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Hi everybody!!!

I'm here because you need to know this, Im an artist who wants to create your dreams, I have experience in comic, western and cartoon style of art. Huge fan of geek world and a guy who likes girls, this is a sample of my work with some rate if you trust me a comission:


Some important things to know

  • Those are prices per character
  • I don't do mechas or over detailed battle suits
  • I can send you the art line up to 3 times if you would like some changes

I'll be waiting for your requestes!


I'm open for commissions rn :)

I do girls characters (both sfw and nsfw) starting from 10€

My style is cartoony and you can see some examples in my gallery.

The payment will be via paypal and you'll pay me after I'll show you the clear lineart (to see if you like it) and, then, I'll give the complete drawing to you.

We will talk about the price before I begin to work so you can know what price is it.

If you have more questions you can still ask. :)