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Commission list pixel ID is open!

Commission is finally open to the public but this time is pixel ID style originated back from DeviantArt 2007!


PM me if you're interested.


Open for Commissions! -Final Mix-

Update: The google docs form was counter-intuitive for what I needed when handling commissions. For now I have an extensive guide up on my Neocities page that'll hopefully answer any questions you have.

If you want to look at the old google doc and spreadsheet I used for whatever reason, those can be found below:

Old Google Docs Form

Old Google Spreadsheet.


KO-FI COMMISSION - https://ko-fi.com/phuijl

Open for Ko-Fi commission !

Here's some examples of $90 Ko-Fi commissions. Be sure to read the FAQ before you pledge!






More examples can be found on my commission info page here

★ https://phuijl.carrd.co/

Currently, Ko-Fi commission is only available but you can still shoot me an email at phuiscribbles@gmail.com about the regular commission. Sometimes I will take it on depending on what you have in mind for the request. 





Will do:

Fan Art, Original Characters, etc.

Won't draw:

Scat, Gore, Weird Fetishes and other stuff that I don't approve

PayPal only

Full color only - base starting price:



Does not include transaction fee [Invoice will include the fee]

Additional character + 75% of base price.

Variations and complex details extra fees will be discussed personally for each commission.

Backgrounds start from $10 and up.

Sometimes I will add a simple or even complex background for free if I feel like it, unless you specify strictly no background.

-How to Proceed

Just send me a note/dm/e-mail with the info & the title "Commission" and your Paypal.

All details regarding your commission, be very clear, won't be adding or changing details after payment.

Thighs or full body

Background yes/no and details.

Number of characters and details, pose/emotion/facial expression (you may leave it to me tho if you want)

Reference pictures of the character(s) and background or a description (or else leave it to me)

Add any info that may help

-Once I reply and we both agree you can make the full upfront payment only.

No refunds, be sure that my style is what you want (Unless for some reason I can't finish your commission).

-One revision, I'll send you a rough sketch for you to review. No changes can be made unless they are minimal.

After you review the sketch it takes around 5-10 days to finish your commission.

Don´t rush me and be patience. I asure you, I always deliver.

-You'll get fullres HQ JPEG and PNG image 4k pixels.

All works is for your private usage (non-commercial) .

You can post them anywhere you want, just credit me or add a link to my profile on the description.

Thank You!



Colour Commission: 60€

Monochrome Sketch: 30€

Additional characters 50%.

+10€ flat fee for NSFW.

DM or comment for inquiry. My ko-fi page here: https://ko-fi.com/bucketofchum

Base Prices listed in euros. I maintain the right to refuse any commission prompt for any reason. Full size 300 DPI image will be e-mailed to you upon completion. I maintain rights to all my drawings.


Commissions Open

Hellowda, this will be the prices I'll use this time. If you are interested in a drawing or have some questions about. Please, feel free to send me a DM! nwn



Open for comms!

Commissions are open! Send me a message on newgrounds or twitter to claim a slot!iu_693173_9028721.webpiu_693174_9028721.webpiu_693175_9028721.webp



BLITZ! Art Commissions Open!

Round 5: Wolf of Lightning

http://dashxero.tumblr.com/commissions  for details!


BLITZ! Design Works now open! Put my passion for character design to work for you! http://dashxero.tumblr.com/commissions for information. bit.ly/BLITZDesignWorks to apply.



Commissions open until further notice. Act quickly. Get your commission today!


Commissions Always Open!


If interested, Contact me via DMs here, Twitter or preferably Discord! (Voks#9802)

(Check Twitter Profile for slot availability here)



You can transaction by PayPal currency: USD

To make the commission, simply send me a private message with details of your requests.

To have good real-time communication for customers who will ask for many commissions for a long time, then add me to Discord: BlueWolfArtista#1516 Or join my Server: discord.gg/3AEZrNY

Things that I do not do:

I do not do Sketch or Lineart either. It did not help to create/recreate characters. I do not copy poses that already exist and/or other artists or that I have in my gallery. Do not ask me to put a testament in the description of your commissions, nor a specific title, nor ask me to add a text/dialogue in the image.

