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Chiptune Musician for Commission!

Hello! My name is Zane, and I make music for game developers, content creators, and music-enjoyers alike!.

I create digital-fusion/chiptune music professionally, but am capable of working with most other genres as well. Electronic is my wheelhouse though!

Shoot me a message if you are in need of a musician for your project! I'm always around!


Here are some examples:

Client Work:


"Another Bag of Chips" (8bit - 16bit):

"A Bag of Chips" (8bit):



EDM Music Producer at your service :)

What's up fellow Newgrounders, my name is X3ll3n. I'm a self-taught french music producer with 4 years of experience.

The reason I'm posting here is because I'm looking to make some money from my passion (and afford NG Supporter).

I don't have a price in mind, but I'm definitely on the cheaper end as I don't have much experience when compared to other artists.

I mainly produce :

  • Progressive House
  • UK/Happy Hardcore
  • Future Bounce
  • Future Bass
  • Techno Hands Up
  • Tropical House

I can do co-production / ghost-production for you (whether it is just a drop or a full-length song).

I could try imitating certain artists if necessary. If you already have a basis for your song (melody, structure, etc...), it will be even cheaper.

If you want music for your games or animations, I'd advise commissioning another artist as I don't think I'd be up to the task (but hey, if you want to try your luck, I guess it's worth the shot).

Anyway, I hope you find the right person for your project here on Newgrounds. Have a good day !

- X3ll3n


Musician/Sound Designer for Video Games/Movies

Hello Newgrounds!

If you're in need of a composer for your video game or movie, I'm open for commissions! Just send me a email and I'd love to work with you.

I make all kinds of music, so just ask me what you want and I will do my best! I often make Dubstep, Color Bass, Electronic, Ambient, and Orchestral music. I am totally open to breaking musical boundaries for your game, no restrictions necessary!

Here is my email: dawsonhancockcrew@gmail.com





I will write electronic and/or orchestral music for your animation, game, or just general purpose!

What I do and do not do:

  • My main genres: house, techno, DnB, cinematic orchestral
  • Other genres I have experience in: synthwave, tropical house, dubstep, hard techno, hardstyle, rock
  • What I do not make: IDM, rap, country, jazz, anything over 200 BPM, any music with obvious references to drugs/alcohol/politics/violence/NSFW, any music with excessive swearing
  • I do not sing, nor do I have live instruments on my tracks (this second part is mostly due to lack of access to a suitable environment in which to record the few live instruments I do have access to), but can compose melodies and such for those parts at no additional cost if you wish to take what I write to someone who can play live instruments or sing. I could also write lyrics if requested, but in full honesty, I recommend seeking out a dedicated lyricist, as this is not an area I'm confident in.
  • My DAW of choice is FL Studio 20 Producer Edition; third-party VSTs in my collection include: Absynth 5, AlterEgo (vocal synthesis VST in the vein of Vocaloid), all BlueLab effect plugins, DSK Saxophones, FM8, Graillon 2 (autotuning effect plugin), Izotope Vinyl, Kontakt 7, KSHMR Essentials Kick, Massive, NST Choir, OTT, Sonatina Choir, SPAN, Spitfire Audio LABS, Surge XT, Sylenth1, Vital, Wider, Youlean Loudness Meter 2

Working process:

  • Specifications to give me when first reaching out: genre, mood, ideal duration, audio similar to what you request (if you're asking for something like an existing piece), intended usage of the track
  • As I work, I will send up to 3 previews/updates on the song, for purposes of receiving feedback from you. These previews will include audio and/or video from the project file. The more detail you can provide in your feedback, the better.
  • Once you are satisfied with the product or after I make the changes you request after the third preview, payment will be due.

Pricing/payment: $150 USD, due after I've completed the final product but before sending you said product; cancelation of services prior to completion is at no charge to you.

After delivery:

  • Legally, ownership of the product is yours. I will not upload/publish the product anywhere unless permitted and requested, but you may do as you wish. I only request that you credit me in whatever upload or usage the product gets. This includes putting my name as a credit on any distributed release of the song you may have in mind; however, you do not need to provide any royalties to me unless you decide to include that in the specifics of our agreement.

