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Hey there, my ALIAS is DotExecutables. I'm an beginning voice actor/animator/free lance artist looking to finally get into the Voice Acting industry.

I have a ZINGYOU BM-800 condenser microphone with Phantom Power and looking to work with as many animators as I possibly can to build a portfolio. Unfortunately, I don't have a demo reel quite yet so I'm looking to build community as much as possible.

If you're interested, please send me a PM with a Discord username and I will get to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you again if you find yourself interested.

For reference here is my set-up. I've been doing VA work for years but now have a decent set-up for clear and crisp audio quality as well as experience in sound design.

Hope to hear from you soon!



As said in the title I’m open for art trades, I’m not in a commission mood.

here are the rules and what you can do:

  • we can set it up like a commission but you don’t have to pay
  • please let me know if there is any due date
  • i can’t wait to work with you! Please message me as soon as possible!
  • I will write scripts, both nsfw and sfw, yaoi and hentai



  • NSFW and SFW
  • blood and gore
  • yaoi and hentai
  • Fanart


  • anything super triggering (pedos and r*pe)
  • minors in any inappropriate way
  • vore
  • fetishizing people // using stereotypes (gay men, lesbians etc.)
  • Any fetish that’s like waaaay to extreme (zoo, shit etc.)
  • Abuse and or abuse or minors (I mean where you see it happening not like a backstory)

some examples of my art:



I'm willing to write for anything, except for porn/adult projects. Anything where from E-M is okay with me. If you want a script for an animation made, I will do my best to produce something to your liking. I'm willing to do it for free mainly because I'm just doing this as a hobby, and to grow my writing skills. If you're interested, pm me.


If you need a voice actor or writer for a project, please DM me! I work fulltime, but am available on evenings and weekends.


I am up to do animation, drawings, writing (if needed), and voice acting(do not own quality equipment). I do collabs that are not NSFW.

I’m open to either doing paid or free work, but if this is a paid project I desire to be paid fairly.

If interested DM me on newgrounds!


Ok ok ok, i know im not that famous but i still think this could be my chance.

Im accepting everything that has to do with Stories, writing, music (kinda), voice acting & the best of all Drawings! :D

If you want some of this don't worry, im still not sure about receiving money yet so yeah you could tell that this is totally FREE.

I have to warn that my content is something that takes it time and it's pacience because im still a principiant so just let me know via message on my account on Newgrounds if you want something & i'll try my best.

(I almost forgot to say that im also looking for other artists to work with, so if you want to help this little artist of me :3 just send me a message in my account)

See ya! :D


Hi folks, I am available for writing and/or voice acting.

Check out some of my projects on my profile (currently all written and voiced by me).



I am willing to try out a variety of roles, from good guys to villains, even comedy or horror flicks. My voice is more on the lower side, but any challenges to expand my voice range are more than welcome~

I also have writing experience, so I can also aid in writing scripts and other things

Below I have some examples of my work, hoping to collaborate soon!


i am a good animator and available for work


Hi! I am Threshersaurus Rex. I wish to collaborate with anyone who needs to do something. You just need some patience and time for me to do them. I can animate in 2D to 3D, can do voice acting, could write stuff, and do some sweet artwork. I do however have some restrictions. For 1, keep the age rating at E-T since my content is like that. Another thing is you have to be patient because I have other things to do. Keep in mind that my animation skills are work in progress that I keep improving but you can help me with that and even though my art work is good(depending on your view), I still improve. I fix and patch my work but I can help you with any project as long as It follows some of my restrictions. If you want to collaborate or do art with me, then message me. This is absolutely free as I don't need the money. You just need to credit me and have fun.