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Hi everyone!

You may or may not have heard my music on Newgrounds, but I've been an active member of the site since 2010.

In 2013 I received a Degree for Audio Engineering.

So I started a couple of Fiverr gigs where I'll either master your mixed music or record a feature on your song.

If you want any examples, check out my page, every single thing I've done on Newgrounds has been mixed & mastered by me, and I'm on 95% of the songs in my NG library.

If you wanna see more, you can check out my projects:

LMRNCE is my solo music.

NTHRWRLD is my Emo Trap group.

pityparty. is my Alt-R&B group.

Dear Ghosts is an EDM collective I'm in.

And I mix & master all the music in every single one of those groups!

I may add mixing as a gig but my workload is currently pretty up there, so for now I'm only offering Mastering and Features.

If you're interested, check out the gigs below, or shoot me a message for more inquiries or information!

Mastering: http://bit.ly/35sRli7

Features: http://bit.ly/3hZAQ25



As i finish school this year, i want to start as a independent sound engineer and i am looking for work.

With that, i announce that i now offer my mastering services.


All the details are in the form if you're interested !




ok opening up mixing commissions! send me your stems and PM me for more info. I will be mixing all your music and general audio stuff as long as you send me the stems for the track you want me to work on. No genre limit. I can work with any! I'll be doing this to learn even more about mixing and improve on my own works. We can negotiate prices later.


Howdy there, I'm a freelance music artist and sound effects editor/mixer. I've got a homegrown knowledge of music and sound editing and have plenty of custom audio to choose from. I'm also willing to work with you in creating a new sound experience for a video or game project you've got going on!

While pricing sound effects work by individual audio and work is difficult, please contact me and we can work out some numbers based off of what you'd like me to work on, and we can go from there!

In terms of music, I'd be glad to create custom tracks based off of what you'd like. If you'd like something for a specific character, you can use my Fiverr listing to help you find the prices!


Note you can also absolutely use this for other scenarios in your project, just be sure to mention where you're coming from (Newgrounds) and describe exactly what you'd like to have a music piece created for, we can work with the same numbers.

I'd love to work with you! And I'll get around to making a more coherent Fiverr option for people looking for music in other areas, not just their characters.



A new gig on Fiverr has been OPENED! You can work with me there, or here!


I'll create custom cover art for your musical pieces, tracks, singles and albums!


I specialize in surreal, character art and backgrounds! With homegrown experience.

And you know what? Got any other art requests? Perhaps we can discuss details not specific to music!


Hey, you want free music for your projects?

My music is free to use, just give credits to me!

  • You can use my songs I already uploaded.
  • If you want some audio I didn't have, say it private, I'll make it then.

An example for my audio


Hello! My name is Brie and this is my way of trying to make ends meet, meet new people, get involved in the community, and of course enjoy new adventures and endeavors.

I can do anything from web/graphic design to animation to audio engineering, story board, etc. I can do it all besides programming actionscript 3.0 but I do know how to code in HTML5 and CSS


Adobe Animate CC/Adobe Flash Professional 8 (Animations & Graphics)




I currently use Adobe Animate CC 2020 and FL Studio 20 (and Bandlab for fun)


When it comes to the animation we can discuss wage in person, same thing goes for individual pictures or graphics.

Typically I wont charge an expensive price I usually gauge it out to the pixel size, how much time was spent,

how much details or layers are in the specific project etc.

Songs I make personally for your project will be $5.00USD initiation and then $2 for every song made.

Ex. you buy 2 songs its $9 ($5 initiation, $2 Song) It's better to buy the songs ina bundle then individually.


I have some music and art here on my newgrounds page.iu_96873_7761466.jpg

I have a lot of music on my bandlab page


This an example of my website I'm developing. Everything here I created from scratch


A personal song I made on FL STUDIO


Thank you so much for your consideration and time in reading this. Have a wonderful day.

-Dirty Brie