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Hi all, if you need a voice over for any project please feel free to send me a message. check out my demo reels from this link to see some of my work. Link to my Character demo reel


I haven't logged into this website in literal years, but I still remember my account information so I figured why not make this post.

Over the last few years I have found an interest in voice acting / narration / voice over. I attended community college for Broadcasting for a couple of years and got to learn a little bit about it. Since then, I've been trying to break into some freelance stuff. Although the commissions have been few and far in between, I've still been getting some opportunities to work, which has been pretty cool.

I am a deep voice male who really has a passion for narration and voice over. I wouldn't mind getting into voice acting too, but I don't really have any experience.

I don't have a reel yet, but I did narrate this documentary over the last year for professional Smash Bros. player Daniel "ChuDat" Rodriguez.

As far as pricing goes, I do not really care to do anything paid or free. This is mostly a hobby right now, so anything to get my name out there helps. :)

If you have anything that requires narration or voice acting, feel free to contact me. I'll try to check this website a bit more regularly than once every few years. Alternatively, I do have a Discord. If you would prefer to contact me through that, just leave me your name. :)