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Amazing Voice Actor looking to Collaborate

The rating of my post does not reflect the rating of work I'm willing to take on. Any rating of work with do from E to A-O. I'm 18+ So bring it on!!!

I've been an "underground" voice actor for over a decade, and am considered one of the best money can buy by everyone I work with. My track record speaks for itself. See my resume if you'd like examples:


I can do a wide range of voices and age ranges, but I find I excel at a quirky/nerdy protagonist, a perky/gung-ho hero/support character, an intensely evil villain, or a tragic henchman. I can do dramatic roles, funny roles, weird roles, and scary roles. I'm not afraid of a script, send it to me, and you will get recordings of lines.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! I'm also a talented comedy writer, and I can make music! I prefer metal music because I own extremely expensive guitars, but I can make anything. I also am capable of singing!

A lot of the music I've made over the years had become quite popular. But I made it for others, so I didn't get popular with it, but it's still good music!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38DB3uF4wjU - The Bread God

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pVMuyMqJdA - We Are Space Marines

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9wQIw-9Trw&list=PLzZ1xlsAONer6jlMxU8kmrfToDbUj63nP - Dolan Kart (Keep My Binky)

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? Hire me/recruit me/add me to your projects! I'll do a good job, you can count on my experience and talent to bring any character you want to life! (Except female ones, or some strange animals, though I am capable of making very other-worldly sounds if need be!)

My preferred method of contact is via email: dreuxferranojr@gmail.com

You can DM me here as well, but I'm quicker to see email since newgrounds is banned where I work my day-job ;O


Open for Commissions!

Hey everybody, just wanted to let you all know that I’m again down for commissions — willing to work for anyone who is creative and imaginative!

I have access to some of the most talented musicians and vocalists I know, and I always produce high quality/broadcast ready work.

My main focus is usually on cinematic or music that is scored to animation or scenes. I am pretty fluent in all genres: drama, comedy, horror, epic, trailers, romance, etc.

Examples of some of my latest tracks:

Hit me up anytime & send me a dm or email me at music@jonbabb.com


Music inquiries

Contact me if you're looking to use one of my songs in something, or if you want me to compose something original for you

My latest album can be found here


Instrumental stuff


If you like any of this, feel free to DM me about getting me to work on your project. If I like it enough, I will work on it for nothing more than exposure! I don't mind as long as it isn't too much and I am excited to work on the project.


Chiptune Musician for Commission!

Hello! My name is Zane, and I make music for game developers, content creators, and music-enjoyers alike!.

I create digital-fusion/chiptune music professionally, but am capable of working with most other genres as well. Electronic is my wheelhouse though!

Shoot me a message if you are in need of a musician for your project! I'm always around!


Here are some examples:

Client Work:


"Another Bag of Chips" (8bit - 16bit):

"A Bag of Chips" (8bit):



I make music for you


I am a creator of musical content of the psytrance, chip-tune, Lo-Fi, Hiphop, Symphonic Orchestral genre

Any questions about my work you can visit my profile, or send me a message to send you a demo through Newgrounds or Discord

I can create music for:

  • Video game
  • Animations (sfw/nsfw)
  • Videos for YouTube
  • Stream loops screens
  • Podcasts background
I do not charge for duration
Charge for the variety of instruments and complexity of the piece
All have mixing and mastering
It takes three days to two weeks to work Depending on what you choose

Base price: $10 + tax

Simple loops and 3 instruments


Base piece + : $20 + Tax

Complex loops and 3 instruments


Medium price: $35 + Tax

Simple loops and 5 to 6 instruments


Median price + : 50 + Tax

Complex loops and 6 to 7 instruments

With personalized audios and/or voices that you send me (Copyright free of course)


A totally personalized song: $60

No instrument limits and I mix your voice or audio that you send me in my style or your choice

Here the only limit is your imagination


....free commission:

1 instrument

Random loop


Composer for hire

Hey there, I'm BananaLizard. I make music as a hobby and enjoy composing for projects, whether that be animations, games, or whatever else. I've recently taken a break from a Terraria mod I was making music for and am ready to switch projects for a little while! If you'd like to take a look at some songs I've made, you can take a peek at my page or check out my YouTube and Spotify profiles.

