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Voice Actress / Casting Available!

My name is Anairis Quinones. I'm a non-union voice actress with 10 years of experience in anime, video games, and animations. I learned a lot from contributing to this community, and as I have some availability, I'd like to offer my services!

Equipment/Audio Production

• Equipment: Neumann TLM 103, Apollo Twin Duo MKII.

• Programs: Adobe Audition CC

I record daily from my home studio, and can be directed via Skype or Discord if requested. I have a flexible schedule and can record quickly within tight deadlines, and I always keep you updated on my progress.


I am available for commercial/paid projects mainly, but I will consider free projects on a case by case basis. Please send me details on your project, including concepts and the full amount of work needed so I can let you know!

My rates are available upon request, and I'm flexible under an existing budget so long as it's reasonable to me. Contact me about it and we can discuss it!

I will not participate in content with derogatory humor or statements. Contact me regarding 18+ projects.


I've previously assisted developers with finding cast members to their video games, and I frequently refer VAs to clients when requested. Handling a voice cast can be a hefty task on top of production, and it's a weight I'm capable of handling. It's hard to find the right voice when you're not sure what to consider in casting, and I can cut the process in half through by handling auditions privately or publicly. I have a private list of of diverse actors with different acting strengths, be it anime-style, cartoon, or realistic.

Cold Cases: Wesley Devant


You can contact me at anairisqu@gmail.com, Discord @Anairis#2852 or message me privately. I will reply most quickly to email inquiries, though.


Voice Actor looking for more projects!

Hey there! I'm a working actor looking for new projects to work on! Check out my demo:

Here are some credits:



Feel free to shoot me a DM!


Sound Designer: Let me bang pots together for your cartoon.


The Name's Magus Serling, and I want to give your Cartoon that special audio magic it deserves.

The best animation can be ruined by humdrum sound design. Why forego that last bit of polish by resigning your cartoon's fate to some low sample sounddogs library when you can have a professional give it that finishing spark?

I've been in the industry for 10 years working for DreamworksTV, The Jim Henson company, Vivziepop and others bringing audio to cartoons. It's one of my favorite things, but I am certainly not limited to that!

I am a skilled Voice actor, Voice acting director, Sound Designer, Foley Artist, and Editor.

I also have experience as a post production supervisor, Director, and Writer for my own show.

The only thing I'm genuinely terrible at is drawing with my strange meathook hands and making these intro posts proving that I'm good at what I do. So I'll post a few bullet points:

  • Access to two Fully equipped Foley Stages.
  • Access to a 5.1 Mixing studio in the heart of Hollywood, complete with ensemble recording room.
  • Equipped to work remotely for voice acting and sound design.
  • 10 years of experience with Pro tools, 5 years experience with Adobe CC Suite.
  • 12 Terabytes of sound effects, Stock and personally recorded.
  • Experience recording on location with a litany of sound equipment.
  • Award Winning and Losing Sound Design Quality. including "Best Sound Design" by the Audie awards. Best Sound Design by the Audioverse Awards, and Winner of a Telly Award for Magus Elgar.

Here are some samples of my work:





I've also created my own original work that you can see right here on newgrounds.Or you can see it on my website.




My Twitter:



PM: https://magusserling.newgrounds.com/

Email: PhillipsDramatis@gmail.com

Website: kennedyphillips.org

Hope to hear from you fine, attractive people, you.



Commissions or collaborations on music/sound design or graphics/animations? Send me a PM. I'll work with your budget.

  • Dimension Lord

Female voice actress for hire! (NSFW and SFW)

Hi! I'm Lunamist and I will voice pretty much anything you want (SFW and NSFW ;)) in VERY HIGH QUALITY for only 30 cents per word.

I can do a wide range of voices, including:

  • Loli (high and higher registers, with and without uwu accent)
  • Deep sultry voice
  • Sassy or bored teenager
  • Pretty much anything involving a high or low register (listen to my voice reel in my profile or in the link below)

Full price list and commission details can be found HERE.

See more of my work and very satisfied customer reviews HERE.

I'm easygoing and want to help bring life to your scripts! ^_^ I can voice stories, animations, personal messages, video games, promos, anything really. If you want me to do some cute loli singing, I can do that too! Please note that singing costs double, as it requires more editing!

For NSFW, I must review and approve all scripts prior to agreeing to perform them. Your cooperation is very much appreciated! If you'd like moans in your track, please count each moan as 3 words in your overall word count. By inquiring or ordering NSFW from me, you are confirming that both you and the character I'm voicing are aged 18+. I also offer pure noise tracks (moans, breathing, wet/BJ sounds, etc.) for $5 per 10 seconds.