For content NSFW:

For content: NSFW / Yuri / Hentai / Mature / Adult / Sex / Porn / 18+, communicate personally with me and we will reach an agreement, because I do not accept all types of content adult and the prices will be a little higher, depending on what they ask me.

Price 15 USD (+5 USD for Additional Character)

Max 2 character allowed (+10 USD per Character)

The images are all the size of 1700 X 2400, It depends on the height of the character, they will leave full body or only half of the body, eg: Full Body and Half Body.  For Fanfiction covers, don't forget to show me the link of your stories to put them in the description. There will also be times when I will be late in fulfilling your commissions, so be patient. Here are some examples of what type my content is, it is more of the Ecchi style.

---------- For Comic/Manga Pages: ----------

Price 30 USD for pages + 15 USD for a cover.

For this part of the commissions, I will specialize in drawing the idea of Comic / Manga that you have, I have to say that I know nothing about speaking Japanese but at least I understand onomatopoeia. To have an organized sector of requests I will need a script with a detailed description to be able to work on the panels and on the expressions of the characters or a story already written and published on sites like wattpad or on a similar page or a draft for later pass it to the final section.

Unfortunately the pages are going to be black and white. I will not specify deadlines since it is not intended to be% 100 active on your request. The number of pages may vary since you will only be charged for the pages and not the panels. The number of pages will depend on the script written (more specifically, if a specific sequence is made in two or three paragraphs, from those paragraphs a page with the respective panels will be made). The size of the pages will be 1800x2546.

Thematic NSFW/Yuri/Hentai/Mature/Adult/Sex/Porn/18+/Lewd will be included. Communicate personally with me by private and we will reach an agreement, because I do not accept all types of content adult.

---------- For Oc x Canon Characters ----------

Here I will have to be very strict about making images of OC x Canon characters, unfortunately, if their characters I do not like the design or the pairing does not convince me (depending on what ship they do with any character from any franchise) unfortunately the I will have to decline regardless of your tastes. I also have to clarify that I don't like romantic shipping, friendly approach, adorable romance or super soft things, it's nothing personal but I really would like you to ask for more Oc x Canon with NSFW content, even more if it's furries.

I'm not going to deny that these types of approaches still give me a bit of cringe, even more depending on the design of the Ocs. Therefore, in that part of the design I will be very strict, there will be characters that I like and others that I don't, There will be Oc x Canons that I approved and others did not, more than anything with anime/series characters. In that regard I will be very selective.

Price 20 USD (For Oc x Canon characters)


Open for Commissions (3 SLOTS OPEN)

Hey, I'm starting commissions again, and revised my prices. I've got 3 slots open right now, so get it while it's there! Take a look at my art gallery if you want to get a grasp of my style and strengths. Remember though: PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL ONLY . Here's my commissions info. if you want to commission me, send a private message through Newgrounds or my Twitter, which you can find on my home page. Requests through comments won't be considered, just to let you know.

You can find the sheet… RIGHT HERE





Contact Sheet


NSFW Artist & Illustrator

If you're interested in getting a commission, pricing, or other art inquiries you can contact me through DMs.



Commissions OPEN!




Comms open!!


My services and prices for whatever you'd like me to draw are now listed on my Vgen!



Hi Hey Hello !! I guess my commissions are open. So let's just get into the details.

U can only pay me with PayPal [USD], Discord Nitro, robux, or my Ko-Fi ! Once I get paid, I will start with ur commission asap ! It might take about some hours - days for me to finish it. Depending if i'm home or not.