Note: My strong suites are primarily Funk and Oldschool Hip-Hop, and my music is more suited for less serious or "edgy" content (for lack of a better word...)

If you're interested at all, dont be afraid to hit me up in PMs.


I Can Write And Record Extreme Metal For You

Hello people, i'm a metal guitarist from the southern lands of Brazil.

I finally decided to try this commisioning feature, because why not.

Basically i write and record metal music pieces, i usually focus on classic heavy metal from the 70s/80s and classic extreme metal from the 80s/90s. I've also occasionally composed synth based music, math rock and jazz/samba pieces.

So if that's something you want, i'm your guy.

About 25$ per song

To discuss details my discord is nothing_face#9274


Open for Commission!

About Me:

Hi everyone, I'm NoStereo!

I'm proficient in Chillout // Breakbeat // Orchestral // Chiptune // Dubstep and More + Fusions.

I strive to give all of my music emotional impact instead of raw energetics. A lot of my music has been said to sound like it belongs in a JRPG or numerous Indie titles so if that is what you are looking for you found me! :)

Commercial Projects:

I'm mainly looking to participate in larger commercial projects requiring a full soundtrack, but I'm always happy to produce a single. Depending on the length of the music and the scope of the project I'll charge in the area of $25 - $75 per song. However please contact me and we can make specific arrangements.


If you are making a non-commercial game or animation, wanting a collaboration, or participating in a gamejam, I do not charge for that, contact me to get things started or feel free to use any music in my discography (make sure to credit please).



Welp, we are on holiday so i have time for making a couple of this!

Alright, I could be your composer, your producer or your session musician!

my "specialities" are Ambient, Rock, Jazzy Stuff, and METAL (you can check my work on my profile to know what kind of shit i can do!!)

Session instruments available: (Guitar (acoustic, Nylon, Electric) and mainly Bass Guitar)

Don't hesitate on contact me, we can discuss the details in private or you can always DM me from Discord

Thanks for your attention <33



Looking for someone to collaborate with!

I'm a YouTuber under the name Little Pal, feel free to check my channel out.

I would like to get more into voice acting, to gain some traction for my YouTube channel, and the name attached to it, "Little Pal".

I'm also open to make music for your project, you can check out my newgrounds page for that, or even my Bandcamp. I've done music for many projects.

Would love to collaborate on anything, so hit me up, I've been wanting to get into this business again. I'll do it for free, all I ask for is a little credit.


Composer Open for Commision!




I am open to working on anything! I'm fairly flexible with my sound and style so If you have any questions about music or sound for your project feel free to drop me a DM on Twitter or on Discord: Prod Marrow#6969

it'd also be if you have any questions or wanna pitch any ideas to me :)


£50 per minute of audio!

(deals can be made for bigger projects)

You can check my Portfolio:



Valkyrie Command

Also feel free to ask me anything about music as i'm just an all round music nerd lol!

-Thanks for checking me out!!


MelonadeM - Music Commissions!

I'm available for music work for projects! Be it a cool animation, an cool game project, or just something you want for personal or commercial use (stream BGM, video BGM or whatever).

I've been working for a long time with a bunch of people on various projects - notably, I've worked with LumpyTouch on various things, including Garfield Gameboy'd and Super Impostor Bros., or other cool indie projects like Lazarus Hearts and Dormiveglia.

You can check out my portfolio & demo reel in full here: Portfolio!

I reserve the right to refuse to work on any project for any reason. If this happens, I will let you know the reason privately.

Pricing: This will heavily vary on your needs and timeline - please do reach out if you're interested and we can work something out together!

Sounds great, how can we get in touch? You can reach out via a private message here, or if you prefer, via email @ hello@melonadem.com, or via Discord (if you add me there, I'm "MelonadeM" on it)

Thank you for your time!


Need a VA?

Hello Voice over artist trying to make your ideas come to life. Please feel free to contact me I can send you my demo reel upon request. Also if you need help writing or some background music I can do that as well. I work in genres ranging from classical/orchestrated to jazz and hiphop lofi etc... I look forward to connecting with you guys.


Need Some Retro Tunes on Your Life?

