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Hey! you got an animated short you wanna produce? Need someone to translate your script into an animatic?

Well look no further! I'm offering my skills to whoever needs it!

(Paid work is highly appreciated / preferred. I can work with your budget.)

I'll only work on shorts (3-6 mins)

No long ongoing episodic projects like a web-series, at least not yet.

I specialize in:

  • Comedy (mild / crude / slapstick)
  • Drama (love making people feel something)
  • Action?? (High speed chases sure! / hand to hand combat..eh I'm willing to try)
  • Musicals / MVs

Let's keep it PG to MA-17+ please (Sorry can't do porn at the moment)

Program(s) I use: Storyboard Pro / Clip Studio Paint EX

If you're interested in my services, Private message me here or my email: angelo.caba13@gmail.com

(For me to start on anything,You MUST at least have some character designs or turnaround sheets on deck. Layout designs of backgrounds is great material too. It'll make both of our jobs easier)



So I can do: 

a pupet animation, 

frame by frame. 

Novice at storybord but will do my best! :D 


Can do 3d modeles,

simple rigs,

Novice at 3d animation.


DM me and we can discuss the prices. 

Or here's my Gmail. stasann2@gmail.com


Img exemples:



Video exemples:



3d walk cycle




Puppet animation



Frame by frame