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open for game artwork! (workin for free)

sup, I'm snivy, I'm an artist/animator looking to work on art for games

I'm down to do artwork for your game whether that be spriting, title art, whatever, I just wanna draw for your games. I can definitely do small stuff, and am willing to help with larger projects if I find your game interesting enough and want to dedicate myself to doing art for it. I can also animate stuff for your game, but I would much prefer to draw because animation takes time and I have my own things I need to work on (not saying I won't animate for you, but just don't expect me to immediately say yes if you want me to animate something).

I am also down to work on any genre of game you're going for, whether it be a shooter, rhythm game, point and click adventure, or a metroidvania (that one would be fucking awesome I wanna do art for metroidvania-type games, but other stuff is fine too)

(ALSO, please do not ask me to work on art for nsfw games, risqué stuff is completely fine but I am NOT doin' porn games man)

My art style is cartoony and exaggerated, so if you're looking for that sort of style in your game, then you're luck.

I am willing to work completely for free because I am new to this sort of thing, but please do not abuse this information to overwork me at no cost. I cannot be paid online right now because I have no way of being paid online at the moment, but giving me full credit for my work is much appreciated.

information you must provide to me when messaging me about me working for you

  • the name of your game and/or brief description of the game (optional)
  • characters (or other things you want me to draw) in your game + references of them if possible
  • exactly what artwork you would like me to do for your game, please try to be as clear as possible as to not create any confusion. if you would like, you may alternatively give me options on what art stuff to do for your game if you don't want to force me to make specific stuff.

types of game artwork I can do for you:

  • SPRITES - I have little-to-no experience, please show me how your sprite sheets work before sending me off to work on em
  • TITLE/CUTSCENE ART - now this I can confidently say I can do, I can draw art for your titles, credits, cutscenes, whateva' ya need man. I may even consider animating a cutscene or two if you want me to, but please be aware that animation takes time, and I have my own things I need to do outside of this work
  • CHARACTER PROFILES - same as what I said above, I can make character portraits if that's what you want
  • BACKGROUNDS/SCENERY/DECORATION - not great at them but I have experience in making backgrounds, I can work on them if you would like me to, but do not expect them to be top notch lmao (I am working on getting better at backgrounds tho)
  • HUDS/UIS - texts boxes, menus, health bars, I can do that shit for ya, just tell me what you want it to look like and I'll try my best to make it look like how you imagined it (if that's what you want)
  • OBJECTS/ITEMS - I prefer character art but I'll do this stuff too. disclaimer, I am not good at drawing weapons so fair warning there lmao

some things you should know before I conclude this:

  • I use firealpaca to draw and blender to animate/model shit, I have clip studio paint and I am aware it's good, but I'm more comfortable with firealpaca at this time
  • I have only sprited once in my entire life, if you are looking for someone purely to do game sprites, I may not be your guy. I'm not saying I can't make sprites, but it will probably take longer to do so than someone with more experience in sprite art.
  • this is also my first time using the collabinator on NG, and therefore my first time looking for work so yeah hi :)
  • again, I am working for free, please don't abuse this fact and kill me with assloads of work
  • I find myself to be horrible with deadlines, so please forgive me if I am late with my work, as I have my own projects that I am working on such as art and animations. I also have school so there's that too.
  • I can do 3D stuff if you really want, I have a decent understanding of blender, as I use it to animate, but I am NOT the best at modeling/sculpting and prefer 2D art because I am more comfortable with it. this doesn't mean I will always say no to doing 3D artwork, but I would much rather do 2D art
  • this is just a personal thing but I really don't wanna work on friday night funkin mods, I'm not saying I won't, just that I may not be interested in working on fnf mod after fnf mod, I love original game ideas! (but I will also work on fangames if you want, I'm totally down for that stuff!)

that's basically it, go check out my NG page to get a better look at my current art style (I tried to upload images but they glitched out and did not want to load for me on this page, I apologize for this)

if you're interested in hiring me, feel free to shoot me a message here on newgrounds or in my twitter DMs here

if you ask me, I can even give you my discord and we can talk that way too, I personally prefer discord but do what makes you the most comfortable

again, feel free to check out my newgrounds homepage if you want to get a look at more of my art and stuff, and if you are interested in having me make art for your game, I look foreword to hearing from you

thank you, snivydoesstuff



Check out some of our works on our channel Youtube.com/user/jackbliss



Commissions Open!(Fullbody and Chibi)

Cartoon and Chibi Commission Sale!

Yo! I'm Shinto, a freelance digital artist, cartoonist and designer. I enjoy drawing fan art and designing original cartoon style characters. I'm always open for commissions!



If you're interested please direct message me or email me at mgod19@gmail.com

(Prices generally guidelines and are negotiable!)


