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Musical Production is here!

Hi guys!

Want to hear some track of me, or want that your track be mixed to reach a powerful sound?

You're in the right place!

I'm TheLeon, an Electronic music producer who wants to upgrade and grow in Newgrounds, for that, I'll help to you into your musical projects, Sound design, music, mixing, mastering and more just here!

You can contact me in GMail: theleon13official@gmail.com

to talk about a collaboration, project, track, etc.

Comission will be discussed in there too.

I'll See you there!


I do too many things! Let me do them with you.

Hey there! My name is Jake, and I make stuff. Too much stuff, probably.

My most extensive backgrounds are in music and graphic design! Here are a couple examples of both...

Here's my original soundtrack for Terramino!

My alternate artwork for Edmund McMillen's Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem card game expansion!

Here's me coloring in lineart for my comic book Toe & So Long (featuring music by me)!

Here's a music video I edited for my anime rap project, Cpt. Hardluck!

Whew! That's a lot of stuff, I know. Well, guess what? Here's some more stuff!

Here's some more of my illustration work.




On the off chance anyone on Newgrounds needs a logo, here's one I made for a company called Fiberific!


That's about all Newgrounds will let me show off here, but you can find even more of my work at jacobmichaelcampbell.com.

Feel free to hit me up for any project! I'm happy to talk about any kind of work. Thanks for your tim


INEXPENSIVE MUSIC*: I can create professional music for your videogame/Or just music in general.


We can discuss pricing if you reach out to me with your project details. I'm up for different pricing structures, could create the music for a cheap rate if you let me keep ownership rights to the music or could agree on a higher price point if you'd like to buy the music outright from me. Whatever your budget is I'm sure we can work out an arrangement that suits everyone.


I'm most well suited at creating shorter soundtracks for RPG games but would be up to attempt music for other game types as well. I also enjoy creating singles and remixes so if you'd like a commission or something I may be down for that as well. Being a synthesizer player I am most aligned to making something electronic sounding but am also capable of playing a multitude of instruments at various skill levels and always up for a challenge.

Instruments I have and am most comfortable with: Synthesizer (QY70, Minilogue, Microkorg and Volca Sample), Guitar (Acoustic and Electric), Ukulele and Harmonica.


I'm known for creating the soundtrack for the indie video game Alien Squatter under the musician name Bag of Dragonite. This OST was actually featured on the Bandcamp Homepage during it's initial launch which helped lead to a lot of Alien Squatter's success as an indie title (At least that's what I tell myself). I also created all of the SFX used in that game.

Here's the Alien Squatter OST track list for your listening pleasure:

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I've since honed my skills finer as a musician. I now go under a new musician name, Doffu. I'll show off a few newer piece that I'm most proud of:

Thank you for your time.


Will write music for any type of project.

I'm pretty good at making video game music, but will work for other types of projects too.

payment rate can be discussed and is flexible,

also would recommend some clear ideas for what you want for the project.

check out my audios to see what I can do.