esta maravillosa página de Newgrounds podrás contratar mis servicios como dibujante, todo lo que quieras pedirme (exceptuando contenido NSFW), lo dibujare con mucho gusto.

Mi portafolio: https://www.deviantart.com/davidyjack/gallery/all 



Antes de comenzar debo de aclarar que antes de cada comisión, deberás de pagar el 50% del paquete que elegiste, al finalizar el dibujo no se le entregará al menos de que pagues el otro 50% del mismo, esto se hace con el fin de dar a entender que, como toda comisión, conlleva un arduo proceso de elaboración y además consume un tiempo valioso para demás contratos.

  • Esta página se irá actualizando periódicamente, eso quiere decir que, puedo cambiar algún paquete, formato, reglas y/o descripción, ya sea quitando o agregando nuevo contenido, esto también aplica a los precios de cada comisión, mantente informado para evitar dudas e inquietudes.

Que puedo dibujar

  • Cualquier personaje que quieras, ya sea tu oc, algún fanart o algún diseño de personaje.
  • Personas.
  • Animales.
  • Criaturas Fantásticas.
  • Anime


Que no dibujo

Si no estoy de acuerdo con una comisión, tengo el derecho de rechazarlo.

  • No hago contenido NSFW.
  • No me especializo en fondos, aunque si puedo elaborarlos como algo secundario y sencillo.
  • No dibujo en tradicional, solo en digital.
  • Por el momento no dibujo realismo.



Básico:         $5

  • Tiempo de encargo 5 días en promedio.
  • Tendrás un dibujo en lineart sencillo a tu elección.
  • 1 personaje.
  • Cuerpo completo. 
  • Sin color.
  • Sin fondo (negociable_mayor precio).
  • Máximo 1 revisión.

Estándar:    $15

  • Tiempo de encargo 10 días en promedio.
  • Tendrás un dibujo con mayor detalle a tu elección.
  • 1 personaje.
  • Cuerpo completo. 
  • A blanco y negro.
  • Sin fondo (negociable_mayor precio).
  • Alta resolución.
  • Máximo 2 revisiones.

Premium:    $25

  • Tiempo de encargo 14 días en promedio.
  • Tendrás un dibujo de mayor calidad a tu elección.
  • 1 personaje.
  • Cuerpo completo. 
  • Full color.
  • Sin fondo (negociable_mayor precio).
  • Alta resolución.
  • Máximo 3 revisiones.

El pago será única y exclusivamente por PayPal. 


Aviso Importante

Al momento de contratarme das a entender que ya tienes una idea de lo que quieres.

Por favor no me apures en algún dibujo, como todos los demás tengo otras ocupaciones que atender, pero eso no quiere decir que no cumpliré con el tiempo estimado del paquete (básico, estándar, premium) 

Si te interesa mi arte no dudes en escribirme por inbox, estaré muy atento.

También puedes contactarme a través de Fiverr: 


Encontra mas de mi arte en mis redes sociales:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/la_tradicion_de_jack/?hl=es 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidyJack 

Newgrounds: https://latradiciondejack.newgrounds.com/ 


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