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Hey people! I usually have commissions open, but I recently open Emergency Commissions to cover my rent debts. I hope to count with your support!

If you want to support me you cand send me a DM here or in my twitter/X or discord (User: cross_z) or leave a comment

Thanks all for you support! 



Open for 2D Art Commissions

Hello, hello! This is the Studio Sol Union manager, BT, speaking!

Commissions are open! I never noticed this function on the site before, but I am honored to be representing for not only myself, but also for another of our 2D artists! We would normally be open for 3D commissions also, but we're working through a backlog from our recent kickstarter campaign, and have big plans coming later this year, hopefully only a couple months away, but that will be a new block of work to last us several more months...

So without further ado, I'd like to offer my skills and services as a 2D artist, and those of the studio's senior art director.

My skills are mostly technical from my aerospace engineering background, I like machines, mechanics, motors, and lots of stuff really, but having focused in CAD and GD&T software, my more artistic skills had to take a back seat for the last decade. Since the pandemic killed my career industry, I've had A LOT of free time to focus on improving said skills though.

Please check out my (unfortunately located) primary gallery/portfolio on dA:


Due to my skill level and dire need for money to survive, my work rate is about $4/h, so you can expect to get a full body character sketch for about $40, this includes quick rendered color and a simple background, of course prices vary depending on complexity and what kind of rendering I do! I can also 3D print and/or paint minis, my style is rather grimdark and I don't have an airbrush, but it's also an option for those that might be interested!

Next up is Ink-Blade/Rapture-Serene, having done myriad works for games, cartoons, comics, and more, they're looking for even more work, either the next big thing, or quick work to put food on the table. As a more veteran artist, one should expect to pay more, but they hold to having rates that are a bit more flexible, so you'll have to negotiate what's best.

You can find their most comprehensive gallery (similarly unfortunately located) on dA:


Their work really speaks for itself, the detail and character worked into new concepts is fantastic, and working from existing designs leads to some wonderful new ideas from the envelope being pushed by elite skills!

Paypal is the preferred method of funding for both of us, and email is also the most methodical line of communication, just send a message with who you're interested in working with and you'll get the respective address!

Once the 3D work settles down, we'll either update this listing, or make a new one to include our go-to modeling artist!


Commissions Open.


Portrait: $10

half body: $14

full body: $20

backgrounds : $20 (my background skills are being improved. do not expect full renders if you choose this)



Due to limitations on my color theory and implementation into past work, color is unavailable for animations. it's too time consuming for my prices.

1 character: $40 per 5 seconds

Dynamic motions: $60 per 5 seconds

Effects animations (my experience here is limited currently but i am growing on this subject): $30 per 3 seconds

Storyboards: $50 per 10 seconds. Note that storyboards are not completed animations but more of a comic/slideshow. -------------

--Character Concept Designs--

$30 for sketches and $40-50 for character sheets


Voice acting charges by the minute.


Renders of 15 dollars (and less!)

Do you want to spend some money for a render of your ocs or any characters? I gotchu.

• Pfp 5$

A cool little artwork made specifically for being used as a Profile photo.

(2-3 days)

• Sketch 8$ (+ Color 1$) --> (+ Shading 1$)

A quick made sketch of the character you want.

A couple bucks more for Coloring and Shading, being 10$ in total.

(3-4 days or less)

• Lineart 12$ (+ Color 1$) --> (+ Shading 2$)

Similar to the sketch one but more detailed and clean, quite the best choice!

Three more bucks for Coloring and Shading, being 15$ in total.

(4-5 days or less)

* Backgrounds are optional and free! (I'm not really good at those, sometimes I just use basic colorful shapes or png images with some gradient ontop of it)

* +2$ if you wanna add an extra character to the artwork or render

Logo 20$

Need someone to make a logo for your Comic, Proyect or whatever the hell you're making? I'm your man, it does takes a while in making one of these, but it's worth the wait!

(One week or two)

• Things I can draw

- Mechas

- Furries

- Monsters

- Gifts for other peeps

- Couples in love, no matter their sexuality

- Original characters, of course.

- And everything that is nice :]]

• Things I WON'T draw

- A rated stuff

- Gore (Slight blood it's ok!)

- Fetish stuff

- Hate towards other people

- And everything that is morally and legally incorrect that you guys may already know.

For now I only use Paypal! (But for my chilean peeps you can depositarme en mi cuenta de Banco Estado)

Here's some examples of my work, you can check some more of this on my profile!






Sketch Comms Open

Sketch Comms OPE!. Open til Sept. 5th!

