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Hey you, want me to make you some pixel art things?

I'm now open to commissions.

I do Pixel Art Pieces, Twitch Emotes, Twitch Badges, Animations, Overlays, Fonts and others.


Order Commission

For all the info about commissions scroll below or check my trello here.

You can check examples of my work here on NewGrounds or at My Website's Portfolio

Contact me either through here on NewGrounds, Twitter or Discord

::: Full Info :::

Pixel Art Pieces:

What you get:

  • A pixel art piece with the requested size for personal use.


  • 32x32 px = 15€
  • 64x64 px = 20€
  • 96x96 px = 30€
  • Other size -> Negotiable

Twitch Emotes:

What you get:

  • 28×28, 56×56, 112×112 pixel size formats for Twitch/Discord Emote upload
  • Social Template to share
  • Exclusive Use in Twitch and Discord


  • 1 Emote: 15€
  • 2 Emotes: 28€
  • 3 Emotes: 41€
  • Additional emotes = 15€ each

Twitch Badges:

What you get:

  • 18×18, 36×36, 72×72 pixel size formats for Twitch upload
  • Social Template to share
  • Exclusive Use in Twitch


  • Unique Sub badge = 10€
  • Color Change = 3€
  • Minimal Change = 5€


What you get:

  • An animated pixel art piece for personal use.


Can vary by the following formula:

  • Size + number of characters + if it has background + animation complexity


What you get:

  • A 320x180 stream overlay


  • Base price: 60€​
  • Can be animated


What you get:

  • A custom made bitmap font.
  • TTF file.


  • Based on the number of characters and size.
  • Negotiable


For other kinds of work that are not specified above.


  • 25€ hourly rate.

Commercial Fee:

What you get:

  • Full Rights of commercial use ( Merchandising, Ad placements, Promotion Uses ).
  • Original File.


  • + 50% of the commission price

::: Terms and Conditions :::

The product is a digital file and does not require shipping.

  • The commissioned work is for personal use only. The client may not claim the artwork as their own.
  • A detailed description of the commission is highly encouraged. Reference images are greatly appreciated as well.
  • I have the right to decline any commissions.
  • I draw commissions based on the trello list.
  • I may stream / create a speed paint of the commission work.
  • In terms of a detailed piece, I may charge extra, I will inform the client before starting the commission.
  • Finished commissions will be sent via email.
  • I only accept payment via PayPal and only in Euros.
  • The client may not use any other form of paid artwork that was commissioned to me to use for the client's twitch emoticon. I have a separate Twitch emoticon commission rate for that.
  • If the client is buying a pre-made bundle, the client will pay the agreed price in full.

  • The client is not allowed to remove the watermark/signature on the artist's artworks.

  • The client is not authorized to use the content produced by the artist for commercial use, unless the commercial fee has been paid. That includes to sell, redistribute license, or gain profits from the commission.

  • I have the right to claim 100% of any unauthorized profits made off from the artwork used.
  • I have the right to take action, once I find out a breach of terms and conditions as been made.

For commercial work:

  • The client must pay the original amount and half if the client intends to use the artwork to produce merchandise such as t-shirt, key chains, mug or any other forms.

(ex. Original price: 20€ + Commercial fee: (Original price*0.50=10€) = Total: 30€)

For Cancellations / Refunds:

  • If the client wishes to cancel a commission, initial payment deposits are considered forfeited once I already started the artwork.
  • No Refunds

Payment Process:

Email Response

-The client will be contacted via twitter / discord / email.

-I will be needing your confirmation of prices before I send you a paypal invoice for the initial down payment.

50% down payment is required to start the commission work.

-Frequent updates can be requested during process.

Remaining 50% should be given upon finishing.

Important note:

I, retain the rights to the commissioned artwork/s and by commissioning me, you, are allowing me to use and feature the commissioned work/s on my portfolio / website / social media.

Once you decide to commission me, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated above. If you, the client, did not read the terms of services, I will not be held responsible for your own misconception.


Looking for music for your projects?

Making videos, animations and games?

Looking for just the right sound for just the right occasion?

Look no further than CIEIRMusic.

I have a library full of music, for anyone that needs it.

You can either download from the ones I uploaded here or you can buy directly from my bandcamp here.

I specialize in Synthesizer, some occasional orchestral work and chiptune.

And the best part is, it's royalty free. Meaning if you're buying you only pay for the song/album. No further payments after and how you use it is up to you so long as you let everyone know where you got it from in the credits.




I'am a mixing engineer. My hobby is musicmaking. Im mainly known for my ost music for Madness but iv been composing for games and such for the past 7 years. I have not hit a genre I couldn't do so I am not limited to just my personal style. Let me know if you need music, sfx or so on and shoot me a message!

TV Ad in which I produced sound:

Experience :

As a certified mixing engineer, I am proficient at using music programs like Ableton Live and Pro Tools, Logic got my own home studio. Ive worked in music venues, music studios, film post production studios. Produced my own music and played in bands. Worked in Anime Voice Over studio here in Russia)

I can :

  • Do sound design for your animation or game (Foley and Sound FX)
  • Make music and cinematic sounds for your film or game
  • Mixing/Post-Production
  • Restore bad audio
  • FMOD, Wwise newbee stuff

Im willing to do free work to build up my portfolio and learn some gamedev basics.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!


I am a programmer, designer and I make music for HTML5 games, I can work for a publisher company. My games are pretty good.

mail: daniel-espinoza123@hotmail.com