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64 Bits Animation Open for Comissions!

Exciting Announcement! ?

We're thrilled to announce that our animation and illustration studio is open for new projects! We create animation for games and video and we cover a wide spectrum of animation styles! (Vector/Pixel Art/Motion Graphics/Frame by Frame etc).

So if you're interested get in touch with us at 64bitsanimation@gmail.com and let's collaborate!

You can check out a showreel here:


Niels & Nelis



Feel free to contact me with any inquiries regarding price quotes etc.

Contact me through:

Commission examples and prices can be seen here: akimokawa.carrd.co (screenshots below)

More examples can also be found on MY NG PAGE or TWITTER MEDIA TAB.

(Open for the next week! I really need the money!!Post will be removed once closed)





Commissions open!


Fan art, pin up, comic, cartoon, ecchi, anime, manga, hentai etc.

Send description of your commission to my mail (reference pictures are appreciated). I'll tell you if I can do it and total price.

Mail: sylas.tomek@gmail.com

Sketch - 20$

Lineart - 30$ 

Full color:

1 character 70$ (Patreon discount -20$)

+1 character 40$


Simple background +20$ | Full [Very Detailed] Background +70$ or more

Special (real people etc.)

Portrait 100$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Half body 140$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Full body 180$ (Patreon discount -20$)

Price may be increase depend on individual orders or how much details of the art work!





Will do:

Fan Art, Original Characters, etc.

Won't draw:

Scat, Gore, Weird Fetishes and other stuff that I don't approve

PayPal only

Full color only - base starting price:



Does not include transaction fee [Invoice will include the fee]

Additional character + 75% of base price.

Variations and complex details extra fees will be discussed personally for each commission.

Backgrounds start from $10 and up.

Sometimes I will add a simple or even complex background for free if I feel like it, unless you specify strictly no background.

-How to Proceed

Just send me a note/dm/e-mail with the info & the title "Commission" and your Paypal.

All details regarding your commission, be very clear, won't be adding or changing details after payment.

Thighs or full body

Background yes/no and details.

Number of characters and details, pose/emotion/facial expression (you may leave it to me tho if you want)

Reference pictures of the character(s) and background or a description (or else leave it to me)

Add any info that may help

-Once I reply and we both agree you can make the full upfront payment only.

No refunds, be sure that my style is what you want (Unless for some reason I can't finish your commission).

-One revision, I'll send you a rough sketch for you to review. No changes can be made unless they are minimal.

After you review the sketch it takes around 5-10 days to finish your commission.

Don´t rush me and be patience. I asure you, I always deliver.

-You'll get fullres HQ JPEG and PNG image 4k pixels.

All works is for your private usage (non-commercial) .

You can post them anywhere you want, just credit me or add a link to my profile on the description.

Thank You!


Open for Commissions!!









I'm open for Commissions and so ready to work with anyone interested!

Been brushing up on my work ethic, skills and style for these!!

Please contact me through e-mail, instagram, twitter, &/or Newgrrounds for any inquiries!

Will be taking three slots at a time!

Slot one [ ] OPEN!!

Slot two [ ] OPEN!!

Slot three [ ] OPEN!!

Please contact via- dm to any socials i've provided.


Commissions Open!

Currently running a commission sale on half-body and fullbody illustrations! If you would like a commission the info for them can be found here!

The sale will run until my remining slots are filled! After that, I'll update with my pricing going forward from 2024~


Open for Commissions and Paid Work!


I can do all sorts! Illustrations, Pixel Art, Animations both illustrated and pixelated, you name it! Happy to do work E for Everyone or M for Maybe Not for Everyone

If you're interested hit me a line on here or twitter, or e-mail me at @ticosanchezart@gmail.com, or check out the link below for more info!



Need an artist? Im available! 06/01/24

Experienced in 3D Modeling (characters/props)

-character design and illustration

-been doing commission work since 2016


-Clip Studio Paint


-Substance Painter


Commission Sheet

Just need to build experience and portfolio to start a career! :')







Message me through NewGrounds or by email: dackdraw@gmail.com

Can't wait to see your ideas :)


Open for paid work & collabs

Hello, user of personal computing device with Internet connection!

I open for paid and unpaid work as artist. If you want to commission me or want me to participate in your project, then knock on a DM.

> Commission list and what can I draw <

More examples in my profile


Extra figure - +50% of the original amount

Nudity - +50% of the original amount

Detailed background - +30-50% (depending on the complexity of the work)


I can work on:

  • art cover/thumbnail
  • illustration
  • portrait
  • character sheet
  • graphic design
  • concept art

I draw:

  • OC
  • fanart
  • shitpost
  • monsters
  • robots/non-complex mecha
  • light guro/violence
  • nudity
  • body horror
  • abstract stuff

I will not draw:

  • Porn
  • fetishes
  • furry (individual animal part/details and creatures like Neco-Arc is ok)
  • portraits from photos
  • political topics
  • violence/abuse against real people


To accept your order, you must:

  • send references (preferably)/a description of what you want (pose, angle, general mood of the work, etc.)
  • Also, if it is possible to sketch the idea (for example, MSPaint sketch)


Payment and work process

50% of the amount after the sketch is approved, 50% after the work is completed

  • Payment only through Boosty (if you do not live in Russia). I'll send you all instructions and help to figure it out.

