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Hello, my name is Mike. I'm willing to create music for your game and or animation.

Game music : I can give you a soft and simple track to ease the player into your gameplay, I can give you some techno beats to have your player move with the game, or a hard rock/orchestral piece to guide your player into defeating a boss.

Animation music : Really dependant on what you want, a specific genre to hold as background noise, something that moves a scene, or even just random sounds for some shots. Whatever you need

Tracks will be $20 per minute long.

Scoring for animation will be $15 per hour/$10 even if I do not reach an hour.

I'm willing to communicate freely and support your project once it is released :)





I am open to working on anything! I'm fairly flexible with my sound and style so If you have any questions about music or sound for your project feel free to drop me a DM on Twitter or on Discord: Prod Marrow#6969

it'd also be if you have any questions or wanna pitch any ideas to me :)


£50 per minute of audio!

(deals can be made for bigger projects)

You can check my Portfolio:



Valkyrie Command

Also feel free to ask me anything about music as i'm just an all round music nerd lol!

-Thanks for checking me out!!


eyy peeps what it do? it's ya boi BlackLynk, I'm a rapper/producer/audiomaniac. I love listening to, making, and experimenting with all genres of music. My most recent prized possession is a little genre I dub "FUTURE TRAP", which is exactly as interesting as it sounds. I've also managed to land a spot on shofu's well-known "Pokemon Cypher" series, being locked in for a 2019 slot. Look forward to chatting it up with folks in here~ (P.S. I also perform videos in fursuit, use that as you will)

My Latest Venture:



Music and songs for folks who want an authentic acoustic sound.

There are lots of artists here on the NG audio community who make great digital sounds, but if you're looking for acoustic music, I have the musical arsenals to provide you what you need.

For years, I have been creating songs for online songwriting competition prompts. I have participated in Masters Of Song Fu, Spintunes, and more! This means I have a unique ability to write & record songs based on specific themes and genres, all in a short period of time.

I have a handful of examples of my music and voice-over abilities in my Audio Submissions, but more can be found on my bandcamp page, and even more can be provided, if requested.

I've been out of the game for a long time now, and as I don't have much street-cred anymore, my prices will be ranging from cheap to free (depending on the size of the project/request) until I've got some more examples under my belt.

Send me a message here on Newgrounds, or email me at buckethatbobby@gmail.com if you would like to discuss a project.


My name is 3mptherook.

I'm an amateur artist and musician who's willing to do mostly everything for your multimedia needs.


I'm a clasically trained musician and has been doing classical covers of songs, mostly EDMs, for almost 2 years. I would love to compose or rearrange music for any of your project. However, due to my skills, i'd prefer an analogue commission such as classical music or pop music requests rather than EDMs because i haven't mastered the necessary skills to do so.

Here are some examples of my works in the past

As for my pricing, i'd be willing to negotiate, but i usually go for 10$ per minute of music. For methods of payment, i receive paypal or other means of payment (gift cards, etc.)


I also dabble a bit in visual arts, mostly in the vector art department. I am willing to try out drawing most objects like humanoids, construction, etc. I'd do custom art work, line art, or even coloring your work. However i am not accepting NSFW commissions.

Here are some of my works in the past.


Same as my music commissions, i'd be willing to negotiate with you about my payment.


I'm also available as a video editor. Prices are negotiable starting from 1$ per minute, depending on how long and effort your video needed

Thank you for your time.

Have a good day!


Bio: Hey! I'm Max. I mess around with electronic music and make abstract things from time to time, and I can also compose regular music. I had a bit of practice working with developers and made some music for a couple of projects. I'm currently looking build a portfolio and get more experience, so I'm willing to work for lighter fees. If you're interested, I can make you a short, free of charge demo track, to see how I match with the project!

My music:



My minimal fee is $15 per minute of finished track. (Depends on complexity of what you want.) [PayPal only]

Discord: Maranax#6705

Mail: maxergun@gmail.com

Looking forward to be working with you!



I would like to start composing for films or games. My main genre is EDM but that dose not mean I limited. I just like making music bro. I play the piano so that's where my music theory comes from. I also had a hands on mixing class.


My pricing is 25$ for average song/music (3-4 minutes). Every minute above 5 minutes is a 5$ up charge. Anything under 3 minutes is 10$.

~ Anyways I hope I can find work. My contact info is down below.



Hello Voice over artist trying to make your ideas come to life. Please feel free to contact me I can send you my demo reel upon request. Also if you need help writing or some background music I can do that as well. I work in genres ranging from classical/orchestrated to jazz and hiphop lofi etc... I look forward to connecting with you guys.


Hello! My name is Glow. I am an anon agender musician (traditional and digital), and I am the frontman behind GlowBoyMusic!

I am always down to work with anybody in the community either for fun or for professional purposes! i do anything from video game music, to dance, to urban, to club anthems that are bound to (hopefully.) break the charts!

Are you 18+? A vocalist or musician? Needing that ‘one suspense music number’ for a video game or cartoon?

I have you covered! With a guarenteed per track delivery time of 2 weeks, and per album delivery time of one month (with holidays and Sundays being the exception) and with your wish for high quality in mind from start to finish, and an easygoing person with professional experience— I got you!

please message me for my contractual agreement and commission sheet if you are interested in working with me professionally.

you can also follow me on Twitter at @DrGlowTweets (no minors please. i have a foul mouth and retweet some occasional heavy stuff. plus my personal project is for adults only. thanks.)

I look forward to getting in touch!

— Glow


Hello everyone, I'm a freelance music producer / composer and have 6 years experience in audio engineering and have produced various genre of music such as EDM, hip-hop, rock, metal, video game soundtrack, podcast intro, and so on.

My services are :

  • Music production (It means that I will listen to your idea, composing, mixing, mastering until the final music is finished and delivered to you)
  • Mixing & mastering
  • Vocal tuning & Pitch correction
  • Podcast audio editing
  • Or any custom request related to audio engineering services you have in mind

My rate are varied depend on the request and project, feel free to ask me to discuss the rate about your project. Payment will be done through PayPal or TransferWise. For further benefit, sometimes I deliver free songs to my past clients whenever I have spare song that I made for fun.

Feel free to ask me anything via PM or email at schia.music@gmail.com

You can visit my website to see some of my portfolio here : https://schiamusic.wixsite.com/home/music


Musician here with lots of experience, please hit me up for any instrumental guitar based music you might need. All genres included, rock, country, jazz, latin, metal, you name it I can make it for ya with a unique production feel. I can also do any sort of loop be it in the style of Trap, breakbeat, house, 8bit chiptune, ambient, etc. I'm trying to build my resume working with Animators so contact me and let me craft you an ideal song for your art


some my work, more on my NG page


Hello Everyone!

I'm Mophead, a young amateur musician hoping to get some of my stuff out there!

Have you got a small animation or game that you're making and you need some goofy buffoon to write the music for a scene? Well look no further friends, I'm your guy.

My Specialties:

I'm best at making upbeat, goofier songs but as time has gone on I've learned more about how to make atmospheric stuff. So if either of those are what you need then take a gander at what I have to offer!

Best way to contact me would be through headofmop@gmail.com but feel free to PM me on here if that's more convenient.

Check out these links for samples of my stuff! Or just go to my page.

Bandcamp: https://headofmop.bandcamp.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/matthew-konski

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC81WOx26fVCkgmGRbUPrfbA


hi stinkies i got a piano here but zero reason to finger the bad boy

here's some sample tracks. i try my best to be as expendable as possible when it comes to mood/style. just ask and i'll see what i can do!


coked out


if any of this has enticed you, check my soundcloud out.