Will do:

Fan Art, Original Characters, etc.

Won't draw:

Scat, Gore, Weird Fetishes and other stuff that I don't approve

PayPal only

Full color only - base starting price:



Does not include transaction fee [Invoice will include the fee]

Additional character + 75% of base price.

Variations and complex details extra fees will be discussed personally for each commission.

Backgrounds start from $10 and up.

Sometimes I will add a simple or even complex background for free if I feel like it, unless you specify strictly no background.

-How to Proceed

Just send me a note/dm/e-mail with the info & the title "Commission" and your Paypal.

All details regarding your commission, be very clear, won't be adding or changing details after payment.

Thighs or full body

Background yes/no and details.

Number of characters and details, pose/emotion/facial expression (you may leave it to me tho if you want)

Reference pictures of the character(s) and background or a description (or else leave it to me)

Add any info that may help

-Once I reply and we both agree you can make the full upfront payment only.

No refunds, be sure that my style is what you want (Unless for some reason I can't finish your commission).

-One revision, I'll send you a rough sketch for you to review. No changes can be made unless they are minimal.

After you review the sketch it takes around 5-10 days to finish your commission.

Don´t rush me and be patience. I asure you, I always deliver.

-You'll get fullres HQ JPEG and PNG image 4k pixels.

All works is for your private usage (non-commercial) .

You can post them anywhere you want, just credit me or add a link to my profile on the description.

Thank You!


Commissions are currently OPEN.

I'm digital artist who is in love with drawing rendered scenes and comics.

Also I will be really happy to draw reference for character which only exists in your mind! If you're unsure about their visual appearance, I'll be happy to produce multiple sketches before finishining reference, just ask me.

Sticker pack are great way to demonstrate emotes, so why not get one? I will be happy to do it, too.


From 50 USD to 80 USD per each additional character.

Each additional version costs 15 USD. Cum/clean versions are free in case of NSFW!


COMICS PAGES: 30 -50 USD per frame.





Afternoon Newgrounds Artists, My Name is Nicholas Jordan and I am currently looking for Background Art and Illustration work!

My most recent clients I've painted Background art for are Magus Elgar Animated, and Hazbin Hotel. Below are some boards showing my work from both of these projects. On these projects I was responsible for the full Background art process, including Design, Layout, Lineart, Color, and Final Cleanup.

Pricing for background art usually varies depending on the clients needs. Feel free to send me examples of art styles you may be looking for and we can discuss details.


Outside of Background art i am also available for various character/portrait commissions. Below you can find my Commission sheet with pricing information.

For more examples of my work, feel free to check out my Newgrounds profile, or for a more in depth portfolio, check out my Artstation or my Twitter! My DMs are always open if you have any questions about my work or experience, and you can contact me via email at Spectralbeacon@Gmail.com

Thank you for your time!


Commissions open!


Fan art, pin up, comic, cartoon, ecchi, anime, manga, hentai etc.

Send description of your commission to my mail (reference pictures are appreciated). I'll tell you if I can do it and total price.

Mail: sylas.tomek@gmail.com

Sketch - 20$

Lineart - 30$ 

Full color:

1 character 60$ (Patreon discount -20$)

+1 character 40$


Simple background +20$ | Full [Very Detailed] Background +70$ or more

Special (real people etc.)

Portrait 90$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Half body 140$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Full body 180$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Price may be increase depend on individual orders or how much details of the art work!


Hi! im a freelance 2d animator and illustrator. and now im opening to Commissions.

You can see my style and orientation in my portfolio: www.condepablo.com

What can I do:

  • Character design (Expression sheets/ Turn around)
  • Character Concept art
  • Storyboard / Animatic

simple line or sketch, basic shading: $20 (1 day delivery)

lineart and flat color: $50 (2 days delivery)

full color and basic background: $80 (3 days delivery)

Payment method: Paypal

Please send me reference of what you want. and tell me which of my work get close to.




Hello ! i'll start commission here ! Describe what you want and i'll make it.

See more artwork on my Gallery

The payment will be on PAYPAL . you can contact me from here or email : anderhorlo@gmail.com

I can draw

- Female Character

- Original Character (May need detail )

- Monster Girl (Or Humanoid monster)

- Gore/guro

- Fan art

- Horror

I can't draw

- Mecha

- Furry

- Yaoi



Heyoh im down to be a part of some projects at the moment mostly for concept and character designing... check out my page to see my style and vibe! I am Also capable of creating beats! to contact me quicker dm me on my instagram @ po.yoh


Hello and welcome to the wonderfull world of Comissioning me !



Additional informations

  • If you are interested , Just contact me via DM on any of my social medias (link on profile)
  • Specialized in armor , machinery and other non organic stuff
  • Payment after sending the firsts sketch
  • Estimated delivery : Less than a week
  • Payment via Paypal
  • Please try to provide references

If you want something that isn't present in the sheets , don't hesitate to ask me if I can do it and how much it will cost , we will discuss the price then

Hoping to work with you soon !



Updated my Commission Sheet for the upcoming Summer 2020!

