Commissions are currently OPEN.

I'm digital artist who is in love with drawing rendered scenes and comics.

Also I will be really happy to draw reference for character which only exists in your mind! If you're unsure about their visual appearance, I'll be happy to produce multiple sketches before finishining reference, just ask me.

Sticker pack are great way to demonstrate emotes, so why not get one? I will be happy to do it, too.


From 50 USD to 80 USD per each additional character.

Each additional version costs 15 USD. Cum/clean versions are free in case of NSFW!


COMICS PAGES: 30 -50 USD per frame.





Open for Regular Commissions

Regular Commission Prices


Inks 15//Flats 20//Shaded 27


Inks 22//Flats 35//Shaded 45


Inks 30//Flats 40//Shaded 60

  • Added Characters are + 90% (eg Shaded FB 2 ocs $60 + 90% = $114) Max 3 characters
  • Off-screen partial bodies cost as much is shown (Eg girl riding cowgirl POV showing only the torso, hips and legs of viewer would be $60 + $(45 x .90) = $100.50
  • Floating dicks don't cost extra up to 2 (Every additional dick after will be +$2)

Most Recent Sample

Past Samples

Will only work after payment has been made

Will not make changes on drawing once complete UNLESS

-I forgot something that was clearly stated in your ref/description

-You want to pay extra for edits or alt-versions

I am open to discuss commission types not-listed if you want a drawing

style done similar to something I already have done in my gallery

Drawing Boundaries for all commissions



I'm opening up for commissions!

If you interested, please send me a message.


If you have any questions, let me know.


Hi everyone!

My name is Roo or Roodie or Maggie, I'm your usual internet idiot and I draw sometimes!

I've recently started drawing a little more lately because i need to start getting my stuff out there and hopefully get some new commissions to get me out of my comfort zone and experiment with new things and kinks or whatever you want me to make you!


Here are my Commission Sheets:iu_79488_7772968.jpgiu_79486_7772968.jpgiu_79487_7772968.jpgiu_79489_7772968.jpg


If you're interested in my commissions please dm me here or my Twitter!

i also have a discord so shoot me a message if youd rather catch me there!

i look forward to working with you and i hope you enjoy my shit as much as i like making it!


Hello! I am offering you a drawing of your own original character, your favorite character from the game/anime/TV show/etc. or may be even of yourself or your relatives

You will recieve a unique high quality digital picture. I carefully study each character before drawing. And I'll make sure to meet your expectations

Please make sure to read my Terms of Service before asking for commission

Right now I have several slots open



You can see detailed pricelist with more examples here

Just e-mail me to order (completealienation@gmail.com)

Please include the following information:

  • Your PayPal e-mail
  • Drawing type (according to the pricelist)
  • Character references
  • Any additional information

I do

  • You, your friends/family
  • Your original characters
  • Fanarts
  • Humans, humanoids, fantasy creatures, furry/anthro
  • NSFW drawings
  • Various fetishes (Fetish list)
  • LGBTQA+ topics

I do for an extra fee

  • Drawing without visual reference
  • More than 3 edits
  • Some fetishes (Fetish list)
  • A large number of detailes

I don't do

  • My little pony (animal form) Anthro form is OK for me
  • Imitation of someone else's style
  • Child pornography and other illegal stuff

Feel free to write to me If you have any questions :)


eyy peeps what it do? it's ya boi BlackLynk, I'm a rapper/producer/audiomaniac. I love listening to, making, and experimenting with all genres of music. My most recent prized possession is a little genre I dub "FUTURE TRAP", which is exactly as interesting as it sounds. I've also managed to land a spot on shofu's well-known "Pokemon Cypher" series, being locked in for a 2019 slot. Look forward to chatting it up with folks in here~ (P.S. I also perform videos in fursuit, use that as you will)

My Latest Venture:



Commissions made by Mr. Laurence!


Check out our profile to see more! UwU


Hi! I'm doing $5 flat color digital OC sketches, I need to make money to have an item shipped from Japan to me before it gets thrown out. PayPal only. You can find many art examples on my account. DM if you're interested! :)


iu_80927_7767888.jpgA portrait - 30 USD !!!iu_80928_7767888.jpgFULLBODY art of your character (HUMAN OR FURRY) 35 USD!!!

You can see other examples of my art in the profile. For exact prices contact me in DM. I do NSWF too!


Hello everyone, I am an artist who is starting on this commissions.

Obviously I don't have much experience in them so I will try to do my best.

I have made several drawings and I still plan to do more.

If you like my art style and want me to draw you a drawing: do not hesitate to contact me here or my other social media and thus agree on what you want me to draw you.

Prices vary depending on what you want me to draw:


I hope to be to your liking and preference!



Click here for cartoony commissions

Terms of Service (short version)

  • I accept paypal and Revolut
  • Commissions must be paid in full upfront. I start working on your commission as soon as the payment is done. 
  • I do send Wips (Work in progress) for corrections, one at the sketch phase and one at the coloring phase.If you want something corrected after you approved it in the WIPS I sent, you will be charge extra accordingly.
  • If you want to cancel your commission and I already started I’ll do a partial refund. If I haven’t started yet you will have the complete refund.
  • The time I will take to complete the commission will depend on the length of the queue.but usually it takes around 24 to 48 hours to finish the piece once I start
  • For more detailed INFO,please check out  MY FULL TERMS OF SERVICE

Will do: any humanoid creature like furries,humans,demons and any animal figures like ferals,pets and fantasy creatures.

Won’t do: some NSFW stuff (ask)

Extra charge: mecha,steampunk and robotic stuff, detailed armours, detailed scenes

Price may vary depending on complexity. 

Commission Types:



To request an illustration from me you can contact me here be dm's , on my instagram or on my mail Morrya@yahoo.com

you could also complete THIS FORM


I am hoping this appropriate to put here- I am open for commissions!

I am confident in character drawing including Humans, 'Sonas (Fur, Poke, Sonic or otherwise!) or any OC features you may have.

I will also consider NSFW commissions on a case by case basis :)

Here is a link below with prices and more information:

BuggDraws Commission Details

I will only be doing a few spots at any given time, but I will let you know promptly the my availability :)

Thank you for considering me!