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Background Artist and Illustrator looking for work!

Afternoon Newgrounds Artists, My Name is Nicholas Jordan and I am currently looking for Background Art and Illustration work!

My most recent clients I've painted Background art for are Magus Elgar Animated, and Hazbin Hotel. Below are some boards showing my work from both of these projects. On these projects I was responsible for the full Background art process, including Design, Layout, Lineart, Color, and Final Cleanup.

Pricing for background art usually varies depending on the clients needs. Feel free to send me examples of art styles you may be looking for and we can discuss details.


Outside of Background art i am also available for various character/portrait commissions. Below you can find my Commission sheet with pricing information.

For more examples of my work, feel free to check out my Newgrounds profile, or for a more in depth portfolio, check out my Artstation or my Twitter! My DMs are always open if you have any questions about my work or experience, and you can contact me via email at Spectralbeacon@Gmail.com

Thank you for your time!


Open to work on anything drawing related

Hello guys, so this is kind of an update for this post

So as the title says, i'm open to work on any kind of drawing related job, i'm specially lokking work on this areas: ilustration, pixel-art, web-comic, character design and animation.

To know more and to see more of my work please send me a email to: osweltortiz@gmail.com or send me a private message here on NG.

I will draw practically anything except fetish art and overly complicated stuff.

Here i left some of my work, for my animation works you could see it on my NG account (Oswelt's Movies (newgrounds.com)) on my Youtube channel: Oswelt Ortiz - YouTube and some Gif on my Instagram: Instagram

Some of my character design and illustration work is on my deviantart account: Oswelt - Student, General Artist | DeviantArt

For all my webcomic work, you can see it here: Oswelt_Ortiz (faneo.es) but take in mind that almost all the content is in spanish, for english content you could check this series i'm working currently called "This is Bill" about a tiny guy dying every week, here on newgrounds Oswelt (newgrounds.com) or on Webtoon: This is Bill | WEBTOON (webtoons.com)

My prices range starts at 15$ and every payment will be only via Paypal.



Available for anything fun!

I'm hoping to be able to contribute to other people's projects and collaborate on original ideas as well, whether with voice acting or art or just anything fun and new. I can send samples of voice acting, story-boarding/backgrounds, music, compositing, sound design, etc. Just ask!


Open For Commissions!

Hello everyone, I'm Warren. I've decided to take on commissions here. I'll try to keep it as to the point as possible. This will be my first time ever doing something this structured. I typically specialize in making fanart but I'm open to drawing OCs and character portraits!

Disclaimer: Not currently taking NSFW commissions

Pricing will of course be variable based on the time to complete and complexity of the request

Portfolio: https://rawxern.artstation.com/projects/oELYw

Commission Categories:

Icons/ Profile Pictures starting at 25$-50$

Sketches/Lineart starting at 35$-55$

Portrait/Character art starting at 100-150$

Fully rendered artwork/paintings starting at 150$-200$


  • Commissions will be completed on a first come first served basis

  • Any references and descriptions should be provided with your request

  • Feel free to ask any questions regarding specific details and/or pricing prior to making your request

  • Should I see the need to cancel a commission, a full refund will be provided

Contact me!

shoot me a DM on here

Discord: Rawxern#2074

Email: warrenphillips28@gmail.com

Payment is accepted upfront via PayPal invoice.

Thanks for your time!


makin' games n helpin' with stuff 4 ya

can do stuff like

  • be lazy af
  • tryna' make good games on construct 2 (kinda skilled) & godot engine (partly skilled, learnin')
  • drawin' stuff in mspaint and givin' good character ideas n' stuff
  • same thing with the plots, they're my favourite thing to do, y'know
  • dreamin' about my dream game and gainin' information to make it real

I'm not so busy, so feel free to dm me, I'll be glad to help, if ya want to make your dream game real too or smth



I'm officially open for commissions! Prices are to be negotiated, however, I'm down to draw just about anything you're looking for

I'm down to draw:

Character Designs





Graphic Designs


Weird and Trippy stuff

Message me on here or on my Facebook page to discuss work :3




Graphic design commissions

Any grfx- album covers, logos, typography, posters, game art, clothing, etc...

Contact for further info and pricing.

[ Instagram ] - [ Tumblr ] - [ Twitter ]


Character Design Commissions

I've recently opened commissions and that includes character design ref page.

If there's a character or idea that needs to be made, i can be your guy.

My art style leans more on the anime side. I can pretty much do mecha at some degree and monster girls too.

Price varies depending on the amount of details. negotiations can be arranged too.

you can check out my carrd page for more information and samples



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