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Hello lovelies!

I'm Alexia Renaldis, or just Alexia to most - an adult Voice Actress since 2016. I specialise in mid-deep, sultry voices and I tend to get along best when voicing villains, femme fatales and seductresses.

Studio specs:

Mic: Neumann TLM 103

Interface: Scarlet 2i2 (3rd gen)

Studio: T. Akustik Isolation booth

Communication: SourceConnect, Clean Feed, Discord, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype

I've worked for many animators, developers and writers, including Studio FOW, Washa Animations, DesireSFM, Derpixon, Big Johnson, Dr. Dabblur, Nodu and many more. Some examples of my work over the years are: Ivy Valentine, EDI, Poison Ivy, Fem Shep, Morrigan, Cia the Sorceress, Isabela, Lara Croft and many more!

If you'd like to hire me, please check my Carrd. Alternatively, please send me an e-mail at alexiavoice@hotmail.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I do not do requests for Underage, Scat/fart, non-con rape, Violent BDSM, torture or snuff.


Alexiavoice@hotmail.com | Twitter/X | Alexiavoice (Discord)


Looking to Help Animators: VOICE WORK, ART, AND SOUND DESIGN

Hey there, my ALIAS is DotExecutables. I'm an beginning voice actor/animator/free lance artist looking to finally get into the Voice Acting industry.

I have a ZINGYOU BM-800 condenser microphone with Phantom Power and looking to work with as many animators as I possibly can to build a portfolio. Unfortunately, I don't have a demo reel quite yet so I'm looking to build community as much as possible.

If you're interested, please send me a PM with a Discord username and I will get to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you again if you find yourself interested.

For reference here is my set-up. I've been doing VA work for years but now have a decent set-up for clear and crisp audio quality as well as experience in sound design.

Hope to hear from you soon!



Voice Actor looking to jam!

Been away from NG (sans posting art) for a long long time, would be nice to come back to the community vocally~!

If you are looking for a voice talent for an animation or video game jam, hit me up on here and we can talk rates.

Posted two of recent demos as well, check em out here

Hope to jam soon,



Voice Actress | For Hire

Hi Newgrounds!

I'm a full-time voice actress experienced at Australian and American accents, having voiced for characters like Milla from Freedom Planet, Izanami Clown in SMITE, Tessa and Sirina in Crush Crush, and Alysia in Battlerite!

You can find more of my work here!

Please feel free to get in touch at Aimee.SmithVA@gmail.com should you have animation or game that needs a voice, and I would be happy to shoot through my indie-friendly rates!

Kind regards,



Professional Voice Actor, Ready to Collab!

I am a multi-voice talent that has been working professionally since I was a child.

You can view my imdb here, but to summarize, I've been doing voicework in video games and animation for a long time. Games like Deus Ex, and Smite and animations like The Stockholm's and The Cyanide & Happiness Show!

I'd like to keep that sword sharp and lend my voice to your project!

PM me first and lemme know what you have in mind!



Female voice actress for hire! (NSFW and SFW)

Hi! I'm Lunamist and I will voice pretty much anything you want (SFW and NSFW ;)) in VERY HIGH QUALITY for only 30 cents per word.

I can do a wide range of voices, including:

  • Loli (high and higher registers, with and without uwu accent)
  • Deep sultry voice
  • Sassy or bored teenager
  • Pretty much anything involving a high or low register (listen to my voice reel in my profile or in the link below)

Full price list and commission details can be found HERE.

See more of my work and very satisfied customer reviews HERE.

I'm easygoing and want to help bring life to your scripts! ^_^ I can voice stories, animations, personal messages, video games, promos, anything really. If you want me to do some cute loli singing, I can do that too! Please note that singing costs double, as it requires more editing!

For NSFW, I must review and approve all scripts prior to agreeing to perform them. Your cooperation is very much appreciated! If you'd like moans in your track, please count each moan as 3 words in your overall word count. By inquiring or ordering NSFW from me, you are confirming that both you and the character I'm voicing are aged 18+. I also offer pure noise tracks (moans, breathing, wet/BJ sounds, etc.) for $5 per 10 seconds.

For accents, I naturally do a North American accent, but can also do faux accents (British, French, Southern, etc.).

My equipment:


Steinberg UR22MKII


Hoping To Do Voice Work

I've recently gotten into voice acting and am hoping to be a part of more projects. At the moment I'm not expecting to be paid, but if you want to give me money I won't stop you. I don't have an official demo reel, but I do have a rough, self-made demo. I also have a lot of auditions on My Casting Call Club Profile. If you hear anything you like, or think I've got the potential to do something similar to what you're looking for, please feel free to message me and I'll try and do my best for your project.


