Hey my name is Fang and i'm looking for some commissions.

I'm up for pretty much anything, so hit me up on Discord (Fang#1242) or on here if you're interested.

If you do message me on Discord, please let me know you are interested in a commission when trying to add me.

Some important notes:

*We can talk pricing if you have a super detailed character or if you want something NSFW.

*Please make sure to have at least one reference of your character! (OC or Fanart is fine).

*Payment is required first before I start on your picture.

What is included in my "Chibi" style:

*Flat colors, with minimal gradients. (Eyes are fully shaded, skin and some clothes can have a shine to it.)

*A thick black outline around the character.

*I don't draw noses in this style since it's 'chibi' but one can be drawn if you wish.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!

I have more examples on my page here, but below are some examples of my 'chibi' style.



Hi everyone! So here at the studio, two of our talented artists decided to open their commissions so, here we are all the info you will need I you want an amazing draw made by one of them!.

Keydo Burakai -Specialty: Humans


****Special Prices for characters wearing armors, please ask if it's the case****


More info about her commissions: https://keydoburakai.tumblr.com/post/189088078098/commissions-open-do-you-want-one-things

Akie Petrova- Specialty: Furry




**Once your Commission has been accepted, We'll give you our Paypal Email, and request a SS of the payment done. After that, the artist you've asked for will start to work on your commission! **

Thanks a lot for your support! ^^