Regular art

headshots/busts - 9$

halfbody - 10$

fullbody - 12$

+5$ for shading (it will look like this blurry-ish)

+4$ for solid shading (commission sheet pics at the end)

+1$ for coloured lineart

+7$ for any additional characters

if you want more than one character, it can be on separate files per character or together in one canvas if you want the characters together

examples are below in the EXAMPLE section



plain drawing - 10$

+5$ for shading (it will look like this blurry-ish)

+4$ for solid shading (commission sheet pics at the end)

+1$ for coloured lineart

if you want more than one character, it will be on separate files per character.

examples are below in the EXAMPLE section



Nitro classic (2.99$) - 1 icon (nonshaded)

Discord Nitro (9.99$) - 1full body (with a shading of any choice)



prices are all in here



full body tween animation (Example below)

flat - 30$

solid shading - 5$

+5$ for each extra detail (example: ear twitch, movement to limbs and/or tail, etc.)

Price for extra movement/frame by frame in animation depends on what part will and how it moves

examples are below in the EXAMPLE section



plain - free

bg with a pattern- 2$

detailed- starts at 5$, depending on how detailed you want the background

Can do



-gore (blood, no organs)


-stick figures

-fandom ocs

-shipart (including oc x canon, oc x oc, and canon x canon)


-roblox characters

Can't do


-hate art (anything mean about someone else and stuff like that, you get it)

-complex designs

-heavy gore


-realistic art

-anything problematic


It would help alot if u tell me what pose/face expression/backgrounds colour/etc.

heads up ! I will ask u lots of questions just to make sure I don't do anything wrong.

I can do a few artstyles (eddsworld artstyles and my own) so if there's one you would like, please tell me before I start!

any questions or if interested, feel free to dm me ! My dms are always open ! We can talk on here in PMs, twitter, instagram or my discord (I might not accept some friend requests so if you want to commission me, it's best to start with twitter, instagram, or newgrounds)

my discord is alphawolfbrodog



some examples of my art on my instagram or on newgrounds art page !

commission sheets are on my deviantart or on my instagram

animation examples on this carrd

but here's some anyways




Commission Info

SEND ME YOUR REQUEST TO: Drunkenxdragoon@gmail.com




Color single shade: 70$  + 45$ per extra character

Lineart : 40$ + 25$ per extra character

Cellshading: 90$  + 65$ per extra character

Details can be charge extra (10 usd or more) !!!!

Backgrounds: depends of the complexity and the style of color (flat color are free)

Private comission : +50% of the base price

Variations: depends of the deep of the work

Steps for ordering your comission:

  1. Send your request: describe your request in detail and send references (example: a picture for the character u want, another for the movement, etc).
  2. Payment: PayPal only.
  3. The first half of the commission price must be deposited before I start the sketch (Full payment for a single lineart character comission).
  4. Once you are satisfied with the sketch, the other half of the payment needs to be paid in order to continue with the coloring.
  5. Resieve a Sketch: When you are satisfied with the sketch , I will continue the art
  6. Wait for the final work: you will receive the final artwork in less than 15-30 days (depends of the complexity, color, and number of characters)
  7. Make it simple: All i need is the character and a reference for the pose, little more details is ok. 

I dont draw 

lolicon, scat, vore, expansions and anything related to torture…

Male Sonic characters

I dont draw OC that belong to artists, unless you get permission from the artist to do so


Open for Commissions, People!

Hello there! May ye be all up and healthy!

I've opened a commission shorlist for the coming weeks.

Feel free to pop by and PM me if interested.

I will be mainly focusing on Drawing and Sketching, but Flash Animation is not excluded.

The range is mostly $15 to $30, but it will all depend on the complexity of pieces.

See you round and have a pleasant day! ^^








If you want a comm make sure to DM me through NewGrounds, or preferably, Discord (astropixy).


Open Commission


  •  Please send me a note with your commission information including:
  • references and/or detailed descriptions of the character(s).
  • what you want the character(s) to be doing.
  • If ordering an image with a painted background, let me know if you want a specific environment, time of day, or what the weather to be like in the picture.
  • After that I'll let you know the overall cost of the artwork. I will start working only after the payment
  • I draw with a mouse so each piece usually take 2 - 3 days to finish, 1 week at best. If requested I can show you my current WIP.
  • First come first serve.
  • You may not use the artwork for commercial purposes (putting on Tshirt, selling prints, etc...) You have the right to use your commission for any personal use you want (avatars, wallpapers, icons, profile pictures, upload it to your own personal galleries with credit given, etc.)
  • Art Type