Open For Commissions


I'm a voice over actor and would love to bring life to your next animation, video game, audio drama, etc. My voice can be described as young, energetic, kind, confident, informative, and animated. I've been involved as a contacted voice talent involved with various projects over the years, ranging from animations RIGHT HERE on New Grounds, YouTube original animated series, mobile & PC video games, visual novels, and narrations for e-learning content and non-profit organizations. I give super quick responses to inquiries, 24-48 hour turnarounds, portable home studio, and a background in singing, music and audio production.

Check out my work samples/demo reels here: https://www.stephenjpena.com/demos

For a little more background/my recording equipment: https://www.stephenjpena.com/media-2

If you'd like to get in contact with me about your specific project, you can DM me here OR you can use my direct contact form on my website: https://www.stephenjpena.com/contact-1

Looking forward to work with you!


Character Design Commissions Open


Availablen for Character commissions. Direct Message me if you are interested and we can discuss further details!


Commission Sheet


I reply faster on Instagram and Twitter, so you know. But don’t be afraid to chuck me a message :3

It costs extra for additional characters and for backgrounds, multiple versions, and general details. Usually the price is negotiable and determines on complexity.


- COMMISSIONS ╮(≧ω≦)╭ $3 - $19(0/3 Slots)

- COMMISSIONS ╮(≧ω≦)╭ $3 - $19(0/3 Slots)

Hi there! i am Kaenlet but you can call me Kat! Welcome, i'm opening commissions for the first time but i've experience as thumbnail maker of SunFIRE! Hobbyist artist and i plan to improve my drawing skills for all of you! i'm kinda addicted on draw Mobians (Sonic style), Furry (a little bit) and mainly cartoons, but i'm open and willling to try new styles! ( I also can do thumbnails for videos too! )! you can check the prices on my Toyhouse.

I'm trying to get some money for buy a Pen Diplay, so if you want to help me you can buy my commissions

I will be very grateful <3

Samples of my work ≧ω≦)/





( Sorry for my bad english :c )


Open for Sketch Commisions!

Hello and good day!

Right now, I'm doing $12 USD colored sketch commissions for half body work and $15 USD for full body work. I can do humans, simple robots/mechs, blood, minor gore, and I can try with monsters. If you're interested, please send me a reference of the character you want (and the pose if you want it to be specific!). Please note that I don't draw NSFW, suggestive material, fetishes, or anything illegal or hateful.

I accept payments through Ko-Fi and Cashapp. If you're interested, have any questions, or there's something I missed, please message me!







I'm Cartoonist & 2D Animator Freelancer with 3 Master .

My Tools:

  • Tahoma & Animation Paper

Types of Commission i can make:

  • Character Design, Color your Draw or Comic
  • Simple Motion Graphic & Pupet Animation

For contact,write me here



Hello greetings my friends

He wants to work a cartoon character write a fantastic moving animation!

I’m Mr. Carlosdevil

You wanted to work with me try to be is a fantastic character you want to be

we need you because cartoon character don’t die together I want you in the shell you wanna to work with me so here it is this is a YouTube show called

Carlosdevilshow on YouTube (We need you what matter should be a gratis cartoon character in their credit)



Commissions are officially open!

Hello I'm Slim a freelance artist looking for work opportunities. I'm branching out to newgrounds to hopefully expand my reach. I'm an extremely versatile artist that can adapt to a range of styles, from comicbook, cartoons, fantasy, sci-fi, and more.


Bust: 5.00$

Half body: 10.00$

Full body: 15.00$

Sketch: 15.00$

Lineart: 20.00$

Flat color: 25.00$

Shading: 30.00$

Just DM with details.


Art Comissions Open!!!

I'm currently available for work in art comissions, check it out!!!:


if you're interested or you're having questions, you can DM me!!


DCAU Commissions

Hello, I like to draw SFW DCAU fanart, & I'd love to draw OCs in the DCAU art style! iu_660392_5994399.webp



Open for Commissions

Hey all,

I'm here to write music for any projects that need it. From orchestral to electronic to textural to piano or guitar tracks. Been writing music for over a decade using cubase, guitar, and piano.

What I can do:

  • Full length tracks (between 1:00 - 3:00) - $55-$100/track
  • Loops(0:30 - 1:00) - $65/10 loops
  • Bumps(0:05 - 0:15) - $15-$35/5 bumps
  • Edits - time edits or tweaks - $35/3 edits

I also don't mind writing based on a reference track.

Pricing is firm but can be negotiated to fit your budget. Just need to make sure I'm getting paid for my time is all.

What I need from you if you're interested:

  • What's your project about (sometimes this helps with the final product)
  • Any references for music you have in mind (totally ok i f you don't)
  • Amount of music needed.
  • The timeframe I'm working in
  • What kind of genre your wanting. (Not everything is within my wheelhouse but will give an earnest attempt if think I can do it)

If interested, don't hesitate to DM me


Open for Commissions

I am willing to work on any SFW projects along the lines of character design, character reference sheets, comics, original cartoon illustrations, cartoon fan art illustrations, storyboards, scripts, 2D animation, 2D animation posters, etc. My prices are listed on my Kofi, but I can negotiate prices if needed (Kofi Link).

