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Looking for voice actors and musicians for my senior thesis film "Mr. Beachcomber."


The film is a sort of grim comedy that follows a chef who works at a beach restaurant. The viewer follows him on his last day at this beach as he slowly decays and becomes sand, being consumed by the very place he despises.

Here are some animated shots so you get a sense of the style:


I need a 20-25 second clip of a cheesy beach-themed song in a sort of Blink-182 or Green Day style if possible. This will be the song that plays on the protagonist's alarm clock to wake him up. Please contact me if you believe you are capable of making this or know someone who would be willing. We can discuss payment privately since I know price can vary quite a bit.


I need 3 character voices. These are the characters I need voices for:


For The Jackasses I'd like the characters to have a sort of Beavis & Butthead sounding voice to them. The character with the black hair I want to sound similar to Beavis but maybe more like Ian Miller's character "Mak." The character with the hat has no lines but he laughs and vomits up sand, so I just need a dopey voice for him.

For The Waitress I'd like for her to sound like a sweet woman whose voice has been ruined by years of chain smoking and working in the restaurant business. Although her voice is ruined, I still want to retain a feminine quality to it so I'm looking for someone with a sweeter voice who is capable of sounding like a smoker.

If you can do any of these voices or know someone who can, please contact me. Payment will be discussed privately since I know each role requires a different level of work.

So if you're a voice actor or musician looking for a fun, creative-driven project to work on, you can PM me or reach on on a variety of social medias I have linked in my profile. Also my e-mail is RatChiliArt@gmail.com.



Hello! If you’re reading this you’re interested in the paid project Light Ivy Pictures has going on currently. Two years ago, we made the Pilot to our show Guardians of the Sacred Light. It was formerly a Sonic inspired fan project, however, recent events have transformed the show into its own original project. Since the release of the Pilot, we’ve had a very rough time getting the development going, so we are starting over! Now that we’ve made some cuts and revisions we are ready to compliment this show with some paid animation!

We have about a 1 minute and 50 second intro song that we need an animated intro for! For specifics, the video below will shine more light on what to expect!

Here are the stills and a few character designs to let you know what you will be working with!






And some storyboarding we've been doing for our Pilot remake!



If there are any more question comments or concerns! Please don't be afraid to contact us at:



DM us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/LightIvyPics

We look forward to working with you and seeing your amazing portfolios!


Hey guys, my name is Jimmy. I'm the frontman for an independent rock band called Unrivaled. We're working on a full length album and are ready to release out singles, but we can't shoot a proper music video due to the virus.

So what I'm looking for is a Gorillaz style animation video to help us promote our song. The song is three minutes long and I'm looking for someone who can create an animated version of the band, playing our track in a white room, as black paint begins to seep into the walls.

I'm not sure how pricing works for animation in this way, so please don't be offended if the number is a low ball. I am willing to pay over four figures. So message me if you're interested.

I would like to see some of your guys' work and hopefully we can work together on this project.

Thanks for reading,