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Thanks for looking for a commission. To avoid any misunderstanding please read the price list here below carefully. If you need additional informations, send me an email to ganassa.commission@gmail.com. We will answer to all your questions! Thanks!


Pinup Commission Rates

1 – Pinup Basic Price – Lineart (No sexual activity, no background, "artistic nude" is fine)

  • 46 € for each headshot character
  • 69 € for each full figure character

2 – Background

- No background / Single Element (a wall, a chair, ecc...) = 0 € (No charge)

- Simple background (indoor/outdoor) = 46 €

- Complex background (indoor/outdoor, very detailed) = 73 €

3 – B/W/Greyscale or Color

- Solid Black = No charge

- B/W/Greyscale – 36 €

- Colors – 69 €

4 – Additional Features / Variations

"Additional Features" is used when the commissioner requests some additional features or details that can create a bigger working load (like particularly detailed armors or tattoos). “Variation” is used when a Variation of a single element of the commission is requested (like a “nude variation” of the character(s), or a different expression).

Additional Features / Variation: 27 € for each Additional Features / Variation

5 – Exclusivity: the piece will not be posted online by me or used in any published or printed work, like calendars or prints.

Final Price X 1.5


If you’re interested in a comics commission just write me the story or a general idea you would like to see (istance: "My drow elf from my RPG campaign kicks some ass" or "chara x finally declares her love to chara y") and I will draw a story on those lines.


1 – Basic Price Comics Commission style – Lineart (No sexual activity, artistic nude is fine)

- 119 € per page

2 – B/W/Greyscale or Color

-Solid Black = No Charge

- Greyscale = 54 €

- Color = 92 €

3 –Exclusivity: the piece will not be posted online by me or used in any published or printed work, like calendars or prints.

Final Price X 1.5


SFW / Nude Portrait (Colored): 73 €

27 € for each variation of the base picture.


1 - Pinup Basic Price – Lineart (explicit sexual activity, no background)

  • 69 € for each headshot hentai character
  • 92 € for each full figure hentai character

2 – Background

-No background / Single Element (a wall, a chair, ecc...) = (No charge)

-Simple background (indoor/outdoor) = 46 €

-Complex background (indoor/outdoor, very detailed) = 73 €

3 – B/W/Greyscale or Color

- Solid Black = No charge

- B/W/Greyscale – 36 €

- Colors – 69 €

4 – Additional Features / Variations

"Additional Features" is used when the commissioner requests some additional features or details that can create a bigger working load (like particularly detailed armors or tattoos). “Variation” is used when a Variation of a single element of the commission is requested (like a “nude variation” of the character(s), or a different expression).

- Additional Features / Variation: 27 € for each Additional Features / Variation

5 –Exclusivity: the piece will not be posted online by me or used in any published or printed work, like calendars or prints.

Final Price X 1.5

Comic style commission rates

If you’re interested in a comics commission just write me the story or a general idea you would like to see (istance: "My drow elf from my RPG campaign kicks some ass" or "chara x finally declares her love to chara y") and I will draw a story on those lines.


1 – Comic Commission Basic Price – Lineart (sexual activity)

- 138 € per page

2 – B/W/Greyscale or Color

- Solid Black = No Charge

- Greyscale = 55 €

- Color = 92 €

3 – Exclusivity (the piece will not be posted online by me or used on published or printed works, like Calendars or Prints)

Final Price X 1.5


Hentai Portrait (Colored): 92 €

27 € for each variation of the base picture.


I'm open to other commission requests and collaborations. Send me an email (ganassa.commission@gmail.com, "Subject: "Proposal") and I'll evaluate your proposal. Please be as serious and detailed as possibile.


- The piece will be 100 % digital. I work with a tablet, so I’ll not mail you the original piece because it doesn't exist. I will send an high-res image file to your email.

- No existing people. I will not draw real people's faces, including you. You can ask for "Captain Jack Sparrow", the character, but not for "Johnny Depp".

- You can request a commission to ganassa.commission@gmail.com. Please write what kind of commission you want (pinup commission or comics), which options do you choose (additional features, background, etc) and your idea. Be as clear and detailed as possible.

- A commission request will be ignored if you request: underage characters, scat or guro. Violence is OK.

- Payment method: full up front or 50 % - 50 %. First 50 % ahead and then 50 % at the delivery of the piece.

- After your payment I will send you a sketch. That is the only moment i will correct the commission, except for coloring errors or missing details.