Available for Voice Over!

My name is Bobby Taormina and I'm a full-time Voice-Over Talent. I'd love for you to take a look at my page, where you can hear my demos, and see examples of my past work. Here are some links:



If you'd like MP3s of any of my demo reels as well, I'm happy to send those over.

Please let me know if you are interested in working with me or have any questions for me.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you!


I'm Open for Work/Collab

Hello my name is Rodrigo and i am looking for work or to be friends with artists on Newgrounds, if anyone wants to work with me or collab, leave a comment or talk to me on my Twitter.

I can work with Voice Acting, 2D/3D Art and Graphic Design


Audio creator here!

I can create and provide unique sound effects and voice overs for your projects. Games, animations, art projects, school projects, career/job projects, electronic toy projects, sound library projects, etc.

For free projects please keep to under 10 short lines or 10 effects requested per gig. I can display and discuss about the created assets in my portfolio anywhere.

For paying projects, contact me. I can usually assign 1 to 4 hours a day for client project gigs. I have a full time day job and lots of adult responsibilities, so please keep that in mind ;)

For both types of gigs, contact me and we can do some demos for some back and forth. Everything I create for you is royalty free, no residuals or long term paperwork unless a project specifically requires it. For paying projects, if you require a ghost audio designer, I do that too.

Asset files can be delivered in .wav or .mp3 format.


NSFW Adult Voice Actress/Actor

Hi there! I'm an experienced voice over actress who specializes in adult content like games, animated shorts/films, and erotic audiobooks. I'm based in Los Angeles and have a professional in-home studio (Mojave MA 201 microphone, Audient iD14, Adobe Audition). I've recently completed work for HFTGames, and am working with erotic author Lustine Fuller and Eva James (references available upon request). I love teaming up with independent creators and am happy to work with your budget - let's chat about your project! Listen to my demo at MyMiaLovett.com


Open for Voice work!

Ayo, I'm down to do some stupid stuff if you want? I focus mainly on comedy peices but I'm always down to try new roles.

Check out some of the toons I'm in on my page, and message me if you'd want something done ?

I'm also always happy to give feedback and help flesh out an idea, if you'd want a second opinion.

Thank you.



Open For Commissions


I'm a voice over actor and would love to bring life to your next animation, video game, audio drama, etc. My voice can be described as young, energetic, kind, confident, informative, and animated. I've been involved as a contacted voice talent involved with various projects over the years, ranging from animations RIGHT HERE on New Grounds, YouTube original animated series, mobile & PC video games, visual novels, and narrations for e-learning content and non-profit organizations. I give super quick responses to inquiries, 24-48 hour turnarounds, portable home studio, and a background in singing, music and audio production.

Check out my work samples/demo reels here: https://www.stephenjpena.com/demos

For a little more background/my recording equipment: https://www.stephenjpena.com/media-2

If you'd like to get in contact with me about your specific project, you can DM me here OR you can use my direct contact form on my website: https://www.stephenjpena.com/contact-1

Looking forward to work with you!


Voice Actor for Hire!

Hey there! I'm Sean O. and I'm a voice actor! I've been doing it as an on-off hobby for a few years now but wanna get more into it. So let's make some projects together! I'm always up for a chance to provide my voice for a project!

Hit me up and we can talk about working together. Also here's my voice acting reel!

You can also check out my voice portfolio here.

And here's my voice reel.

Contact: Twitter, Email, Drywall Thief#2792 (Discord)


Writer/Voice Actor

Hi folks, I am available for writing and/or voice acting.

Check out some of my projects on my profile (currently all written and voiced by me).


Greyvoice is open for commissions!

Hello everyone!

I am open for music commissions! On Newgrounds I usually will peddle my Chiptunes and evolving atmospheric pieces, but I work in a variety of genre's. I also do themes, and guitar based music (Rock, Metal, all that stuff). I have been composing professionally for 5 years, so send me a message and let me know what you need! I can give you a rate based on what your project requires.


I am in the profession of live theater, and so because of that I have experience in sound design. For sound effects I charge around the same prices as above. It also goes without saying that I have many years of acting experience, and would be willing to perform voice overs as well for a rate we can discuss.


Need a VA?

Hello Voice over artist trying to make your ideas come to life. Please feel free to contact me I can send you my demo reel upon request. Also if you need help writing or some background music I can do that as well. I work in genres ranging from classical/orchestrated to jazz and hiphop lofi etc... I look forward to connecting with you guys.