Looking for someone good with digital painting and animals/or animal people? I'm available!

> Multiple Styles Available

> Rough Sketches Always Provided

> Payment through PayPal

PDF Version Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EXTBjzdZDUkIiBBXLcvriIPwEXj6kCzO/view?usp=sharing


iu_85927_7441978.jpgOpen for commissions, I do have rules however...

-GIVE ME TIME: I have a job and might have other commissions, I will try to give you an ETA though.

-Updates: Every stage of the piece I will send you an image of it so that if there is something you want changed I can do it earlier on

-Finally, I do have limits on what I can and cannot draw. Don't get me wrong I'll try, however if a piece becomes too difficult to illustrate I may ask you if there's anything else you'd like. Same applies if the NSFW content you wish for becomes too difficult to draw. Drawing your fursona is fine however drawing furry NSFW is really difficult for me. Unless I know I for a fact I can make it. I'll probably decline and ask if you'd like anything else.

-If there is more than one of the above prompts in one image, the total price will rise based on it, the price multiplies.

-Poses don't affect price, but you do have to either tell me what pose you want or provide an image of said pose. ALSO providing an image reference would help too.

For examples of my work check my art tab here or go to my Twitter or DeviantArt link on my profile.

PAYMENT INFO: Once we discuss a commission, I don't feel comfortable just leaving a link here.


I am available to do character designs and illustrations. I don't do NSFW (not yet anyway)  


- Try to be specific with what you want. 

- I will send you updates as I go just so I know im going down the right path with what you're looking for


You may contact me here on Newgrounds


You are free to look at my page to see the type of work I do https://steamqueen21.newgrounds.com/art


See price sheet below



Hello everyone! I'm ibraM from Denmark, and I'm currently selling illustrations in manga/comic style on Fiverr.

I'm going to illustrate whatever you'd like in manga/comic style.

These illustrations can be:

  • character designs, 
  • thumbnails, 
  • comic book panels, 
  • posters, 
  • covers 
  • and much more! 

All you need to do is tell me what you want drawn, and I'll do it! (I don't draw nude/sexual content).

Click here to order now




iu_80927_7767888.jpgA portrait - 30 USD !!!iu_80928_7767888.jpgFULLBODY art of your character (HUMAN OR FURRY) 35 USD!!!

You can see other examples of my art in the profile. For exact prices contact me in DM. I do NSWF too!



Le Arcano - Open Commissions for drawing!

What can I do?

  • A drawing in anime/manga style
  • A color Headshot drawing of one character for USD 5.00
  • A color Half-Body drawing of one character for USD 10.00
  • A color Full-Body drawing of one character for USD 15.00
  • Aditional characters for USD 5,00 each
  • A sketch for the character that you want for USD 5,00 (or 5 for USD 15.00)
  • 5 Days for Delivery
  • Ultra-fast delivery (2 Days) for USD 5,00 more
  • NSFW or SFW. I dont care about drawing Furry, Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri and some other fetishes. I may not draw some nasty stuff, but who knows. Ask me first! We can have a nice conversation and maybe reach an agreement.
  • There is 10-25% discounts for my patreon members, and random drawings that i give each month. Enjoy!

Payment from PayPal or Fiverr only. Fiverr is a site specialized in commissions, you can see more about my work there and i will only get paid after the job done. Paypal is half payment before, and half after.

Check my social networks! I have more examples about what i do there.

Check my Fiverr for Commissions!

Check my Instagram for SFW drawings!

Check my Patreon for NSFW. Its only USD 1 for full content!

Have a nice day! <3 


Instead of asking for a fixed price for each comission, I do it kind of differently (so you don't have to pay a lot for a simple face shot), I ask for 10$ for each hour of work.

You give me the subject, the character and a reference image, and I'll tell you how long It will take, then afterwards I give you a sketch, if you like it, pay half of the price I'm asking and after I finish it, you pay the other half.

iu_111688_7902731.jpgThis drawing, for example, took me about 8 hours, so it would be 80$, 40 upfront and 40 when I finished it, though this was my first real comission so I wasn't really experienced at the field (and the comissioner allowed me to share this piece).

You might be thinking "Can't you lie to me about the time you're gonna take to make it?" You would be right at the fact I could lie, but you would be wrong thinking that I'm a greedy asshole, if I finish it earlier then expected, you'll pay less, and if I take longer then expected, you won't pay more.


I do digital and traditional art (includes watercolour, markers, acrylic and just lineart)

will draw pretty much anything except scat

I will do a lineart for $3 and fully coloured for $5

messege me with what you want on


or DA https://www.deviantart.com/amyreadalot

or Twitter https://twitter.com/amyreadalot

or Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/blog/amyreadalot

prices can change depending on what you want and how big you want it.


I specialize in Character/Concept Art, and Illustration! DM me if you're interested!



I draw what you want. Message me and we will discuss details.


iu_120278_6098425.jpgiu_120279_6098425.jpgiu_120280_6098425.jpgiu_120281_6098425.jpgPlease give the necessary information like image size dimensions and character details.

Must be payed up front first before any work can be made.