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Want music for your game or animation?

Send me a PM or an email, I usually respond within 1-3 business days.

I'm a self-taught video game composer with seven years of experience. I can make a variety of music genres and styles!

Here are some examples of what I've created:

Experimental Electronic:

Chiptune x Techno:

Swing, Funk and Dance:

Drum and Bass, Hard Electro:


Orchestral x Videogame:

+ + +

I've also made some commissions and full original soundtracks for games in the past!

Including much more bigger and smaller scale projects I've been part of!


+ + +


Full length track - $150usd (3 - 6 min)

Half length track - $100usd (1 - 3 min)

Short loop - $50 (30s - 1 min)

I'm working hard every day for this to become my full-time job, that is my dream and I need your help to achieve it!

Thank you for reading!


Open Music Comisions

With experience, I offer to make music for whatever you need, both for games and animations (including nsfw).

The only thing I can't do is rock styles.

If you are interested, write me here or to my discord (I prefer discord) banguare#3240


Con experiencia, ofrezco hacer musica para lo que necesites, tanto para juegos como animaciones (inclusive nsfw).

Lo unico que no puedo hacer son estilos rock.

Si tu estas interezado, escribeme aqui o a mi discord (yo prefiero discord) banguare#3240



Hello, my name is Mike. I'm willing to create music for your game and or animation.

Game music : I can give you a soft and simple track to ease the player into your gameplay, I can give you some techno beats to have your player move with the game, or a hard rock/orchestral piece to guide your player into defeating a boss.

Animation music : Really dependant on what you want, a specific genre to hold as background noise, something that moves a scene, or even just random sounds for some shots. Whatever you need

Tracks will be $20 per minute long.

Scoring for animation will be $15 per hour/$10 even if I do not reach an hour.

I'm willing to communicate freely and support your project once it is released :)


Hey guys! Let's collaborate!



I'am a mixing engineer. My hobby is musicmaking. Im mainly known for my ost music for Madness but iv been composing for games and such for the past 7 years. I have not hit a genre I couldn't do so I am not limited to just my personal style. Let me know if you need music, sfx or so on and shoot me a message!

TV Ad in which I produced sound:

Experience :

As a certified mixing engineer, I am proficient at using music programs like Ableton Live and Pro Tools, Logic got my own home studio. Ive worked in music venues, music studios, film post production studios. Produced my own music and played in bands. Worked in Anime Voice Over studio here in Russia)

I can :

  • Do sound design for your animation or game (Foley and Sound FX)
  • Make music and cinematic sounds for your film or game
  • Mixing/Post-Production
  • Restore bad audio
  • FMOD, Wwise newbee stuff

Im willing to do free work to build up my portfolio and learn some gamedev basics.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!


Commissions or Collaborations

Hello! I'm Mashie! (Don't mind the username, it's unrelated!)

I'm a producer, singer/songwriter, rapper and voice actor that has been creating and working for up to 4 years! My productive works consist of electronic music, hip-hop, and game soundtracks with a nostalgic vibe. But I'm willing to work outside of those parameters and produce anything that I'm able to!

I work in FL Studio 20 and Audacity, and have experience in Pro Tools and audio engineering. Please contact me either here or through email for any business inquires!

Here's some links to my work:




Small Amateur Musician Wants Work

Hello Everyone!

I'm Mophead, a young amateur musician hoping to get some of my stuff out there!

Have you got a small animation or game that you're making and you need some goofy buffoon to write the music for a scene? Well look no further friends, I'm your guy.

My Specialties:

I'm best at making upbeat, goofier songs but as time has gone on I've learned more about how to make atmospheric stuff. So if either of those are what you need then take a gander at what I have to offer!

Best way to contact me would be through headofmop@gmail.com but feel free to PM me on here if that's more convenient.

Check out these links for samples of my stuff! Or just go to my page.

Bandcamp: https://headofmop.bandcamp.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/matthew-konski

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC81WOx26fVCkgmGRbUPrfbA