Voice Actor FOR HIRE

Hello everyone, my name is Alberto J Garcia. I am posting this for those who are potentially hiring for voice work in animation, video games, radio podcasts, etc. I am looking for paid and unpaid work


My official Demo Reel

What I can offer

On time professional work to suit what you need, live recording, self recorded, anything that you need I will gladly supply.

A good quality audio recording in a treated environment.

Punctual delivery of said lines with no delays (unless in case of extreme emergency)\


Audient iD4 sound monitor

Nueman TLM 103

Audacity / Reaper (can use both and have both)

Treated space with extra padding around recording space

I have been on the following projects and series

Original Animated Series

  • SRS
  • Murphy & Ted
  • Recorded 4 Quality
  • The Mad Demon
  • Mr Hingo
  • Screw Guys
  • Cerulean Locks
  • Puzzle & Sling: Boredom Killers
  • Mr.Vessel
  • City of Iron

Video Games

  • Adora Project
  • ROTS
  • Diluvian Ultra
  • Sword Sisters
  • Maze 4 You
  • Enenra
  • Ravage Fist

Original Animation Shorts

  • Basically Sunbreak
  • Cultural Shock
  • Quasar
  • The Bridge Goblin
  • The Flip
  • Talking Pumpkin

Audio Dramas / Non Visual

  • We Need To Talk about Stephen
  • Fading Space Breathing Frontier Seasons 1-3
  • My World is Gone
  • VA Academy
  • Attention Associates

Comic dubs

  • Warhammer 40k Big Brothers
  • 4 idiots
  • Gone With The Blastwave
  • Nerd n Jock
  • Steve Lichman
  • Huemates (Official)
  • A13 Black Fish (Official)
  • UndeadED (Official)

Fan Works

  • JJBA Abridged
  • Black Clover Abridged
  • Run With the Wind Abridged 

Video Editing Works

  • Dragon Universe

Voices I excel in

Old age


High Pitched


Southern Accent

and more!


I am willing to do things technically NSFW but not strictly pornography.

I also will not work with anyone under the age of 17.

Miscellaneous things about me

I can edit videos (Been using Vegas for about 3 years now and can edit shorter videos with a moderate amount of effects)

Have 11k+ subs on Youtube

I have 10,300+ followers on tiktok

I make very good steak


Feel free to DM me through any of these means



Discord - AlbertoJGarciaVA

Email - albertojgarciabooking@gmail.com

Twitter - https://twitter.com/AlbertJGarciaVA

Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4PQuHdBYxXQL-r1ugeukyw



HELLO! I am Neil "Readykk" & my commissions are open for both Voice Acting and art!!

If you are interested in either of these, I will share the details below!



  • Thumbnails: £20 - 25 ($25-30)
  • Icons/pfp: £5-10 ($10-15)
  • Banners: £15-25 ($20-30)
  • Sketches: £2-5 ($5-10)

Prices are dependant on how complex they are (colour, background etc)

DM me if you're interested then we can discuss payment & production!

If you are interested or have enquiries, please DM me here or email me: neilreadykkbusiness@gmail.com

Portfolio: HERE


I can do a variety of voices with a wide range in pitch and personality, if you would like to commission me for my voice please contact me either through Newgrounds or my business email which I will state at the end!

1 Line = $3 or £2

!! I will not do any NSFW or fetish voice commissions !!

For my demo reel, visit my portfolio or my NEWGROUNDS audios

Thank you and I look forward to working with people!!


Let me voice your girls plz

I do "good enough" voice work and have been in various hentai dubs, games, animations, and other stuff.

I speak English and Japanese. I can pretend I know how to speak Spanish, too.

If you're interested, message me here, or on Twitter so I can get a notification lol

Brief descriptions with the more adult content.

Lewd "Podcasts" ( for MHFAP! )

Saber: Hoard Whore (nsfw dragon loli jerks off)

Fiora: Sweet Sleep (treelady smexy tiems)

Harpy Girl Henrietta (*buckaw*)


YugErov's Cell 2.0: Absorbing Android 21 (Android 21, lol) <-pretty much vore

Dubbed ani - Android 21 <-butt sniffin lol

Radio drama JON 4 (6:38~) <-brief smex

Radio drama JON 2 (23:20~) <-same as above

LittleGQ's Mario Stop-Motion Animation (Boosette)

K VFX's Lamia hypno ASMR RP

Videos for Messy3D: (as name implies, all messing fetish, like getting covered in slime)

Introducing Ikumi

Kitchen Chronicles (Pyra & Mythra)

Kitchen Tech Show (3D Animation)

My Messy Mission (Sayuri)

Pie Cannon (Miyu)

Slimy Slot Machine (Kaya)


NAISU's Hentai Jigsaw Puzzle 2 (Commentator) -> Gameplay by Sokol (4:30, 6:08, 7:55, 11:50, 13:05)

Mokoko (Iren, Yoko, Ruby) -> Gameplay by Lapz Gaming

not yet released:

Waifutoken.io's Mascot

JavaXD Games' Xeonia (Mei)

&MORE! (I probably lost the link, or they were made for "private use")


Looking for projects to delve into!

