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Hi everyone!

You may or may not have heard my music on Newgrounds, but I've been an active member of the site since 2010.

In 2013 I received a Degree for Audio Engineering.

So I started a couple of Fiverr gigs where I'll either master your mixed music or record a feature on your song.

If you want any examples, check out my page, every single thing I've done on Newgrounds has been mixed & mastered by me, and I'm on 95% of the songs in my NG library.

If you wanna see more, you can check out my projects:

LMRNCE is my solo music.

NTHRWRLD is my Emo Trap group.

pityparty. is my Alt-R&B group.

Dear Ghosts is an EDM collective I'm in.

And I mix & master all the music in every single one of those groups!

I may add mixing as a gig but my workload is currently pretty up there, so for now I'm only offering Mastering and Features.

If you're interested, check out the gigs below, or shoot me a message for more inquiries or information!

Mastering: http://bit.ly/35sRli7

Features: http://bit.ly/3hZAQ25


hello my name is Rodrigo and i am looking for work or be friends with artists on newgrounds, i am trying to be a Voice Actor, if anyone wants to work with me or collab, leave a comment or talk to me on my Twitter.


Update: since people have been pretty satisfied with what i've made them previously, i'm now open for actual commissions. All prices can be negotiated

small song (intro/outro, 50-150 seconds) $2 - $3

full song (eg. backgrounds 3-5mins) $6 - $8

song remake (no lyrics, some songs not possible) $4 - $6





-earrape trap

-drum and bass

-liquid/melodic dum and bass


-video game

-artist styles (request)

here are some songs i've made, some of which were requested

puffn youtube outro (request)

Big giant circles - Chip Zeal (juliobee remix) (JSAB)


HOME - RESONANCE (juliobee remake)

Juliobee x 3cstasy7410 - infectious


Juliobee - Run Like Darwin

Devin Martin-Killbot (juliobee synth cover)

B*tch Lasagna (Pewdiepie X PartyInBackyard) remix (Bass boost)

All songs i release can be used in gd, if you pay me you can pt in or out of having them in gd. thanks (:

(DM if interested)


Heyoh im down to be a part of some projects at the moment mostly for concept and character designing... check out my page to see my style and vibe! I am Also capable of creating beats! to contact me quicker dm me on my instagram @ po.yoh


1. Game BGM

- Genre: I'm cool with any genres (don't ask for hardcore or extratone related ones, pls). Either calming, housey, sad bgm. You can tell me to do it willingly or provide me with the general mood.

- Time: I can't predict this, as I still have school, but I can tell you that the completion would take at least one week.

- Price: Fuck this shit. I do it for free.

2. Music Collaboration (like above, with more info)

- DAW: FL Studio 20

- Project: If you want to keep the same theme, mood, you can send me samples, provide every plugin used in the project, so that FL wouldn't fucked up when I open it. And I shall do the same thing when finished.

For more info, please DM me via Discord: Jini#4901


Hey if anyone needs help with coloring, lineart, or simple grunt work in the FF7 animation im down to lend a hand. I draw art peaces feel free to check me out👍


Hey guys, I'm a new (ish) artist here, long time lurker (I was basically raised on this site, don't think I'll ever burn the clock crew from my mind )

Since the lifeblood of this site is animation, I would love to try my hand at some background work ie. Layout, linework and color. Free of charge! (Please credit me lol) I'm trying to get into that professionally, and since everything is in lockdown, well, I'm gonna try my hand here. I'm also open to trying concept art, so if you've had something in mind that you can't quite pin down, it is more than welcome. (Keep in mind, the trade off is that I get to use these assets for my portfolio, if that's no bueno for you, sorry)

My portfolio is www.cespinosart.com

If I can speed up your process at all, DM ME!


Okay, check out my work, and then gauge if you'd want any aspect of it in something you're making; if it lands anywhere in the positive, hit me up. I'd love to work with someone. :)

  • Requested commissions may not be explicit in nature or go against the laws of said nature. For example, hardcore NSFW, hate symbols/propaganda, racism, self harm, harm towards minors, sodomy, etc. Requests that do not meet these guidelines will be dropped/ignored. Paid requests that do not meet these guidelines will be refunded promptly.

