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Welcome Newgrounders!

I'm looking for a great team for a fighting game that I have in mind,

I'm thinking of calling it "martial fighters"

iu_517795_8680942.webpIt is based on the games Street Fighter 2 and The king of fighters.

iu_517796_8680942.gif iu_517797_8680942.gif

the game will be created by the team called "RED DICES Entertainment"

iu_517798_8680942.webp(it's just a sketch)

The game will feature various fighters of different martial arts like karate, kung fu, etc.

I need animators, artists, programmers, voice actors, writers (later), musicians and everyone who can help!

It would be a good idea for everyone to use a single program to create the game.

If you are interested in helping me with this project write to me and I will try to write to you as quickly as possible.

Discord: SailorRJ # 7965

(if you have problems adding me just write me in newgrounds)

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you in the group!

SailorRJ :)


Yo, who wants to collab on a madness game? I don't have a solid concept, so not much details to give RN.


discord is Nextal#4426


Hi! I want to find a partner for the joint development of some game on your ideas or development of their own. Basically I need an artist and a game designer. My experience in game-design for 2 years and just recently got personally acquainted with New Grounds and had a desire to make a game for this site

Feel free to contact me via Discord: Асименко#1251iu_529030_10203714.pngiu_529028_10203714.webpiu_529029_10203714.webp