- The rates are just a general guideline. Each commission is different so we will discuss the final price together.


2020 Commissions

Hello there. The name is Stew, and I'm a freelance artist currently open to any inquiries be sought after for NSFW art. You can check out my gallery here.

If you're interested in commissioning me, please send an email: Stewcommissions@gmail.com, with a subject title of "COMMISSION". Please provide visual references for your commission after confirmed to draw your idea.

Payments are only done through paypal, as I will provide an invoice after completing an approved rough sketch. Pricing is as follows:


I'm also open for Black and White Sketches on Ko-fi. You can order up to two if you prefer ($12 / /4 cups each, but two characters can be ordered for a total of $24/8 cups of Ko-fi). If interested, please check out my ko-fi page. Please read the directions mentioned on my page before ordering a sketch :)



Artwork, Comics and Short animations



Slimy Commissions!


-- More of my work! --





Open for Commissions (3 SLOTS OPEN)

Hey, I'm starting commissions again, and revised my prices. I've got 3 slots open right now, so get it while it's there! Take a look at my art gallery if you want to get a grasp of my style and strengths. Remember though: PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL ONLY . Here's my commissions info. if you want to commission me, send a private message through Newgrounds or my Twitter, which you can find on my home page. Requests through comments won't be considered, just to let you know.

You can find the sheet… RIGHT HERE





3D hard surface art | Open for work

My best pieces:

Besides the modeling and texturing above I have done:

  • Detailed smooth bakes for low poly objects (including weapons from CS:GO)
  • Asset optimization from high poly to low poly
  • Architecture reference for 2D artists struggling with perspective
  • 3D maps and other low poly assets alike
  • Music album covers
  • Private teaching lessons
  • Some hard surface rigging
  • Normal decal stamps for 3D applications
  • Team work meant for bigger projects than what I can manage alone

open for game artwork! (workin for free)

sup, I'm snivy, I'm an artist/animator looking to work on art for games

I'm down to do artwork for your game whether that be spriting, title art, whatever, I just wanna draw for your games. I can definitely do small stuff, and am willing to help with larger projects if I find your game interesting enough and want to dedicate myself to doing art for it. I can also animate stuff for your game, but I would much prefer to draw because animation takes time and I have my own things I need to work on (not saying I won't animate for you, but just don't expect me to immediately say yes if you want me to animate something).

I am also down to work on any genre of game you're going for, whether it be a shooter, rhythm game, point and click adventure, or a metroidvania (that one would be fucking awesome I wanna do art for metroidvania-type games, but other stuff is fine too)

(ALSO, please do not ask me to work on art for nsfw games, risqué stuff is completely fine but I am NOT doin' porn games man)

My art style is cartoony and exaggerated, so if you're looking for that sort of style in your game, then you're luck.

I am willing to work completely for free because I am new to this sort of thing, but please do not abuse this information to overwork me at no cost. I cannot be paid online right now because I have no way of being paid online at the moment, but giving me full credit for my work is much appreciated.

information you must provide to me when messaging me about me working for you

  • the name of your game and/or brief description of the game (optional)
  • characters (or other things you want me to draw) in your game + references of them if possible
  • exactly what artwork you would like me to do for your game, please try to be as clear as possible as to not create any confusion. if you would like, you may alternatively give me options on what art stuff to do for your game if you don't want to force me to make specific stuff.

types of game artwork I can do for you:

  • SPRITES - I have little-to-no experience, please show me how your sprite sheets work before sending me off to work on em
  • TITLE/CUTSCENE ART - now this I can confidently say I can do, I can draw art for your titles, credits, cutscenes, whateva' ya need man. I may even consider animating a cutscene or two if you want me to, but please be aware that animation takes time, and I have my own things I need to do outside of this work
  • CHARACTER PROFILES - same as what I said above, I can make character portraits if that's what you want
  • BACKGROUNDS/SCENERY/DECORATION - not great at them but I have experience in making backgrounds, I can work on them if you would like me to, but do not expect them to be top notch lmao (I am working on getting better at backgrounds tho)
  • HUDS/UIS - texts boxes, menus, health bars, I can do that shit for ya, just tell me what you want it to look like and I'll try my best to make it look like how you imagined it (if that's what you want)
  • OBJECTS/ITEMS - I prefer character art but I'll do this stuff too. disclaimer, I am not good at drawing weapons so fair warning there lmao

some things you should know before I conclude this:

