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Hello there. The name is Stew, and I'm a freelance artist currently open to any inquiries be sought after for NSFW art. You can check out my gallery here.

If you're interested in commissioning me, please send an email: Stewcommissions@gmail.com, with a subject title of "COMMISSION". Please provide visual references for your commission after confirmed to draw your idea.

Payments are only done through paypal, as I will provide an invoice after completing an approved rough sketch. Pricing is as follows:


I'm also open for Black and White Sketches on Ko-fi. You can order up to two if you prefer ($12 / /4 cups each, but two characters can be ordered for a total of $24/8 cups of Ko-fi). If interested, please check out my ko-fi page. Please read the directions mentioned on my page before ordering a sketch :)



I am an artist looking for work involving... art.

If ya need something drawn, I'll do it! I don't really have any personal standards on what I will or won't draw. Just as long as it's nothing incredibly controversial and offensive or something.

I don't have much experience with NSFW content, but I am willing to give it a shot. Just take that with a grain of salt.

I'm more frightened of having to draw vehicles than anything else, heh.

Here's my commission sheet for all the info!


Here's some previously commissioned pieces:




(NOTE: Those last two are pretty old. I haven't been selling commissions for quite a while. So just let it be known that I do think I can do better currently.)

Message me if you're interested and check out my profile for more examples of my art!

I'm not as confident in my wording as I am with my artwork, so if my commission sheet leaves you with any questions, please feel free to ask away!



Hello! justGab/Vanrielart here.

I draw almost anything, although I prefer evading too much disturbing genres but I will be willing for the rest.

I mostly draw characters from videogames or manga/comics but I do OCs as well.

I'm not a very creative person but I'll always try my best of capabilities to reach the goal.

Since it's my first time I'm open for commissions I can say for sure that it will be not too pricey.

- A normal/simple art : 5€~

-A more elaborated art with some elements: 10€~

All the artworks will be in .png format in high quality.

As for the format usually it will be A3 if not in certain cases.

If you' interested or like my art, you can contact me by sending a message on this portal or through this email matavangabriel@gmail.com .

Thank you very much!


Hey. I'm open for commissions if anyone is looking, my prices are below.

Sketch = £10

Line art = £15

Colour = £20

Every extra character past the second is a extra £5

Comic pages range though I won't charge more than £40

Things I'm willing to draw are:





Sci fi


Things I will not draw are:

Some extreme fetishs for example scat

If your interested then take a look throught my gallery here in newgrounds https://thacjshow.newgrounds.com/art

and see if my style is to your liking. If it is then feel free to contact me either on here or via discord

Discord= Cacocuckoo#4563


Hi there! Im opening the comissions season for art and sculpting!!!

Heres some terms!

For Art: Scetch 25$

Fullbody 60$

Coplete artwork with complex background 100$ or more, depends on complexity.

Artwork examples here https://www.artstation.com/ekaterina-ushakova

For sculpting: Starting price 40$, price is negotiatible, but strongly depends on size and complexity.

Sulptures here https://www.artstation.com/victoru

Lets Rock!!! iu_108145_7655986.jpg


hi all, i go by dran and i am a full-time artist currently. i am open to do art commissions and specialize in a comic-cartoony art style though i can be flexible in terms of art style if needed. things that i am proficient in are: character design and creating a unique flare in illustrations.

if you would like to commission me for something please feel free to reach out!

atm prices are 10 for a character and 15 with added color and shading.

other than characters i can also do abstract, which is 10 for b/w and 15 for color/shading.

examples of my artwork is on my profile if you would like to see, thank you!


I am currently a part of a band and I have made most of the artwork that we own, specifically the album covers.

I'd love to make t-shirt designs as well, so either one that you need me for, I can probably do it.

I have made one t-shirt design in the past for a band called Lords of the Trident. Sadly, I do not have a picture of it.

I'd preferably like to work with metal bands, given that my art style is pretty fitting for it. However, if you fall under a different genre, I'd be more than willing to help as long as you want something weird. Well, preferably weird, I can do some nice stuff too.

You can check out more of my art on my Newgrounds account, along with my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thundertusk_draws/

Here's the latest covers I've made for my band.



Hi lizards! this month are the Commissions oficially open! Special promo for couples and BFF with 2 commissions for the price of one . Only valid in September 2020 since 1 Dollar. More Information and prices in the images and My Profile.

Commissions Terms:

  1. The commisssion can be request for two people or more, but the payment must be done for one person from the group.
  2. The payment terms are by total advancement, you can check my gallery if you need more security in your decision. but I DONT MADE COMMISSIONS WITHOUT PAYMENT.
  3. The customer can request maximum two (2) minimal changes to the commission. and if 7 days pass without the deliver of your commission, i must return your money.
  4. The NSFW (+18) content are allowed, but Gecko Green reserves the admission rights according to order type. i DONT MAKE OTHER TYPE MONEY RETURN.

If you´re outside from colombia, you can pay in DA or support me doing the payment in my paypal account: paypal.me/damdrafts

And if you´re in colombia, please send me a DM for more information.

¡Don´t lose time! request a special gift for your friend or loved one! Write me to Editorialmfdx(a)Gmail(dot)com or check out my other social media too.

Facebook: facebook.com/geckogreenart

Deviantart: https://deviantart.com/geckogreenart

Instagram: instagram.com/dammelendez

Behance (My portfolio): behance.net/dammelendez






Any grfx- album covers, logos, typography, posters, game art, clothing, etc...

Contact for further info and pricing.

[ Instagram ] - [ Tumblr ] - [ Twitter ]