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all the photos didnt fit, but dm me if you want to know the prices for extra characters or detailed bgs etc



I am open for some Art Requests/Commisions (For Free) and also some Programming, keep in mind that I do code in Scratch so there will definetaly be limitations especially with my limited Scripting.

I'm working on quite a lot of Projects right now but can make time for everything.

If you want to see some of my Art then you can find it on the Art Section of my Profile and if you want to see some of my games (Id reccomend the newer ones) then you can find that on the Games Section of my Profile.

If you want to see some examples of my Art then you could see it here:





I'm also available to do some simple animation, if you want some examples of Madness Combat Animations I'll show them here:

If you want to see my other animations then you can find it here:

Also I can make simple mod Re-Skins like this one:

I also make music sometimes and if you want to see that then you could check out the Audio Section of my Profile or My Bandlab Profile

Things that I can do:





Things that I cant do:

Voice Acting


I figured it would be appropriate to prepare some commissions to help with moving!

If you're interested then please read this image and DM me.

Just know that with moving it may take me longer than usual to do your commission.



Character Art Commissions are OPEN!


  • $10 - Half Body (Mid Thigh & Up)
  • $15 - Full Body

Line Art

  • $20 - Half Body (Mid Thigh & Up)
  • $25 - Full Body

Full Render (Cell Shade)

  • $40 - Half Body (Mid Thigh & Up)
  • $50 - Full Body


+$15 - Basic color & shapes

+$30 - Simple Landscape

+50 - Detailed Backgrounds (ie. Cityscapes, room with more than 2 objects, etc)


Examples of my work


Won’t Do!

NSFL(Not Safe For Life) & Furry

Message me if interested.

  • I’m willing to discuss details.
  • Half the Payment will be required upfront to begin.
  • Prices include up to 2 revisions of the Sketch & Line Art phases, and 1 small revision for Full Renders.
  • Further revisions will cost +$5 for Sketch, +$10 for Line Art, and +$20 for Full Render UP FRONT.

Commissions are open!!!

Cartoon art style!

Better at females than males. Can do humans and humanoids. I can attempt furries/anthro but I am new to them!

Prices vary depending on what you want!

NSFW is available for female characters only!

Message me if interested!

Website >> https://midgesaurus.wixsite.com/portfolio

Patreon >> https://www.patreon.com/Midgesaurus


if you want a cozy kind of illustration or just a drawing of your character, text me!iu_243659_8656781.jpgiu_243660_8656781.jpgiu_243661_8656781.jpg


If you have this really crazy idea that you want to become a reality ,then call me and it shall be done so :D

I like it when something is NSFW, but am also doing SFW art.

Message me and we will try to build something up,together ?

Don't worry about the price,cause they are very reachable.

For example

Maximum 2 figures in one picture is 30$, and so the price will follow the number of figures and overall complexity of the work.

These are some newest works!



Willing to do Commissions as a hobbyist artist. This is my first time doing something like this so I will only be doing 5 slots to be paid Through paypal. If you wanna reach me contact here, my social medias, or my email cgbadehan@gmail.com

-Simple sketches will be 5 dollars

-flat colored icons will be $10

-full colored (shading and highlights) icons will be $15 dollars

-flat colored fullbody will be $20

-Full colored fullbody will be $25

-Extra characters will cost $5 more

-Will do

  • tasteful NSFW for $10 extra
  • Furry
  • some mecha
  • not too complex background
  • character design

-Will not do

  • too complex backgrounds
  • too complex mecha
  • no racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia
  • no loli or shota shit
  • too explicit NSFW

Examples of my work:




New commission type is available!

My ToS: http://tinyurl.com/oracle-sphinx-tos

Message me if you're interested in a commission✨


Hello, I'm an NSFW Artist, I usually draw hijabi and blasphemy content, but I can do another than that, just name it! ;D


If you still have questions, DM me :)

other portfolio




Ok ok ok, i know im not that famous but i still think this could be my chance.

Im accepting everything that has to do with Stories, writing, music (kinda), voice acting & the best of all Drawings! :D

If you want some of this don't worry, im still not sure about receiving money yet so yeah you could tell that this is totally FREE.

I have to warn that my content is something that takes it time and it's pacience because im still a principiant so just let me know via message on my account on Newgrounds if you want something & i'll try my best.

(I almost forgot to say that im also looking for other artists to work with, so if you want to help this little artist of me :3 just send me a message in my account)

See ya! :D


Hi lizards! this month are the Commissions oficially open! Special promo for couples and BFF with 2 commissions for the price of one . Only valid in September 2020 since 1 Dollar. More Information and prices in the images and My Profile.

Commissions Terms:

  1. The commisssion can be request for two people or more, but the payment must be done for one person from the group.
  2. The payment terms are by total advancement, you can check my gallery if you need more security in your decision. but I DONT MADE COMMISSIONS WITHOUT PAYMENT.
  3. The customer can request maximum two (2) minimal changes to the commission. and if 7 days pass without the deliver of your commission, i must return your money.
  4. The NSFW (+18) content are allowed, but Gecko Green reserves the admission rights according to order type. i DONT MAKE OTHER TYPE MONEY RETURN.

If you´re outside from colombia, you can pay in DA or support me doing the payment in my paypal account: paypal.me/damdrafts

And if you´re in colombia, please send me a DM for more information.

¡Don´t lose time! request a special gift for your friend or loved one! Write me to Editorialmfdx(a)Gmail(dot)com or check out my other social media too.

Facebook: facebook.com/geckogreenart

Deviantart: https://deviantart.com/geckogreenart

Instagram: instagram.com/dammelendez

Behance (My portfolio): behance.net/dammelendez






Examples below of my stained glass icons

will be 600x600 pixels unless you a request a certain size.

headshot of your character, i am a furry artist, so prefur animal characters over human.

Price is $10.70USD paypal only

please contact me by telegram/discord or email as i am not always active here.

telegram @holyhell111 discord holyhell111#6935 and email is murphylawsweet16life@hotmail.com

for other things i do can be found here along with prices and examples


(characters belong to their rightful owners, art by me)




Click here for cartoony commissions

Terms of Service (short version)

  • I accept paypal and Revolut
  • Commissions must be paid in full upfront. I start working on your commission as soon as the payment is done. 
  • I do send Wips (Work in progress) for corrections, one at the sketch phase and one at the coloring phase.If you want something corrected after you approved it in the WIPS I sent, you will be charge extra accordingly.
  • If you want to cancel your commission and I already started I’ll do a partial refund. If I haven’t started yet you will have the complete refund.
  • The time I will take to complete the commission will depend on the length of the queue.but usually it takes around 24 to 48 hours to finish the piece once I start
  • For more detailed INFO,please check out  MY FULL TERMS OF SERVICE

Will do: any humanoid creature like furries,humans,demons and any animal figures like ferals,pets and fantasy creatures.

Won’t do: some NSFW stuff (ask)

Extra charge: mecha,steampunk and robotic stuff, detailed armours, detailed scenes

Price may vary depending on complexity. 

Commission Types:



To request an illustration from me you can contact me here be dm's , on my instagram or on my mail Morrya@yahoo.com

you could also complete THIS FORM