If you have any additional questions, write to me in DM (NG, Twitter, Discord, VK).


looking to do some comms!

For all the commission details, check out my VGen page!

im looking to do illustrations to help cover a few expenses.

to briefly summarize, i can do ocs, fanart stuff, pinups (no NSFW tho) both clean rendering and more loose, sketchy styles.

im ALSO available for storyboarding work as a revisionist/artist. if you'd like to have me on your animation project check out my Carrd for storyboard examples!


Contact Sheet


NSFW Artist & Illustrator

If you're interested in getting a commission, pricing, or other art inquiries you can contact me through DMs.






Art Commissions open! [AlvhOmega]

My name is AlvhOmega, a freelance artist that loves to draw mostly gothic themes, horror and dark fantasy.

I personally enjoy drawing goth girls and soulsborne art, if you're looking for content like that I will gladly help you. If you're looking for any other content, as long as it's SFW, I'm open as well!


Here is the full commission sheet. Any inquire just let me know!

You can contact with me via DM or email, anzhyrapro@hotmail.com

I'm also open to work in games or big art projects! Plase check out my gallery if you want to see more examples of my work.



iu_85927_7441978.jpgOpen for commissions, I do have rules however...

-GIVE ME TIME: I have a job and might have other commissions, I will try to give you an ETA though.

-Updates: Every stage of the piece I will send you an image of it so that if there is something you want changed I can do it earlier on

-Finally, I do have limits on what I can and cannot draw. Don't get me wrong I'll try, however if a piece becomes too difficult to illustrate I may ask you if there's anything else you'd like. Same applies if the NSFW content you wish for becomes too difficult to draw. Drawing your fursona is fine however drawing furry NSFW is really difficult for me. Unless I know I for a fact I can make it. I'll probably decline and ask if you'd like anything else.

-If there is more than one of the above prompts in one image, the total price will rise based on it, the price multiplies.

-Poses don't affect price, but you do have to either tell me what pose you want or provide an image of said pose. ALSO providing an image reference would help too.

For examples of my work check my art tab here or go to my Twitter or DeviantArt link on my profile.

PAYMENT INFO: Once we discuss a commission, I don't feel comfortable just leaving a link here.


Commissions open

• Can draw: humans, animals, and various stages in between

• Machinery and armour are not my strong suit.

• I offer several character drawing options, as well as outfit / character design

• I work fast and send several WIPs throughout the process

• Payment is accepted through PayPal

See the full price list, the options I offer, and my terms of service.




In order: sketch, chibi, fullbody, outfit design, illustration, poster

More examples and options can be found on my website.



OPEN FOR WORK! My main avenue right now are my icon/halfbody commissions throughout my other pages, but i'm also looking for any other kind of illustration work!


  • Making promotional artwork
  • Drawing for merchandise
  • Drawing for book/comic covers, youtube video thumbnails, etc
  • Sprite work
  • Character design work

I'm an artist who especializes in making work inspired by 2000's cartoons, as well as alternative/goth/scemo culture


  • Light to medium gore
  • Furries
  • Body horror
  • Suggestive stuff
  • Drawing weapons


  • Heavy gore
  • Mech
  • Full-on nudity/NSFW


Other places to contact me:

My main payment sources are ko-fi and paypal.

And for good measure, here's my general halfbody/icon price sheet! Open for pay rate negotiations about any other kind of work



Commissions Open!!!


✅: Fanart, nudes, ocs, stylized portraits, gore,and more

If you have questions about anything please feel free to ask.


Commission and Collaboration Info

I'm open to doing art and animation commissions. Here are a few commission examples as well as some of my recent work:

Please look at this Google document for information on guidelines and pricing.

I am also open to doing collaborations. These are some examples of work that I have done for various collaborations on NG:

Please DM me if you have any questions.


Commissions Open!

Hey y'all! I've got SFW and NSFW commissions open!

*All prices are in USD, payment done via Ko-Fi. Prices are flexible!



Lineart: $15

Flat color: $20

Color + shading: $30

Full piece (color, shading, BG): $45


Will draw:

  • OCs + character profiles
  • Character design
  • Fan art
  • Furries
  • Gore
  • Storyboards (for animation/comic projects only)

Won't draw:

  • Vehicles
  • Landscapes
  • Anything depicting hate towards groups of people (a.k.a please don't commission me to draw your uwu softboi Nazi OC)



  • You must be 18+ in order to commission NSFW from me.
  • You must provide references (characters, poses, outfits, etc.). Images are preferred but descriptions of what you want can also suffice, but will not be as accurate. Be as specific as possible!
  • Commissions must be used for personal use only, unless it is part of a collaborative project or you plan on paying me proceeds.
  • Use of commissions for blockchain technology is EXPLICITLY FORBIDDEN. If you do, I will ban you from further commissions AND you will be forced to pay me all proceeds from the sales of my art.
  • Completion time can take anywhere from a day to two weeks, depending on workload or other real-life commitments. If it's expected to take longer than 2 weeks, I will notify you.
  • If you wish to refund, expect it within 2 weeks of your request.