  •  Can do:
  • Most anime-style anthro or human characters
  • Gore and nudity
  • Animal/feral, pony, etc...(abeit not very good at) 
  • Cannot do:
  • Complex or very detailed characters like mech or armor
  • Fetishes I consider gross (inflation, muds, etc...)
  • Emulate another individual artist's style
  • Visit my gallery here      
  • I might miss a few info here and there so you can always ask if you're not sure about something.
  • Any questions can be ask by note or commenting

I am also available on TwitterReddit and FA





Commissions Opening Soon




I have no job anymore, i have been laid off....


Or if you want to support in other way you can Donate at my PAYPAL or KOFI!

Thank you for the help.




GIVE ME MONEY!! (Commission opened!!)

Hello, it's Tappa!!

I opened my commission with change something than before!!

Honestly I want money, exciting experience, and my motivation...

So If you have a request, please give me your request from message!!

Of corse you can send request from other websites!!


[Lines only]

  • Head: $20
  • Upper half: $30
  • Full body: $40

[Upper half]

  • Head: $35
  • Upper half: $45
  • Full body: $55

[Full body]

  • Head: $50
  • Upper half: $60
  • Full body: $70


  • Fix and Retake: $5 per fix
  • Background: $5
  • Add character: $10 per character
  • NSFW and Gore(Only over age 18): $100


  • Can: Original, Fanart, Chibi, NSFW, Gore
  • Can't: Comic, Vehicles and Robot*², Scatology

*1: Only official or original author permissioned to fan fiction and derivative works

*2: But if it simply design, maybe I can draw...


  • Except this website, X(Twitter), My website, Tsunagu(Work request) can't retake and fix.
  • Depending on the contents of request, it take days than schedule.


  • Under 18 age request NSFW and Gore.
  • Selfmade remark
  • Withiout my permission of repost, copy, commercialize
  • Use to learn for AI

Anyway, protect the rules!!

That's all maybe, but if you want to ask about this commission,

tell me from comment or message!!

Finally, here is samples!!



Commissions Open!

Hello, seeing that newgrounds has this service, I will take the opportunity to notify that I make commissions!


If you have any questions, send me a private message!



New Commission Sheet 2023iu_893954_7595945.webp

My paypal tellyhates22@gmail.com

or Pay at https://patreon.com/Samantha3

PS: Other Character for Render will cost extra


SUICIDE BUSINESS (commissions open)


Commissions are open until the end of July. Shoot me a DM if you're interested and we can discuss things further.


Open For Commissions!

iu_770470_6968759.webpAll Commission info is available on my Kofi Page

  • Line Art - £10
  • Full Colour Busts - £25
  • Full Colour Full Body - £50
  • Willing to draw lite NSFW commissions i.e. non-fetish related
  • Nothing overly Complex such as machinery or environments

I will take 4 commissions at a time, commissions may take anytime between 1-2 weeks to complete each.



Check out my art commission info here: https://sykografix.tumblr.com/art


These prices are not set in stone and I am flexible to work something out depending on what you're looking for. You can always point to something I've already done and tell me to do something like that.

I prefer not to draw things based on fan fiction, etc, but I won't say no outright. It will cost extra, of course.

Get in touch with me here: https://www.sykografix.com/contact/contact-index.html

Or just send me a private message here on Newgrounds. Be patient though!

Watch my streams and follow to be notified whenever I go live here: www.twitch.tv/ninjatron

Check out my Twitter to keep up with what else is going on. twitter.com/SykoGrafix

Follow my Tumblr for sketches, work in progress pics, collecting toys & games, and more. sykografix.tumblr.com/

Follow me on Instagram because it's good and stuff. www.instagram.com/sykografix/

I hate Facebook but you can follow me there too I guess. www.facebook.com/SykoGrafix/



Character commissions are open yes

If you want something or got any questions then feel free to DM me on here or via discord

The discord in question: don_tijeras

And also the ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/donscissors


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