Then i may be your guy! x3

I'm Open for Song Comsissions for your animations, or game or just general purpose! <3

Hi! I'm Mikaiah, a music producer that mostly specialices on retro inspired music, started producing on 2020 and i focus mostly on upbeat 8-bit/chiptune songs and althought can do some chill ones inspired by Synthwave or even Lo-Fi from time to time!

And i can do some retro inspired songs for you if you need it!

See Bellow for more Info! :3

What I can do:

  • My Main Genres: Fast Paced or Slow Paced Chiptune/Chipstep, 8-bit Inspired/"Videogame Like" Songs!
  • Can Work on Minor Projects Based On: Basic Synthwave, Lo-Fi, Or just laid back songs.


  1. I Can't Sing, BUT i can use any vocal samples or just any sample you'd like into the song.
  2. I Don't Use Any live Instruments, most of the sounds in my songs are made using ThirdParty Plugins.
  3. By Default, my Songs Duration can be Pretty Extended. (Even reaching 5-7 minutes) This obviously may vary depending on the song, BUT it is recommended that you specify a song duration limit if necessary. That way the composition process can be more fluid.


All Payments will be done through Paypal

  • The payment may vary depending on the song duration:

All songs less than 1 minute will be $5 of duration.

If it surpasses the minute mark it will be $10.

If You Consider Me, The Composition Progress Will be as Follows:

  • Specifications: It is Required a mood, duration, and the intended use of the song. If you want a "Similar Feeling To [SONG]", it is necessary that you give me an actual reference about said song.
  • During the Making of The Song: I may post some previews from time to time to know your opinion about the work so far, any feedback will be appreciated, but please try to be as detailed as possible when giving any feedback.
  • Only then if you are satisfied with the changes with a final preview, the song will be sent to you asap and payment will be made. (Only the Full Song Will be Sent After the Payment is Done)

Here's some of my work for your consideration!

If you're interested don't be shy to leave a message! And i'll try to answer as soon as possible! <3


Looking to Collab! (Vocalists and Musicians Wanted!)

Hello! My name is Glow. I am an anon agender musician (traditional and digital), and I am the frontman behind GlowBoyMusic!

I am always down to work with anybody in the community either for fun or for professional purposes! i do anything from video game music, to dance, to urban, to club anthems that are bound to (hopefully.) break the charts!

Are you 18+? A vocalist or musician? Needing that ‘one suspense music number’ for a video game or cartoon?

I have you covered! With a guarenteed per track delivery time of 2 weeks, and per album delivery time of one month (with holidays and Sundays being the exception) and with your wish for high quality in mind from start to finish, and an easygoing person with professional experience— I got you!

please message me for my contractual agreement and commission sheet if you are interested in working with me professionally.

you can also follow me on Twitter at @DrGlowTweets (no minors please. i have a foul mouth and retweet some occasional heavy stuff. plus my personal project is for adults only. thanks.)

I look forward to getting in touch!

— Glow


New Music Composer for Hire

Hello there! I am available to hire for music composition if you need it for a project.

What I Can Do

I am best suited for jazz/rock genres as that's not only what I work on the most, but I have a lot of listening experience with said genres. I can try to work with a different genre if you require it, but do note that it may take me longer.

I can make background music or original songs, I'm generally best with working on animation projects but if you have a game that needs music I may be able to help with that too. As of right now I'm only able to do instrumental music.

I am able to work fairly quickly, so if you need something done ASAP I'm your best bet.


  1. I will not work on any NSFW projects.
  2. I will require you to give as much detail on what sort of music you want, including feel, whether or not you need it a certain length, if you want a certain instrument represented etc.
  3. If you need multiple songs, please tell me the exact number you need.
  4. I will require you to give me a specific deadline, preferably an exact date, just so I know how much time I have left.
  5. Any completed music will be posted to my website, newgrounds and bandcamp pages. This is pretty much non-negotiable. I will only consider giving you exclusivity of the music if you have a very specific reason and are willing to pay extra for it.
  6. My rates are $25 per minute of music. If you want a single song that is less than a minute long, it's a flat fee of $15. I am willing to negotiate rates if you cannot afford it but I do NOT work for free.
  7. Payment will be made through PayPal only.

If you want to work with me, PM me on Newgrounds or e-mail me at TheJayJaySR@gmail.com

Here's some samples of my work:


Musician/VA looking to collab!

