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Newgrounds Arcade Wants YOU!

Hello fellow Newgrounds creatives! I recently released my new project Newgrounds Arcade, and it's doing better than I could have ever hoped! A lot of people have been joining and socializing in the chat, playing air hockey together, and watching movies in the cinema (we actually watched Home Alone 1 the other day lol)!

I've got a lot of great plans for the future of Newgrounds Arcade, and I'd like to feature the contributions of more Newgrounds creators in my work! We're nearing version 1.4, and one slight hurdle affecting the quality of this game since the beginning is my complete lack of drawing skill. All of the art assets have been either contributed or cobbled together to make a fun but messy looking experience, and it was suggested that I reach out to other Newgrounds artists for contributions!

If you are an artist/illustrator and you think one of your previous submissions would better fit a sprite or background or something that's in the game, please let me know! I'd love to feature your art in any way!

If you are a musician/sound designer and you would like a track or sound featured in the game, send it to me! I'd like to diversify the BGM/SFX a little more :D

If you are not a content creator and just have good constructive ideas on how to improve this game, feel free to message me or join the Discord!

Credit will be given! If your contribution is significant enough, you will be added to the project as a contributor and given the contributor role in the Newgrounds Arcade Discord. I can't wait to make you a part of Newgrounds history!

(As much as I want to, I cannot currently compensate you monetarily for your contributions at this time. If you contribute enough to be added as a project member, you will receive a share of any revenue generated!)



Currently im looking for vocalist's (male or female)

For some songs im working on (both fan songs and originals)

This is unpaid for now unfortunately..

If your interested DM on here or on Discord: SKU!L#7881



Hello! I’m a 16year old friend with an iPad pro (2018) and I have FL Studio Mobile installed on it with every purchase, I have been using that app for 3 years now and I think it’s time.

i like to make friends so if any of you people are friendly and can collab (own fl studio mobile) and we can jam together!

i generally make music (video game, future bass and occasionally DnB) but I am opened to go out of my comfort zone

https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/920830 this is my best track made so far as of this writing and it’s visualized (showing how it looks in-app)

mainly, I am only available on weekends due to schoolwork but may chat here and there.

my discord @blahooga#2004

you can always contact me if I lack info


Hi Fellow NG gang.

I have been an avid user of newgrounds for the past 6 years originally posting art and animations. Now as a 19 Year Old Music Technology Student at University, I would like to create and collaborate with anyone for free of charge. This is because I want to widen my portfolio in Games and Film since all of my university work is at home and is not relevant to this study. I don't have a portfolio of work in sound design and music but I have understanding of music with college products of making sound for the moving image and I have mixed, mastered, engineered many tracks throughout the 2 and a half years of doing this. I can help with any audio needs so if you want me in on a project feel free to let me know.