  • I use firealpaca to draw and blender to animate/model shit, I have clip studio paint and I am aware it's good, but I'm more comfortable with firealpaca at this time
  • I have only sprited once in my entire life, if you are looking for someone purely to do game sprites, I may not be your guy. I'm not saying I can't make sprites, but it will probably take longer to do so than someone with more experience in sprite art.
  • this is also my first time using the collabinator on NG, and therefore my first time looking for work so yeah hi :)
  • again, I am working for free, please don't abuse this fact and kill me with assloads of work
  • I find myself to be horrible with deadlines, so please forgive me if I am late with my work, as I have my own projects that I am working on such as art and animations. I also have school so there's that too.
  • I can do 3D stuff if you really want, I have a decent understanding of blender, as I use it to animate, but I am NOT the best at modeling/sculpting and prefer 2D art because I am more comfortable with it. this doesn't mean I will always say no to doing 3D artwork, but I would much rather do 2D art
  • this is just a personal thing but I really don't wanna work on friday night funkin mods, I'm not saying I won't, just that I may not be interested in working on fnf mod after fnf mod, I love original game ideas! (but I will also work on fangames if you want, I'm totally down for that stuff!)

that's basically it, go check out my NG page to get a better look at my current art style (I tried to upload images but they glitched out and did not want to load for me on this page, I apologize for this)

if you're interested in hiring me, feel free to shoot me a message here on newgrounds or in my twitter DMs here

if you ask me, I can even give you my discord and we can talk that way too, I personally prefer discord but do what makes you the most comfortable

again, feel free to check out my newgrounds homepage if you want to get a look at more of my art and stuff, and if you are interested in having me make art for your game, I look foreword to hearing from you

thank you, snivydoesstuff



OPEN FOR WORK! My main avenue right now are my icon/halfbody commissions throughout my other pages, but i'm also looking for any other kind of illustration work!


  • Making promotional artwork
  • Drawing for merchandise
  • Drawing for book/comic covers, youtube video thumbnails, etc
  • Sprite work
  • Character design work

I'm an artist who especializes in making work inspired by 2000's cartoons, as well as alternative/goth/scemo culture


  • Light to medium gore
  • Furries
  • Body horror
  • Suggestive stuff
  • Drawing weapons


  • Heavy gore
  • Mech
  • Full-on nudity/NSFW


Other places to contact me:

My main payment sources are ko-fi and paypal.

And for good measure, here's my general halfbody/icon price sheet! Open for pay rate negotiations about any other kind of work






Open for NSFW and SFW commissions!


  It's finally time to show my art prices! 

  If you're interested (thank you tons!) be sure to DM me on my discord duusia (I'm way more active there!)

 Thanks for checking me out! ≧'◡'≦




Hello, I specialize in creating animations and I also dominate several styles, I can do: sprites, emotes, objetcs, tiles, characters, monsters, mecha, animals, landscapes, overlays, headers, pfp, logo, etc...


I am also available for long-term projects



Discord: .SnowHex#0514

E-mail: SnowHexArt@Gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SnowHexPixelArt/

Instagram: instagram.com/snowhexart


Commissions Open!!

Hello, just freshened my commission sheets a little, so I'm reposting it here!

I'll draw anything other than NSFW/Fetish content.

All info will be available on this link below:















If you would like to commission me just message me here at Newgrounds OR you can email me at:


you can also DM me on twitter at @JoJoTheFlynn

I will draw both SFW and NSFW artwork but I will NOT draw fetish art or any fucked up stuff like scat or farting or feet or whatever

IT'S A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS I'll do commissions based on when I receive them and will finish them accordingly

BELOW IS MY COMMISSION SHEET so you can get a good idea of what you'll get if you want a commission. Details are listed below and if you're confused/want clarification on certain things just let me know. Message me at the addresses listed above and we can discuss what ya want.

Thank you very much and any support is appreciated




Open For Commissions

Hey Chico here.

So I've been meaning to do this for a while but hey CoMiSsIoNs ArE OpEn


If you're looking for a fun character sketch/ some sketchy fan art or you want your OC drawn I can do that for $15

For full coloring and shading I can do that for $30

I also do pixel art and animation so if you have a character/ enemies/ or sprite designs/animations you want done I could be open to hearing whatchya want and discussing the price depending on complexity and how much ya want.

Also if you like my art and don't see a service that I offer hit me up and if it is reasonable and I have the time we can work something out.