Hey guys!

I've been on Newgrounds as a musician for a long time, I work in all kinds of different styles and I've always wanted to be involved in an animation or a game. I have examples of all kinds of music from classic game sounds to hip hop to rock to edm. I play various instruments and use Fruity Loops for production. You can check out a lot of my tunes on my page but if you have a request to hear selections based on a genre or idea I can provide that too. I am also good with general sound design and fairly competent as a voice actor.

If you think I'd be right for you project let me know!

Examples of my work:

EDM: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/564006

Video Game: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/618872

Rap: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1133151

Metal/Sound Design: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/900918


Open for Commisions!

I am willing to work on any project provided its SFW. I am available as a musician, sound designer, and voice actor


(FREE COMPOSER) will make music for free

Hi my name is migu

Lets cut to the chase

I will make music for anything for free and very fast

I just really enjoy it

If you can pay me you should but I don't care if you can't

I've worked on films, games, animation, production for other artists and more

click the examples below


Video Game Trailer Score

Composition samples


Animation theme song


I mix live instruments and electronic production techniques, I'm proficient in vocals, guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

I'd REALLY like to work on something horror because that is missing from my portfolio and I love horror.

message me on here or email me


-love migu



Freelance artist looking for connections and people to work with

My name is 3mptherook.

I'm an amateur artist and musician who's willing to do mostly everything for your multimedia needs.


I'm a clasically trained musician and has been doing classical covers of songs, mostly EDMs, for almost 2 years. I would love to compose or rearrange music for any of your project. However, due to my skills, i'd prefer an analogue commission such as classical music or pop music requests rather than EDMs because i haven't mastered the necessary skills to do so.

Here are some examples of my works in the past

As for my pricing, i'd be willing to negotiate, but i usually go for 10$ per minute of music. For methods of payment, i receive paypal or other means of payment (gift cards, etc.)


I also dabble a bit in visual arts, mostly in the vector art department. I am willing to try out drawing most objects like humanoids, construction, etc. I'd do custom art work, line art, or even coloring your work. However i am not accepting NSFW commissions.

Here are some of my works in the past.


Same as my music commissions, i'd be willing to negotiate with you about my payment.


I'm also available as a video editor. Prices are negotiable starting from 1$ per minute, depending on how long and effort your video needed

Thank you for your time.

Have a good day!


MUSICIAN open for commissions!

hiii! i'm lizzy - been making music for 10+ years and have a stacked portfolio of indie game and animation soundtracks, as well as a bunch of personal projects. have experience in many styles of production and composition.

check out my stuff and commission me here!


listen / follow:





I Will Make Music for YOU.

Music and songs for folks who want an authentic acoustic sound.

There are lots of artists here on the NG audio community who make great digital sounds, but if you're looking for acoustic music, I have the musical arsenals to provide you what you need.

For years, I have been creating songs for online songwriting competition prompts. I have participated in Masters Of Song Fu, Spintunes, and more! This means I have a unique ability to write & record songs based on specific themes and genres, all in a short period of time.

I have a handful of examples of my music and voice-over abilities in my Audio Submissions, but more can be found on my bandcamp page, and even more can be provided, if requested.

I've been out of the game for a long time now, and as I don't have much street-cred anymore, my prices will be ranging from cheap to free (depending on the size of the project/request) until I've got some more examples under my belt.

Send me a message here on Newgrounds, or email me at buckethatbobby@gmail.com if you would like to discuss a project.


Skyshard's music commissions

Hello there! I’m Skyshard and I do the art of sound crafting, also known as music!

My personal works are fully dedicated to the My Little Pony universe, since it was the thing which inspired me to do music.

However, I’m up to make music for pretty much anything and collab for different projects.

I specialize in soundtrack, ambiance and EDM, background loops and melodic pieces, and also love to create music with non-standard progressions.

If you are looking for musical pieces with realistic or live recorded instruments, I have an amazing circle of friends who are professional instrumentalists, and we can work out something amazing together.

I also offer services such as mixing, mastering, podcast and sound design.

Check out my website for examples, pricing and additional information!

Additional examples:


Musician for Hire

I'm a self-taught musician who's been making music for around 10 years. I'm able to do many different genres (and love experimenting with ones I'm not so familiar with). I'm open to working on both SFW and NSFW projects.