Looking to work with someone on a project.

My arms are open pretty wide and honestly just looking to get some experience and connections.


My references:

My Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/rdntv

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAshPiO2DfSnsPTHV-PE8XQ



Open For Work





I'm a Freelance artist and Voice actor I also know how to make 3D Vtubers and emotes. My voice real is in my profile on NG. I like to work around your price range to make it easy for you as well.


✨Voice Over Artist For Hire✨

My name is Brian Vaughn, I've been a professional voice over artist since 2019. To cut to the chase, here are my recent hits:

Video Games:

  • Project Wingman
  • Potion Commotion
  • The Most Awesome Game Ever Made
  • Kingsblood
  • ExoSpace

YouTube Narration Jobs:

  • MrRipper (D&D Story Channel since 2019)
  • Sky Rush (Aerospace and Military Tech Channel since 2022)
  • Courthouse (Criminal Case Channel since 2022)

Audio Dramas and Audiobooks:

  • Come Again (Audio Drama)
  • Maybe (Audio Drama)
  • Number of the Beast (Audio Drama)
  • How to Bake (Audiobook)
  • Would You Rather... For Kids and their Adults! (Audiobook)
  • Wylde for Romance: Steamy High Heat BBW Romance (Audiobook)

With a vast wealth of experience in all fields of voice acting, I'm beyond ready to bring your characters or book to life in a beautiful way.

To learn more about my:

  • Equipment and Studio Setup
  • DAW and Remote Software
  • Full Resume and Testimonials

...please refer to my website https://www.brianvaughnva.com/. You can contact me through there, here on Newgrounds or via email BrianVaughnVoiceOvers@Gmail.com.

Looking forward to making some new business partners soon!


Open for Sound Design SFX Opportunities!

Hey everyone I'm Guy, a sound designer!

I'd love to share a collection of some of my recent work, and I am more than willing to work on anything, and create any possible soundscapes. However I do really enjoy action and SciFi related works as a bonus!

Reach out with a project, and chances are I'd love to help you! Here is my latest Reel

I look forward to working with you!

  • Guy

I Will Make Music for YOU.

Music and songs for folks who want an authentic acoustic sound.

There are lots of artists here on the NG audio community who make great digital sounds, but if you're looking for acoustic music, I have the musical arsenals to provide you what you need.

For years, I have been creating songs for online songwriting competition prompts. I have participated in Masters Of Song Fu, Spintunes, and more! This means I have a unique ability to write & record songs based on specific themes and genres, all in a short period of time.

I have a handful of examples of my music and voice-over abilities in my Audio Submissions, but more can be found on my bandcamp page, and even more can be provided, if requested.

I've been out of the game for a long time now, and as I don't have much street-cred anymore, my prices will be ranging from cheap to free (depending on the size of the project/request) until I've got some more examples under my belt.

Send me a message here on Newgrounds, or email me at buckethatbobby@gmail.com if you would like to discuss a project.


Commission Information

I do artwork commissions, voice acting commissions, and writing commissions ranging along all four of the age restrictions. Information is in the links on my profile or right here.


OPEN FOR COMISSIONS (4 slots left)

Yeah, if you've check my profile, you'll know what I'm talking about

But for the uninitiated, I AM available currently to do a variety of commissions with regards to Art, Acting, and even Writing.

Thou might want to check out my DeviantArt for prices and rules, however, the acting gig can be an exclusive thing here. The pricing and qualities of the job will be determined if you wish to contact me about it




I need to expand my portfolio

Hello I am a 30 year old male with a mid range voice who likes to experiment! I have my demo up in my profile also I am up to try more voices for both sfw and NSFW my prices are open for negotiation if payment is involved


Need a dumb/funny voice? Hmu

I can do goofy voices and noises, and can lend them to anyone wanting them.

More than happy to help and collab.



Open for Art & Voice Acting COMMISSIONS

Hello everyone, I'm looking for anyone who's interested in commissioning me for illustrations or voice overs, you can check my art portfolio on my Twitter or Instagram . Aside from that my Voice over portfolio is a bit lacking, you can check my demos on my Profile or some of my works at YouTube

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