Here some more art as some example of my work. iu_907015_7231833.png



Your boy gots some bills so if you like this art and like what you see and have the money feel free to message me on here or hit me up on twitter @caldochico

or just go make a request on Ko-fi

I am still figuring this out, so I apologize for the disorganization.

I hope to hear from you guys soon and as always I'm just really glad for people to look at my art so thanks for that as well.


Open for Commissions! (20 Slots Available)

My Commissions are finally open! It took a bit but it's done! I'll be opening 20 slots. Read al the options that interest you the best, any questions or concerns I'll be happy to answer in DMs.





PM me here or on my discord: doodledx




Commissions are back. Give me your hard earned cash so you can have some cool art in return! I've got 5 slots open and ready, Stay Frosty!


No Fetish stuff, I will destroy you.

None of those weirdo Pyramid scheme guys. You know who you are.

I won't create a character for you, any character creation commissions will be rejected.

After the line sketch is sent, refunds cannot be issued.

No Commercial Use, under no circumstances do I allow artwork made by me to be sold by a third party behind my back. The artwork can only be used for Hobby purposes only.


"When do I pay you?"

Money upfront. Once the request process is finished, the customer is required to give me their Paypal email adress. I will send a request for the funds, and once that's completed, only then will I continue with the commission process.

"What kind of information do you need for a Commission?"

The process involves asking for character references, pose references (optional), and background references (optional). Once this information is received, I will move onto the Payment process.

"How long do you take with a commission?"

Anywhere from 1-3 Weeks depending on complexity. Always make sure to contact me on your commission's progress if you believe it's taking too long or if you have any other problems with time-related issues.

"Do you send sketches?"

Yes. Throughout the commission process, i will send a rough sketch, a line sketch, and a color sketch. Feedback is 100% encouraged, if no feedback is given, I will move on with what I already have.

"How many revisions are allowed?"

Customers are allowed a total of 2 major revisions (pose change, background change) They are also allowed 3 minor revisions (colors, resizing) Any further revisions of ANY type will cost an additional 5 USD.


Comissions open


I open my comission for illustration / fanart and comic page in hentaï category (futa, furry, meka, etc...)

More information: comission price list

I'm open working on collaborate project such as animation or videogame.

But I never work for free.


Simple and Cartoony Style

Hello! I am open for commissions!

I draw in a pretty simple and cartoony style so if you're into that, I'm your artist! ;)

Please read the commission sheets down below! For more info about the reference sheets and doodle pages, along with contacts, queue, etc, please go to dowee-sig.carrd.co!

If you're ready to commission me or have any questions, send me a message or chat with me through discord (ask first)! Thank you so much! <3



Open for commissions !


im open commissions ! dm me If you are interested or want to make a quote :D

more art : https://sta.sh/2l6tdrmh3tk?edit=1


We're in business! >:3

Yo there's a place for this on here? :0000


I draw a lot of boys and girls in the cute/ sexy variety

Hope y'all are interested enough to take a look and stick around

(average $15 - $60)

hit me up for more info at my email


or DM on my twitter


And here's my whole ass sheet too

All the specifics if ya wanna peek em out ^^




Open for Commissions!


What I draw:

I am comfortable In drawing buff men, facial expressions, & the occasional abstract art. However, I can try draw and women (I might not be best) and other things. If you are interested in my work and wonder if your art request can be fullfilled, feel free to message or e-mail me, I’m sure we can figure something out. Please see the list below for reference.

What I WON’T draw (Subject to change):

  1. Cars and other vehicles
  2. Full nudity
  3. Extreme gore
  4. Hentai ?
  5. Extreme fetishes (vore, scat, gigantism, etc)
  6. feet ?

Pricing and payment:

line art:


Color and basic shading:


Full portrait:


Price is depending on the complexity of the request. If it’s a simple design it will be cheaper, if it’s a detailed design it will be more up in price. There are also extra factors that can increase the price. Reference the extra’s list.

Extra Fees:

  1. Additional characters: $15 each
  2. Additional final piece changes: $5 each
  3. Paypal fee: 5% of the final cost will be added to the price so it covers the amount PayPal takes away for transfer.

Payment must be payed upfront! If you can’t make the full payment upfront, I am willing to make a plan where you can pay it off with separate transactions. Once payment is made in full, I will then release the full piece to you.

