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Hey! I am open for music commissions for you to use in your project, animation or game.

My main genres are Industrial/Techno/House/Synthwave and Cheshcore ("Madness Combat" styled music), but I am quite flexible and can also make Orchestral/Ambient tracks.

Details and prices can be discussed depending on project scope and type. If you're lucky, I might be willing to do a song for free! Shoot me a message!

Here are some examples of my previous work:





Hey, guys! If you want to collaborate with me, you can set me "NewGrounds Messege", where you need to describe about your idea for collaboration. Than we can discuus the details)))

About my style: I always create music it Synthwave style. You can listen my tracks on my Newgrounds: https://nandinanubis.newgrounds.com





We can discuss pricing if you reach out to me with your project details. I'm up for different pricing structures, could create the music for a cheap rate if you let me keep ownership rights to the music or could agree on a higher price point if you'd like to buy the music outright from me. Whatever your budget is I'm sure we can work out an arrangement that suits everyone.


I'm most well suited at creating shorter soundtracks for RPG games but would be up to attempt music for other game types as well. I also enjoy creating singles and remixes so if you'd like a commission or something I may be down for that as well. Being a synthesizer player I am most aligned to making something electronic sounding but am also capable of playing a multitude of instruments at various skill levels and always up for a challenge.

Instruments I have and am most comfortable with: Synthesizer (QY70, Minilogue, Microkorg and Volca Sample), Guitar (Acoustic and Electric), Ukulele and Harmonica.


I'm known for creating the soundtrack for the indie video game Alien Squatter under the musician name Bag of Dragonite. This OST was actually featured on the Bandcamp Homepage during it's initial launch which helped lead to a lot of Alien Squatter's success as an indie title (At least that's what I tell myself). I also created all of the SFX used in that game.

Here's the Alien Squatter OST track list for your listening pleasure:

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I've since honed my skills finer as a musician. I now go under a new musician name, Doffu. I'll show off a few newer piece that I'm most proud of:

Thank you for your time.


-Commissions Open-

The time has come to open commissions, I do the following genres:

Synthwave, Darkwave, Outrun, Soundtrack, Alternative Rock, Chiptune/8bits, Lo-Fi Hiphop

But we can discuss other genres as well

Payments are made through PayPal, or mercadopago if you are in Argentina.

15 dollars per minute

You can contact me by Discord: Khrigar#9355

Or email: khrigar317@gmail.com




Final Boss 64 is here to produce music to breathe new life into whatever project you have, whatever emotion or scene you need doesn't matter. Rich harmonic melodies are waiting for you.iu_373584_9642653.webp