Open My Jukebox!

I am open for commissions! Hit me up with your requests. It can be any genre and atmosphere for video games, background music, or even soundtracks (No remixes, though, I am inexperienced on that front, hehe). The rate is $25 per minute. If below a minute, it can be a flat $15. No need for an UPFRONT fee, just DM away, and I'll send you a preview (half of the song). If you like what you hear, you can pay me based on the rate; if not, you can request any changes. If you reject my preview and decide to back down, I might as well upload it to Newgrounds, hahaha.

Read my Terms and Conditions while you're at it to get the gist of how you can use the music you've commissioned.

Welp, that's it! Just DM me if you're interested. See Ya!~


Need Some Retro Tunes on Your Life?

Then i may be your guy! x3

I'm Open for Song Comsissions for your animations, or game or just general purpose! <3

Hi! I'm Mikaiah, a music producer that mostly specialices on retro inspired music, started producing on 2020 and i focus mostly on upbeat 8-bit/chiptune songs and althought can do some chill ones inspired by Synthwave or even Lo-Fi from time to time!

And i can do some retro inspired songs for you if you need it!

See Bellow for more Info! :3

What I can do:

  • My Main Genres: Fast Paced or Slow Paced Chiptune/Chipstep, 8-bit Inspired/"Videogame Like" Songs!
  • Can Work on Minor Projects Based On: Basic Synthwave, Lo-Fi, Or just laid back songs.


  1. I Can't Sing, BUT i can use any vocal samples or just any sample you'd like into the song.
  2. I Don't Use Any live Instruments, most of the sounds in my songs are made using ThirdParty Plugins.
  3. By Default, my Songs Duration can be Pretty Extended. (Even reaching 5-7 minutes) This obviously may vary depending on the song, BUT it is recommended that you specify a song duration limit if necessary. That way the composition process can be more fluid.


All Payments will be done through Paypal

  • The payment may vary depending on the song duration:

All songs less than 1 minute will be $5 of duration.

If it surpasses the minute mark it will be $10.

If You Consider Me, The Composition Progress Will be as Follows:

  • Specifications: It is Required a mood, duration, and the intended use of the song. If you want a "Similar Feeling To [SONG]", it is necessary that you give me an actual reference about said song.
  • During the Making of The Song: I may post some previews from time to time to know your opinion about the work so far, any feedback will be appreciated, but please try to be as detailed as possible when giving any feedback.
  • Only then if you are satisfied with the changes with a final preview, the song will be sent to you asap and payment will be made. (Only the Full Song Will be Sent After the Payment is Done)

Here's some of my work for your consideration!

If you're interested don't be shy to leave a message! And i'll try to answer as soon as possible! <3


Open for any song(s) request!

Hey everyone!

If you are looking for a musician for any project (game OST, 8-bit FX, Any FX, short songs, etc) you can contact me!

About my work:

I'm 8 years of making music! , i make music such as: electronic (8-bit, 8-bit with electronic music, Happy Hardcore, Hands Up), orchestral and piano.

I'll do my best to transmit emotions and feelings in every song! :D


Here some of my work:


You can contact me and we can discuss the details via:

Email: djaliondark@gmail.com (my reply will be faster)

Twitter: Twitter

Discord: DragonSh#0458

Or send me a DM over here!

I'll be waiting for you! :D

Have an awesooooome day! ^^//


Musical Production is here!

Hi guys!

Want to hear some track of me, or want that your track be mixed to reach a powerful sound?

You're in the right place!

I'm TheLeon, an Electronic music producer who wants to upgrade and grow in Newgrounds, for that, I'll help to you into your musical projects, Sound design, music, mixing, mastering and more just here!

You can contact me in GMail: theleon13official@gmail.com

to talk about a collaboration, project, track, etc.

Comission will be discussed in there too.

I'll See you there!


MUSIC / Sound Design comissions

Hey! I'm Serhii.

I offer:

  • Video Logo / Intro music
  • Sound Design
  • Game Soundtrack
  • Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Background music for Advertising / Commercial / Sports / Corporate
  • Mixing / Mastering services
  • Or want to license my existing music for your project?