For accents, I naturally do a North American accent, but can also do faux accents (British, French, Southern, etc.).

My equipment:


Steinberg UR22MKII




I run a small lil podcast over here on Newgrounds, and I'm also the announcer for the Newgrounds directs! I've been looking to expand my line of work!

I've been doing voice overs for a few games that aren't out yet, so my portfolio isn't too big at the moment.

I can also write! I wrote a majority of the script for my first ever big collaboration, "Recovering The Lost Pieces" which you can find here!

My vocal range is pretty alright, I have a feminine voice that can get pretty deep if I try. I can either be a confident show host or a scraggly teenager, whatever you're looking for!

Check out my best podcast episodes for examples!

You can also check out the one line I did for the first Newgrounds direct(Don't worry, the second direct is in production as we speak!)

I will NOT do anything for NSFW projects.

Feel free to shoot me a message on Newgrounds for SERIOUS projects. We'll talk it out the details on here, and see where it goes from there!


NSFW/SFW Voice Actress Commissions

Heya, I am MagicalMysticVA, and I do voice acting for both SFW & NSFW. My commissions are pretty cheap. They're only 15 cents per word. I will voice pretty much anything you desire~

Join my Patreon to get voice work monthly-https://www.patreon.com/MagicalMysticVA

Here's a document with also my links and further info-https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yAq9At1vHUH3KS0kdc_6dlcsihVtO76Y_4dQutWFBYs



List of what I do in no particular order:

Voice acting



Life Coaching

Send me a private message here or just go fill out this corporate approved form.


Voice Actor for Hire!

Hey there! I'm Sean O. and I'm a voice actor! I've been doing it as an on-off hobby for a few years now but wanna get more into it. So let's make some projects together! I'm always up for a chance to provide my voice for a project!

Hit me up and we can talk about working together. Also here's my voice acting reel!

You can also check out my voice portfolio here.

And here's my voice reel.

Contact: Twitter, Email, Drywall Thief#2792 (Discord)


Looking to cover your voice acting needs!

Hello there! I am SumOlives,

I do a bit of periodic amateur writing and voice over work that I tend to love doing, and I would love to assist you in one of your upcoming projects if my voice or writing style fits the bill! I've got a good bit of experience when it comes to making up dialogue, improvising abit, and injecting emotion into my delivery. Check out my past works and if they're your cup of tea, send me a message and we can look into working together sometime!

Past Voiceover Works:

Viral Genesis Teaser Trailer (Kestrel) (2022)


Wizard The Wonderful - Episode 4 (Sum-O) (2022)


Deltarune - In Summary (Kris/Soul) (2019-2021)



Lil Char and The Gang (Charmander) (2019)



Let's collaborate! Or at least let me know what you want to do!

Hi there! I'm an animator / artist. I also do quite a bit of voice acting. I'd simply like anyone interested in having creative work (sans music; I'm far too underqualified to even dabble in such) to reach out to me and let me know what they need. It doesn't necessarily have to be for pay, but if it's too much of a foreseeable undertaking for me to help with something, I probably will start discussing prices; please talk to me about it, though! I'm harmless and just want to have creative experiences in the time period between now and when I die!

Need a background artist for a cartoon? Let me know! I've done that!


Need an animator to inbetween your cartoon or possibly add little touches or clean things up a bit? I might just do it! I've done that! (pardon the titty-ladies as I finish this by the way)



Need some artwork cleaned up in general? I might give you a hand! I've done that!


Also if you need anything written, I like coming up with ideas; why not bounce off of another human being with similar interests to stir up that kind of creative energy? It can be mutually beneficial to us.

TL;DR: If you want me to help you with something, DM me; at the very least we could have an interesting conversation and potentially exchange pleasantries in such a manner as to bridge a few of the gaps in our creative endeavors and I don't see anything wrong with that!

Let me know,

  • Shellfish

...Apparently you can't just put a hyphen on Newgrounds without it turning into a bulletin point so how about that?


Lewd British Voice Actor

Hello there. I have dabbled in lewd voice acting for a while now, and finally took it upon myself to create a demo reel. Hope you enjoy my smooth British accent. Be it animation, game, audiobook or anything else, I look forward to contributing to your project. I enjoy collaborating with people.

Currently I am open to both paid and unpaid projects. But paid projects will get priority if I need money for ramen and tea. I'm also happy to voice act for non-NSFW projects if you think my voice would be suitable.

Check out my demo reel: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/974879

I look forward to hearing from you. ♥


Voice actor looking to scream, why not hire me?!

Good morning Newgrounds!