I look forward to working with you in the future!


Commissions, my guy.

Back on commissions. check info below and then feel free to contact me if you need fullbody art, character design help and/or backgrounds.

PM me or send an e-mail to Bresendii@gmail.com.





Background Artist and Illustrator looking for work!

Afternoon Newgrounds Artists, My Name is Nicholas Jordan and I am currently looking for Background Art and Illustration work!

My most recent clients I've painted Background art for are Magus Elgar Animated, and Hazbin Hotel. Below are some boards showing my work from both of these projects. On these projects I was responsible for the full Background art process, including Design, Layout, Lineart, Color, and Final Cleanup.

Pricing for background art usually varies depending on the clients needs. Feel free to send me examples of art styles you may be looking for and we can discuss details.


Outside of Background art i am also available for various character/portrait commissions. Below you can find my Commission sheet with pricing information.

For more examples of my work, feel free to check out my Newgrounds profile, or for a more in depth portfolio, check out my Artstation or my Twitter! My DMs are always open if you have any questions about my work or experience, and you can contact me via email at Spectralbeacon@Gmail.com

Thank you for your time!


Open for comissions!


Interested in chibis, icons or funny doodles? I'm currently open for commissions!

If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact me via DM here, on twitter/X or even on discord. For now I only accept payments via ko-fi or paypal.

For detailed information, you can see my kofi page:




Open for Commissions!





If you are interested, send me a message!iu_815917_13345618.webp




I will accept commissions at all times as long as there are slots available, commissions will always be open! ✏️



Twitter - @emmantroll15

Newgrounds - EmmanTroll15


Animation showreel

Animation and Illustration services


Illustration / Animation Commission Work

Hello there lads, Im a Brazilian Artist looking for work and to draw cool ( and legal ) stuff.

Only Rules: No NSFW or shipping, No Hateful Art and NO Mechas.

Other than that, Im open ears mates.

I will work 1 Commission at a time.

Illustration / Character Poster

  • Sketch: $10 / 12 R$ ( Extra Chars. $1,50 / 1,50 R$ )
  • Finished Line and Colors: $20 / 30 R$ ( Extra Chars. $5 / 5 R$ )

Model Sheets for Animation / Modeling

  • Expression Sheet Only: $8 / 8 R$ ( Extra Characters $1,50 / 1,50 R$ )
  • Character Sketch: $12 / 15 R$ ( Extra Chars. $1,50 / 1,50 R$ )
  • Character with Finished Line and Colors: $25 / 35 R$ ( Extra Chars. $5 / 5 R$ )
  • The Whole Shebang: $40 / 70 R$ ( Extra Chars. $10 / 10 R$ )

The make things easy for both of us, all you need to do is pay half of the price, then I do the art, and then you pay the other half. A very nice and simple trust system. Below you will see some links with art I did before, both for clients and for fun.




Thank you for reading this post. Hope we can work someday.


Most Recent Animation Work



Open for Commissions - Price can be negotiated.

I have prices on my profile, but we can negotiate lower.

Thank you!


Open for SFW and NSFW Commissions!

Hey, I have a few slots left for commissions! I'm working on a few long-term projects at the moment but I want to have more stuff to draw during my free time. Please consider commissioning me if you like what you see. :)

Ko-Fi Page!

$35 with add-ons: Character Piece

A drawing of your favorite character(s) from any piece of media! Video games, movies, tv shows, you name it. Add-ons include $17.50 per extra character (half of original price), and $10 for a specific background.

EXAMPLE 1: PaRappa The Rapper

EXAMPLE 2: Lewd dog girl

$50 with add-ons: Character Piece 2.0

A more complex/detailed option of the 'Character Piece' choice. Add-ons include $25.00 per extra character (half of original price) and $10 for a specific background.

EXAMPLE 1: NSFW furry example (two characters)

EXAMPLE 2: Hatsune Miku

Terms of Services:

These commissions are for personal use only. Commission delivery should be expected within 2 weeks depending on complexity. Full refunds only for requests I'm unable to complete. Upfront payment via PayPal only. If you are to share your commission, please credit me and link to my Ko-Fi page or any of my social media pages (@/yourrealcruise).


NSFW commissions for 18+ year olds only. I will NOT make anything even slightly lewd for anyone who isn't of age. Prices are the same for NSFW requests, but will be subject to change depending on complexity. NSFW options available for both 'Character Piece' options (view examples above and other work on my NG page). Commissions can be more graphic than the examples but I will NOT draw: taboo sex acts (vore, inflation, incest, etc.), gore, vehicles/mecha, real people or OCs based on real people, any fetish I find too extreme. However, I can be flexible with your requests so if you have any questions, please ask! Furries welcome, of course ;)

Also, unless you specifically ask me not to, I have the right to share requests on social media. Posts of commissions will remain anonymous unless you ask to be tagged. More graphic commissions will only be shared on Newgrounds. If you're in any way interested please PM me! My PMs are always open. 

Thank you :)

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