Just let me know which service do you need and we will discuss the details (budget / sounding / length etc).

еmаil: cosmochildmusic@gmail.com

disсоrd: cosmochild#4361

Having years of experience in crafting different modern Electronic genres of music, that meets any type of project needs.

Here are some genres for example:

  • Dubstep / Riddim / Colour Bass
  • Future Bass / Chill Trap
  • Future Garage / Ambient Garage
  • House / Progressive House / Tropical House
  • Complextro / Electro House / Melodic Electro / Midtempo
  • Industrial Techno / Industrial Midtempo / Cyberpunky
  • Drum & Bass / Breakbeat / Big Beat
  • Chiptune / 8Bit. Also any genre listed before can be colored into Chiptune / 8Bit vibe
  • Orchestral / Epic / Film Music

Part of my music library can be found here:

or additionally I can send you more works, if you'd like.

Some of leading companies, that used my music:

Google, Microsoft, Playstation, Ubisoft (WD Legion OST), EA, Adidas, AMD, Nvidia, eSports, HyperX, different mobile game developers, different YT channels and many, many more.

◽▫️◽ Thank you for you time and have a nice one! ◽▫️◽



Work with me!

I love helping people work on their passion projects, not only to have an excuse to create more art, but I just love being involved in the creative process. So hit me up if you have anything you need help with, and if I'm interested and not too busy, I'd love to help!

Art & Design

For examples of my illustration work, visit graciebell.art/art

For examples of my design work, visit graciebell.art/design

Music & Sound Design

You can hear examples of my work on my SoundCloud page but that's not the limit of what I can do, I can do pretty much any style. I can also design sound effects as well.


My go-to language is Go, but I know Javascript, Java, Python, C, C++, and a little bit of Lua.

For examples of my code, visit github.com/gracieart


Open for music commission!

Hi~! I am MIssionary (or just call me "Mi", I have some other artist name), I've been writing music for visual novel games and music rhythm games. Currently I'd like to collaborate with more content creator!

I try to write almost every genre (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Metal, EDM, Trap, Dubstep, House, Trance, Techno, Drum and Bass, Cinematic), but if I have to pick one, I like to write music with piano in it.

I usually charge Free~USD$300 per minute of music, depends on how high quality or how difficult the music is. Free commission is very rare, only happen if I really like the project.

The followings are some composition I've written, I am picking one or two per year. Personally I'd prefer you to listen to my newer music first lol.

Works: (old the newest)


Dynamix - Music Rhythm Game

名無しの宣教師 / Nameless Missionary



Bacchikoi! - BL Visual Novel

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIjYIsv3Bjk

BGM: https://soundcloud.com/mimineko/le-muguet


炽焰战记 - RPG Maker Game

BGM: https://soundcloud.com/missionary_music/u85djrntocsh


毕加索的猫 (Picasso's Cat) - BL Visual Novel

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13Qxc5S22S0

BGM: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1011923


Full Service - BL Visual Novel

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaGCVkBBsH0

BGM: https://soundcloud.com/mimineko/elephant-pop

CYBERATH - Z2O Music Album




Camp Buddy - BL Visual Novel

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgHHeeAxTb4

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJEZi3I4gjY


Arcaea - Music Rhythm Game

不浄な白い鳥 (Impure Bird)





MUSICIAN open for commissions!

hiii! i'm lizzy - been making music for 10+ years and have a stacked portfolio of indie game and animation soundtracks, as well as a bunch of personal projects. have experience in many styles of production and composition.

check out my stuff and commission me here!


listen / follow:





Skyshard's music commissions

Hello there! I’m Skyshard and I do the art of sound crafting, also known as music!

My personal works are fully dedicated to the My Little Pony universe, since it was the thing which inspired me to do music.

However, I’m up to make music for pretty much anything and collab for different projects.

I specialize in soundtrack, ambiance and EDM, background loops and melodic pieces, and also love to create music with non-standard progressions.

If you are looking for musical pieces with realistic or live recorded instruments, I have an amazing circle of friends who are professional instrumentalists, and we can work out something amazing together.