My name's OctoBlitz and I'm a Voice actor looking to improve my craft here on Newgrounds! Whether it be Animation, games, podcasts, or audio books I feel I can be able to provide a large range of voices to choose from or help you workshop and find the best voice for your next project!

At the current moment I don't have my voice over demo Recorded however if you would like to see my previous works and projects I've been in check out my YouTube channel and my Voice Acting playlist! If you need a sample for a specific character or like for me to audition please DM me the information and what you're looking for and I can hopefully assist in any way I can!

My setup for voice work at the time of posting:

  • Audio Technica At2020 Microphone
  • Behringer U-Phoria audio interface
  • All lines recorded & edited in Audacity (however I am starting to learn Adobe Audition for future projects)

I may be a bit busy due to work but I'm always looking forward to help in any way I can!

I look forward to working with you all soon!

~ Octo


Voice Actor looking for work (preferably paid, but I am flexible)

Good morning Newgrounds!

My name is Luke, better known on here as greyhawk241! I have been a professional Voice Actor and Multi-Media entertainer for over a decade, working on everything from Anime and Videogames, to pod casts and radio plays!

I have even had the honor of working with the likes of Funimation and Hideo Kojima in the past!🤘

I’m making this post to give back to the community who helped get my name out in the first place, and to work my way up to being a household name, a voice actor who is extremely well known and well respected in the industry!

That’s the dream anyway!😁🤘

I have older demo reels on both my account here, and my YouTube channel (a link to that is on my NG page), and while I will happily respond to messages on here, a much more direct line to me would be:


Thank you so much to any and all interested, I look forward to working with you soon!


My entertainment resume is available upon request!


NSFW Adult Voice Actress/Actor

Hi there! I'm an experienced voice over actress who specializes in adult content like games, animated shorts/films, and erotic audiobooks. I'm based in Los Angeles and have a professional in-home studio (Mojave MA 201 microphone, Audient iD14, Adobe Audition). I've recently completed work for HFTGames, and am working with erotic author Lustine Fuller and Eva James (references available upon request). I love teaming up with independent creators and am happy to work with your budget - let's chat about your project! Listen to my demo at MyMiaLovett.com


Voice Actor/Writer looking for work and exposure

I'm a voice actor and writer looking to help others in their own projects. I will take exposure and trade. If you insist on pay however I will not decline. I have a Voice Acting Demo on my page if you need an example of what I can do. I might make another one soon. For more reference I'm the current writer of DemisurgeX's False Gods.


voice acting

hey, Im someone That’s interested in voice acting so if you need a voice actor let me know. And I’ll get to you. I know that I struggled with staying on Newgrounds due to Collage and music but here is my Instagram. If you need a voice actor hit me up



Voice Actor here for all your voice actor needs emporium!

Voice Actor for hire

Hello everyone, my name is Alberto J Garcia, otherwise known as MeatySentaiVA. I am posting this for those who are potentially hiring for voice work in animation, video games, radio podcasts, etc. I am mainly looking for paid work only but, if the project itself is interesting I will be willing to do some for free (do not take this as an automatic yes if it is unpaid).

My fees right now are 25 cents a word (for narration mostly) and 3 dollars a line. (this is my non negotiable.)

My official Demo Reel


What I can offer

On time professional work to suit what you need, live recording, self recorded, anything that you need I will gladly supply.

A good quality audio recording in a treated environment.

Punctual delivery of said lines with no delays (unless in case of extreme emergency)\


Audient iD4 sound monitor

Nueman TLM 103

Audacity / Reaper (can use both and have both)

Treated space with extra padding around recording space

I have been on the following projects and series

  • SRS (Original Animation)
  • Adora Project (Video Game)
  • Sword Sisters ( Video Game)
  • Fading Space Breathing Frontier 2
  • My World is Gone
  • Black Clover Abridged
  • VA Academy
  • Attention Associates
  • Mr Hingo
  • Maze 4 You
  • City of Iron
  • Run With the Wind Abridged 

Other Notable Works (Fan Works etc)

  • Gone With The Blast Wave
  • Warhammer Big Brothers
  • Steve Lichman
  • Nerd n Jock

Voices I excel in

Old age


High Pitched


Southern Accent

and more!


I am willing to do things technically NSFW but not strictly pornography.

I also will not work with anyone under the age of 18.

Miscellaneous things about me

I do dub overs of webcomics that have garnered a bit of a following.

