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Hey there, my ALIAS is DotExecutables. I'm an beginning voice actor/animator/free lance artist looking to finally get into the Voice Acting industry.

I have a ZINGYOU BM-800 condenser microphone with Phantom Power and looking to work with as many animators as I possibly can to build a portfolio. Unfortunately, I don't have a demo reel quite yet so I'm looking to build community as much as possible.

If you're interested, please send me a PM with a Discord username and I will get to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you again if you find yourself interested.

For reference here is my set-up. I've been doing VA work for years but now have a decent set-up for clear and crisp audio quality as well as experience in sound design.

Hope to hear from you soon!



Hi Newgrounds!

I'm a full-time voice actress experienced at Australian and American accents, having voiced for characters like Milla from Freedom Planet, Izanami Clown in SMITE, Tessa and Sirina in Crush Crush, and Alysia in Battlerite!

You can find more of my work here!

Please feel free to get in touch at Aimee.SmithVA@gmail.com should you have animation or game that needs a voice, and I would be happy to shoot through my indie-friendly rates!

Kind regards,



Hey, Newgrounds! My name is Justin Wood, I'm an artist primarily but I've casually enjoyed experimenting with voice acting for a few years now looking to provide for the community. I'm an early 30s male who enjoys exploring unusual voice profiles, feel free to listen to samples at my attached reel. Let me know if you think I'd be a good fit for your project at justinwoodartist@gmail.com. Thanks!

Reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUd9P4RiGmU&t=2s


Hey there! I'm a working actor looking for new projects to work on! Check out my demo:

Here are some credits:



Feel free to shoot me a DM!


Hi! I'm Lunamist and I will voice pretty much anything you want (SFW and NSFW ;)) in VERY HIGH QUALITY for only 30 cents per word.

I can do a wide range of voices, including:

  • Loli (high and higher registers, with and without uwu accent)
  • Deep sultry voice
  • Sassy or bored teenager
  • Pretty much anything involving a high or low register (listen to my voice reel in my profile or in the link below)

Full price list and commission details can be found HERE.

See more of my work and very satisfied customer reviews HERE.

I'm easygoing and want to help bring life to your scripts! ^_^ I can voice stories, animations, personal messages, video games, promos, anything really. If you want me to do some cute loli singing, I can do that too! Please note that singing costs double, as it requires more editing!

For NSFW, I must review and approve all scripts prior to agreeing to perform them. Your cooperation is very much appreciated! If you'd like moans in your track, please count each moan as 3 words in your overall word count. By inquiring or ordering NSFW from me, you are confirming that both you and the character I'm voicing are aged 18+. I also offer pure noise tracks (moans, breathing, wet/BJ sounds, etc.) for $5 per 10 seconds.

For accents, I naturally do a North American accent, but can also do faux accents (British, French, Southern, etc.).

My equipment:


Steinberg UR22MKII


I do voice acting. People seem to like it!

Demo Reel:


Hey there! I'm Sean O. and I'm a voice actor! I've been doing it as an on-off hobby for a few years now but wanna get more into it. So let's make some projects together! I'm always up for a chance to provide my voice for a project!

Hit me up and we can talk about working together. Also here's my voice acting reel!

You can also check out my voice portfolio here.

And here's my voice reel.

Contact: Twitter, Email, Drywall Thief#2792 (Discord)


I'm PiP, an amateur voice actor just looking to get his voice(s) out there!

I can do a variety of mid to high range voices, specializing in wacky cartoony stuff, but I can be that serious anime protag too, if you really need me to be!

Since my job is freelance art and voice acting, I'm pretty much always available!

I'm always down to do sample reads and am currently not asking for payment, but it is appreciated!


I'm hoping to be able to contribute to other people's projects and collaborate on original ideas as well, whether with voice acting or art or just anything fun and new. I can send samples of voice acting, story-boarding/backgrounds, music, compositing, sound design, etc. Just ask!


Got nothing to do really, so I've decided to look for those in need of help!

I'm willing to help out those in need, with both my voice and pixel art!

Currently, I'm willing to do it for free due to not having really any way of receiving payments, plus there's also the fact I really am not in need of money at all right now.

I'm willing to do sprite sheets for characters or objects in these styles:

4 Colors
8 Colors
16 Colors
24 Colors
Pretty much anything lol

I'm willing to do GIFs, PNGs, or JPEGs, which ever one you need.

I'm also willing to do voice acting for free, albeit with not the best microphone I 100% for sure would not expect any payment, though I am eventually planning to get a better mic. I am still able to change my voice almost at will.

