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Want music for your game or animation?

Send me a PM or an email, I usually respond within 1-3 business days.

I'm a self-taught video game composer with seven years of experience. I can make a variety of music genres and styles!

Here are some examples of what I've created:

Experimental Electronic:

Chiptune x Techno:

Swing, Funk and Dance:

Drum and Bass, Hard Electro:


Orchestral x Videogame:

+ + +

I've also made some commissions and full original soundtracks for games in the past!

Including much more bigger and smaller scale projects I've been part of!


+ + +


Full length track - $150usd (3 - 6 min)

Half length track - $100usd (1 - 3 min)

Short loop - $50 (30s - 1 min)

I'm working hard every day for this to become my full-time job, that is my dream and I need your help to achieve it!

Thank you for reading!


Let me enhance your project with music!

Hello, I'm Codefreq. I compose music of a variety of different styles.

Here’s a demo reel I created, full of excerpts from various pieces I wrote from the beginning of 2020 through to mid-May 2021:

More info on my website:


I have been composing music for almost two decades, since I was a small child.

I consistently make music that sounds like it could fit a movie or video game.

Most music I create has some kind of scenario or image behind it while I am writing, so my writing style changes based on the imagery.

I have a lot of virtual tools at my disposal for making music of different styles, including orchestral, electronic, and guitar instruments, as well as multiple drums and other percussion to make music that complements the imagery behind it.

I can compose on a tight schedule.

If you're looking for quickly composed and distinctive music specifically tailored to fit your movie or game, please feel free to PM me and we can discuss the details.

Looking forward to working with you. :)


Free Soundtrack (Chiptune/SNES/DS)

I've been making music for close to seven years now, and in that time I've made hundreds of tracks. One of my favorite things to write were Chiptune projects, writing little stories and character themes brought me a lot of peace in difficult times. Unfortunately, the songs had no ultimate direction and most of them ended up unfinished. I'd love to see them have use somewhere, and the direction is still ultimately up in the air, so I have an idea, and we'll see how well it works out.

If you are working on a project (Game, Webcomic, Animation, etc) that needs music (Ideally Chiptune, open to other genres) DM me with your vision and assets (A story summary, a creative direction, etc) and if I like it, I'll do the soundtrack for free. Or if you just need some examples, message me the word "Examples".

Looking forward to working with you! (^u^ )


Open for Commissions!



You can msg or email me at M.smothers1@outlook.com to reserve a spot or for additional questions you may have!


Cartoony Voice Actor (And Cat Boy)

Hi everyone! My name is Michael Gonzalez. I'm a voice actor based in Minnesota available to voice act for your cartoons, video games, etc.! You can find my demo reels on my website michaelgonzalezva.com, or here on Newgrounds (Animation Demo: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1030372

Video Game Demo: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1030376)

You can hear my voice in the mobile game Almost a Hero as Boomer Badlad, Redroh and the Alchemist (the game amassed several million downloads on both iOS and Android)! I'm also playing two characters for an upcoming Nintendo Switch game Slice of Life (release date TBD). On Newgrounds I've played the snacky cat boy Seth in Tomb Cats "Seth Needs Snacks" (https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/794410)

I specialize in playing wild, energetic characters that scream a lot, as well as some timid, hapless ones too. I'm particularly strong at making my voice nasally that would be ideal for comical, nerdy and/or crazy cartoon characters. I'm eager to play characters that talk to each other and discover new things even I didn't know my voice can do.

If you like what you hear and would like to work with me, feel free to message me here or send emails out to michaelgonzalezva@gmail.com

Thank you for checking me out, and I look forward to working with you!


Starting up a music composing paid work page.

Hello everyone! I decided it might be a good idea to turn my hobby into something that could help other people and in return make me a little money.

My pricing for a 1-minute loop would be around 25$ to 40$ USD (this will depend on what you ask me to do eg. piano solo or large orchestral battle music).

My pricing for a 2-minute loop would be around 35 to 50 USD and the variables will be like the previous one.

My pricing for 3 minutes and up will be from 45 to 60 USD and of course, the variables are the same as stated before.

I will regularly complete the original piece by 2-3 weeks depending on how busy I am.

I have worked for game developers before so I am not 100% inexperienced in this. I am very flexible and I can do pretty much any genre you want me to. the only genres that I will have a lot of trouble with are things like EDM and the typical rave music.

If you are interested or have any questions then just send me a quick message and we can sort things out.

Here's a couple of examples of genres I can do.

Rock/Heavy Metal:






Sea shanty/Pirate music:

There are still countless genres that I am planning on doing which I just haven't got to.


CenzArt Commissions are Open

Commissions Are Now Open !


Commissions Sheet. There is also a google drive with a document with more information on in that you can find at the link below.

Commission Sheet Information SHeet

Some more art can be found here as well

Extra Work




Open for chiptune commissions!

Hello creative people! I am a music producer that specializes in 8 bit style chiptune music. If you need custom chiptunes for your game, video, or anything else then you should know that I am open for commissions. Just shoot me a message here on newgrounds and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

My rate is $30 per minute of audio.

Here is a playlist of a few of the chiptunes I have already made -> https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/eb6764f7f3c4825d21599574d2dca7f5


Composer Looking For Work (Electronic/Ambient/Instrumental/Orchestral)

Bio: Hey! I'm Max. I mess around with electronic music and make abstract things from time to time, and I can also compose regular music. I had a bit of practice working with developers and made some music for a couple of projects. I'm currently looking build a portfolio and get more experience, so I'm willing to work for lighter fees. If you're interested, I can make you a short, free of charge demo track, to see how I match with the project!

My music:



My minimal fee is $15 per minute of finished track. (Depends on complexity of what you want.) [PayPal only]

Discord: Maranax#6705

Mail: maxergun@gmail.com

Looking forward to be working with you!


Will work for free

Hi there,

Do you need some atmospheric/ambient music for your video or game? well maybe I can help. I'll do it for free if you flexible with time since I work overnights rn now my sleep schedule is kind of messed up.

now on my page i have quite a lot of tracks you can use or sample depending on your mood but if you want feel free to message me and see if i can make something more to your liking.

here is my work

Message me on here to get ahold of me if you want to collaborate


Looking to Compose for Video Games and Videos!

Hey! My name is LUNA and I have been making music for almost 10 years now! I'm looking to expand my portfolio and work on some projects. I have a bit of experience working on projects with local creatives, and wanted to branch out to other stuff.

Check out my Fiverr page to see some of my work and look at my rates! If you want to discuss further about your project, feel free to message me here or on my socials! Here's everywhere you can find me!


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