I can edit videos (Been using Vegas for about 3 years now and can edit shorter videos with a moderate amount of effects)

Have 3k+ subs on Youtube

I have 9000+ followers on tiktok

I make very good steak


Feel free to DM me through any of these means



Discord - HalfBoiledRamen#7878

Email - meatysentaiva@gmail.com

Twitter - https://twitter.com/MeatySentaiVA

Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4PQuHdBYxXQL-r1ugeukyw


I am open for voiceacting

I can voice Male, Female, any character. I'll voice act for animations and games. I will not curse, say something racist or homophobic, and do Adult Only content.


Open for Voice Acting!

Hello! My alias is VioletJosh, and I'm an amateur voice actor with a couple years of experience looking to work with others on a variety of projects. I usually work for free, but I'm up for paid roles as well. I mainly use a Blue Yeti USB Microphone as well as Audacity for recording.

Here is my voice demo reel for 2022.

As well as a playlist of other projects I have been in.

If you're interested, feel free to send me a private message and we can go from there. Thank you! ^^


I will moan for your adult game or animation


Hi, my name is Janelle! I will glad voice act for your game or animation. I don't have a demo reel yet but email me at glowhips@protonmail.com for a custom sample.

I think porn is a great cure for a cruel world. We all need all the comfort we can get...


Really Anything You Need Help With

Hello! My name is Brie and this is my way of trying to make ends meet, meet new people, get involved in the community, and of course enjoy new adventures and endeavors.

I can do anything from web/graphic design to animation to audio engineering, story board, etc. I can do it all besides programming actionscript 3.0 but I do know how to code in HTML5 and CSS


Adobe Animate CC/Adobe Flash Professional 8 (Animations & Graphics)




I currently use Adobe Animate CC 2020 and FL Studio 20 (and Bandlab for fun)


When it comes to the animation we can discuss wage in person, same thing goes for individual pictures or graphics.

Typically I wont charge an expensive price I usually gauge it out to the pixel size, how much time was spent,

how much details or layers are in the specific project etc.

Songs I make personally for your project will be $5.00USD initiation and then $2 for every song made.

Ex. you buy 2 songs its $9 ($5 initiation, $2 Song) It's better to buy the songs ina bundle then individually.


I have some music and art here on my newgrounds page.iu_96873_7761466.jpg

I have a lot of music on my bandlab page


This an example of my website I'm developing. Everything here I created from scratch


A personal song I made on FL STUDIO


Thank you so much for your consideration and time in reading this. Have a wonderful day.

-Dirty Brie


Voice Over artist open to work :)

I haven't logged into this website in literal years, but I still remember my account information so I figured why not make this post.

Over the last few years I have found an interest in voice acting / narration / voice over. I attended community college for Broadcasting for a couple of years and got to learn a little bit about it. Since then, I've been trying to break into some freelance stuff. Although the commissions have been few and far in between, I've still been getting some opportunities to work, which has been pretty cool.

I am a deep voice male who really has a passion for narration and voice over. I wouldn't mind getting into voice acting too, but I don't really have any experience.

I don't have a reel yet, but I did narrate this documentary over the last year for professional Smash Bros. player Daniel "ChuDat" Rodriguez.

As far as pricing goes, I do not really care to do anything paid or free. This is mostly a hobby right now, so anything to get my name out there helps. :)

If you have anything that requires narration or voice acting, feel free to contact me. I'll try to check this website a bit more regularly than once every few years. Alternatively, I do have a Discord. If you would prefer to contact me through that, just leave me your name. :)


message me if u need a voice actor

hi im YeahImHere12 im pretty new to this website but im trying to make some money so i can move out of a toxic household and pay rent in a place my friends are inviting me to live at! i do 1-3$ a line of dialogue! please message me back if u are interested in hiring me i'll do both videogames and animations i dont really care for credit as long as i get the money it sounds greedy but i really need to get out of this house thank you



Professional Voice Actress With Kink Affinity

Hi there! My name is MacStar and for a few years now I have been working as a professional voice actor and sound designer. The majority of my projects have been NSFW or focusing on the Giantess Fetish.

I offer a multitude of services including voice acting, sound design, video editing, script writing, casting direction and singing. I have a commission sheet if you have any additional questions. You will find my email and other references.

Thanks for your consideration!

Commissions FAQ


SFW Animations

Patreon(weekly audios, suggests taken)


Open for any voice work opportunities


I'm a animation graduate with a bachelors and masters, pursuing a career in voice acting! I am open for any opportunities, as I've got my own make-shift home studio which means I can record and edit my own voice lines and send them to you, super flexible with what voice you want from me, and I'm punctual with deadlines.

You can check out my demo reel here --> James Hodgkinson Demo reel January 2021

Email: jameshodgkinson13@hotmail.com

Discord: JDHodgkinson#5337