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Lately I've been creating cyberpunk characters and mechs and general illustrations that go along that theme, and I am willing to work on that theme for cheap prices as long as it I am able to work on my own style.

each piece will be $50, it is the same price for characters, mechs, guns, aircrafts, props and cars.

My portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/rafael_bicalho

It is best if you contact me via email at: rafael.motion.bicalho@gmail.com

I accept only paypal as payment method and to lock in the work half of the price(50%) has to be paid upfront. Delivery time is 1-2 depending on the complexity but generally I am done withim one full day.



I figured it would be appropriate to prepare some commissions to help with moving!

If you're interested then please read this image and DM me.

Just know that with moving it may take me longer than usual to do your commission.



Good morning Newgrounds!

My name is Luke, better known on here as greyhawk241! I have been a professional Voice Actor and Multi-Media entertainer for over a decade, working on everything from Anime and Videogames, to pod casts and radio plays!

I have even had the honor of working with the likes of Funimation and Hideo Kojima in the past!🤘

I’m making this post to give back to the community who helped get my name out in the first place, and to work my way up to being a household name, a voice actor who is extremely well known and well respected in the industry!

That’s the dream anyway!😁🤘

I have older demo reels on both my account here, and my YouTube channel (a link to that is on my NG page), and while I will happily respond to messages on here, a much more direct line to me would be:


Thank you so much to any and all interested, I look forward to working with you soon!


My entertainment resume is available upon request!