Preferably Discord (NotDamare) or via email (notdamare@gmail.com).


My standard rate is $150-200 USD per minute of finalized music, but don't hesitate to reach out, I understand not everyone can afford such a rate so I'm open to negotiation.

Work Samples:

Examples of previous work: #PortfolioDay Music Reel (July 2023)

However, for longer and more varied examples, here's a private playlist of multiple crossfades using songs I've made. Lots of genres are included to showcase diversity. Link: https://soundcloud.com/notdamare/sets/portfolio/s-ndcjaGvpY76

Thanks for reading/listening!


You need music for animation/film or game?


I would like to start composing for films or games. My main genre is EDM but that dose not mean I limited. I just like making music bro. I play the piano so that's where my music theory comes from. I also had a hands on mixing class.


My pricing is 25$ for average song/music (3-4 minutes). Every minute above 5 minutes is a 5$ up charge. Anything under 3 minutes is 10$.

~ Anyways I hope I can find work. My contact info is down below.



I'm open for MUSIC commissions!

Hi! I'm Hirou and I'm open for music commissions!

I speak English and Spanish.

I've been composing music for almost 5 years, I made music for my personal projects, game-jams, trailers and much more!

Every project needs music... Videogames, animations, short films! So... why don't spend some $$$$ in getting some original music work for your original project?

Prices need to be discussed, but basically, usually the minimum will be 30$ and from there it will go up depending on complexity and length (Don't worry, I'll give you the number on the spot once you tell me what's exactly what you want.)

My music is inspired by various artists and media like Nobuo Uematsu, Joe Hisaishi, Homestuck, Secret of Evermore, Classic SNES Games, etc. Still, you can check out MY PORTFOLIO or my AUDIO SECTION if you want to give a listen to my best work.

(I might also accept art trade from time to time so you could also try that.)



  • Read my TOS
  • Reach to me on Discord, my tag is TheHirou#2486
  • Tell me about your project! I might not want to make music for your project for whatever reasons.
  • If I'm okay with that give me as much references as you can, that is to say, send me songs that already exist that you hear and think "Damn, I want this song to be here in my project!"
  • You pay me an advance payment, half of the full price.
  • Then wait until I finish. I'll send you the draft and if you give me the approval I will start making the final mix.
  • I deliver the final product in a lower quality, you, once again give me your final approval, you pay me the rest and then I send you the final product, full quality!

I hope you consider me!



Composer Looking For Work (Electronic/Ambient/Instrumental/Orchestral)

Bio: Hey! I'm Max. I mess around with electronic music and make abstract things from time to time, and I can also compose regular music. I had a bit of practice working with developers and made some music for a couple of projects. I'm currently looking build a portfolio and get more experience, so I'm willing to work for lighter fees. If you're interested, I can make you a short, free of charge demo track, to see how I match with the project!

My music:



My minimal fee is $15 per minute of finished track. (Depends on complexity of what you want.) [PayPal only]

Discord: Maranax#6705

Mail: maxergun@gmail.com

Looking forward to be working with you!


Need guitar oriented (or other) music for your game?

Illustrator, musician and composer.

My forte is guitar oriented music. Rock and metal specifically. But I can do many genres, electronic music too. If you need upbeat energetic or dark music for your game, for example an action game (or anything really, any mood or genre) I'd love to work with you. Original song by me:

Dark progressive metal: https://soundcloud.com/aalataur/fury-of-the-ancients

Spanish guitar easy listening: https://soundcloud.com/aalataur/summmer-glimmer

Melodic metal with a vocalist: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1268136

Just couple of examples.

Illustrations why not, but doesn't AI do that now? These are my traditional ink illustrations:


I started to learn digital art when AI appeared and it kind of reduced my interest, but I still do it sometimes:


You can contact me via email too: aalataur (at) gmail dot com


I can do music/voice acting for games or animations

I want to work to have at least some money and buy me some cool stuff

I can do:

-art (not my best)

-voice acting (never did but I have a some good range in voices)

-and music, you can check those in my account

-No NSFW because i am a minor

-it will be 2$

Not expensive because two dollars in my country is already more than 1000 pesos and it helps a lot

Cheap and Probably good

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