I also offer services such as mixing, mastering, podcast and sound design.

Check out my website for examples, pricing and additional information!

Additional examples:


Song music commisions

It's 80 + 10 USD an hour for me to retain rights(so I can release it on bandcamp and YouTube),

120 + 15 for shared rights so we both have unlimited commercial rights but I retain streaming and

150 + 24 for me to only retain credit and you to have all streaming and the like.

More Examples on Bandcamp.

Don't be afraid to ask any questions! I dont bite ;)))


I now bite.


ill do commisions lol

yo whats up, i make choons, you need some choons for stuff? Hit me up, i can make a lot of stuff. I do require payment - we will discuss payment if messaged. If you want ro collab, do not message me here, message me on discord: @quadkanix


Composer Looking For Work (Electronic/Ambient/Instrumental/Orchestral)

Bio: Hey! I'm Max. I mess around with electronic music and make abstract things from time to time, and I can also compose regular music. I had a bit of practice working with developers and made some music for a couple of projects. I'm currently looking build a portfolio and get more experience, so I'm willing to work for lighter fees. If you're interested, I can make you a short, free of charge demo track, to see how I match with the project!

My music:



My minimal fee is $15 per minute of finished track. (Depends on complexity of what you want.) [PayPal only]

Discord: Maranax#6705

Mail: maxergun@gmail.com

Looking forward to be working with you!


Open to collab with anyone on a track!

Hello, I am hoping to work with someone on a track. I do electronic and happy hardcore. Message me here on Newgrounds if you are willing to work with me. Here are some of my works if you are interested.

Special Effects In Comic Sans: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1030488

S3RL - Pretty Rave Girl (4rri5 Cover): https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1026122


High-Production Electronic/Punk Rock Commissions

Yo !!! I'm Rylee, and I absolutely LOVE making new friends and working on creative projects with people. I make a lot of music along the lines of Hyperpop, EDM, and Punk Rock and I have a LOT of Variety. I put together a playlist on SoundCloud with a whole bunch of demos to demonstrate just HOW wide my sonic range can be. Would LOVE to meet some wicked creative, terminally online individuals.



Electronic musician offering free music

Are you a game developer? Filmmaker? Animator? None of the above?

Do you need electronic music for your project?

All my music is CC-BY and you can use it for free.

All you have to do is give me credit, and let me know you're using it so I can help promote your project.

You get free music, and I get free exposure :)

Here are three of my songs to give you an idea of my sound:

Retro video game style:


Dark and creepy, almost like a hip-hop beat:


Looking to Compose for Video Games and Videos!

Hey! My name is LUNA and I have been making music for almost 10 years now! I'm looking to expand my portfolio and work on some projects. I have a bit of experience working on projects with local creatives, and wanted to branch out to other stuff.

Check out my Fiverr page to see some of my work and look at my rates! If you want to discuss further about your project, feel free to message me here or on my socials! Here's everywhere you can find me!


Open for 8-bit game OST's Commission!

I am currently learning how to produce EDM and Orchestral music, and I need some experience with commissioned work.

Currently, I am willing to write a full OST for about $50-300. It will take me about 4-8 weeks for a full OST depending on the number of songs. I'll talk to individuals further on that.

Here is my portfolio:

Pedro Land OST - https://youtu.be/ti7SRkWGGdw

Pedro Land OST 2 - https://youtu.be/WsBCMzGSh8M

The reason why I may take a while is that I am a high school student taking AP classes and I can't promise to get a song done in a week.


Composer/sound designer

Hi everyone,

I've been a musician and a member of Newgrounds for a few years and now I think the time is right to look for someone that may be interested in my music. I'd like to work on different kinds of project that could be games, as well as short films (animation, too) or even podcasts, you name it.

You can listen to my work here:


So far I've published an instrumental album which you can find here:


Feel free to write me down to discuss about your project and the kind of music you're looking for. I'm always open to explore new territories.

My fee is negotiable, but if you're low on budget and I really believe in your project I might also work pro bono, for the sake of creating something special.





Hi! My name is Dr. Dandy! And I can make music for you!