If you'd like to contact me, either PM me on NG or hit me on discord.




open for project collaboration or individual commissions!

website / twitter (@nyahahn) / nyahahavo@gmail.com

hewwo! i'm evelyn, an adult voice actress available for SFW and NSFW work.

adult voice demo reel

feminine, young, raspy, energetic, tomboy, tsundere, bratty, genki girl



Hi all, if you need a voice over for any project please feel free to send me a message. check out my demo reels from this link to see some of my work. Link to my Character demo reel


Hello everyone! My name is MeatySentaiVA. I am looking to collaborate with members on the site both paid and unpaid to expand my resume. If you are interested in what I can offer to your project please do message me here, on Discord, Email, or Twitter! Hope we can work together soon!!

My official Demo Reel


What I can offer

On time and professional voice work for any and all projects

I have been on the following projects and series

  • SRS (Original Animation)
  • Adora Project (Video Game)
  • Sword Sisters ( Video Game)
  • Black Clover Abridged
  • Castle Swimmers Comic Dub 
  • VA Academy
  • Attention Associates
  • Mr Hingo
  • Maze 4 You
  • City of Iron
  • Run With the Wind Abridged 

Voices I excel in

Old age


High Pitched


Southern Accent

and more!


Limit depends on the work and whether or not if payment is on the table


Feel free to DM me through any of these means



Discord - HalfBoiledRamen#7878

Email - meatysentaiva@gmail.com

Twitter - https://twitter.com/MeatySentaiVA


Hello I am a 30 year old male with a mid range voice who likes to experiment! I have my demo up in my profile also I am up to try more voices for both sfw and NSFW my prices are open for negotiation if payment is involved


Hello! I have been looking for VA work for awhile now, nothing serious just for fun! I am just a beginner, I'm just trying to get my name out there right now. I can do high pitched voices and a few others as well. Please contact me through Newgrounds if I sound like a fit for your animation!


Hi! I'm Dylan, also known as DmanJams, and I am a beginner voice actor.

I have done no voice acting work for animations, but I'd really like to start as its been my goal to voice act for animation for a long time now!

I have done several character voices with various inflections and accents for live theatre. I have done German, Irish, English, and Welsh accents, and am continuing to do research all the time to learn new ones! My character voices have included Cinderella's Prince from Into the Woods, Nicky from Avenue Q, and Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors; I have won awards for the latter two.

Below, you'll find a demo reel of some voices I did in an Owlboy stream. I'm new to Audacity, so I'm sorry for any audio weirdness

When it comes to jobs, I am willing to work on most anything SFW, as I don't do NSFW.

And hey, I'd love to work with anyone on the summer collab! Hit me up!



Hi, my name is Janelle! I will glad voice act for your game or animation. I don't have a demo reel yet but email me at glowhips@protonmail.com for a custom sample.

I think porn is a great cure for a cruel world. We all need all the comfort we can get...


Willing to voice act, on whatever ( anything that isn't NSFW ) don't expect the best quality, this is my first time voice acting at all.

Will provide:

Voice in audio files

Voice Sample


Heya! I’m a young voice actor and I’m bored so I’m free for requests,if you need a voice actor for anything,hit me up and we’ll talk.


I'm a freelance voice actor who does all of his voice acting for free! I have a demo reel posted so you can see my vocal range at the current time as well as what I am capable of. I need a project so I can get out into the open and be cast for more roles. I would like to be a character within an animated series but whatever works. I will not do any voice acting for NSFW projects (sex projects). I am comfortable with cursing and again, will voice for free. DM me if you would like an audition from me for a role in one of your projects or if you'd like to cast me in one of your projects as a background character or lead role.



I'm a animation graduate with a bachelors and masters, pursuing a career in voice acting! I am open for any opportunities, as I've got my own make-shift home studio which means I can record and edit my own voice lines and send them to you, super flexible with what voice you want from me, and I'm punctual with deadlines.

You can check out my demo reel here --> James Hodgkinson Demo reel January 2021

Email: jameshodgkinson13@hotmail.com

Discord: JDHodgkinson#5337


I’m not experienced with voice acting but I like to I can do decent impressions of some characters some of them are work in progress but if you need me for anything I’m willing to do it I am 15 just to let you know


Hello! My alias is VioletJosh, and I'm an amateur voice actor with a couple years of experience looking to work with others on a variety of projects. I usually work for free, but I'm up for paid roles as well. I mainly use a Blue Yeti USB Microphone as well as Audacity for recording.

Here is my 2018 Demo Reel (I'm looking to update this soon)

As well as a playlist of other projects I have been in.

If you're interested, feel free to send me a private message and we can go from there. Thank you! ^^


Yo! I've had an interest in voice acting for a while and got a decent mic. I can do:

  • A crackly teen voice
  • A couple variations on a smarmy commercial / infomercial voiceover
  • 21 and 24 from the Venture Bros, more or less
  • Homsar pretty well
  • A good Bernie Sanders
  • A surfer / skater kinda stereotype

And am into the idea of working on voices for whatever you've got going. Here's some samples I've uploaded, I plan to upload more.

My natural speaking voice

Dude just park here it's FINE man come ON

Once this shift is over I still have to get my homework done :^(

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