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Voice Actor looking to jam!

Been away from NG (sans posting art) for a long long time, would be nice to come back to the community vocally~!

If you are looking for a voice talent for an animation or video game jam, hit me up on here and we can talk rates.

Posted two of recent demos as well, check em out here

Hope to jam soon,



Commissions Open!(Fullbody and Chibi)

Cartoon and Chibi Commission Sale!

Yo! I'm Shinto, a freelance digital artist, cartoonist and designer. I enjoy drawing fan art and designing original cartoon style characters. I'm always open for commissions!



If you're interested please direct message me or email me at mgod19@gmail.com

(Prices generally guidelines and are negotiable!)


Open For Commissions


I'm a voice over actor and would love to bring life to your next animation, video game, audio drama, etc. My voice can be described as young, energetic, kind, confident, informative, and animated. I've been involved as a contacted voice talent involved with various projects over the years, ranging from animations RIGHT HERE on New Grounds, YouTube original animated series, mobile & PC video games, visual novels, and narrations for e-learning content and non-profit organizations. I give super quick responses to inquiries, 24-48 hour turnarounds, portable home studio, and a background in singing, music and audio production.

Check out my work samples/demo reels here: https://www.stephenjpena.com/demos

For a little more background/my recording equipment: https://www.stephenjpena.com/media-2

If you'd like to get in contact with me about your specific project, you can DM me here OR you can use my direct contact form on my website: https://www.stephenjpena.com/contact-1

Looking forward to work with you!


I'm always up for some commissions!


Any kind of art you want, I can do it. Just DM me and maybe I can answer a few.

Higher quality image of sheet: https://www.facebook.com/zzduhdark/photos/pcb.434809085143774/434804715144211/


Cartoony Voice Actor (And Cat Boy)

Hi everyone! My name is Michael Gonzalez. I'm a voice actor based in Minnesota available to voice act for your cartoons, video games, etc.! You can find my demo reels on my website michaelgonzalezva.com, or here on Newgrounds (Animation Demo: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1030372

Video Game Demo: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1030376)

You can hear my voice in the mobile game Almost a Hero as Boomer Badlad, Redroh and the Alchemist (the game amassed several million downloads on both iOS and Android)! I'm also playing two characters for an upcoming Nintendo Switch game Slice of Life (release date TBD). On Newgrounds I've played the snacky cat boy Seth in Tomb Cats "Seth Needs Snacks" (https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/794410)

I specialize in playing wild, energetic characters that scream a lot, as well as some timid, hapless ones too. I'm particularly strong at making my voice nasally that would be ideal for comical, nerdy and/or crazy cartoon characters. I'm eager to play characters that talk to each other and discover new things even I didn't know my voice can do.

If you like what you hear and would like to work with me, feel free to message me here or send emails out to michaelgonzalezva@gmail.com

Thank you for checking me out, and I look forward to working with you!


Freelancer Pixel artist & Voice Actor

Got nothing to do really, so I've decided to look for those in need of help!

I'm willing to help out those in need, with both my voice and pixel art!

Currently, I'm willing to do it for free due to not having really any way of receiving payments, plus there's also the fact I really am not in need of money at all right now.

I'm willing to do sprite sheets for characters or objects in these styles:

4 Colors
8 Colors
16 Colors
24 Colors
Pretty much anything lol

I'm willing to do GIFs, PNGs, or JPEGs, which ever one you need.

I'm also willing to do voice acting for free, albeit with not the best microphone I 100% for sure would not expect any payment, though I am eventually planning to get a better mic. I am still able to change my voice almost at will.

If you'd like to contact me, either PM me on NG or hit me on discord.




Custom songs for your games ✨


I'm Ahurac, a 15 yo french music producer, and my biggest dream is to make music for a video game! If you're struggling with finding no copyright songs that fit perfectly with you projet, stop seeking :) I can do custom sounds for free! You can obviously check my work to get an overview on my Newgrounds page, but here is some links to make it easier :D

Message me if you're interested!


Open for commissions and programming collabs

I use to draw fanarts, design original characters and use my PC VERY OFTEN.

You can contact me for commissioning a manga-style artwork or collaborate to the creation of a videogame.

For the commissions, I use to draw:

  • Fanarts and original characters
  • Toon antics and "Deviant" Stuff (for who knows DeviantArt).

About the programming part, instead, I'm open to:

  • Design characters (mostly humanoids)
  • Draw illustrations
  • Miscellanea (researching online, simple tasks and what I can do without experience in programming)

I'm quite serious and not very playful, but I also take my work professionally and I use to set an expiration date and/or allow to see my drawings step-by-step.

You can see most of my artworks here in my gallery. Contact me if you like comedy-manga style, Toons&TransForms or if you just wanna give me a chance to contribute creating a videogame.

WARNING: Don't open my gallery if you're not into "Deviant" stuff like cute girls getting into elongation, flattening, inflation and more of the genre. You have been warned.



Looking for interdisciplinary work

i hated art school. involve me in your next experimental horror project


Open for Voice Over Work!

Hello all! Figured it was about time to actually make a listing here, but the long and short of it is I'm available for VA work for projects! I've done voice work in fandubs, abridged works, and original animations. My only restrictions at this time is obviously nothing that could be considered controversial or offensive, and I don't do NSFW roles at this time.

What I am available for is animation, dubbings, abridged projects, and video game dubbing. For anyone that wishes to contact me, the best method would be via email, while I can also be reached on Twitter, and DMing on Newgrounds is also an option. For paid works, rates can be negotiated.

My vocal range varies from teens, to young adults, and the occasional elderly character. A sample of my voice work can be found in the video below! Feel free to reach out for any particular questions.

Looking forward to working with you all!


Jtastic is Down to Work With You

Hello Newgrounds

If you're looking for a voice actor, I am available for your stuff. Contact me here or through email (fantasticjtastic (at) gmail.com) and we can talk rates.



Professional voice actor looking for exposure!

Hello everyone! My name is Dante, and I am a professional voice actor looking for work in animation,

video games, or narration! I have a primarly deep and strong voice. You can see my demo on this page,

as well as my website, voiceofdante.com. I look forward to working with you all!


I want to see how it feels to be Voice Actor!

Hello everyone.

Some time ago i got an idea for a job suiting my the best. A dream job of being a voice actor. I thought this would be pretty fun activity for me, altho i've never done such thing besides few school theaters. I even tried to join a group of VAs that are dubbing mostly Helluva Boss content now, altho i got rejected couse of mic and acting quality. But hey, problems with background noises can be easliy eliminated by third party programs or... sitting under blanket and i only need some practice and some time alone at home to be able to even shout. I have pretty high voice for an 18 year old man, but it's usable for sure.

So yeah, if you are looking for a voice actor, message me and i'll try my best! [to not screw it up ofc :)]


Open for commissions!

Hola! I am mainly here for voice acting but I also make music and write stories if those services are required. Please contact me if you would like to use me in a project. Preferably paid but I am open to other ways of payment for projects as well. We can discuss the details and my rate.

Thank you for your time!

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