Get em cheap an' fast Prices as low as:

-15 USD Sketch


-20 USD Hints of color


-25 USD Full color


Use this form and submit your request! Have your email ready:




Lookin for work and devoting more of my time to art so I'm opening commissions indefinitely!

i'm open to do anything from full painting, cover art, sketches and character design!

below are some prices + a few ground rules:

-Payment is upfront through Cashapp/Paypall

-image references(or image boards if you want me to design a character)are a REQUIREMENT.

-mild nsfw is fine but super hard stuff (fetish) is a no no and will resort in your commission inquiry being ignored

-My dms are open on NG and all my main sites

(@Monki_doodles on twitter)

(apychimpy on Discord)

Be sure to check out my gallery for more examples of what i do!iu_1161355_8054582.webpiu_1161356_8054582.webp


Cheap Commissions!

I am open for cheap commissions, private message for more info!



Open for Commissions!

SKETCHES: (simple background)

fullbody - 29$

portrait - 25$


GREYSCALE: (simple background)

fullbody - 35$

portrait - 30$

(add detailed background might raise the value in 5$)



Neen's Commissions!!

Hey everyone! I'm open for comms, and would love to make you an illustration!! Feel free to look at my gallery to get a feel for my style. Check out my caard listed below for prices, and just about any detail you can think of! Send me a message or email, and I'll get back to you. Much love <3



My pen is ready.


$5 example

After a long period of training, I think I can actually accept commissions.

My art style is sketchy, think Don’t Starve, and I’ll be starting small with greyscale or limited pallet sketches. These can be of a suggestive nature, as seen in my gallery.

I will not do:


-Art involving minors

-Anything Scatalogical

-Anything about domination

I am happy to do cute or sexy or moody art, with furry or human or otherwise characters. Prices will be based on character count.

*$5 per character sketch, between 10 to 20 minutes of work. Characters may be greyscaled, with hatching.

*$10 per character sketch, between 20 to 40 minutes of work. Character may be limited pallets of color.

Payment will be through PayPal on completion of work. I reserve the right to refuse work if necessary.


I'm taking limited commissions!

Hi! I'm taking a limited number of commissions (up to 10 at once). I don't really have the hang of digital art, so I stick with pencil, paper, and ink.

I'll do:

  • One (1) character per page, $10 for the sketch. Add a second character for $5.
  • Ink: $5. No changes can be made after this point.
  • Color: $5. Your choice of colored pencil or markers.
  • Extra Details: I upcharge depending on the overall complexity of the piece. I'm doing all of this by hand, so extra work (like excessively detailed character designs) are upcharged, but I'm not an asshole—it'll be at most another $5, but most pieces shouldn't get that bad.
  • NSFW: No upcharge, but I reserve the right to decline subjects I am uncomfortable with.

Open for Commissions

I am willing to work on any SFW projects along the lines of character design, character reference sheets, comics, original cartoon illustrations, cartoon fan art illustrations, storyboards, scripts, 2D animation, 2D animation posters, etc. My prices are listed on my Kofi, but I can negotiate prices if needed (Kofi Link).

Animation Sizzle Reel

Art Portfolio

NO NFTs & NO AI/Bitcoin Content


Comissions open!

open for commissions, it could be icon, emotes, sketches, animations, shaded, colored, prices are 5 for sketch or icon (7 shaded icon // 8 for colored sketch), 10 lineart colored and shaded (2+ for character), emotes: 10 per 4 emotes, DM for animation, also the price can depend on the complexity of the commission based on the regular price. NO MECHAS, NO NSFW, NO FETISHES, not too gory. DM for questions. :Diu_715811_8323137.webpiu_715810_8323137.webpiu_715812_8323137.webpiu_715813_8323137.webp


Art Collabs/Writing

Hey hows it going, my name is Corpse, I am an artist, comedian and writer from Ireland and I am available to help work on projects you may need help with. Some people describe my art as creepy and cute, some people described my writing as tragically funny.

My skills:

-15 years of posting art online.

-Medibang Paint Pro proficient.

-Trained Stand Up comic.

-Improv trained

-Mimics cartoon voices and likes to think he can voice act.

Here's what I am willing to work on:

-Voices for side/background characters

-Comedy script/storyboard writing for cartoons/video games

-Fun art collabs like art trades, ocs hanging out, etc.

-Collabs on writing.

-Sketches/Shorts writing.

-Literally anything writing wise (Dark, Gritty, Sad, Comedic or Horror.)

Stuff I won't work on:

-Anything racist, homophobic or anything like that.

If your idea hooks me, like sounds like something really cool and fun to work on, I'll most likely do it for free. Just shoot us a DM of you're ideas and I'll let you know if I'm your guy for it.