I am an amateur music producer with around a decade of music production experience. I am relatively new to Newgrounds, so my portfolio is looking horribly thin, but rest assured that I will give you decent results in a reasonable time frame or YOUR MONEY BACK!

I have experience in the production of most genres, but am proficient in more electronic-styles like DnB, Breakcore, LoFi, Hip-Hop, etc... In terms of instruments, I play guitar, piano, and drums most confidently. Singing is possible, but not recommended.

For music production, my rates are around $10 per minute of audio depending on the actual difficulty of the production process (FREE ESTIMATES!) Watermarked snippets may be provided during production process at any time. Final product is guaranteed a high bitrate.

For sound effects, I charge about $1 per complete sound clip. Once again, watermarked snippets may be provided during the production process at any time. Final product is guaranteed a high bitrate.

IDK what you do with my audio for the most part, just let me know what its in before publishing.

You can contact me here or on my email, dr.dandyphd@gmail.com


I create music for you for free

So, if you want to be part of an experiment to gain my experience in creating music, then I am happy to present you with this opportunity:

Write to me absolutely everywhere that you want me to make music for you, I will definitely check and make it. All you need to do is just write a description of the genre, mood or just send a photo I will understand the mood and make a soundtrack for the photo.

It's absolutely FREE!!

I’m just gaining experience, so I can’t take money, but please understand the following things if you still want to participate in the experiment:

1)most importantly, don’t expect the high “quality” of the track, I’m just gaining experience and therefore don’t expect an ultra cool track that should be trending 24/7

2)I may not understand some of the nuances of your genre of music or mood, so please correct me if I'm deviating from the direction of genre or mood.

3)Edits: I strongly ask you not to get too carried away with them, because I simply won’t be able to correct some fundamental things already halfway through the finished track. I am not a Suno Ai who corrects everything with just one request.

That's all, not much, right? In general, if you want, then you are welcome to write to me somewhere.

(In fact, I don’t think that this will be interesting to anyone, but still, trying is not torture...)


[FOR HIRE / REV SPLIT] Game Composer looking for work!

Hi! I compose for several genres, from retro music, rpg, rock/metal to ambiences. I'll leave here an example of what i can do musically for your game, if you're interested and would like to hire me, please let me know!

RPG Orchestral Epic Battle:


Contact through discord:



Open for comissions

Welcome to the world of Eiko-chan the soul of rohatsu!

Eiko is here to make cute and simple music for the beautiful world? that deserves it✨, i hope you enjoy every feeling that you hear here.☄️

i've been making music for over 8 years already

my main genres are:

House, melodic dubstep, kawaii house, future bass, kawaii future bass, BGM, Drum and bass and Dubstep.iu_973803_10195249.webp

you can check out my music on


I also make "nsfw" music


I'm willing to make electronic music for free!

I'll make, a eletronic music for free! as suggested in the title the only thing I ask for is to credit me in it I've made a few projects but most of them are wavs I can show you my mp3s tho and I can make mp3s.

(I won't make singing music you can sing over it yourself)

(I will, send you a sample of 2 of my songs if you contact me)

How to contact me:

Newsgrounds: (you're already here)

Discord: Zaily#0678


Looking to work with people

I'm looking to expand my portfolio in the posted areas. I have worked in music and the London indie film scene for many years and can mix and master music to the required industry standard which you can hear on my posts.

Voice acting wise send me a script and I'll send you an audition recording asap


Open for free digital music creation.

I will work on just about any music you want me too. Its 100% free, and I'm just doing this for the experience to go into different genres. You can contact me via discord... [crymanstudio]. Explain what you want, with maybe some examples, and I will do my best to create.


Music Commissions!

I'm open to work on any project that requires original music!

I've been studying, practicing and making music for about 10 years now. I'm also currently going to college to become a professional composer. I'm very willing to work with you to make the music that YOU want for your own personal projects!

My main genres are Classical/Orchestral and Electronic, with a bit of experience in Rock too. If you want samples of what I can do, you can visit my YouTube channel.

Prices can be discussed in private, although I'm more looking forward to gaining experience.