  • In regards to OCs, commissions will be posted once a month unless stated that the commission be kept private. Commissions may not be mere byproducts of officially licensed T.V., comic book, video game or manga characters (i.e. mashups, fusions, etc.) unless a specific character is requested, or if the OC in question has that universes aesthetic.


- $10.00USD LINE ART

- $15.00 B/W SHADED




- +$2.00 DETAILED BACKGROUND (applies to all options)






FULL COLOR/DETAILEDiu_81094_7315742.jpg

  • When emailing/PMing me, requests must be detailed and punctual in order to prevent confusion and possible mistakes, and to ensure that the project is completed with no problems.


I'm Ahurac, a 15 yo french music producer, and my biggest dream is to make music for a video game! If you're struggling with finding no copyright songs that fit perfectly with you projet, stop seeking :) I can do custom sounds for free! You can obviously check my work to get an overview on my Newgrounds page, but here is some links to make it easier :D

Message me if you're interested!


Hello everyone, here Kronos XL looking for artists who want to work with me, I am eager to collaborate with other Dubstep music artists or any other electronic music genre, and I really appreciate that they would like to work with me, if you are interested send a message via imbox

PD: I'm not good at dubstep drops :,v


Hi. I'm Unnamed, and I'm a pretty good songwriter, great vocalist, and expert midi composer. I'Il work on pretty much anything, I'm specifically good at writing metal type songs, videogame music could be considered.


The Unnamed Player


(I'd prefer you to add me on discord, I'm always on discord.)


I'm looking for someone to help me finished my nsfw comic that could redraw characters background and their position. If u r interested, find me on discord (swagiest_of_the_star#8404) and on Twitter (@ofswagiest). In return, i could probably help u on any nsfw/sfw stuff u need!iu_90913_7162466.jpg


I would like to collab w someone and make some nice music! Message me if u want to do something!


Hello everyone, I have made music for a few years now and I want to expand my experience. So far, I had only made tracks based on the shows I watch and the games I play, some times if I have an idea in my head as well. I want to help you on projects based on games or shows. If you are working on a project that's animated or a game, please let me know. I have a few samples on my Newgrounds profile if you need references. I'm not willing to work unpaid, as I want to look at this as a career path and do not want to work for free. If you took the time to read this, please hire me for your current/future projects. Thank you.


So you want good bass music, huh? I can bassify anything with a touch of electronic music, just checkout this youtube video where I turn my cough into a banger. I'm like a mexican Virtual Riot :D



I'm new to Newgrounds community and Art community at all.

I was hiding in the closet and recently I decided to search for some opportunities to get some exp.


[level one pigglet]

I'm open for free commissions to have some fun and learn.

I can do 2D art - cartoon/manga style. I can also try my strength with simple animations.

I didn't upload a lot of Art yet, so you can checkout my instagram.




I will do art for your visual novel, but in return I would like for you to be a reference for my job resume. This would include having your full name, email address, and phone number on it.

I can draw NSFW, gore, furries, etc.

I am not experienced in drawing mecha and backgrounds, but I can try

My instagram is https://www.instagram.com/komma_komon/ to see all of my work

  • What can I draw?

I draw in a variety of art styles and am willing to draw any character, fetish, or portrait. I specialize in anime-style female figure drawing, but I have done anything from a lizard man drinking in a tavern to realistic portraits of BTS.

This includes:

-Pixel Art



-Monster girls

-OCs/DnD characters


-Feet, slime, bukkake, straight, gay, futa, traps, vore, gore, and IDFC.

-Wholesome stuff <3

-Short webcomics

  • Looking to Trade Art?

We can discuss details in DMs, but generally, this would consist of drawing each other's original characters or fanart of a character of our choosing. Depending on your style and what you're willing to draw will decide what I draw for you. (for example; line art for line art, full body for full-body, simple background for simple background).

  • Looking to Collaborate?

This is best for people who might enjoy coloring more than drawing line art or vise versa. I can draw line art for you to color or color your line art. If anyone is willing to add some animation to something I draw that could be cool too!

  • Looking to Commission?

If you are looking to pay for someone to draw your comic ideas, bring your original characters to life, materialize your fetish fantasy, create a personalized icon, or draw your favorite video game character, this is the option for you.

  • What are my commission prices?

Here's my chart:



I don't charge extra for specific fetishes, and on average; a fully shaded, full-body, and fully detailed background anime-style drawing will cost $80USD.