Payment Method:

I use PayPal!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. I can refuse my service to you if I deem it necessary, such as if the request is higher than my skill level, I don’t like the content of the request, or if there is ill mannered behavior.
  2. payment must be made up front
  3. I will issue a refund to you if the rough drafts are unsatisfactory, my art style wasn’t what you expected, or if you need to put the money to something else at the moment.
  4. Refund request must be submitted BEFORE I give you the final piece.
  5. Full refunds will be issued before or during the first rough draft if submitted. if refund request is submitted after you will receive a partial refund.
  6. If you are refunded, your art request will be omitted and you will be unable to receive the final piece.

Art Reference:



message through newgrounds.


Commissions are now online for affordable prices


Back and ready for action. If needing a commission, DM me of any enquiries, etc.


Open for commissions

Hello! justGab/Vanrielart here.

I draw almost anything, although I prefer evading too much disturbing genres but I will be willing for the rest.

I mostly draw characters from videogames or manga/comics but I do OCs as well.

I'm not a very creative person but I'll always try my best of capabilities to reach the goal.

Three options with different price range:

  • A) A normal/simple art, sketchy/lineart: 5€
  • B) A more elaborated art, half body lineart, simple coloring or a simple artwork: 15€
  • C) A half/full body artwork, colored: 25€

As for the NSFW versions of each option I'd have to double the original prices (dependant of the degree of nudity).

All the artworks will be in .png format in high quality.

As for the canvas format usually it will be A3 if not in certain cases.

If you' interested or like my art or you need more information, you can contact me by sending a message on this portal or through this email matavangabriel@gmail.com .

Thank you very much!


Open for commissions


Alright. I would like to beat the black friday rush and get my xmas shopping done early. So I'm opening up commissions to get the funds for my shopping(and maybe a little something else special for myself on the side if there's extra leftover). Here are my prices. Digital art only. Head shots are 25 dollars, full body drawings are 45 dollars, extra character for said piece is 10 dollars extra. Mostly will do SFW images. Payments must be done through Paypal on this. DM me if you want a drawing.


Open for Comissions !

(I recommend reading at the end if you are interested.)


That's right ! I'm looking for a job.

Remember to read TERMS OF SERVICES!

* By commissioning me, you’ve read and accepted these Terms of Services*

In the terms of services you will find the prices with more details!

but if you want to get straight to the point, heres it is: PRICES LIST!



-non-human characters (such as monsters, animals, etc.)


-album cover (if it is not a character, animal, etc., the price is different, ask me personally)

-Anything that is within my reach and ability

-anything else (other than what I am NOT going to do)





-I will let you know if I am not comfortable with a specific concept

Thank you everyone! ;)


Renders of 15 dollars (and less!)

Do you want to spend some money for a render of your ocs or any characters? I gotchu.

• Pfp 5$

A cool little artwork made specifically for being used as a Profile photo.

(2-3 days)

• Sketch 8$ (+ Color 1$) --> (+ Shading 1$)

A quick made sketch of the character you want.

A couple bucks more for Coloring and Shading, being 10$ in total.

(3-4 days or less)

• Lineart 12$ (+ Color 1$) --> (+ Shading 2$)

Similar to the sketch one but more detailed and clean, quite the best choice!

Three more bucks for Coloring and Shading, being 15$ in total.

(4-5 days or less)

* Backgrounds are optional and free! (I'm not really good at those, sometimes I just use basic colorful shapes or png images with some gradient ontop of it)

* +2$ if you wanna add an extra character to the artwork or render

Logo 20$

Need someone to make a logo for your Comic, Proyect or whatever the hell you're making? I'm your man, it does takes a while in making one of these, but it's worth the wait!

(One week or two)

• Things I can draw

- Mechas

- Furries

- Monsters

- Gifts for other peeps

- Couples in love, no matter their sexuality

- Original characters, of course.

- And everything that is nice :]]

• Things I WON'T draw

- A rated stuff

- Gore (Slight blood it's ok!)

- Fetish stuff

- Hate towards other people

- And everything that is morally and legally incorrect that you guys may already know.

For now I only use Paypal! (But for my chilean peeps you can depositarme en mi cuenta de Banco Estado)

Here's some examples of my work, you can check some more of this on my profile!






Commissions are Open

Reasonable prices for Reasonable work

all important information is on the image below any extra details can be worked out after contact has been made


Examples Below :


SFW : [1] [2] [3]


NSFW : [1] [2] [3]



Hello! I am open for commissions right now :)

Please DM me here, on discord (plain rice#8058), or on twitter if you're interested and want to know more details :]


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