Animation Sizzle Reel

Art Portfolio

NO NFTs & NO AI/Bitcoin Content


Special sale mow


Doing a Sepcial Comission for only 4$!! wowie!

Terms are simple! if interested! dm me (if possible)

give me said character!

when i accept wait! as as i draw something with them real quick

this is a very fast past comission so i try to finish each com really fast!!



ya boy's a broke bitch. commissions are always open ♥️

DM/email me with the details at zachperard@gmail.com

payments made at: https://www.paypal.me/usahi

  • each subject adds $5 onto initial price!
  • won't draw nsfw




view bucky the bucktooth season 1 comics here





Open for comission!!

I will do all kinds of digital art, mainly character art, of various styles. I currently don't have set prices, but would love to work it out on an individual basis!!

I also do voiceacting and have quite a few voices to offer, just ask on that one. Voiceacting will be most likely quite cheap!


Open for commisions



Commission Art and Comic Strips

Commissions are open, if you are interested, please visit this site. All of the information and terms of services are provided.


ToS: https://sites.google.com/view/peterbasketfoxsite/terms-of-service

Must be 18 or older to commission.

**Please note that the availability and number of slots may vary for each month based on my schedule.**











Commissions Open

My style ranges from realistic to cartoonish, though I favor drawing in an anime style. I'm capable of drawing mecha, furries, and humanoids in any style. You can find my most recent works in my gallery here, or check out my list of sites to see my journey as an artist!

The rating is set to E, however if you would like to commission something R15+ (gore or explicit) we can discuss more details in messages.

Base price for a full commission is $75 includes a detailed background and shading, if you have any questions on additional pricing feel free to ask! If you'd like to request something less pricey consider checking out my ko-fi where the minimum $5 tip grants you a sketch request.

If you're interested in a writing commission and would like to look at some of my in progress original or fan works for a better portfolio, please message with any questions you have.


Mizter Fuzzy - Open for Commissions!

✴✴ Commissions are OPEN!! ✴✴

⬇⬇ Info Below ⬇⬇


Payments accepted through PayPal, Cash App, and Facebook.

Reach out if interested!


Commissions open for FREE

I'll draw what you want for free!


  • I won't draw anything NSFW or offensive.
  • By agreeing to work with me I get to post on my account the commission I drew for you.
  • You'll let me take my own time to complete said commission (although expect it to take less than a week).
  • You will provide reference for said commission.


  • you can use said commission as you please (as long as you credit me).
  • You will be given a chance to check the progress of my work where you can suggest changes before it's finished.

Dm me if you are interested!


Art Collabs/Writing

Hey hows it going, my name is Corpse, I am an artist, comedian and writer from Ireland and I am available to help work on projects you may need help with. Some people describe my art as creepy and cute, some people described my writing as tragically funny.

My skills:

-15 years of posting art online.

-Medibang Paint Pro proficient.

-Trained Stand Up comic.

-Improv trained

-Mimics cartoon voices and likes to think he can voice act.

Here's what I am willing to work on:

-Voices for side/background characters

-Comedy script/storyboard writing for cartoons/video games

-Fun art collabs like art trades, ocs hanging out, etc.

-Collabs on writing.

-Sketches/Shorts writing.

-Literally anything writing wise (Dark, Gritty, Sad, Comedic or Horror.)

Stuff I won't work on:

-Anything racist, homophobic or anything like that.

If your idea hooks me, like sounds like something really cool and fun to work on, I'll most likely do it for free. Just shoot us a DM of you're ideas and I'll let you know if I'm your guy for it.


Commissions are open~!

Hiya! Its cool to see that Newgrounds is allowing commissions to be displayed on their site~

Anyway, I've had commissions open for a while so I thought I'd share them here

I'll include some of my portfolio and a link to my site where we can get in touch. I'll also be active here on Newgrounds as well.

Portfolio Images:




Click here to visit my website~



I’m currently offering lineart and flat color for 5 slots. First come, first serve. Keep in mind that only one character going to be drawn and no extra characters and backgrounds are included.

More information can be found here on my commission carrd.


Here are the prices:


Headshot - $15 CAD

Halfbody - $20 CAD

Fullbody - $25 CAD


Flat Colour:

Headshot - $25 CAD

Halfbody - $30 CAD

Fullbody - $35 CAD


I can only take payment through Ko-fi or PayPal.

(Keep in mind that with Ko-fi, there will be addon prices, meaning that the addon option you pick will be added to the base price.)


My Ko-Fi:

Ko-fi Commissions


Price Chart:



If you are interested, DM me for more details.